It Can Be Tough to Impress Your Child’s Friends and Find the Right Return Gift for 9-Year-Olds but Our Suggestions Will Make Your Party the Talk of the Town!

It Can Be Tough to Impress Your Child’s Friends and Find the Right Return Gift for 9-Year-Olds but Our Suggestions Will Make Your Party the Talk of the Town!

Since it’s already quite some work for parents to plan the party, we thought we’ll do our bit by compiling a list of appropriate return gifts for a 9-year-old's birthday party. Here is a list of some great and unique return gift ideas for the party as well as how to make sure your child and his or her friends have a great time.

Why Should We Bother Buying a Return Gift for 9 Year Olds?

Presenting Return Gifts Is a Way to Invest in Relationships

Giving a return gift is really important but people have seemed to lose the importance of those. Giving return gifts is an appreciation the guests who took time out and became a part of your celebrations. It might be a marriage function or a birthday, gifting return gifts will add more meaning to your relationships.

When it comes to kids, it even becomes a necessity. So, if you are also planning your child's birthday party, make sure you include return gifts to the list. Also, most of the kids visit birthday parties because of return gifts and hence it is inappropriate to let them down.

Distributing Gifts Makes You Happy

Giving gifts will surely make you also happy. The look and the joy on the recipient's face are definitely worth all the effort. With kids, it is even better. They really start jumping in joy and tell you to thank you like a million times.

Giving is also called the investment of happiness. Hence, it is a nice idea to practice it even during parties. It is also a good idea to keep some return gifts for not only the gifts but also the adults who are attending your functions or parties.

How Creative Gift Wrapping Can Create Maximum Impact?

The presentation is the key to the first impression that a person builds up in his/her mind. Thus, some attention needs to go to the packaging of the gift as well. You can pack the gift in nice gift bags or get a little more creative.

Firstly, you need to set a budget for packaging and then look for different ideas. Checking Pinterest is also a good idea as they have a lot of techniques and inspiration for gift wrapping. Apart from that, you can also match the gift wrapping to the theme of the party.

How to Choose the Right Return Gift for 9-Year Old Kids?

Pick Something Age-Appropriate

While choosing a return gift for kids, keep their age in mind. Gifting something age appropriate is not only helpful but they will like it too. Thus, when planning for 9-year-old, do not gift them toys like dolls or cars.

Instead, gift them some nice story books or a compass box. They will like such kind of useful gifts more. Survey on the net about some good options and products for 9-year-olds.

Find Out What Children of That Age Usually Desires

You will have to survey a bit if you want to give the perfect return gift to 9-year-olds. Thus, the best thing to do is ask your child. He will be able to give better ideas to you as he will exactly know what his bunch of friends like.

Apart from that, if you are just planning a normal function and have some 9-year-old invitees, then search for ideas on the net. You can also visit shops and ask the salesman for help. Then decide on gift according to your budget.

Latest Craze in Return Gifting is Personalised Items

Personalised items are the hero of gifts in any situation. It does not matter on what occasion you are gifting or whom you are gifting, if it is personalised it will be liked by all. Thus, even 9-year-olds will appreciate it.

So, make a list of items that you can get personalised for them. You can either choose to get their names printed or get it customised with their favourite cartoon character. Make sure you use pretty and bright colours as children love such things.

Opt for Simple Gifts

While choosing a return gift, the key thing is to keep it simple. Do not go overboard as you are already hosting a party. Thus, keep the budget in mind and also the occasion of the celebration.

When choosing a gift for 9-year-olds, think of something practical and useful. Do not just gift them a showpiece or something impractical. Choose things like a milk mug or a tiffin box. They will definitely be happy receiving items that they can use and show their other friends.

13 Adorable Return Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Kids

Stuffed Toys


9-year-olds are not babies but they are certainly not grown-ups as well. Thus, gifting them soft toys is a good idea. Tickles Brown Pug Dog Stuffed Soft Plush Toy Kids Birthday Gift from is a great option. It is light weighted and attractive. It is very soft and easy to carry as well. The dog is ideal for cuddling and almost every kid will lighten up by just seeing his face. The dog is just for Rs. 349.

Board Games


Children love playing games and thus gifting them some nice and educational board games is really a good idea. Curtis Toys Sequence Board Game from is a great gift. It is a strategy game that educates and helps enjoy some nice quality time for children.

It is pretty easy for kids and challenging for adults and thus both can play together. The game is not only fun but also exciting and challenging. The board game is priced at Rs. 499.



One simple thing to gift is balloons. If it is a birthday party then they are very appropriate to give as a return gift plus they are budgetary too. GrandShop 50535 Super Metallic Economy Pack Toy Balloons from is a wonderful gift.

They are metallic finish balloons and are 9 inches in size. The best part is that these balloons are properly tested and made of good quality biodegradable latex. One pack contains 100 pieces and thus you can divide from them accordingly in between the kids.

