Get Your Hubby Ready to be a First Time Dad With Insightful Gifts for Husband Before the Baby Arrives

Get Your Hubby Ready to be a First Time Dad With Insightful Gifts for Husband Before the Baby Arrives

Excited yet apprehensive about the baby's arrival? Imagine the condition of your husband! With all the attention on the mommy, first time dads are often at a loss about their role. Prepare him before the baby comes with helpful gifts for new dads that will help him understand what to do when the baby comes, and how to be prepared for all situations.

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Having a Baby is an Incredible Moment in a Man's Life

When expecting a new baby, the excitement is very high. But for first-time parents, the excitement is a tad more than with parents who are having their second or third baby. But the thought of a new member in the household fills everyone with happiness.

There is usually the mommy who receives a ton of gifts, while poor daddy ends up in the back seat. Every person be it family or friends arrive with a ton of gifts or advice for the pregnant mom. So, mommies buying a gift for your husband before baby arrives is the best way to make him feel special and important.

Having a baby is not just a special moment for a woman, but it is equally incredible for a man. The thought of holding a part of him in his hands fill up his soul with happiness and joy. Though most men might not be as expressive of their emotions as women are, the pleasure is still there. It is also a time for the expectant parents to spend some special bonding time together and buying gifts for one another is the best way to do so.

How to Choose Thoughtful Gifts for a Would-Be Dad?

As an expectant father, he will have a lot of questions and emotions going through his mind. He has a lot of practical problems to think of, like insurance, medical facilities for you and the baby, taking care of you before, and after the baby is born, etc.

There are no instruction booklets on fatherhood, so a gift to a would-be daddy can also be something as simple as a book, which would give him an idea of what to expect while expecting. Or you can get simple gifts like couple t-shirts for both of you, or a unique mug for him which says, ‘would-be dad.’ The gift need not be a costly one, but a thoughtful one would add to his excitement. New dad gifts will not only make him feel special; it just ropes him lovingly into the warm family circle.

Look Around and Think About Your Hubby's Interests

A gift should be such that it should put a smile on your husband’s face. So, recollect all the things that he likes to do, his interests, his hobbies, etc., that should give you an idea of what to buy as a gift for him. If he loves his coffee and tea, then a travel cup with ‘first-time dad’ emblazoned on it makes a lot of sense. If he loves to read, get him a book on expectant fathers, or experiences shared by other fathers. For the more outdoors type of a person, a hat or a woolen cap with maybe your baby’s name embroidered on it. T-shirts or track-pants with a baby related captions like ‘My daddy is the best’, or ‘Love you, Daddy,’ are also great gifts.

Personalised Gifts Can Do Wonders for a New Dad's Confidence

While you are about to step into a beautiful new phase of your life personalized gifts make it even more meaningful. A transition from being a couple to parents and a family unit. Personalised first-time dad gifts will increase the new dad’s confidence. Or more customised ones, like your ultrasound picture framed in a picture frame, or if you have decided on the baby’s name you can stick a picture of both of you and captioned ‘Emily’s mommy and daddy'.

Some fun ideas for a personalised gift:

  • Go for a professional photo shoot when you are pregnant. The pictures can be a gift for the new daddy and can also be added to the album which you can start building for your new baby.
  • A specially designed coaster for the new dad is another excellent idea.
  • Specially bound leather journal, with all the special memories that you have shared together from the day that you had met. He can keep adding newer memories in the blank sheets as the years go by.
  • An embroidered bathrobe, with ‘World’s best daddy’ on the back.
  • A customised family tree picture frame, with both sets of grandparents and parents. You can leave some spaces empty in which you can later add pictures of your baby.

Invest in Functional Gifts That Can Be Useful for Him After Childbirth

  • A diaper-bag backpack in neutral colors is a must have and can prove to be very useful when you go out with the baby. Most men will not be comfortable with bright, vibrant shades, so neutral colors are an excellent choice. These backpacks are ideal for carrying baby blankets, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, etc. Since these bags are very spacious, it is a perfect gift for a new dad.

