13 Unique Ideas for Dohale Jevan Gifts That a Mom-To-Be Will Love & How to Pamper Her (2019)

13 Unique Ideas for Dohale Jevan Gifts That a Mom-To-Be Will Love & How to Pamper Her (2019)

Dohale jevan, commonly known as baby shower ceremony and god bharayi in northern India, is a custom followed by Maharashtrians. This ceremony is celebrated for welcoming a new baby in the family and to prepare the pregnant woman for moherhood. Here are 13 unique ideas for dohale jevan gifts you can give this year.

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What is Dohale Jevan?

Dohale Jevan is a baby shower ceremony called as Oti Bharan celebrated by the Maharashtrians. This ceremony is held on an auspicious day in the seventh or the ninth month of pregnancy. The word Doh means two in Marathi and the mother is called dohalkareen.

Understanding the Oti Bharan Rituals

In this ceremony, first haldi and kumkum are put on the mother's forehead that signifies her marital status. Then the mother is fed with sweets. The mother who is being offered oti must spread her pallu and then she is offered coconut and some rice grains in the pallu thrice. The motive behind filling the oti is for the foetus to acquire effulgence. Other items offered are betel nut leaves, nuts, flowers, and fruits. A wide range of healthy items is offered in the oti to the mother to fulfil her and her baby's food cravings (dohale).

Common Themes and Settings Used for Oti Bharan

Early Sunrise

The early sunrise theme so that the mother and the baby imbibe right amount of Vitamin D. The theme for decoration can revolve around sunrises. So that the mother gets good portion of Vitamin D

On a Swing

The swing would make her feel cheerful and playful. The swing can be decorated beautifully with flowers by making her sit on a swing she would feel playful thus cheering her.

Moonlight Dinner

This theme makes sure that the baby does not have a fear of darkness and the soothing moon will help her relax and calm down. If any fear of darkness is there that will be removed plus the moon will help in calming her nerves.


The beautifully scented flowers would make a good ambience and the open space; fresh air will help the mother feel free and not claustrophobic.

13 Unique Dohale Jevan Gifts for a Soon-to-be-Mom and Her baby

Every expecting mother has a list ready to buy for herself or her baby, why not be her helping hand by striking off a few things from her list. Read below for unique gift ideas. Every mom-to-be has a checklist ready either on a paper or in her mind for the items she needs for herself and the baby. It could be an endless list. Help her by striking off a few things from her list by giving her gift son her Dohale Jevan ceremony. If you cannot think of Dohale Jevan gifts, read below of some unique gift ideas and suggestions.

Printed Red Maxi Dress

Every pregnant lady's wardrobe turns into a null and void space as none of her clothes fit her appropriately. With changing size almost every week and the need to wear comfortable clothing cuts down her choice of clothes. Gift a mom-to-be a comfortable yet elegant dress that she can wear while she steps out of the house in style as well as comfort. Buy the red printed maxi dress from Myntra that is priced at Rs.1,315. Instead of giving the traditional saree as a Dohale Jevan gift, you can try something different. This dress has a V-neck and is midi length with three-quarter sleeves. The viscose rayon maxi-dress has a flared hemline and has a button placket. This floral printed maxi dress can be paired with comfortable sandals and red tassels.

Stone Studded Maroon Bangle Set

One of the most essential Dohale Jevan gift items is bangles. During haldi-kumkum, bangles are must along with mithai and other things. Red and green coloured bangles are considered auspicious colours and symbolise good luck and fidelity. Hence, you can buy a set of bangles as Dohale Jevan gifts. A set of maroon stone-studded bangles is available at Utsav Fashion, and it is priced at Rs.1,325. This set of plain red bangles with stone studded bangles in the start, beginning, and end. These are brass bangles and can be mixed and matched with other bangles for matching saree sets.

Digital Printed Off White Georgette Saree

An Indian woman is incomplete without having a saree in her wardrobe. Moreover, if it is a traditional function, wearing a saree is necessary most of the times. Buy a traditional saree from Utsav fashion that displays a wide range of sarees in all designs and patterns. The off-white georgette saree is priced at Rs.2,573. This is a digital printed saree. The saree has wide borders with patchwork, digital floral print, and resham. The saree cost is inclusive of unstitched silk and net blouse in off-white. The length of the blouse is 13-17 inches, and that of the sleeves is 1-5 inches. This contemporary looking saree is light and easy to manage, will look best when paired with minimal accessories.

Beaded Jhumka Style Earrings

Jewellery and accessories are almost every woman's need. One of these could be your Dohale Jevan gifts. The jhumkas have been in the fashion trend since quite some time. Buy a pair of beaded jhumkas from Utsav Fashion priced at Rs.805. These jhumkas look elegant, traditional and can be paired with any saree with a tinge of gold in it. This pair is an alloy based in gold colour and is 6 cm long. It is enhanced with beads in the bottom.

Meenakari Peacock Design Pair of Anklets

Anklets are known to be worn by married women in the Hindu culture. Wearing silver payal is known to have scientific benefits on a woman's body. As silver is a highly reactive metal, it passes on energy to the wearer, bringing in more positivity and zeal. You can buy a pair of Meenakari peacock styled pair of anklets online, from Utsav Fashion; this pair is priced at Rs.775. The anklets are of length 27.3 cm and width 2.2 cm.

Baby Bandana Bibs (Set of 2)

Feeding a baby can be a daunting task as the food is spilt everywhere around and the stains on the clothes get unmanageable for clothes. Thus, a bib is a great Dohale Jevan gift item for a soon-to-be mother. You can buy bibs from momzjoy.com. These are colourful bibs with fresh prints and unique designs. The bandana style makes it easy for use and yet looks cute and stylish on the baby. Let the mother feed with no stress of ruining clothes, drooling and spit ups. This set of 2 bandana bibs are priced at Rs.1,199.

