A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Jungle Party and 10 Awesome Jungle Party Favors for the Little Guests (2019)

A Guide to Throwing the Perfect Jungle Party and 10 Awesome Jungle Party Favors for the Little Guests (2019)

Have you been planning for a surprise theme party for your child's birthday or any other special occasion? Well, here's an idea you're going to love so much that you'd wish you were a kid again! This birthday, plan a jungle party for your child as we're here to help you with throwing the best jungle party ever. Read on to find out more.

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Your Guide to a Jungle Themed Party!

Themed parties have become pretty standard nowadays, especially for your little ones' special occasions such as their birthdays. But the one that all kids love ought to be a jungle-themed party. Dressing up in animal costumes brings out all the joy they have!

Some of the first things that come to mind while planning a jungle party include a forest, greenery, and animals.

While planning a Jungle theme party, we have to keep all these things in mind and make sure that we do not miss anything so that the experience of the jungle-themed party remains the best. Everything needs to be planned out properly and organized, leading to the best party your little one has ever had!

So, what all can we do to make the Jungle theme party better for our kids so that they can remember it for a long time as the best birthday party ever? There are many things that you can use or add to your jungle theme party. Some of the must-know things are:

  • Decorating the entire area with green balloons, artificial leaves, and tress bringing out the natural feel of the jungle.
  • You can also add soft drink glasses with animals and plants printed on it for kids.
  • Give the guest an invitation card based on a jungle theme.
  • Animal shaped balloons will surely be a hit among the children in the jungle theme party.
  • Give each child an animal face mask such as of a lion, giraffe, or a zebra.
  • You can also use some props such as hats or sticks with the figure of an animal and name the children as different animal ambassadors.
  • Animal print or leaf printing wall hangings and balloons.
  • The child birthday cake can be made primarily on a jungle theme. For example, having deep green grass with a figurine of a lion.
  • A return gift goody bag for the children based on Jungle theme.
  • Flower and fruit shaped candies hanging from the wall like fruits.

Jungle Party Favors to End Your Kid's Party on the Perfect Note!

Jungle Book Thank You Cards

Source firstcry.com

An invitation is the first step of any party! These Jungle Book Thank You Cards are a great way to thank your kid’s friends for coming to his/her birthday celebration. These are the cutest invitation cards that you can buy for your kid's jungle theme party. You can buy these for a price of Rs 600 for a pack of 10 cards with 10 matching envelopes from firstcry.com.

Animal Whistles

Animal Whistles will be a great addition to the party! Kids love whistleblowing and love playing games associated with it. With a small cute animal carved on each whistle, this is undoubtedly going to be a hit among the children. These short and sweet whistles are available online to buy for Rs. 230 for a pack of 4 from partyone.in.

Funcart Animals Theme Button Badge

Source funcart.in

Another great item in the list of jungle party favours is a custom animal theme or jungle theme badges. You can make a custom badge for each kid or get a theme-based badge for everyone. Imagine all the kids showing off the badges while wearing it on their dresses at the party boasting and talking to each other in such a cute manner. The cost of each badge in the loop is Rs. 85 and they can be bought from funcart.in.

Personalised Theme Sketchbooks

Another excellent return gift idea for children would be an animal sketch or colour book. Children love putting their imagination to pens and pencils, and these sketchbooks will make them much happier as colours are ways for kids to express themselves. Every time they use it to colour their imagination, they will remember the party as one of the best parties they had! The best part about these is that you can add each kid's name of the cover, making the kids feel even more special! Buy these for Rs. 249 apiece from prettyurparty.com.

Frank Animal Friends Puzzle Game

Source firstcry.com

Here's interactive jungle party favour your little guests. This is a 4-in -1 puzzle game with four unique story depictions. The important selling factor is that your children are aware of these stories and will love solving them. This Frank Animal Puzzle Set is under your budget and is available at a price of Rs. 243 on firstcry.com.

"5-Star" Fun Board 5 Games

Source giftoo.in

There are a variety of fun board games available in the market that can be a lot of enjoyment for the kids at a party and can even serve as a purpose of return party favour. Snake and Ladders is one of the classic and loved board games by kids all over the world. It would be a great addition to your jungle party favours. You can buy these board games at just Rs. 99 from giftoo.in.

Party Props Gift Set

Source firstcry.com

Party props can be an excellent return gift idea for kids! Available online for just Rs. 292 on firstcry.com for a pack of eight, these are sure to make them happy. These items included in the set are used by kids at school every day, and children like these kinds of shiny and attractive stationary props. This is sure to become a great success for a party favor among all your little guests.