  • A sleek baby carrier or a kangaroo bag is another useful gift. It is a hands-free and safe way to carry the baby, while your husband can help you bring the shopping bags.

  • Soft gloves and spill-proof jacket can prove handy if you live in a cold place. These are extremely useful while taking the baby out for a walk. Babies, when they are small, tend to throw-up quite frequently, and these kinds of jackets can be cleaned very easily.

  • A rocking chair is one of the best gifts which can prove highly useful after the baby is born. Most babies have a tough time sleeping at night, and daddies too need their sleep, so daddy and baby can both catch a nap on the rocking chair.

  • Another functional gift is an electric coffee maker. The best way to be prepared for the long sleepless nights and there will be plenty of them once the baby is here.

  • A small box with all the essential handy things like- diaper rash cream, pacifier, bibs, wipes, toys, etc.

Great Gift Options for Would-Be Fathers

There a ton of things that are needed for a newborn baby. Sometimes your new-born baby will start crying without any reason. As a parent, you will check the diaper, feed time if the baby is not feeling well, but in spite of everything being fine, the baby will still be wailing making you feel more and more helpless.

To the rescue comes the ‘Happiest baby in the Block’ manual. This book has handy references and techniques with pictures and CD. It is a great gift option for a new dad and a fantastic way to be prepared before the baby is born. A car baby seat is another great gift option for a would-be daddy. It is a must-have to drive the baby and mommy from the hospital after the baby is born and later while going out with the baby. A bottle cleaning machine is a something that a new dad will definitely appreciate. It can use for sanitizing bottles in a jiffy. A stroller stands right on top of the list of all the gifts for a new daddy. Read on to find some other fantastic gift ideas.

Personalized 'New Daddy' Coffee Mug

‘New Daddy’ coffee mugs will bring a huge smile to his face however tired he might be. These personalized gifts can be either in the form of a cup, water bottle, travel mug, etc. These kinds of cups can be used at home or the office. A favorite photograph can also be emblazoned on the cup with a caption. The customized mugs can be ordered online by uploading a picture and selecting a suitable caption. These mugs are not very expensive but, it will be a gift which he can use for many years. The cups start at a low price of INR. 299 and above. They are microwavable and dishwasher safe and available in various colors.

Parenting Book

The market is flooded with books on parenting. It is a must-have for all expectant parents and ones with kids. These books are ideal for referencing and are an eye-opener for most parents. The New Father: A Dad's Guide to the First Year (New Father Series) by Armin A. Brott is a great buy. The paperback is priced at Rs.715 on This book will not only boost the new daddy’s confidence; it will provide him an in-depth guide on the care for the new baby.

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance (Owner's and Instruction Manual) by Louis Borgenicht M.D. (Author), Joe Borgenicht is another great option. This book is full of FAQ’s that all new parents have a lot of diagrams for reference. Buy the paperback for Rs.1,601 on If you are willing to spend a little more, Fun on the Run by Cynthia L. Copeland is a fun read. In this book, the author shares some fantastic tips on how to entertain children on the go. It is an ideal book to have when you have run out of ideas. This one is on the higher end of the spectrum with a price tag of Rs.4,069 for the paperback on

A Camcorder


A camcorder is a must have for every new parent as you want to capture every adorable moment of your little one. It is an ideal way to create a lifetime of memories for your little bundle of joy. You can carry it with you when you take the baby out, so you don’t miss out on any important achievement. Sony Handycam Camcorder HDRCX405 9.2MP HD with Free Carrying Case in black is available at Rs.17,999 on Another popular product is the Panasonic HD Video Camera HC-V785 with 16 GB card available at Rs.37,990 also on

Funky Guy's Diaper Bag

For carrying all the necessary articles for taking the baby out. It is useful for carrying all items from diapers to blankets. These bags have smaller pockets to hold smaller items like a pacifier, bibs, toys and other essentials. Buy your man the MeeMee Diaper Bag with Changing Mat. The backpack-style, navy blue nursery bag looks like a regular backpack so your man will not feel awkward lugging it around, and it has multiple pockets to accommodate everything the baby needs. Buy it for Rs.1,599 on Flipkart.

