All You Need to Know About Return Gift Wala, the One Stop-Shop for Cheap Return Gifts in India, and their Hottest Products

All You Need to Know About Return Gift Wala, the One Stop-Shop for Cheap Return Gifts in India, and their Hottest Products

No party is complete without a goodie bag of party favours or return gifts, but finding nice and cute return gifts in a tiny budget can be a huge challenge. Which is why is such a boon for small gifts. Never heard of it before? Find out everything you need to know about Returngiftwala, their bestsellers and how to save money on return gifts in India

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All You Need to Know About

What is Return Gift Wala?

How often have you hunted high and low for cute return gifts for a kid's birthday party only to find that the numbers just don't add up when you have to buy many of the same gift. Why does everything have to be so expensive? Ideally, the best return gifts are small, cute, handy or unique enough to keep guests happy, and most importantly, cheap!

It was probably recognising this need that Returngiftwala set up shop way back in 1989. Long story short, the good news is this is now an online store that delivers across India, where you can browse through a tonne of return gifts in every size, hue and shape, and for every imaginable occasion at very affordable rates. How cool is that? A store to cater specifically to the culture of return gifts. Don't expect extraordinary quality here, as most products are imported from various countries in a bid to keep prices low. What you can expect is fantastic choice of small gifts and a solution to great return gifts without going broke.

What Kind of Items Are Available There?

There are over a dozen categories of gifts, including everything from home decor, kitchen items, stationary, wallets and bags, toys, pencil cases, art and craft items, keychains, bathroom accessories, to party props, diaries and clocks. Now these aren't big or even particularly functional items although you may find loads of useful things here.

Since the website is focused entirely on return gifts, expect small, cute, interesting and funky knick-knacks that no one really needs or seldom buys themselves but which are great to receive hence perfect as party favours. You can browse according to category and there are even selections of gifts to fit certain budgets such as gift packs, birthday return gifts under Rs.100 and so on.

Is it a Reliable Gifting Platform?

With the features like ease of use, user-generated reviews, special offers and detailed shipping information, returngiftwala is as reliable as it can be. And moreover goods once sold will be taken back. Yes, that's right. Be it because of not liking the product, the product being damaged or wrong delivery on their part, all purchased items can be returned. Which is an essential feature of online shopping. This consumer-friendly service makes it a very good platform for buying return gifts. They also use secure payment channels, but as with all online shopping websites, we advise you to check their return policies and other features before making a purchase.

Benefits of Buying Return Gifts From

Free Gift Wrapping

There are many features of returngiftwala that make it stand out from the rest and one such feature is free gift wrapping. All you have to do is to tell them to gift wrap it. It can be done by e-mailing them or by making a call. As simple as that and you get your gift wrapped at no extra cost.

Free Delivery Across India

With returngiftwala, you get free shipping across India. However it carries a simple condition that your order should be above Rs.600 in value. For orders below this amount you will have to pay a meager Rs.90 for shipping. They promise delivery within 2-5 days for all major cities and you can also request second day delivery for prepaid deliveries by requesting them over email. This facility is available for all major cities.

Bulk Ordering at Affordable Rates

When you order in bulk, you can get discounts ranging from 30 to 70 per cent depending on the items you purchase. The discount will vary on the quantity purchased and to inquire you will have to send them an email or contact them over WhatsApp. Simply send an inquiry at the time of placing the order and you will be sent an estimate of any discounts if applicable.

Bestselling Items on Returngiftwala

Photo Frames

Who doesn't like to look back at a favourite picture? perhaps one reason why photo frames are so popular as return gifts. If you're looking for birthday party return gifts for kids then pick any one of the large variety of photo frames available here. This one of the Cute Cat Design Photo Frame for kids is on the higher end of the offering with a price tag of Rs.129 but you will get frames for as less as Rs.39 as well. These seem to be more popular as gifts for kids so you will find cute cartoon shapes and children's themes.

Diaries and Notebooks

Diaries and notebook s are another popular return gift with several options for both adults and kids. You will find lock diaries, spiral bound notebooks, diaries with cartoon, 3D and glitter covers, pocket diaries and a lot more.

One example is this diary for adults. With beautiful and classy print, ethnic and designer feel this wonderful button lock diary has been specially designed for those who look for unique and stylish things. Made of a grade paper material with a Matte finish, this diary is printed on all the sides. It has multiple types of pages to write on like, ruled, dotted and checks. First 2 and last 2 pages are completely printed with Euro Trail. Perfect for gifting to adults, this Antique Key Postage Print Classy Diary can be bought on for Rs. 295.

Key Chains

Cute keychains are a nice and useful retun gift and you can find an array of these priced between Rs.25 to Rs.80. 3D Burger Keychain looks like a real burger and is crafted with such perfection that you can hardly tell a difference. It’s made of hard clay and laminated for great look. It is unbreakable and has a hook as well to carry it on your jeans and trousers. It can be bought on for Rs.80.

