Kids Love Nerf Guns! Make Them Go Wild with Happiness at Your Next Kiddy Party with These 10 Nerf Party Favours (2019)

Kids Love Nerf Guns! Make Them Go Wild with Happiness at Your Next Kiddy Party with These 10 Nerf Party Favours (2019)

When it comes to theme parties, Nerf war theme for a birthday party is one of the best ideas which, certainly, would make up for a great time for your kid and their friends. It doesn't take much to organize a party with this theme, but, in order to save you from going overboard, we have compiled a list which would allow you to steer your way to a great party and some great moments.

What is a Nerf Toy?

Nerf is a toy brand created by Parker Brothers and later bought by Hasbro. The specialty of the toy is that it is made of foam. Since many such foam-based toys were created back in the 1970s, Nerf toys are an easily distinguishable bright, almost neon-ish colours. They are also of softer textures than its rivals. Earlier, it was about weaponry but later on toys based on baseball, basketball and American football were released. Nerf line of toys includes Nerf Sports, Nerf Blasters, Nerf N-Force, Nerf Dog, Laser Tag, and Super Soaker.

Nerf War is a fun activity using Nerf firing toys. They can be anything from simple shoot outs to well-organized wars. Since the guns have foam rounds, they are safe and are used as party themes in birthdays and even in workplaces. Nerf Wars can be a good team-building exercise and an amusing time pass in birthday parties.

How to Plan a Nerf Birthday Party?

A Nerf birthday party is the easiest you could organise and score points with your kids. Overnight you’d become a cool mom and you would have spent as little as possible in terms of time and money. Almost all kids have a Nerf Gun or at least would love to have one. Which kid wouldn’t love shooting at targets and have a Nerf War.

Nerf Cake

Whether you buy online or from a store, a Nerf birthday cake is an easy task to design. Two or three-tier cakes work the best for a Nerf cake. Don't think too much. Just paint a target on the cake with the usual cake decorating elements for a basic birthday cake. If you’d like more fancy stuff, go for fondant cakes. They look neater and you have more space to manoeuvre while decorating. For a mess-free option, arrange cupcakes in a circle or as you’d like and decorate it like a dartboard or a target. You can also add fondant darts protruding from the cake for a more decorative element.

Nerf Snacks/Drinks

Don't complicate things when it comes to snacks and drinks. Kids like simple stuff and they are easy to please. To keep up with the theme, make sure the snacks are either blue, orange or yellow. Goldfish crackers, Cheetos or anything of that sort works the best. If you want a healthier option go for orange and mango slices or maybe bananas.

Nerf War

A Nerf birthday party is not complete without a Nerf War with friends. It is also easy to organize and can be either indoors or outdoors. A few obstacles, camouflage and Nerf Guns; The making of an exciting Nerf war is complete. Plan and collect cardboard boxes; Arrange them together and tape them so that they form a fort. Paint the obstacles in camouflage or just in the Nerf colours of blue, orange and yellow. Make a few of them and arrange them in your yard. One for each team. You can also add some targets. Buy them from stores or you can make them yourself. Balloons make for awesome targets.

Nerf Decorations

Your Nerf birthday party needs some decorations. Again, make sure they are in the Nerf colours; Blue, Orange, and Yellow. Often unstated and the most loved of all, are the balloons. Not only are they the easiest party decorations but also they can be targets for the hyped-up kids. Add DIY dartboards on the party premises which again double up as a fun activity for the kids. Your imagination is your friend when it comes to a Nerf party decoration.

10 Nerf Party Favors

No party is complete without a party favour. Our party favour would be anything in Nerf colours or Nerf themed. We have put together a few parties favours, kids might love and you can also score some cool mom points with your kid.

Nerf N Strike Elite Disruptor


The N Strike Elite Disruptor is the most famous of the Nerf guns. Released in 2018, it is almost same as the Nerf Strongarm. It is quite compact and perfect for Nerf wars, where stealth is the key. The blaster has a revolving drum with 6 elite darts. You can either go for a single shoot action or go for slam-fire action. Pull the slide back and release to prime the disruptor. It can fire up to a distance of 90 feet (27.43 metres). The 6 dart action allows for striking fast and silently. Priced at Rs.767, it is available to buy at Amazon India.

Nerf Nitro Smashshot Blaster

Nerf is not just about weaponry. They also have some amazing stunt car action toys to the absolute delight of young kids. The set contains the smash shot blaster and a foam car with plastic wheels. Create obstacles for your car and watch the kids navigate them. Or hit the launch and watch it fly fast and long. Priced at Rs.450, the smash shot blaster also improves the child’s hand-eye coordination. Buy it from First Cry and watch the kids spend time engaged in blasting the cars out and about.