Digital Picture Frame


Digital picture frames can be hung on walls or kept on shelves and tables. A memory slot allows you to increase its memory so that you can add many new pictures to it. It plays like a slideshow so that you can view and recollect beautiful memories of your baby. Your man will need one of these to show off the hundreds of pictures he will take of the baby. Buy PicaVue Ultra Slim Digital Photo Frame for Rs.7,999 on The 10 inche frame has an SD slot as well USB drive, it plays slideshows, videos as well as audio and has a high screen resolution and motion sensor. Another option is the Philips Photo Frame SPF4610/12, also measuring 10 inches. This is also available on for Rs.8,999.

Personalised Gift Basket

Make your husband a personalised gift hamper containing an assortment of gifts like a t-shirt, mug, a picture frame, cakes and chocolates, a cushion, a parenting book, etc. Ideas for a personalised gift basket are endless. You can add all your husband’s favorite things in the basket, or take ideas for interesting hampers from websites online, and he will be one happy man. You can also buy him a gift hamper on behalf of his unborn child to make him look forward to the baby. Something like this Daddy My Hero hamper with a digitally printed cushion, a ceramic Super Hero Dad Mug and 5 snack sized bars of Dairy Milk Chocolates Rs.949 is a sweet treat for the daddy-to-be.

Plush Bathrobe

A bathrobe in his favorite color with ‘Dad’ written on it makes an excellent gift for a new dad. This is a gift that he can enjoy for many years to come. He will need it a lot in the near future when hurried baths and dashing out of the bathroom to check on the baby become somewhat of a habit. A bathrobe is far easier to deal with on such situations. Buy this plush, hotel and spa grade bathrobe for Rs.4,475 on You may want to pick one for yourself too.

Relaxation Music CD


After mommies, it is daddy who needs to relax. A collection of instrumental music CD’s is an excellent gift for a new daddy as he can relax in a rocking chair with the baby. It will not only be relaxing for daddy, but also for the baby. This Relaxing Music is a set of 3 CDs with music played on the flute, jaltarang and the santoor, along with soothing natural sounds in the background. Buy the set for Rs.450 on Amazon.

Noise Cancelling Headphones


If daddy needs to work from home, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones will help him complete his work at peace. Or when he has done his daddy duties for the day and needs to relax, a set of good headphones will help him do so. Buy Sony MDR-XB450 On-Ear Extra Bass Headphones for your man. This has an impressive 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, based on over 4,200 customer reviews. The swivel folding design makes it easy to pack and take with you on the go, cushioned ear pads ensure long-wearing comfort and the tangle free flat serration cord reduces the annoying tangling. It is available for Rs.1,658 in black. Colour variations of white, blue and red will cost you marginally more depending on the colour.

Divide Chores and Roles Before the Baby Comes

Since most homes have working parents or even if the mom is a homemaker, needs a break from routine jobs. Sharing the chores is a great way to bond and also get work done quickly. If the chores are divided, and both parents contribute their part, then once the baby arrives it becomes easier to follow a set pattern. This is an ideal way to be organised and run things more efficiently after the birth of the baby, as the complete load does not fall on one parent.

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Be Each Other's Support System

Caring for a baby is tough, there's no two ways about it. But it is equally rewarding, and watching your baby smile up at you after keeping you up the whole night is all it will take to make you forget the tiring night watch. You need to take turns not only at the chores but also in supporting each other. Just like in a marriage, both partners cannot be equally strong and split chores equally, at least not all the time. Sometimes you will slip up and at other times your husband won't have the energy to keep up. Let you man know you are there for him, just like he is ready to care for you.