Yellow Teddy Infant Anti-Scratch Mittens

New-born babies need the softest, and comfortable clothing as their skin is very tender. All the body parts need to be covered with utmost care. How about gifting cute socks for the infant? Buy a pair of anti-scratch mittens from momzjoy.com priced at Rs.699. These adorable mittens are yellow and white with teddy bear design on it. This pair is made of cotton, it is stretchable and is of size 9.5*7.5 cm.

Versatile Black Maternity Cover Up

Pregnancy is the most wonderful feeling and period in a woman's life. It might be difficult, but a woman gets through it with a lot of ease and love. She goes through a lot of physical changes in the body and might feel uncomfortable showing off the baby bump. Gift a mom-to-be a maternity cover jacket for a confident look. Buy a maternity cover up from momzjoy.com at Rs.2.299. This cardigan is made of viscose lycra and has an asymmetrical fall as well as cuts over the bump. It also comes with a belt that can be tied over the baby bump and it is super comfortable to wear. The cuts can be used to tie it up for added comfort, which also gives a perfect fit to the belly. The cardigan can be paired with a tank top or any maternity dress or top.

Anti-Electromagnetic Belt

Every mom starts taking care of her baby ever since the baby starts growing in the bump. We are surrounded by gadgets all the time that radiate electromagnetic waves, which are harmful for the baby growing in the womb. Therefore, an anti-electromagnetic radiation belt is a very thoughtful gift for an expectant mother. You can buy one from Morph maternity that is priced at Rs.1,495. This belt protects the baby from harmful electromagnetic radiations. It is a made of soft cotton, interwoven with metal fabric. This belt can be worn inside or outside your regular clothing. This belt is washable by hand or washing machine. Consider this as Dohale Jevan gift items for an expecting mommy.

Baby Bed Ring With 4 Toys

Help the mother put the baby to sleep by gifting her a cute bed ring. Buy baby bedding set from Amazon at Rs.565. This bed ring is made of pure cotton and is super safe and comfortable for the babaies. There are four toys attached that are a great way to keep the baby amused.

My Milestone Home Safety Value Kit

Once the child starts crawling, it is not possible to stop the baby from getting into nooks and corners in the house. However, it is possible to prevent the baby from getting hurt from the sharp edges and corners. Buy the home safety value kit from amazon.com priced at Rs.569. This kit includes a full-length double stick tape for sharp edges and corners, a two-piece finger safety for doorstop guard set. The doorstop guard set will keep the tiny fingers safe and not let themselves accidentally lock-up in the room. These guards are or made of cushiony foam-like material that fits any household and when not in need can be removed easily. This kit of 6 corner guards and two doorstoppers are non-toxic and latex-free.

Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer and Babyhug Feeding Bottle Accessories

Keeping the new-born baby's feeding bottles clean is a paramount task because even slight carelessness might affect the baby's health. Amazon.com has this unique combo offer of the steriliser and a versatile liquid cleanser. This combo is priced at Rs.2966. The Philips Avent electric steam steriliser is 3-in-1 that makes sterilisation as a simple task. It has an adjustable size and takes less kitchen space, and it can fit in wide as well as narrow-neck feeding bottles.

It is a 3-in-1 steriliser has a small size configuration for sterilising soothers, a medium-sized configuration for cleaning breast pumps, toddler plates, knives, and forks, and a large size configuration for cleaning 6 baby feeding bottles. The steriliser has the capacity to hold 300-ml, 260-ml, and 125-ml bottles. It is a 6-minute cycle, which switches off automatically after sterilising 99.5% harmful germs. It is a non-chemical process of sterilisation and is BPA free. The Babyhug multipurpose cleanser is an-all-natural product and anti-bacterial in nature. It is extremely safe for cleansing baby products such as feeding bottles and other feeding accessories. This cleanser can also be used to wash away the pesticides present on fruits and vegetables along with baby toys. This anti-bacterial liquid removes milk fats and other harmful germs and bacteria. It is easy to use.

Vita-Rich Repair Kit

During pregnancy, a woman goes through many changes emotionally as well a physically. It becomes tiresome and starts showing up on the skin. It is crucial for every pregnant lady to take care of her skin so that it keeps the skin healthy in the long run. The Mom's Co. is the perfect place to find the best and premium quality products for a to-be-mother that she can use even post pregnancy. Buy the Vita rich repair kit that reduces blemishes, dark spots, and keeps the skin hydrated and moisturised is priced at Rs.1,599. This kit includes 1) A 100 ml all-natural vita rich face wash enriched with Vitamins C, B3, and B5. Thus, this face wash is loaded with ingredients that will leave the skin soft, gleaming, and hydrated. 2) A 50-gm vita rich face cream with Chia seed oil, Kakadu plum, and hyaluronic acid that replenishes the skin's moisture. It also helps in reducing the fine lines and pigmentation for radiant looking skin. 3) A 30 ml vita rich face serum having Vitamins C, E, B3, and B5 with hyaluronic acid and soybean phospholipids that keep the skin hydrated, brighten the skin and reduce the pigmentations as well.

Don't Forget Blessings For The Baby

As you attend a Dohale Jevan ceremony, do take some time to sit quietly with the expectant mother and share with her positive thoughts and wishes to the mom-to-be and her husband as they begin an important phase in their married lives!

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Care is must

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world, so you must select something that will not hurt her. Like if you are going to gift her night gown so one thing that you should keep in your mind is the cloth of the gown, that should be comfortable to the mom to be. Apart from the gifts blessings are must for her, so blessed her and her baby as well.