Get The Best Gift For Pregnant Wife: 10 Great Ideas To Nourish And Cherish Her During Her Pregnancy

Get The Best Gift For Pregnant Wife: 10 Great Ideas To Nourish And Cherish Her During Her Pregnancy

Shopping for a pregnant woman can be tough. Some gifts you would think would be great for a woman who’s expecting may actually be unsafe or impractical. With so many restrictions, it can be hard to know what gifts are safe, and what maternity gifts she will like best. With gifting suggestions and tips to make her happy, BP-Guide India has the ultimate guide to make your pregnant wife feel supported and cherished in this delicate time.

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How to Thank Your Wife for Carrying the Child?

A Thank You Gift

You must be over the moon when your wife surprised you with the wonderful pregnancy news. A child changes everything. It changes your perspective in life, your priorities, ambitions, and even dreams. You are going to have a new addition to your family in nine months. These nine months, although you will only wait for anticipation, it is your wife who will go through immense changes in her body and mind.

A pregnant woman requires a lot of emotional support along with physical care. You will obviously help her sail through her pregnancy in whatever ways possible but first things first, you must thank her for gifting you one of the most precious things in your life. The very start of your baby's life begins when it is in the mother's womb. A thoughtful thank you gift given now will be a wonderful start. It will make your pregnant wife happy.

Comfort Gifts

You can gift her some comforting items which will be most required during this phase. A woman goes through massive emotional upheavals during her pregnancy and almost battles life and death when she gets ready to deliver the baby. Give her as much comfort as possible during these tough nine months. A maternity pillow, maternity food, maternity clothes and lots of pampering, and love are some of the things that you can shower her with, during her pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are an essential part of a women's wardrobe when she is pregnant. Day by day as her belly expands, she will no longer be able to fit into her old clothes and will also find some of her old clothes very irritating and uncomfortable. You need to get her maternity wear to make her look pretty and comfortable at the same time. A woman needs to look and feel beautiful even when her body has all bloated up due to pregnancy. Get her some complimenting and fashionable clothes to make her love her pregnant self.

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A Different Gift at Every Stage

As your pregnant wife advances towards her final moment of delivery, her body will undergo massive changes every month. Your gifts will have to change according to her trimester. While some gift items will help her throughout her pregnancy, some might be useful only in the later stages. For example, a pregnancy pillow might be of no use during her first trimester but an acidity relief tea is. It will be very useful during her first trimester when she feels very nauseous.

Gifts to Make Her Feel Treasured And Pretty

A pregnant woman's feet swell along her body. She might not like her bloated self and might avoid going out in public. Some women undergo severe changes in their physical appearance when they are pregnant. For the emotional support, you have to make your wife realize that you still love her and that her physical appearance does not matter to you. You have to shower her with love and support to help her sail through her pregnancy in an easy breezy way. A husband's support matters the most as the wife might undergo a lot of mood swings during this phase. These are her precious nine months. You need to pamper her, love her and literally dance to her whims and fancies!

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Pregnant Wife

So while you also prepare yourself for the changes coming up in your life soon, here are some awesome gift ideas you can select from to gift your pregnant wife. She can very well go and purchase these items on her own but if you gift her yourself, she will find them even more precious.

Idea 1 - Tea for Acidity Relief


Most of the women go through severe morning sickness, acidity and nausea in their first trimester. It is also the time a woman might get very scared of her pregnant state, lose weight and also feel very sick most of the time. You have got to reassure her and be with her during these initial three months.

Gift her this tea for acidity relief. A very thoughtful gesture, this one will relieve her from her acidity. This all-natural, caffeine-free herbal blend of chamomile flowers, lemon balm, peppermint leaves, and blackcurrant leaves help ease heartburn and calms the digestive system. This pregnancy tea blend is created by and imported from expert formulators in Europe, with the best natural ingredients, for moms and moms-to-be.

Drinking herbal tea during pregnancy can relieve a lot of stress and the right tea is recommended by a lot of doctors too. Get her this 50 gm container for Rs 699 from Your wife will love your gesture and will find immense relief with this tea for sure.

Idea 2 - Maternity Slip for Nursing

This cool maternity slip will be useful after delivery. But you need to buy it beforehand to have your wife all prepared for the arrival of the baby. Priced at Rs 295, this sleeveless top is designed with discreet cuts for access for nursing. It can be worn as a slip under other tops too. It is available at in various colors. This soft stretchy jersey will be the most thoughtful gift for your wife when she begins nursing your baby. Women need to nurse their babies on demand and this jersey slip with discreet cuts will help her nurse her baby even when she is not at home.

Idea 3 - Pregnancy Journal

These beautiful nine months of her life are very precious to her. Although she might undergo severe stress, pain, discomfort, and even anxiety, she will love every moment of it. Every woman wants to become a mother at least once in their lifetimes. This pregnancy journal from will enable her to capture some precious moments during her pregnancy in a book.

Years later, when you both look back at this journal, you cannot help but smile at your precious memories. Your pregnant wife can jot down things like the first baby kick, first scan pics, her pics in every month and such other details in this pregnancy journal which can be treasured forever. Get this pregnancy journal for Rs 800 only. Organized by trimester it helps you keep a record of the growing bump. With pockets for ultrasound pics and special memorabilia, this journal is a must have for a mom-to-be!

