Not Sure What to Give as Return Gifts for Dohale Jevan Celebrations? See These 10 Baby Shower Favors (2020)

Not Sure What to Give as Return Gifts for Dohale Jevan Celebrations? See These 10 Baby Shower Favors (2020)


The Marathi ceremony of Dohale Jevan celebrates the mother-to-be. If you are hosting this ceremony for a loved one and are looking for Dohale Jevan return gifts, then you're at the right place! We have suggested some very affordable and apt return gift ideas for the invitees of a Dohale Jevan celebration.

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Dohale Jevan Themes And Ideas

When the mom-to-be is half-way through the journey of pregnancy, it is a time for the huge celebration called Dohale Jevan. It is a traditional function basically to make the pregnant lady happy and shower her with happiness, joy and blessings for the baby that's coming.

The would-be-mother is dressed up in a new saree along with beautiful flower accessories. Other married ladies present in the function apply tilak of Haldi-Kumkum (turmeric-vermillion) on the forehead of the would-be-mom. As the celebration of Dohale Jevan (which is also known as Oti-Bharan) continues, the women sing songs and make delicious food which the pregnant mom desires to eat.

Some Great Ideas for the Dohale Jevan Day

  • A Theme Party: Having a theme can be a fun way to bring some fun to the party. Choose the theme that matches the wishes of the mother-to-be and her family.

  • Potluck Celebration: Holding a potluck is a great idea if you are holding an intimate celebration with selected family members and friends. Food from different people which the mom-to-be will love to eat is an excellent idea to go with.

  • Choose a Good Location: A comfortable swing is one of the best options for celebrating the day as it gives a natural to and fro vibe for the baby and mother during the hectic day.

  • Pamper the Mom-to-Be: The theory of Dohale Jevan centres around the would-be-mom. So make her feel special with a home spa or give her salon coupon to rejuvenate herself before the baby arrives.

Tips for Mom-to-be on Dohale Jevan Celebration

  • Wear the right attire: You need to select the right garment keeping the weather in mind. Any heavy embroidered attire may not be ideal as you may not be able to carry heavy clothes and jewellery at this time.

  • Take ample rest: The ceremony is long and hectic. So try to take plenty of rest before the day to have a fresh start.

  • Eat safe and healthy: On the day everyone will expect you to eat something from everything. You need to have small quantities at frequent intervals, and you can always politely refuse if you don't want to eat any more.

  • Stay hydrated on the day: If your celebration is in the summer season, you will naturally take more water. But if not, you need to remember to stay hydrated as there is a bigger chance of forgetting to drink water due to the busy schedule.

Best Returns Gifts for Dohale Jevan

Ganesha Key Holder

Lord Ganesha is known as the mighty God who showers blessing on everything and everyone for new beginnings. The birth of a baby marks a new beginning of a new life as well as a fresh beginning for the baby's mother. Thus a gift which can be used daily and also a beautiful piece of art with a utility aspect is perfect as a return gift for the invitees. It can be an addition to any home or office. The traditional design is appealing and eye-catching too. This handcrafted Ganesha key holder frame is made of wood, and it is painted in chocolate brown colour. The idol of Lord Ganesha is made with resin and wood coloured paint, and it has three stainless steel key holder hooks on the frame. The dimensions of the structure are 5.5 x 3.25, and it comes at a price tag of only Rs.99 at

Peacock Tea Lights


Everyone loves candles, but when you select it as a gift, it should be a unique one. This tea light candle plate has an Indian look which combines both tradition and ethnicity. The candle tray has the perfect meenakari work with the colours of red and green. It is a traditional colour combination, and it can never go wrong. The shape is of a peacock feather, and you can also use it as a kumkum or vermillion holder if you don't want to place a tea light candle inside. The diameter of the tray is 10cms, and the height is 1.5 cms, and its weight is 34 gm. It will cost you around Rs.145 per piece at, and it will be shipped between 2 to 5 working days.

Brass Bowl Set


While buying a gift, it is always essential to have a great looking item that will give a feel-good feeling to the person you are gifting. This bowl set which has a beautiful design looks very elegant. It is something that you can consider as a return gift for the Dohale Jevan celebration. This silver and gold brass bowl and tray set is a combination of beauty plus elegance. You are getting two bowls and two spoons along with one tray. It can be used for decoration and also serving the guests. The tray of 5 pieces has the dimension of 2 x 12 x 6 cm and the weight is 490 gm. The designer decorative item has an elegant antique look which is perfect for gifting purpose. The tray set of gold and silver will cost around Rs.289 on Amazon.

Mouth Freshner Container

Whenever people are at a restaurant or have guests visiting them at home, mouth freshener is offered at the end of a delicious meal as an Indian tradition. A mouth freshener pot as a gift is a unique idea. This container has a luxurious look which has been moulded into the shape of a swan. The colour is a beautiful blue, and it has enhanced the appeal of the material which is used inside the container. It looks like a luxurious gift, and it should surely add grandeur to the décor of someone's dining room. The item is of 8 inches approximately and you have the opportunity to have names engraved on it in the form of printed transparent stickers or printing on the box. You will be appreciated for this choice as it is a beautiful addition to any home. The price for this item is Rs.465 at Boonton.

