Surprise Your Little One with a Themed Birthday Party: 10 Ninja Party Favour Ideas for Your Little Guests to have a Blast (2019)

Surprise Your Little One with a Themed Birthday Party: 10 Ninja Party Favour Ideas for Your Little Guests to have a Blast (2019)

Theme based parties are getting more attention by the day, and we have got just the right idea for you to surprise your child on their birthday, which is a Ninja theme party. Growing up watching Ninja cartoons, many kids idolise them, which would make it a fantastic idea to go for this type of theme. Plan a blast for your child and his friends with these Ninja party favours.

End the Curiosity and Try Out the Ninja Party Theme

Kids live their fantasy worlds with their favourite movies and comic series characters. Your child is probably always talking about a character or doing what/how the character does. In case you're wondering what makes your children and their peers have a sweet experience at another child’s party, themed parties are a great way to make their favourite characters come alive - it doesn’t really cost so much and will come in to fulfil your child’s dream party. If your kiddo loves Ninjas, then have a Ninja themed party. Bring in touches such as Ninja stars, Ninja figures, badges, wristbands for favours, and party theme ideas which feature easy and beautiful decorations using Ninja related symbols and images.

Ninja Party Fun Ideas to Try Out

Ninja Birthday Invitation


Kids always seem to know what they want the most, best way to attract children to your little one's birthday party is to give them a taste of the fun they expect. Making Ninja party invitation cards is not difficult - you surely know the ninja your child prefer; use printable templates available online and customise them with Ninja tags like "You have been summoned”, or “Let’s have fun our way”.

Ninja Birthday Decorations

Go the whole way with the ninja theme - a Ninja costume, Ninja posters, and Ninja items such as masks, swords, and many more. Here are few ideas for Ninja Party theme decorations.

Make all the party decorations coloured and themed on Ninja. If you can't buy ninja themed items, cut out the symbols such as swords, masks, thin scarves, turtle shields yourself. Get posters of the Ninja Turtles and place it on the centre wall.

You may also try to make a movie playlist of the Ninja Turtles, kids' favourite superheroes!

Ninja Birthday Food Station

The entire theme remains incomplete without a food menu that speaks of Ninja style. From food to using disposable bowls and cups with Ninja images printed on them, go the extra mile to fit this theme. Menu for the party can be food in colours of the party theme, such as offering cookies cut out of Ninja images and symbols, cupcakes baked in the colours of the Ninja theme and cakes decorated to suit the theme. One way or another, everything should speak the same idea, and this shouldn't be too much to do for you for your little one!

10 Ninja Party Favours For Your Little One's Party

1. Ninja Badge


Little details are what leave the best of impressions. The badge is 58 mm in diameter and comes with the printed image of Teenage Mutant Ninjas. The material used for this badge is polymeric with a safety pin adhered for a secure attachment. Your guests can quickly put them on and even take them away with them as party souvenirs. At Rs. 50 apiece, it's a loot deal at .

2. Ninja Throwing Stars


How do you explain to kids that what they see on TV isn't real? The best way to optimise fun and safety for kids is to ensure their desire is given to them in a pre-monitored manner, and for the same reason, we present to you these foam throwing stars which are completely safe to use. These Ninja stars are throwable to a short distance without hurting anyone. These fun Ninja Stars come in a pack of eight and are available to buy from for Rs. 1,879.

3. Stretchy Flying Ninjas


This particular party favour comes as the complete combination of fun + entertainment. Stretch one of these and release them at various targets. These Stretchy Ninjas are sticky and can adhere to any surface. You can organise your own version of the dart board game - Sticky Ninja Board Game. Take a cardboard and make markings according to a dart board. The players will throw their sticky Ninjas at the dartboard turn-wise, and the one with maximum points will be your winner. This can be one fun event to have at your party. These stretchy Ninjas come in a pack of 12 and are available to buy on Amazon for Rs. 1,170.

4. Ninja Master Kids' Wristbands


Armbands never go out of trend. Kids love them, and they love it even more when they get to flaunt them in front of their buddies.

