Buying a Birthday Gift for an 18 Year Old Boy? Here are 11 Quirky & Cool Ideas (2018)

Buying a Birthday Gift for an 18 Year Old Boy? Here are 11 Quirky & Cool Ideas (2018)

An easy list of all the fun, quirky and must have products for 18 year olds along with the price and where to buy them. But that's not all. We also help you understand what teen boys are like, what they enjoy and how to buy gifts for them so you go out and pick the right kind of birthday gift. Also read the fun ways to make the gift more appealing and special.

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Tips for Selecting Great Birthday Gifts for 18-Year-Old Boys

Turning 18 provides teenagers with a sense of accomplishment as they now embrace the world as new “adults”. No wonder an 18th birthday is a significant milestone for young boys and girls.

The thought of giving a gift to an 18-year-old boy raises many questions. We have tried to answer some of them in this gift guide below. We also present a unique selection of the most appropriate birthday gifts for an 18-year-old boy, which we hope will help him build long-lasting memories.

How to Search for a Perfect Birthday Gift for Him?

A great place to start the hunt for the perfect gift would be to try and figure out the interests and hobbies of the birthday boy. Once you know what he prefers, your search for gifts should be pretty straightforward—look for something that is closely related to his interests and hobbies. A structured gift shopping approach also eases a state of frenzy that you are bound to be in while shopping for gifts for a teenager. You definitely want to look out for a productive yet unique gift. For instance, if he is fond of music, then you could consider buying a musical instrument; if he likes art, then perhaps some art supplies would do the trick.

What Do 18-Year-Old Boys Like?

Teenagers like quirky and cool stuff so having these filters in mind while looking out for gifts will come in handy. Such cool gifts are easily available online, with new product updated from time to time with changing trends.

Teenage boys also like to keep themselves up to date with the latest electronics such as earphones, power banks, and smartwatches for fitness freaks. If you have a close relation to the birthday boy, perhaps you can consider buying one of these more-expensive gifts.

What Gifts Are Popular Among 18-Year-Old Boys

Superhero merchandise are also very popular these days. Once you know which character they like best, you can consider purchasing t-shirts, keychains, collectables, bags, socks, coffee mugs, bean bag covers, posters, phone cases, or the likes. Another idea is to present them a gift voucher from a specific apparel store they like, instead of gifting cash. But vouchers are somewhat impersonal, so we’d recommend this as a last resort!

11 Cool and Quirky Birthday Gifts for an 18-Year-Old Boy

Personalised Cushion Cover


An exclusive gift for an exclusive person. This personalised cushion cover seems to be a great gift option for a teenager just turning 18. The name of the recipient and his favourite picture can be printed onto the cover. The cushion is very comfortable because of the satin fabric. It’s a square cushion measuring 11 x 11 inches (l x b) in size. You can personalise it by uploading a digital image on IGP’s website. Make sure to upload an image with an approximate resolution of 300-dpi for an amazing print. This beautiful customized cushion cover is available on for Rs.429 only.

Men's Wallet and Belt Combination


What’s better than gifting someone an item of daily essential? A wallet and a belt make for an excellent combination for a gift to a new adult. Hornbull offers a combo of a well-designed formal belt and a wallet, made from high-quality leather by skilled professionals. The interiors of the purse are lined with a cloth, imparting durability, and it has several compartments so it can accommodate all essentials. The belt is free in size so that it can be used by anyone and offers good adjustability. This value combo is available on Amazon for Rs.949 only.

Ambrane Power Bank


All teenagers are addicted to their phones, which makes a power bank an excellent gift idea. The Ambrane 208000 mAh power bank is available on Amazon for Rs.1,599. The power bank weighs 440 gms, and the 208000-mAh capacity makes its battery stronger and long-lasting. It has a micro connector and has lithium-ion batteries. It is a great travel accessory and is compatible with all USB devices as it has a triple output for all kinds of gadgets. Moreover, the power bank comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Superhero Merchandise, T-Shirt and Socks

If the birthday boy is a fanboy of superheroes, then The Souled Store offers impressive official merchandise t-shirts. All superhero t-shirts from characters inspired by Marvel and DC Comics are available in pure cotton, are bio-washed, and pre-machine shrunk. These t-shirts can be washed in the machine but only in cold water and using a mild detergent without scrubbing on the print. Bleach, tumble dry, and ironing should be avoided. The range of this collection lies from Rs.499 to Rs.650 and delivery to metro cities takes approximately 1-4 days and 4-7 days in other cities. Buy t-shirts and other merchandise from

A Superhero Badge and Cool Cap

All teenagers want to look cool. To complete the cool look, buy official superhero merchandise from The Souled Store, such as multi-purpose badges and caps with Superhero characters and other funny memes printed on them. The badges are circular in shape and can be pinned to bags or identity cards or clothes as its just 56 mm in diameter. The badges are available on The Souled Store for just Rs.49 per unit. The digital print is of high quality. Besides, the hip-hop caps add a swag and stand out from the crowd. For comfortable use, it is crafted with completely imported fabric. The standard size (52-60 cm) of the cap gives a perfect fit when worn and is also adjustable. The caps range from Rs.699 – Rs.999 each. Buy the caps here. The estimated delivery in metro cities is 1-4 days while that to other parts in the country it is 4-7 days. Don’t miss out on these funky and cool badges and caps!

