10 Gifts for Husband After New Baby to Thank Him and Help Prepare Him for Fatherhood (2018)

10 Gifts for Husband After New Baby to Thank Him and Help Prepare Him for Fatherhood (2018)

Been crabby during your pregnancy and want to make it up to your husband for being so patient and understanding? Or worried he's not quite ready for what's to come with a new baby around the house? Either ways, a gift for the hubby after the baby comes is a good idea. Find here cute new dad gifts, useful baby care products he can use, and cool products to pamper him with as a thank you for being such a good dad.

Tips for Buying a Gift for Husband After Baby

Give Things That Help with Parenting

Having your first baby is a precious moment for any couple and it is certainly very overwhelming; reading about it and attending parenting classes is very different from actually holding your newborn. Beginning a new family together brings out a lot of emotions and it is indeed a beautiful phase of life. With so many changes happening around, you can gift your husband with things that will help him in parenting.

Gift him with a high-quality baby gear that he can use to carry the toddler around. Shop for an infant car seat for the little one that will come in handy. Some other options are strollers, a baby bathtub, baby monitor and the like. These gifts would not only make him feel great about being a dad but will also be useful.

Give Gifts That Proudly Proclaim He is a New Father

The fact that he is a father is indeed worth celebrating. You can make him feel special by gifting him merchandise that makes him realize that he is a dad now. For instance, you can gift him with a personalized coffee mug that has Dad written on it. He will be pleased to see a customized gift specially made for him. Go for a table clock that has the best dad slogan on it. This can be kept at any tabletop or shelf and serves as a sweet reminder of the fact that he is now a dad. Some other options are a book on fatherhood, a new dad hat, and a handmade card for your hubby.

Go for Matching T-Shirts and Onesies for Father and Baby

Coordinated dresses for the father and the kid are one of the cutest gifts that you can gift to your husband. There are so many options available that you can choose. Matching outfits are really adorable and you can take plenty of pictures in them for capturing the beautiful moments of your kid. You can go for matching outdoor clothes, matching night suits, and even matching onesies. It is perfect for the father and kid to lounge around in the house while being in sync. Not to mention all the catchy designs that it comes in. Moreover, there are printed t-shirts that have father -kid quotes on it too. Your husband will be truly touched by receiving such a cool gift.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Husband After Having a New Baby

The New Dad's Survival Guide

Source www.amazon.in

Parenting is equally tough for men and women. While you might have prepared yourself enough already, A dad’s survival guide is perhaps a good gift for your husband to get started. With so many challenges coming up, it will be really handy. The New Dad's Survival Guide by Rob Kemp reveals what all a dad should expect in the first 18 months after a new baby is born. It covers all the important topics like bonding with the baby and supporting his/her development. This book gives the dads all the knowledge that they need to build the confidence for being an awesome dad. Not only that, but it also helps him enjoy fatherhood and actually do a great job at it. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.1,318.

Babyhug Joy Bundle 4 in 1 Carrier

Holding your baby close helps in knowing him or her better. It adds closeness and creates a strong emotional bond between you and your baby. This baby carrier is a perfect gift for your husband as he can carry the baby safely. It adapts itself according to the body movements of the person wearing it. It is perfect to carry the baby in all positions. The fabric of the Babyhug Joy Bundle 4 in 1 Carrier (navy blue in colour) has a premium quality. It also has removable PE hardboard support with air holes for the baby’s neck and head. The back buckle of the carrier can be used to tightly hold the shoulder straps together. All the essentials can be kept in the front pocket. This would indeed be a perfect gift for the new dad. You can shop for the same from firstcry.com for Rs.1,326.

Dad Classic Mug

Fatherhood is an amazing phase in any man’s life and joy of being a dad for the first time is incredible! On the arrival of your first baby, you can gift hubby with this cute gift. This classic black and white mug spell out the word Dad through its creative design. It is made from quality material and is very durable. This mug could be a sweet reminder for your hubby that he is a dad now. It commemorates fatherhood at its best and your husband would be delighted to get this special gift. He could enjoy his favorite beverage in this mug. Shop for this from archiesonline.com for Rs.599.

Biggie Dad-Baby Bodysuit and Tees

Source bonorganik.in

These adorable tees make for a great gift for your husband on the arrival of your first kid. It is a pack of two tees, one for the baby and the other for Dad. The small one for baby has “smalls” written on it and the tee for dad reads “biggie”. This combo truly depicts the love between a dad and the little one. You can gift it to your husband and he will be pleased to get this amazing gift. These can be worn to any casual outing or even while lounging at home. The coordinated t-shirts are made with cotton and are ultra comfortable to wear. You can shop for this from bonorganik.in for Rs. 999.