For your little guests, this is going to be the perfect party favour which come in a pack of 24 pieces and can be bought from for Rs. 3,259.

5. Leonardo Face - TMNT Official Badge


Check out this Leonardo face badge, one of the members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles printed on a 58 mm diameter polymeric material with a safety pin attached to its back to ensure safe clip on the cloth of the little guests. At Rs. 50, this is one cool accessory for kids. Purchase this from

6. Nora Ninja Turtle Kids Dustbin


One of the best ways to teach our kids to inculcate certain habits is to make it fun for them. Make the kids throw their trash in these dustbins only and tell them that their superheroes would get very upset with them if they don't, see the results for yourself! They come with a printed image of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and are made from a polymeric material. Achieve the combined effect of teaching new habits while making the kids happy with this party favour, which is available to purchase from for Rs. 240 apiece.

7. Turtle Pop Art Coffee Mugs


This would be a regular mug if not for the unique artwork printed on the white ceramic cup, an image of the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This special mug would be one favour appreciated by both adults and kids present. Since kids parties may feature a few adults as well, it won't be fun to leave them out of the party favours. The mugs are easy to handle and can hold a considerable quantity of any beverage. They are microwave-friendly too. The price stands at Rs. 299 on

8. Pizza Power TMNT Official T-shirt


With a range of sizes for kids and adults, this particular Ninja T-shirt is a great idea for a party favour, with a price of just Rs. 499. As claimed by, it's made of 100% cotton and is super-comfortable to wear.

9. Definity Ninja Key Chain


A key chain of a minion wearing Ninja costume, a blend of two characters and symbols of kids fun in minions one! Your little guests are going to adore this lovely party savor. Not only kids, but it's also going to be appreciated by adults. The key chain is highly convenient and pocket-friendly too, with the price of only Rs. 169 apiece, available on

10. Michelangelo - TMNT Official Fridge Magnet


Michelangelo, known as Mikey, is a character in the official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Michelangelo is the most fun-loving character from TMNT for which every kid loves him. Every kid may have one of the Ninja Turtles they love more than the others, but Michelangelo is everyone’s guy. Mikey is the one who coins out most of the group’s catchphrases. With this description of Michelangelo, you now know why every child would love to have this character stuck on their fridges, so much for the inspiration! The fridge sticker is priced at Rs. 199 on

Unique Ninja Favours to Give as Return-Gifts

1. Ninja Wall Posters

Since we are all about inspiring the kids and giving them a reason for joy, the ninja wall poster will do just that. A quick answer to the reason why we may need a wallpaper aside, covering flaws on the wall, the wallpapers give the kids the meaning their rooms need. This is a perfect party favour which can add to the decoration or making of the theme. Should you need gift ideas for the celebrant, the Ninja wall poster is a right choice!

2. A Box Full of Cookies with a Ninja Toy


Every party should have a box containing play toys and deserts the guests can take away. In a Ninja themed birthday party, a box containing cookies in figures of the ninjas will keep the party aglow.

3. Mini Ninja Figures


A core reason why the Ninja party theme is cost-effective is that most of the wares to be used can be adopted for both decorations as well as party favour purposes. These mini Ninja figures form an identifying part in the decoration of the theme, and you may even allow your little guests to take these back home and make their day.

Kids try to relate with their superheroes more often than you think they do. They often get attached to these kinds of toys and idolise them and many times; it turns out to be a good thing as well, for instance, a kid having nightmares may sleep peacefully with his superhero right beside him. Hence, it would be a beautiful gesture to give these little toys to your little guests.

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Create Your Own Ninja Party Favours

With everything at your disposal, from how to make to where to get the material for it, it's not very difficult to prepare some cute and unique party favours for your little's one party. And even better, if you're not planning a surprise party, engage your kid also in preparing decorative items themselves. Increase your child's creativity, check! You get to have some fun time with your child, check! We at BP-Guide aim to provide you with the unique and trendiest of these ideas. Follow up for more fabulous ideas like this.