Fashion Accessories is good for girls' accessories like combs and brushes, folding mirrors, rings, tattoo sets and nail art kits although the variety of products keeps getting updated regularly. There are slim picking for boys though, limited to gifts like tattoos and arm bands. But if you want to give return gifts to little girls, any of these accessories will make most of them extremely pleased. This 3D Magic Eyes Princess Folding Mirror With Comb for example, is priced at Rs.49 and will make for a nice birthday return gift. Other products are priced starting at Rs.25.

Kitchen Utilities

The website is great for gifts like coasters and place mats, cute fruit fork sets and quirky spoons; rummage around a little and you will find gift ideas for both adults as well as kids. These Adhesive Hooks are made of stainless steel and hence corrosion resistant. They can be stuck on any surface to hang things. It is a great utility item for kitchen. A set of 2 can be bought on for Rs.79.

Kid's Bags

Bags, pouches and wallets of all kinds are tremendously popular as return gifts judging by the variety available for both kids and adults. There are coin purses, sling bags, backpacks for kids, wallets and lots more. Buy this colourful and designer soft fur sling bag designed in the shape of an elephant. With a 3D look, it has popped out ears and nose giving a realistic look. It’s made of fine quality washable cloth material and has a single pocket with inner plastic covering to make it waterproof and an adjustable sling to fit any size, perfect for kids. This 3D style Elephant Sling Bag can be bought on for Rs.199.

Party Supplies

If you're looking to stock up on party supplies then is a great place to check. Find everything from cups and plates to masks, flags, banners, caps, blowhorns, invites, popcorn boxes and themed meal sets. All these are available in popular themes like Barbie, Minions, Batman, Spiderman and so on. For example, these Minion themed party glasses are made of fine paper and add to the joyful ambiance of any party. A set of 10 pieces can be purchased on for Rs.49.

Multi Utility Pouches

Beautiful Summer Fresh Theme printed on a bag which you can be used for various purposes. The pouch is spacious and made of strong matt-look material. The wonderful design is printed on all sides and it has a single zipper to store and organize stuff. It can be used to carry make up, stationery, jewellery, toiletries etc. and can be a great return gift idea for summer theme birthday party. This Summer Fresh Theme Multi-utility Pouch can be purchased on for Rs.150.

Small Toys

These Family Finger Puppets are made of fine quality wood and cloth. They are creative carved and cute. Every kid will love to play with them. It can also be used while reading a story to the little ones in your family. The size is standard and it fits all. A pack of 5 contains caricatures of granny, grandfather, father, mother and a child. This popular product can be bought on for Rs.249.

Besides this there is a whole category of new and unique gifts that contains odds and ends like cute bottles of hand sanitizer for kids, sippers, toys, stamps clocks, tin boxes, rattles and paper soap to name just a few.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Return Gifts Online

Your Budget for Return Gifts

When buying gifts for kids, it’s not at all wise to spend heftily as kids tend to reject gifts once their curiosity for the thing has satiated. For adults, something associated to a memory or the time you spent together will be more appreciable, since they are able to buy most of the utility items for themselves. Whatever you are thinking of choosing as your return gift, explore the market as the wide range of options can yield amazing choices. In the end, your personality, guest list and budget determines what you choose. This will surprise your guests and make them feel appreciated in your special occasion!

The Occasion

North India, a god idol or lucky elephant is a great crafty gift to give. Likewise in South India, custom made jewellery and rosewood or sandalwood wood carvings are quite popular as gifts. If the occasion is a kid’s birthday, you may opt for stationery items and utility gifts. Some generic items like a laughing Buddha is a universal symbol of wealth and bliss. Depending on where you live or where you are celebrating your special occasion, select return gifts that have some cultural significance.

Type of Return Gift

Choose a practical gift that your guests can use, look at or care for on a regular basis. This will remind them they were part of your special day. Examples of practical gifts include saplings and bottle openers among others. Try and pick something meaningful to your guests; after all, you have an emotional connection to them. You can also look for handmade products such as hangings, crafts and paintings to show appreciation. However, these might be expensive and should be considered if your budget allows it or your guest list is small enough. If you are at loss on what gift to give, you can opt for an edible favour such as a basket of dried fruit or chocolate. Choose eco-friendly products when looking for a return gift as this is not only a great way to instil environmental consciousness while still showing appreciation.

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Check Your Guest List

We aren't particular about following the culture of RSVP. A french word, it is an acronym for répondez s'il vous plaît, which translates to 'please respond'. Not knowing exactly how many people are going to show up can make it difficult to manage arrangements. Insist on your guests responding but even if they don't, make an estimate based on what you know about each guest. Break up the group into age groups or broad categories like men, women and kids and try to get different gifts for each segment. This isn't always applicable and will also depend on your budget; for instance you may not want to give return gifts to the adults at a kid's birthday party. But make an informed choice.