10 Sweet and Small Gifts for Boyfriend, Because Good Things Come in Small Sizes & He'll Love an Unexpected Surprise! (2019)

10 Sweet and Small Gifts for Boyfriend, Because Good Things Come in Small Sizes & He'll Love an Unexpected Surprise! (2019)

Gifts are synonymous with special occasions, whether birthdays or festivals. But the charm and impact of a 'just-because' gift is altogether different. Make your boyfriend's day with a small yet cute gift that will tell him how important he is to you. Our list has thoughtful ideas that will help you find just the right gift to thrill your boyfriend and fill him with love for you

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Thoughtful Yet Inexpensive Gifts to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

Why Do You Need to Give Him Gifts?

There are numerous special events to spoil your boyfriend crazy such as Birthdays, Anniversary, Diwali and Christmas celebration. But do we need a special event to show your love and spoil them crazy? When it comes to love, there are no full-stops to shower your boyfriend with your love. When it comes to gifting there are no exceptions, you can shower your boyfriend with gifts often. While gifting do not worry about the cost as it is absolutely fine to shower him with inexpensive gifts. Remember to keep in mind that it is the thought that counts and not the price tag associated with the gift. Read on more to find out tips to choose a small gift for your boyfriend.

Spoil Him with Gifts

There are no rules when it comes to gifting, so if you are in a mood to shower him with gifts to show your love and care, you can very well go ahead. Do you like getting him gifts often? Then go ahead and spoil your boyfriend with small gifts to make his day. Don’t fret if the gift is inexpensive, it is the thought and efforts that counts rather than the cost. If cost is an issue, you can go ahead and make him cute DIYs to show your love. Don’t sit around and wait for any special occasions, get your creative juices flowing and get a small gift for your boyfriend on his birthday to make him feel special.

Choose Useful And Thoughtful Gifts

While choosing a gift it is necessary to keep in mind the usefulness of the gift. The usefulness factor of the gift is important for striking a chord with your love. When opting for small gifts, ensure that the gift you are getting for your boyfriend is useful to him at some point in time. The most important thing to keep in mind when getting a gift is to ensure that the gift exudes thoughtfulness and love. Your boyfriend might have casually mentioned buying an item; you can beat him to it by getting the desired item as a gift. This thoughtful gesture will surely sweep him off his feet as it shows that you listen to him attentively.

Avoid Choosing Same Gifts

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It’s good if you have decided to shower your boyfriend with thoughtful gifts but do not fall into the dreaded loop by getting him repetitive gifts. Giving him a gift that he may possess already takes the surprise factor out of it. Though the gift you had chosen for your boyfriend might be small and inexpensive, surprise him by adding a unique touch it. While choosing a small gift for your boyfriend, it is crucial to carry out extensive research to narrow down your search option in order to save time. Furthermore, if you are planning to buy the gift online ensure to plan ahead to avoid shipping issues and last minute hassles. In order to save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of awesome small and thoughtful gifts you can get for your boyfriend to impress him.

10 Small Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. Minimalist Key Organizer

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Does your boyfriend have the habit of losing his keys often and has a difficult time searching for it? Then you can get him a compact pocket key holder for organising his keys in a single place. The Baskety Steel compact pocket key holder is available in amazon for Rs.429. The pocket key holder is capable of organizing up to 12 keys at once. The loop piece of the pocket key holder can be easily clipped on to his pocket and can be carried everywhere. The small gift will fit into the palm of his hand and can be stealthily placed into his packet to prevent the keys from making a jiggling noise. The compact key holder is available in three colour variants such as blue, red and black. We can assure that your boyfriend will surely be impressed by your thoughtful gift.

2. Folding Card Utility Knife

Is your boyfriend a camper who loves to explore and goes on frequent camping trips? If the answer is yes, you can get him a foldable card camping knife. The foldable card knife will come handy when your boyfriend is going for camping trips. The pocket knife is available in Flipkart for Rs.299. The knife resembles a credit card and can be stealthily hidden from everyone’s view. The utility knife can fit into his pocket perfectly and is secured with a frame locking mechanism to prevent it from opening up. The pocket knife weighs only 20 grams and is sharp enough to slice through sturdy objects. You can gift your boyfriend this handy pocket knife to ensure his safety whenever he goes on a camping trip.

3. Personalised Watch Box

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Is your boyfriend crazy about watches and owns many? In order to keep his treasured possession safe and secure, you can gift him a personalized watch box to organize his watches. The Philip personalised watch box available in Urby for Rs.2,795 can be your best bet. The personalised watch box is elegant and can store up to five watches. It is crafted with high quality wood and comprises of leather holders to hold the watches. The box is secured with a magnetic clock and has a transparent acrylic lid. Moreover, you can customise the gift for your boyfriend by printing his initials on the case.

4. Portable Power Bank

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Your boyfriend might be a frequent traveller and may not be in a position to charge his phone in a timely manner. To ensure that these problems are avoided, you can get him a portable power bank to charge his mobile phone and other electronic devices. The Mi Power Bank is available in MI store for Rs.1,299 and comes handy during sticky situations. The power bank has a Type-C charging with high-density batteries to enable two-way fast charging. The thin portable device comes with a USB cable to support charging for various devices such as phones, tablets, notebooks and much more. Your boyfriend will be impressed by this wonderful gift as it will be an integral part of his travel.