Metal Photo Frame

If you want to gift something that is universal and can never be old as well as fit for any occasion without any doubt, then go for a beautiful photo frame. This fabulous golden photo frame has a vintage look with floral patterns all over. The subtle touch of gold adds a luxurious look to the frame which looks pretty gorgeous on a side table or in the living room. Surprise your guests with this vintage photo frame as a Dohale Jevan return gift as this is a great way to say thanks to them for joining the celebration. The dimension of the product is 6 x 8 inches, and the weight is 210 grams, and the product price is Rs.284 and it is available on

Jewellery Box


A jewellery box is something which is always useful and adds as a showpiece on the vanity table. It is also helpful during travel time. It is easy to carry and can be kept inside a hobo bag when one travels. A compact box for all the essential and go-to jewellery is a must-have for every woman. This jewellery box has a shiny vintage look which has one compartment. In the chamber, there is a place of keeping earrings, bangles and necklaces. The length of the box is 17.5 cm, and the width is 12 cm and it weighs 210 gms. It is a handmade product and comes with assorted designs. It can arrive with slight imperfection as it is normal for any handmade product and it is the main beauty of these items. The compact jewellery box will cost Rs.149 only at

Copper Bottle Gift

A copper bottle is a healthy option for everyone, and it can be a very thoughtful gift too. It is a healthy habit to use a copper bottle for drinking daily water. Water stored whole night in copper utensils is essential for the strength of the bone, haemoglobin synthesis and immunity building. Copper is also great for maintaining digestive system, healing of wounds and relieving various pains. It has antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic which helps to prevent cell damage and slows down the ageing process. Copper has many other positive effects on the human body. Hence it is a great return gift for a good occasion like Dohale Jevan. This copper bottle comes with a set of copper glass which comes at a price of Rs.500 per set on

Gemstone Jewellery Box

A handcrafted jewellery box is a beautiful addition to the women’s vanity, and this jewellery box is designed out of gemstones. The ‘Bani Thani’ jewellery box is very spacious and cushiony. It is an ancient Rajasthani stone jewellery box which has a hand-painted image of a beautiful lady on it. It also has mesh style artwork that is in the border of the box. This box is safe for precious jewellery as the inside is covered with red velvet. The jewellery can be safely kept as well as taken in handbag or suitcase while travelling. You can personalise it by engraving on the item. The dimension of this box is 3 x 4 inches approximately. And the cost of this jewellery box is Rs.175 only and it is available on Boontoon.

Electric Kettle

Modernism has already taken its place, and it is not a bad idea to think about something different as a return gift for the traditional Dohale Jevan Day. An electric kettle is an excellent gift idea which is a multi-purpose gadget for any household. It is easy to use and extremely convenient. The outer body is made of plastic, and it is plugged into an electrical outlet which powers the coil and inside the water is heated up. It is a convenient option even if you are travelling somewhere and need hot water or coffee sometime. The price for this electric kettle is Rs.550 inclusive of taxes and shipping cost and it is available on

Luxury Spa Kit


Amidst the hectic daily schedule, our skin always loses brightness due to unwanted pollution and stress. Due to this skin starts to develop blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. Facial treatment is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin and restore texture, complexion and facial tissues.

The herbal skin care treatment from Khadi is one of the best and easiest way to nourish skin. This Spa Kit consists of combo packs of compete skin care products that will help to restore the balance of the surface and provide the required nourishment. The Khadi Herbal Spa Kit consists of a 210 ml bottle of Khadi Jasmine Massage Oil, a 50 gms bottle of Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub, a 210ml bottle of Khadi Neem & Tulsi Face and Body Wash, a 125 gm. Khadi Lemon Soap, and a 125 gm of Khadi Sandalwood Soap which is made from natural ingredients. The scrub removes dead cells from skin, and the massage oil soothes skin and keeps it healthy and glowing. The Ayurvedic kit consists of the mesmerising smell of different natural ingredients, and the price of this luxury kit is Rs.716 after discount on

Ideas to Treat the Invitees in the Best Way

  • Games During the Celebration: It is a brilliant idea to celebrate Dohale Jevan with fun games with the invitees and some with the would-be-mom too. It keeps the guests entertained, and they can enjoy the day with laughter. Some of the games which can be played during the special day are like - Guessing the circumference of the mummy’s tummy by cutting the ribbon and the perfect ribbon wins the game. Make two teams among the guests and throw a diaper challenge where the guests have to use one hand to dress up a doll and change a new diaper just like babies, the team that finishes first wins. Another guessing game can be to guess the due date of delivery. It can be fun for the mommy too to see which guest had imagined correctly after delivery.

  • Henna Parlour: A new fun entertainment in the bridal shower ceremony is creating a henna parlour where women can sit and experience the art of henna. It can be instant also, so that it would dry quickly and they can go back home with the beautiful design and remember the ceremony as a great experience.

  • Songs And Other Engaging Performances: Some excellent baby shower songs which can be from traditional to Bollywood hits will make everyone happy and fill up the environment with positive vibes. The related songs to the celebration will make the mom-to-be and the guests both jovial. A puja or havan during the beginning of the festival can bring together all the women at a time. The arrangement of dance and music like ‘Passing the pillow - Antakshari’ can quickly spruce up the event and a splendid meal at the end can be the best thing to wrap up the auspicious occasion.
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End the Ceremony with Song And a Meal

Gathered people can sing songs and local chants about motherhood, children and love. The guests can play fun games such as guess the gender or joke about the mother in a fun and loving manner.

End the ceremony with a traditional meal prepared by the family. Local delicacies and nutritional meals are a part as it is important to make your guest feel home. The guests can also be given tokens of womanhood(if your guest mostly includes women) such as bangles and bindis before they leave.