A Watch

A watch as a gift can never go wrong for anyone who has a taste for elegance. Although smartwatches are trending, analog watches have their own place in one’s wardrobe.

We recommend this Espirit Black Dial Analog watch for the 18-year-old birthday boy. It’s classic design with a solid black dial with two sub-dials with striped guilloche give it a professional feel. The round dial is made of stainless steel and has a lock mechanism with a steel buckle. The watch has a perforated good-quality leather strap. With all these features, you are surely going to give the newly turned adult some professional goals. The product is covered under a 2-year warranty period. It is available on Titan’s website for Rs.4,145.

Elegant Remember Me Organiser

An organizer just makes everything so easy. You can be assured that nothing will be skipped or missed, and all important things will be duly noted. To make a teenager’s bewildered life easier, Archies offers a uniquely crafted organiser to help remember and note down all important things.

The organiser is divided into three parts, i.e. for notes, to keep track of things to be remembered and a notebook for elaboration purpose. It is compact and easily foldable making it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. It is available at Archies Online for Rs.199. The online delivery is estimated in 2 working days and also gives the shopper flexibility in choosing the date of delivery on the delivery address page.

Automatic Mug Stabiliser

Unintentional moves like spilling drinks on the floor, expensive carpets and beds can be avoided and life can be easier with this Automatic Mug Stabilizer.

This mug stabilizer just makes everyday life so easily. It is an ingenious and useful accessory which effortlessly balances the cup over rough surfaces and keeps the contents intact. The mug stabilizers are available in two different material: wood and plastic. It is a unique handcrafted product, available on Exciting Lives for Rs.1,149.

Picture Strip Personalised Mouse Pad

This personalized mouse pad makes for the perfect gift for a tech-savvy 18-year-old boy. A mouse pad is a useful product and having a customized mouse pad makes tedious work even more energetic and fun. Exciting Lives offers this customized mouse pad for Rs.329 each.

The mouse pad can have a collage of up to 5 images and a small text, so to order the product send 5 pictures and a message that you would like to be printed to their official email ( Send the images right after placing the order to avoid delayed delivery. Wiping the mouse pad with a soft cloth will keep it clean, so it’s definitely hassle-free to maintain it. The personalization and delivery takes only 1-2 business days so this can be a great last-minute gift idea for you to consider.

A Smartwatch

One of the most popular trends today is a smartwatch that keeps track of all the activities from heartbeat, pulse rate, to steps walked. The power-packed features of a smartwatch make it an excellent gift for a total health freak or someone who needs to become health conscious. The Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch Band has a black dial, and it is rectangular in shape. The digital band is available in 2 different colours: black and blue. The watch has a digital display which is built with quartz movement and offers a one year warranty on manufacturing defects. This health-conscious gift is available on or any Titan showroom for Rs.2,499.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Philips portable Bluetooth speaker is a cool gift for an 18-year-old teen. It is easy to carry and has an advanced audio performance with a compact design. It has a power of 3W RMS and easy to connect to any electronic device having the Bluetooth feature for wireless music streaming. The built-in microphone helps to switch quickly from listening to music to answering a phone call.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere. The battery type is lithium polymer and has a yellow LED indicator for charging, blue for Bluetooth mode and green for AUX mode, blue and green alternate LED for FM mode. It is available on for Rs.1,500.

Suggestions for Making His Birthday Gift Memorable

If you are a creative person and have some time on hand, then a DIY card like an explosion box or waterfall card is a good idea that you may consider. Plenty of tutorial videos are available online, so find something that suits your skill set. If there is no time to make a card, then gift shops are the saviours. Funny pop-ups or simple cards, all sorts of greeting cards are available in the stores. A greeting card is like a cherry on the cake!

Tips to Make the Gift More Personalised

Making a card or a video with a montage of photographs is another brilliant idea to personalise the birthday gift experience for the 18 year old. If the birthday boy is a close family member or a dear friend, you may consider making a scrapbook with his old photographs with memorable captions written for each one of them; it is a great way to take him on a nostalgic tour. Happy gifting!

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Birthday gifts should be fun

At 18 boys are slightly older, bigger, and very occasionally, a mature version of little boys. Which means that they may appear like big boys who are heading off to college, but inside they are still fun loving and not really in the mood to grow up. Even if you're buying a gift for a serious boy, they is going to be a playful side and it's this side your gift must appeal to. So give him some grown up things that he will think are cool to have, but it's mostly the quirky and the trendy that he will really love.