The Jungle Book

Source flipkart.com

Now comes our favourite party favour for the jungle-themed party - The Jungle Book! Available at a budgeted price of Rs. 90 only, you can purchase this book in bulk for all your kid's friends from Flipkart. Let them learn and play with the jungle boy and his friends. Your children will be mesmerised in the world of Mowgli, Baghira and Sher Khan. You can also keep a storytelling session on the birthday with this book along with giving them as party favours.

Jungle Theme Mug

One of the best ways to increase the influence of the theme of the jungle party is to serve food in china sets or utensils, similar to the selected topic. They can also be used as a return gift. Mugs or plates printed in the jungle and animal theme will reflect the party correctly. We have selected this mug for you which comes with an attractive animal theme packaging. You can buy it from returngiftwala.com for Rs. 169 apiece.

Tips to Get Your Jungle Party Going!

These were some of the things that you can get to make the kids' jungle party a hit and entertaining. But now comes the most crucial part i.e. how to organise the party step by step so that it becomes a success.

Be Creative with Party Invitations

First of all, start with the invitations. There are two ways a message can be sent. Hard copy on a paper or through sending the request through e-greetings. If you are sending an e-greeting as everyone does nowadays, then you can add some animal animation or animal voices to it. For example, you can create a lion leaping in animation with a roar announcing a child birthday and requesting the presence of the guest. The impact would be much higher!

However, if you are interested in giving a paper or hard copy invitation to someone, then you add jungle and animal image background to the invitation. The card background can be covered in grass trees and animal images, and you can make the fonts using butterflies. Run your imagination, and the possibilities of creating a beautiful jungle-based invitation are limitless!

Decorating with a Jungle or Safari Theme

Source forkly.com

Next is to decide the venue for the party. This is very crucial as the venue need to meet your requirements for having a jungle theme party. Pick the place that is the closest match to your jungle party theme. A site that is themed on nature, jungle, and animals. You can create your jungle theme in two ways. Either you can make it bright, sunny and lush green or you can also add a little creepy and scary tight to it by decorating the jungle in night mode where everything is a little dark.

Once the venue is decided you will have to complete the decorations to make the site look more like a jungle with the decoration of plants, trees, etc. You could also play animals and birds voices in the background to make it look more appealing. Add some paper birds attached with the series on the roof and decorate the ceiling of the venue like a sky. One can also add some ambient lights to the site to show the forest at night time with night creatures' voices to make it a little more intense.

Once you are done with the venue, decorations, and invitations, order a beautiful birthday cake matching your theme. Make some trees and animals on the cake. Add some texture to the cake such as zebra stripes or make the cake in the shape of an animal. Add beautiful palm trees butterflies, and flowers made from fondant. You can also change the colour of the cream inside the cake to green or muddy.

Now arrange the porcelain that matches your Jungle theme. If you do not have printed animal plates, then you can use some green coloured plates that will go well with the idea. You can also add napkins to the dishes that have an animal printed on it.

Planning Jungle Based Activities

Source mnn.com

Once everything is arranged, plan out for all the activities, games and entertainment that will be available for your guests to have a fun time. There should be something for everyone to enjoy.

There is a big list of jungle party games that are available online nowadays that can be played for fun in such parties. You can also ask people to behave like a particular animal or kids to do the same with the prize to the best person who imitates the animal correctly.

Another activity that you can add to the party is that people or kids can come to the party dressed as an animal. Once they reach the venue, they will have to behave in the same way the animal which they are representing through their costumes.

You can keep fresh fruits as servings or tie them up with the artificial tree and ask people to grab the fruits without using the hands and only using their mouth.

These are just some of the most popular activities that can be arranged in the jungle theme party. The possibilities are endless!

Animal Print Sunglasses for Adding More Fun to the Party

Another thing that can be done to add more jungle instincts to the party is that the host can add animal print sunglasses that would be a mandate theme for everyone to wear. You can get them in different prints such as tiger stripes, zebra stripes, and much more. Those will look perfect for the party. Everyone will be wearing glasses related to an animal.

There are many jungle-themed favours available online and offline to make your kid's party one of the best. The amount of variations and combinations that can be done with jungle theme favours is unlimited! The jungle theme is one of the most diversified ideas that can be used in a lot of ways.

We hope the information in this article will help you organise your first jungle themed-party with unique jungle theme favours. You can use them to create an ultimate experience for the kids.

Once everything is done and decided, you are ready to make the party a sure hit for everyone from kids to adults.

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Go for DIY Ideas As Well!

A themed party would be the best way to bring out your imagination as well! Now that you know how to throw the perfect jungle party, we hope the seed of creativity has been planted in you so that you could come up with more such ideas on your own! One such approach is to go for DIY items, such as getting plain coloured plates and using permanent (and harmless) markers to draw animals on them. This way, you would not only be saving money but also getting the much-deserved appreciation! Check out BP-Guide for more amazing ideas like these.