5. Smart Coffee Maker

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Is your boyfriend an avid coffee lover and loves to gulp down numerous cups a day? Get him an instant coffee maker to indulge his guilty pleasure. The Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug will come to your rescue. The smart coffee maker is app-enabled and can be paired via Bluetooth to whip up a steaming cup of coffee. The smart coffee maker is a versatile device capable of making many coffee variants at the touch of a button. The portable coffee maker comes with a spill-free coffee mug. The thermally insulated cup is capable of keeping your drink warm or cold for a long time. The Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker retails in amazon for Rs.6,499. Gift your boyfriend this smart coffee maker to make him go weak on his knees.

6. Potted Plants

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Plants are a symbol of good health and require a long term commitment for its nourishment. If you want to inculcate a sense of responsibility in your boyfriend, you can get him a potted plant. There are many plants available in the market that requires minimal care making a Bonsai plant as the most popular one. Gift your boyfriend a Ficus Ginseng Plant, a miniature bonsai plant native to the Malay Archipelago and the Malaysia floristic region. Ginseng is a Chinese plant with aerial roots and appealing dark green leaves. You can purchase the exotic ficus ginseng bonsai plant for Rs.999 from FernsNpetals.

7. Customised Grooming Kit

Is your boyfriend conscious about his looks and likes to be well kept at all times? You can get him the Charcoal Gang grooming kit to impress him. The charcoal grooming kit is available at The Man Company for Rs.2,499. The grooming kit comprises of a cleansing gel, soap bar, face scrub, face wash, shampoo, and body wash made of charcoal. The charcoal infused products are capable of stripping stubborn dirt from his face and body. Besides providing a good cleaning experience, the essential herbs and oils present within the product nourishes his skin and removes acne. Your boyfriend will be surprised by this thoughtful gesture and will cherish your gift.

8. Gift Coupons

Are you puzzled about choosing a gift for your boyfriend and at wit's end to come up with a gift based on his likes and dislikes? The best idea is to get him a gift card to facilitate him to buy his own gift. You can get him a ‘Prezz’ digital card for a specified amount and ask him to choose his gift. The Gift Card is available for Rs.500 onwards and can be used to make online purchases. The gift card is a hassle-free gifting option as it is considered a viable option to choose a gift based on his liking. Go ahead and get him multiple gift cards to spoil him crazy.

9. 3D Doodle Pen

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Is your boyfriend crazy about art and spends time drawing doodles. To compliment his hobby you can gift him a 3D doodle pen to create 3d doodles. The doodle pen is a perfect tool for inspiring creativity, design, planning, and building as well as for spatial understanding. The 3Doodler Start multicolour 3D Pen can be purchased from amazon for Rs.6,698. This 3D doodle pen enables your boyfriend to draw doodles in the air which solidifies upon coming in contact with it. The kit comprises of a doodler pen, multi-colour eco-plastic strands, micro USB charger, and an instruction manual. Go ahead and get your boyfriend this 3D doodle kit to channel his inner Picasso.

10. DIY: Plan a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a perfect activity to make your boyfriend excited and ready for adventure. You can plan a scavenger hunt to keep him on his toes until he completes it. Customise his gifts, place them at strategic points and provide him with an ample number of personalised clues, for instance, give him clues about your first meeting to locate his gift. Make sure to plan ahead, do a recce to ensure that the trial for the scavenger hunt is free from any hindrances and is perfect for hiding the gifts. You can get him many small gifts and hide the next clue within the gift to create an element of surprise. You can make the scavenger hunt special by creating a romantic trail to a place that is special for both of you. Scavenger hunts are a perfect way to spice up your relationship by celebrating your significant milestones together. We can assure that your partner and you will have the time of their lives.

Bonus Idea For A Special Experience

Plan a One Day Trip

The most important thing in love and relationship is to make time to spend with your loved one. It is crucial to spend time with each other to nurture and grow your relationship. Take time to spend time with each other often to create lifelong memories and have fun along the way. You can show your boyfriend love by planning a romantic one day trip with him. You can plan out the trip by choosing to do fun activities together such as playing paintball, art classes, or a trip to the park for a romantic picnic. If you are a couple who love exploring you can plan a trekking trip to explore the nature trail. Make sure to include an element of surprise in your date by planning creative activities such as catching the sunrise, volunteering for charity work, stargazing, or do adventure activities such as paragliding or parasailing. If you are planning to take a trip, make sure to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements in advance to avoid last minute disappointments. This trip is a sure way to make him surprised and make him feel appreciated. Furthermore, this one day trip will rejuvenate your relationship and make your love stronger.

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Make Your Gift Thoughtful Not Expensive

Before buying a gift for men it is very important that you know his likes, tastes and personality. Study his clothing preferences, fashion accessories he loves and how he likes to spend time. Use this knowledge to find products that match him in his unique needs. Nothing will show the affection you have for him than such consideration of his likes and dislikes. Because it is not the money you spend but the care and thought you put into the gift.