Nerf Modulus Tactical Light


The Nerf Modulus line allows the kids to upgrade their blaster. Among their line of upgrades is the Nerf modulus tactical light. Clip it either to the top or the bottom and it fits right in the blaster without getting in the way. It adds light to the action and illuminates the target. The light improves visibility and allows for more precision. It has a single LED and gives out a focused beam of light. It is available to buy for Rs.679 at Amazon.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Vision Gear

In a Nerf war, you need safety goggles with all the darts flying around. While the darts cannot hurt you, the same cannot be said for the eyes. The official Nerf N-strike elite series vision gear is just the thing you need to protect your eyes in a Nerf war. The vision gear looks unmistakably Nerf being the trademark Nerf blue and comes with 5 elite darts. Get set for a Nerf war with your buddies with this sharp Nerf vision gear that costs you just $12.90 or Rs.916 at Amazon Global Store.

Nerf Gun Party Cups with Straw


How about a Nerf party cup that also doubles as target practice? You can use them as your party decoration, and they would fit right in at a Nerf birthday party. These are set to be a hit with the kids having the Nerf print. These cups are made with disposable plastic and come with a lid and a paper straw. You can also add an extra personal touch to the gift by adding the child’s name in the cup. A set of 6 cups costs you $9 or Rs.639 at Etsy.

Nerf N-Strike Nano Fire


The Nerf N-Strike nano fire is compact and perfect for beginners and young kids. It has a single-shot blaster and hence fires one shot at a time. It also has two more dart holders at the top. The compact size of the nano makes it portable and perfect for sneak attacks. Priced at Rs.249, the package comes with the nano and also 3 elite darts. The orange slider for priming the nano is at the bottom of the blaster. It is available to buy at Amazon India.

If you are kitting out the kids attending the party with Nerf guns for war, this is the one you should go for. Small and perfect for kids for all ages; And definitely within your budget.

Nerf Table Pros Soccer Game

Name any kid who isn’t into soccer in this day and age? Add the Nerf table pros soccer game to your party favour and your cool factor has just gone above the roof. The kids can try their hands at soccer with this tabletop playset. They can create their own mini soccer field anywhere with the Nerf soccer set. To win, all they need to do is to shoot the ball in the net. The set includes a stadium backdrop, flag, game board, goal stand, pawn stand, goal, and foam soccer ball. It is available to buy for Rs.674, at First Cry.

Nerf Table Pros Basketball

Nerf table pros basketball is next in the line of Table Pros Series. The kids can play their favourite game in the comfort of their own home and that too on a tabletop of all places. The basketball is very easy to set up and is quite compact. They can set up the basketball court anywhere and start shooting hoops. The set includes cityscape, game board, hoops, pawn stand, and foam basketball. First Cry has the Nerf table pros basketball at a discounted rate of Rs.719.

Nerf Target


Kids with Nerf guns are always on the lookout for new targets. No target can hold their attention for long. Here is where you score more cool points with the spinning Nerf target. The target can be placed anywhere; Be it windows or walls or tables; The suction cup at the bottom adheres to all surfaces. The spinning Nerf target has two targets that are counterbalanced with weights and doesn't fall out, ever. They are made of biodegradable plastic and safe for children. Grab your spinning Nerf target from Etsy for Rs.710.

Nerf Nitro Foam Car

Apart from the Nerf weaponry, it is the blasters that hold the attention of children. With the amount of time they put in, they are going to need more cars. Choosing them as a party favour, would go with the theme and also attractive. The foam cars are designed for speed and distance. While the cars themselves are made of foam, the wheels are plastic and durable. They are also non-toxic and safe for children. It doesn't hurt that they come in attractive colours and designs. Buy this set of three for your Nerf box of favours from First Cry for Rs.399.

DIY Nerf Party Favours

Your party favour need not be store-bought and cost you a ton. You can easily make a few at home and give away as party favours. Remember that you are preparing party favour for kids, and they do not need much to be impressed. It's often the simplest of gifts that attract them.

Nerf Wars T-Shirt

How awesome would it be to have your own Nerf wars t-shirt? And you can make your own t-shirt. All you need are t-shirts and iron-on transfers. If you have a computer (which you would definitely have) and a printer, you can make yourself at home. Buy the transfer paper and get the design printed on it. You can iron them on the t-shirts later on. You can add safety glasses and bandanas; They go well with the Nerf Wars t-shirt.

Nerf Box of Favours

The Nerf box of favours is pretty much a gift bag filled with Nerf related stuff like Nerf gun and darts, safety glasses, bandanas in Nerf colours or camouflage, etc. You can fill it with pretty much anything that fits your budget. But make sure it goes with the theme or at least with the colours. Another idea you can go by is to give out the party favour bag filled with goodies needed for the party. The kids can use the guns and take them back home.

Nerf Goodies (Food like Nerf Candies, Cookies, Cupcakes and Gatorade)

If you are low on the budget after planning an impressive birthday party, you always have the Nerf Goody bag. Get goodies like chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and drinks in the Nerf Colours and pack them in a gift bag. You can design and print Nerf stickers for the goodies yourself at home. Just stick them over the goodies and you have yourself a themed goody bag. For cookies and cupcakes, you can just decorate them with fondant in Nerf colours. Nothing wins over the kids as food does.

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