Planning a Ninja-Themed Party? Here is Your Step-Wise Guide to an Awesome Party Along with 10 Ninja Party Favors for Your Guests (2019)!

Planning a Ninja-Themed Party? Here is Your Step-Wise Guide to an Awesome Party Along with 10 Ninja Party Favors for Your Guests (2019)!

Planning a ninja-themed based party is a unique idea in itself, and here we a bring you more unique ideas to make your party even better. Whether you're throwing a party for kids or adults, with our complete guide here, you can find everything you need from budget planning to ninja party favours to throw your best party ever!

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A Step by Step Guide to a Perfect Ninja Party

Well, each party requires a good amount of time to make it perfect and great for all, but if your party has a theme attached to it, then it also requires a right amount of ideation, beyond the usual tasks like food, gifts, etc.

A theme party, unlike a usual party, has to be well thought and all the elements should showcase the theme some way and must be well connected, and tell the story behind the theme - making it a fun experience for all your guests. Which is why here we have listed down everything you need to know to plan a theme party - things to keep in mind, how to begin, what all to consider and some gift ideas. Scroll below to read more.

Pick a Theme

The entire premise of your party is based on the theme that you come up with which is why it is essential to have an underlying theme idea in mind whenever executing a party, for it to tell a story and for you to execute it efficiently. For instance, for a Ninja Party, spend some time ideating on what you want your theme to communicate. While doing that, keep in mind the crowd of your party and see what would suit them the best to create an awesome experience.

Once you have a basic idea in mind, the next step should be where you start looking for supplies which are in sync with your overall theme and narrow down and list everything you need. Make sure you create different categories and cater to each of them - Food, Return Gifts, Decor, Experience, and Activities, etc.

Look for Decor Ideas


The first thing that a guest would notice in your party is the decor - which is why give this one due to the importance for it would speak to your guests’ visual senses and get the party started. A decor not only means one main element but a variety of other things - like a welcome board to the party, the decor at the entrance, placement of all the elements and basic decor.

The venue for your party would also play a great role here. So once you finalize the venue, depending on the space - divide the space into elements and find decor option for each section/element. For instance, your party would have a basic interactive - standing/sitting place, a food area, an activity/gaming area. In this case, find decor elements for each section depending upon its purpose as well. It would keep the space and its functionality intact without you having to compromise on the decor.

For a Ninja Party, you can use these Ninja Party Balloons for a basic decor option, which you can grab from for Rs. 1,353 for a pack of 11 balloons. But make your party extra special by going beyond the basic decor. Add hints of your theme in all the elements of your decor - like the cutlery for food, welcome gifts, etc.


Along with the balloons you can also put these ninja theme wall hangings which are available from Amazon for Rs. 1,290.

If buying everything separately is turning out to be a difficult affair, then you can also opt for decor packs which usually cover a lot of decor elements like balloons, masks, caps and disposable cutlery.

Make a Guest List and Send Out Invites

Your entire party is for your guests, and they would be the center of attention - which is true not only while the party is going on, but even before when you are planning for the party. While you are ideating and planning for your party, you would need to know how many people are coming for your party, their demographics, and interests since it is what would help you decide all the elements.

This means that after you have decided the theme of your party and before you start ordering supplies - you need to make a list of guests and send out invites.

Then once you have received confirmations, you can go and list down the items you will be needing and the activities you need to plan to suit your final guest list.

Sending out your invites late could create a last minute problem like not having some things planned for certain guests, food issues, and so much more. And we know you wouldn't want that, so start working on that guest list right away!

Have a Final List of All Supplies

Once you have an underlying theme going around and the final list of guests, you should make an ultimate checklist for everything you need - Decor, Food Items, Gifts, and other items, and that should be your final step in the planning domain, and the rest would be the execution bit of the party.

Things to Keep in Mind for a Hassle-Free Party

Now that you know what are the different elements involved while planning a party, with so much that you have to do also comes a scope of error. This is why we have listed some things to keep in mind while planning a party, which would allow you to execute it efficiently without much scope of error.

Plan a Budget

Every party has a budget, and it is essential to have clarity about the same because you would want to stay within that budget since the beginning to avoid any money related hassles later on.

You can start with an overall budget for the party and then allocate it for different elements of the party. See where you want to spend more. Of course, you would have to bear the necessary expenses that can’t be let go off like food. But the budget for other things like decor or return favours can be flexible depending upon what you are looking at. If your party is for adults then the main focus can be decor, where you can allocate more budget for the same and spend less on party favours where you can have a simple item rather than an extravagant one.

In case your party is for kids, you might want to allocate more to return favours and games planned.