Idea 4 - Pregnancy Box also has this amazing Pregnancy Box - Growing Bump. As the expecting mom nears her due date, and the big day starts to approach, it's time for a big dose of pampering!

Helping the mom-to-be to get her hospital bag ready, this box includes an organic massage oil, organic lip balm, organic soap, stole and a mini-diary to jot down important notes and reminders. The organic massage oil in this box is free from any chemical additives and is an excellent choice for pregnant moms who undergo severe swelling and cramps in their body. This massage oil will help soothe the muscles. The organic lip balm will help to moisten her forever dried lips. An organic soap is a great idea as it is free from any kind of chemical preservatives. The stole is to help her cover her growing bump if she is uncomfortable walking around like that.

The diary will be very helpful to jot down important dates, doctor's tips, and reminders while she is at the hospital. A must-have, this pregnancy box is priced at Rs 1,600 only.

Idea 5 - Pregnancy Pillow

Available in for Rs. 1,830, this pregnancy pillow, is perfect for pregnant women. This pregnancy pillow comes with a filling of microfiber. The external material is of cotton which is very comfortable and soothing. The pillow is made in a U-shape with two contoured 'legs' designed by doctors to provide comfort to a pregnant woman. You can order this pillow online. As your wife progresses towards her third trimester, she might face severe back and shoulder pain. With this pillow, she can relax and comfort herself.

Idea 6 - Maternity Tunic

You pregnant wife will love this stylish maternity tunic in which she can hide her baby bump, step out with confidence and look pretty. This tunic is available on for Rs. 1,595. The cute tunic has three-fourth bell sleeves and can be worn in the second and third trimester. It is fabricated from the cotton and is extremely soothing for the skin.

Idea 7 - Stretch Marks Cream

Women tend to get ugly stretch marks all over their body during pregnancy. The reason is during pregnancy the skin stretches a lot and loses its elasticity beyond a certain point. After the baby is delivered, the skin gets back to its original size leaving some ugly stretch marks. These marks can be avoided if a pregnant woman nourishes and moisturizes her skin with some good branded stretch marks creams.

Get your pregnant wife this Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch marks. Palmer's cocoa butter formula tummy butter for Stretch Marks is an ultra-concentrated night-time treatment specifically designed for pregnancy stretch marks. Enriched with soothing and relaxing lavender extracts, Bio C-Elaste(TM), pure Cocoa and Shea Butters and Vitamin E, it has been proven to help improve skin's elasticity and moisture. With regular use, it can help reduce the possibility of developing stretch marks. This intensive and non-greasy butter can also help relieve dryness and itchiness associated with stretched skin during pregnancy.

Idea 8 - Cute Pregnancy Hamper


This pregnancy Cute Hamper contains Hamper contains 4 products:
1) Special pregnancy keepsake Cushion
2) “Eating for two” spoon
3) Happy Mommy Cards – Pregnancy milestone cards
4) 2 Pcs of healthy and nutritious Yoga Bars

This hamper is very useful for pregnant mothers. Some cute little thoughtful gifts inside make her pregnancy more special. You can buy this hamper from at Rs. 1,600. It is a box full of useful gifts to congratulate expecting mom and to make them feel happier and special.

Idea 9 - Pregnancy Mother Hamper


This YaYa cafe Mothers Day Gifts, Mom You are Queen of My Heart Hamper for Mom Set of 5 - Cushion Cover, Mug with Coaster, Apron and Chef Hat is another cute pregnancy hamper that you can pick from

Women in this period are very emotional and such gift items make them happy and excited. You have to show your pregnant wife how much you care for her with such thoughtful gifts. This hamper is priced at Rs. 1,199.

The cushion cover has a unique design and color. It is fabricated from premium quality Canvas fabric at front, supported with cotton fabric at the back and a black colour cotton fabric at the back to keep it stain free for longer. The cushion has a flap closure at the back. The mug for mom is made with high-quality ceramic and digitally printed designs with BPA free, non-toxic and environment-friendly inks. The coaster is made from premium quality Canvas fabric. The mom aprons and the chef hat are also made from super soft premium canvas cotton and have a print design which looks super awesome.

Idea 10 - Healthy Chocolates

The best thing about pregnancy is that a woman need not worry about her weight gain. She can satisfy her chocolate cravings to the fullest during this golden opportunity. If your wife loves chocolates, then gift her these healthy chocolates which are beneficial to the baby and also to the mother's health. Buy healthy chocolates from for Rs 567. These dark chocolate bars are organic and free from any preservatives.

A Pregnant Woman Needs Tons of Pampering And Love

Along with the gifts, you need to let go of your wife's emotional outbursts during her pregnancy. A woman should be well-rested, well-cared for and pampered to the core during these nine months to assure the optimum health of the mother and the baby. Wish you all the best in life!

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Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride for expecting mothers - emotionally and physically! Love, concern and support from their partner can make all the difference. So step your game up as the dynamics change to keep her happy,safe and cared for. Be more present in her life, be more mindful of her needs and be more patient as she faces the multitude of changes she is going through. Our thoughtfully curated guide to the best gifts for your pregnant wife can help you figure out how to make her feel special and to make this time a little more enjoyable.