You can either choose to blow and give it to them or just ask them to blow. You can conduct a challenge as well which includes that the fastest kid to blow air in the balloon wins a chocolate or something. The pack is priced at Rs. 300.

Cookies in a Jar

One unique and different idea to give as a return gift is cookies in a jar. Almost all the kids love cookies and thus, Slurp Farm Wholewheat Ragi And Chocolate Cookies from is the best option. They are made of ragi and while wheat and so they are very healthy. They are chocolate flavoured and have a shelf life of 9 months. The cookies have the shape of animals and one pack contains 18 cookies. The pack contains 3 boxes of cookies and is priced at Rs. 229.

Kilner Cliptop Square Jar from is a great option to fill the cookies in. The jar is airtight and is made out of glass. The gift will look very cute and attractive. The jar is priced at Rs.279.

Funky Badges


Nsquareshop Funky Badge from is a great option. They are badges that kids can pin up on their school bags or plain t-shirts. The badges are made out of metal and have 3 cm of diameter.

The badges are in different colours and designs. One pack contains 4 badges. The kids will be so happy that they might end up showing it off to their friends with joy. The badges are priced at Rs. 300 and have a shipping charge of Rs.80.

Decorative Pencil Pouches

Doraemon Sparkle Pencil Pouch from is a great gift. They obviously go to school and thus, it will be very a useful gift for him. It is made out of plastic and has one compartment.

The pouch is also very sparkly and has a picture of Doremon on it. Doraemon is a favourite cartoon character amongst the kids and they will love it. The price of the pouch is Rs. 22 and thus it makes it a very affordable gift.

Light-Up Bracelets


Jiadatm Set Of Assorted Cartoon Characters Led Light Bracelets Gifts for Kids from is an amazing gift. They are a pack of 12 and have mixed designs and colours. The pack contains designs for boys and girls both.

To turn on the light, you will have to press a button on the bracelet. The speed of the light can be adjusted by pressing the button again. For switching the light off, you will have to press the button 4 times. One pack is priced for Rs. 399 which makes it a very budgetary gift.

Personalised Mugs


One other exciting gift option for 9-year-olds is a personalised mug as most of them have milk. Mugsnyou New Personalized Masters Customised Mug from is a gift that you can consider. It uses the best printing quality to print the pictures.

It also has a high-quality gloss finish on the mug. You can either find for some pictures of the invited guest or directly ask their mothers to give it to you. The mugs are priced at Rs.228.

Cartoon Pens


My Party Suppliers Kids and Students Plastic Cute Kawaii Chocolate Biscuit Ballpoint Gel Pen from is a great gift for kids. They are in the shape of chocolates and has the real smell of chocolates which will amaze the kids. The pens are made out of plastic.

It contains 4 pens with different designs. The pack contains designs which are appropriate for boys and girls both. The pack is priced at Rs. 599.

Cute Keychains


Chumbak Metal Bike Show Keychain from is a wonderful option. It is made out of PVC and metal. The size of the keychain is 7.5 cm by 5.5 cm. Kids might be riding their bicycles and thus, they would love keychains as they can hook it with their keys. It is asked to wipe with a dry and clean cloth. The keychain is priced at Rs.295.

Minion Water Bottle

Who does not love minions? Well, no one. Thus, gifting Minions Geek Water Bottle from is a great gifting option. Kids can take it to school and so it will be a useful gift for them.

The bottle is in orange colour and has 640 ml capacity. It is made out of plastic and is a sipper bottle. The bottle also comes with an adjustable strap. The bottle is priced at Rs.175.

Bouncy Balls


Generic Crazy Bouncy Jumping Balls Set from is a great gift. Kids would love playing with them all the time. One pack contains 24 balls and so you can divide it accordingly between the kids. The balls come in different colours. They are genuinely a great return gift and kids of 9 years age love such kind of toys. A pack of 48 balls is priced at Rs.240.

Coin Banks


Gold Leaf Piggy Bank Wood House Animal Design from is a nice gift. This gift will inculcate the concept of saving for kids. It calls for a decoration in the kids' room as well. It is made out of wood and is sized as 6 cm by 5 cm by 10.5 cm. It comes with a removable lid at the bottom of the house. One pack contains 6 pieces and is priced at Rs.598.

From our editorial team

Return Gift Should Serve As the Token of Remembrance And Love from the Hosts

Return gifts is a great way to thank your guests for their presence and time at your birthday party. And when it comes to kids, it is a nice gesture to keep them happy after they leave the party home.

But for the very fact that the return gifts have to be distributed amongst each of the kids that attend the party, it is quite not possible to throw away expensive gifts. Therefore, it is widely recommended that the return gifts for kids should be inexpensive and at the same time prove useful in their daily life. It has to be cheap so that our already burnt pockets don’t incinerate but it shouldn’t appear like we are cheapos either.