Philips SHL3750NC/00 Noise Cancellation Headphones

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Parenting can be a little challenging at the time and while it is a great feeling to spend time with the baby, getting personal space is also important. You can gift these noise cancellation headphones by Philips to your hubby to help him relax and unwind or to even work while at home. The active shield feature of these headphones reduces noise up to 97 per cent. Its closed-back design blocks out the noise and provides ultimate noise isolation. The slim and compact design makes it portable and it is easily foldable. You can buy this Philips SHL3750NC/00 Noise Cancellation Headphones in black from Amazon for Rs.1,648.

The Dad Saddle

Kids love to play ‘Horsie’ and this Dad Saddle is a perfect saddle for your husband to carry the baby around for pony rides. It is perfect for the cute little cowboy or cowgirl who can get a ride on daddy's back. This stuffed “saddle” is very soft and straps onto the back. It comes with a soft saddle horn along with adjustable stirrups. The dad saddle is a fun gift to give your hubby and it is very durable. It is very comfortable and secure and kick starts all the fun. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs.3,499.

Daddy Love Personalised Stone Photo Frame

Source www.igp.com

If you wish to make your hubby feel the joy of fatherhood then gift him with this personalised stone photo frame. You can upload your favorite picture of the hubby and baby together. Make him cherish the precious moments with the little one forever with this photo frame. This photo frame has a wooden frame and it is made very elegantly with the image of your wish. Its designer shape gives this frame a classy look and it can be kept on a tabletop, shelf or in the bedroom. This cute frame can display the wonderful moments of your husband and the kid. Shop for this from igp.com for Rs.1,160.

Wooden Spectacles Holder with Mug & Coaster for Father

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Give this adorable combo gift to your husband after your first baby. This combo features a ceramic mug that has “The Best Dad Ever” written on it. It also has a wooden specs holder which looks ultra cool and your hubby can place his specs on it. The coaster also has a fashionable design with a mustache and bow tie. Surprise hubby with this special set and pamper your hubby on the occasion of being a new dad. It is a modern gift that can perfectly fit into his desk and it can also be kept on a tabletop or the like. Shop for this from igp.com for Rs.675.

Best Dad Table Clock

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Tell your hubby how wonderful a dad he is going to be with this Best Dad Table Clock. It is a modern table clock with a beautiful bow tie design that is often used to represent the father. The adorable black and red combination of the clock surely makes it stand out. It has a minimalist design that looks fantastic. Your hubby can keep this clock at his workplace or in the living room. It is a subtle way of reminding him every now and again that he is going to be a great dad. Show him some love on the arrival of your new baby with this table clock. Shop for this from igp.com for Rs.600.

Twinkling Stars Cupcakes for Dad

Source www.fnp.com

Does your hubby have a sweet tooth? Well then, this gift will take him to cloud nine! These cupcakes are specially designed for the new dad and have a topping of adorable stars on it. It is a cream cupcake with vanilla flavor and is a true indulgence for the new dad. You can choose from the options of 6, 12 or 24 pieces. It also has “Dad” written on it and you can treat your hubby with this tasty gift. Help him celebrate fatherhood with these lovely cupcakes and see his elated reaction. You can shop for the same from fnp.com where 6 cupcakes will cost you Rs.1,199.

How to Make a New Dad Feel More Involved

Give Him Some Fun Duties

Being a parent for the first time can be truly stressful and you do not have to go through it alone. Usually, women prefer taking over all the parenting responsibilities which make the dad feel less involved. Remember that it is equally important for him to be a part of the baby’s upbringing and you should make him feel involved in the process. You can give him fun duties like taking the baby out to the park or playing with the baby every once in a while. This will give him a chance to bond with the baby and even you will get some time for yourself to rejuvenate.

Avoid Coaching Him All the Time

While you probably know a lot more than him about parenting, it is not always a good idea to coach him all the time. He might end up feeling nagged and you should avoid telling him what to do all the time. Let him figure things about parenting on his own and learn to bond with the baby at his own pace. This will make him feel a part of raising the child and taking care of him or her. It can be difficult to see him feed, bathe or hold the baby differently. But as far as he is not doing anything that can be dangerous, keep calm. Give him a chance to try things out.

Schedule Baby Hours Between Yourselves

Parenting is all about teamwork and it is important for hubby to be equally involved with the baby as you. You can schedule baby hours among you and your husband to ensure that you get the right balance. For instance, you can ask him to take care of the baby after work hours so that you can relax meanwhile. Maybe on the weekends you can head out with the girls and let your husband spend time with the baby. This will give you both personal time and will not make you feel exhausted or burned out. Moreover, he would feel more involved thus feeling great about being a new dad.

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