Have an Execution Plan

It seems like executing a party is easy, but not really. There are so many minute elements involved that it can get chaotic and cumbersome - like coordinating with vendors, inviting the guests, deciding the food menu and tasting, decor and other tasks.

So make sure post planning you have an execution plan go to which could list down things you are supposed to take care of along with by when they are expected to be done.

A plan would make it very easy for you to execute a party without the stress of doing so much.

Buy in Bulk

Having a budget is one thing and utilizing your budget to its optimum is another. Buying in bulk is one such great hack which allows you to do so much without worrying about the budget. Rather than buying from a retail store, opt for wholesalers who sell supplies in bulk, that too at great prices which would create a lot of difference.

You can look out for the best wholesalers around you and then ask them for a quotation which would depend on the quantity you are looking at.

But make sure you check for the quality of the product they offer before you place the order by looking at samples so that you get the best quality at the best price.

10 Ninja Party Favor Ideas

Now that you are all decked to prepare for that perfect ninja party, here is the last element where we have listed down 10 Party favor Ideas that you can opt for:

1. Classic Fidget Spinner


Well, we all know that trend of a fidget spinner and how it was everywhere to be seen and how addictive it can get - for how fun it can be for both kids and adults alike.

Which is why you can pick this easy go-to option - A red customised Fidget Spinner making it a great gift along with it complementing the theme of your party. It has a three blade design and offers great quality with high-quality plastic cover and a ring made up of steel.

You can buy it from for Rs. 99 a piece.

2. Power Ranger Candles


A simple utility product but with creative designing, you can give these Power Ranger Mystic Force Candles as party favor accompanied with some party treats. You can also pack it in a quirky little bag.

You can buy it from for Rs. 125 for a single candle.

3. Stretchy Flying Ninja


Stretch bands are a fun and enjoyable gift option as a return favour. For a Ninja Party, you can get these customised stretch band designed like a Ninja, making it a perfect choice which suits a theme.

These Stretchy Flying Ninjas would be a fun and an adorable option for everyone at your party. They are of high quality, offering excellent durability, which means your guests can play with it quite a lot of time as a remembrance of your party.

You can get these from for a price of Rs. 1,155 for a pack of 12 Stretchy Flying Ninja.

4. Ninja Turtle Sippers

This is a great gift option for kids who are coming to your Ninja party. Kids like their utility items to be beyond the typical looking things which is exactly what this Ninja Turtle Sipper offers.

One, it is a great utility option which would actually come to great use. Second, it goes with a Ninja Party, communicating the theme of your party. Third, the kids would love it!

Basically, these Ninja Turtle Sipper Bottles are great return favors if you’re struggling to find something. If you are looking at a specific design, then you can reach out to Pretty Your Party as they also offer easy customisations based on your needs.

You can get this for Rs. 500 from

5. Ninja Sword


Another perfect fit for a Ninja Party Return favour is this Ninja Sword from Amazon. It would be a direct hit, and the kids would love to play with it and would also allow the kids to interact and play with each other, making your ninja party a happening and enjoyable affair.

It is child-friendly and has been made keeping their safety in mind. A pack of 12 of these Ninja Swords can be bought for Rs. 3,818 from

6. Ninja Skateboard Keychain


These Ninja Skateboard Keychain would be an easy and a great addition to any Ninja Party as a return favor. You can buy it for Rs. 1,479 from

7. Mini Ninja Warriors


A cute little addition to your ninja party, these Mini Ninja Warriors are an excellent option for a return gift, going with the theme of Ninjas quite literally even with your favors.

This box of mini ninjas with 24 ninjas is priced at RS. 1,234 on, and it offers Ninjas in six different poses and different colors.

8. Ninja Party Treat Bags


No matter what gift you’re opting for, make sure you give it to them in exclusive Ninja Party Treat Bags. It shows how much detailing and thought was put behind your party, and everyone would be happy to get the gifts in these treat bags.

It comes in a standard size, neither too big nor too small, making it a suitable option. You can buy a pack of 12 of these Treat Bags from for Rs. 2,309.

9. Tie-on Superhero Ninja Masks


No Ninja Party can be complete without these Tie-on Superhero Ninja Masks, which is what makes it a perfect return favour for a Ninja Party, and there would not be anyone who would not like to grab it.

You can get it from for Rs. 2,499 for a pack of 12 of these masks.

10. Ninja Relaxable Stress Balls


A great utility option with a needed purpose of keeping everyone stress free, you can opt for these Ninja Relaxable Stress Balls, which are super cute and can be gifted to both kids as well as adults.

It is available on for Rs. 2,719 for a pack of 12.

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