If You're Planning a Girly Party or Making Return Gift Bags for the Girls, Lip Gloss is a Must! Here are 10 Luscious Lip Gloss Party Favors the Girls Will Love You For!

If You're Planning a Girly Party or Making Return Gift Bags for the Girls, Lip Gloss is a Must! Here are 10 Luscious Lip Gloss Party Favors the Girls Will Love You For!

Birthday parties, sangeet party favors or even baby showers and bachelorettes, lip gloss is a delicious, and useful, addition to your party favor bags. Here we have put together a whole bunch of lip glosses ranging from pocket friendly buys for when you need to shop in bulk, to more exclusive ones that the girls are going to love.

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Ideas for What to Put in Return Gift Bags for the Ladies

Add Makeup Items

Return gifts are usually appreciation gestures that are given to the guests. They are usually small token items. Thus, budget is a primary concern when choosing a return gift. You could look for a small item and then add it in a bag to gift a goody bag.The best thing that you could use for a return gift bag is makeup. There are a lot of categories available in makeup. Even those categories have varied options under them. Since, there are a lots of brands of makeup. You can expect to find something in your budget items like nail paints or lip balms are available at genuine prices. You can consider buying different colours and flavours or buy a particular one to maintain the uniformity. You might get a discount on bulk orders from your local store. If buying online, you might get shipping free on some sites.

Add Hair Accessories

The other thing that you can add in your return gift bag is hair accessories. Most girls would love it. There is a lot of variety in sizes and patterns. You can choose from rubber bands, hair bands, bobby pins, buckles and much more.In this case, it is important to see the age group as well. If you have small girls as your invitees, then you can gift pins with bows and butterflies. If you have teenagers visiting your party, then gift hair pins and cute bobby pins.You can also add hair accessories like rubber bands if you are having adult guests. Almost everyone uses rubber band! Hair accessories like clutchers are also useful for adults.

Add Edible Food Treats

If you want to make your return gift bag unique, then consider some edible treats. You can look at adding chocolates in the bag. Chocolates are something that everyone relishes. Apart from that, singular brownie packs are also a fun idea.You can consider adding small boxes of Indian sweets as well. If you want to make it fun, add candies and berries. This will be an interesting element to your return gift bag. Most people gift only items but adding food options is a great way to get the recipients excited. Even a tin of fudge is a good idea.If you are expecting adults at your party, then you can consider adding sachets of exotic types of coffee or green tea. As you can see there are a lot of options for you to choose from depending on your budget and the profile of your guests.

Why Add Lip Gloss to Your Party Favor Bags?

Because girls love lip gloss! It is is a simple yet fun addition to your return gift bag and the best part is it's available in so many types. These are particularly suitable for parties involving young girls. Lip gloss is available in a lot of different varieties. You can get a matte or a shiny one. There are also some, that come with glitter. Some lip glosses are creamy colour-based, while some are completely transparent.First decide on the brand and type of lip gloss. After that, you can choose a colour. You can handpick 3 to 4 different colours. If you know that your friends use a particular colour, then select those shades and add them in their bags. Such care would be noticed by your recipients and will surely be appreciated.

10 Lip Gloss Party Favors to Choose From

Blue Heaven Glittering Lip Gloss

Blue Heaven Glittering Lip Gloss from Planeteves.com is a great option. It gives an aqua shiny look to your lips. The product is of 6.5 ml. It is an orange coloured lip gloss which is very unique.The website has an offer of Rs.50 cashback on orders more than Rs.599, if paid using Paytm. You can take the benefit of such offers and save some money while shopping for a return gift. The website also offers easy returns.It is of good quality and lasts for a long time. All the products are 100% original on this website. The lip gloss is priced moderately at Rs.89 which makes it a great pick for the return gift bag.

NYN Lipstick 6 Atrio Lip gloss, Ads Eyeliner, Wet Wipes, Charcoal 130 gm Pack of 6

Some websites also sell a full combo of lip glosses with different shades. You can buy a combo like that and then add one lip gloss in each bag. It will be easier and cheaper for you. One such combo that you can consider buy is NYN Lipstick 6 Atrio Lip gloss from Snapdeal.com.There are 6 different atrio lip glosses available in the combo. They are waterproof and have matte finish. The lip gloss contain full coverage. Apart from that, the combo contains one kajal, one charcoal face wash, one packet of wet wipes and a transparent lip gloss too.The combo also contains 12 different coloured eyeliners. You can order these combos according to your need. After that, you can divide the varied items in each bag. The whole combo is priced at Rs.449.

Lakme Lip Gloss, Vanilla

Source www.amazon.in

You can consider giving branded items in your gift bag. You can balance the budget by adding less items in your bag. One such branded lip gloss is the Lakme Lip Gloss from amazon.in. It is a completely shiny lip gloss.This one is available in vanilla flavour. It is almost transparent as it contains a sheer hint of colour. The brand recommends applying it in slant direction so that unnecessary amount should not be wasted.The tube is well designed and is completely travel friendly. You can also use it on matte lipsticks to give a sheer and shiny look. It can be used on top of bright lipsticks to tone them down as well. It is priced at Rs.200.

Apollo Life Lip Balm

If you do not want to go all extravagant with lip glosses, then you can opt for this Apollo Life Lip Balm from Bigbasket.com. It is basically a conditioning balm for softer and fuller lips. It comes in a lip smacking strawberry flavour.It provides with SPF protection from UV rays. Apply it evenly on lips before going out in the sun. You can also apply this one as a base and then apply your bright coloured lipstick on the top. The pack contains 10 grams of lip balm and it is priced at Rs.42.

Ladyhood Extra Look 12 Colour Lip Gloss

Instead of making a gift bag, you can consider gifting this Ladyhood Extra Look lip gloss combo from Shopclues.com. It is basically a set of 12 different colours of lip gloss. The finish of the lip gloss is very creamy.The shades are all vibrant and nice. The lip gloss is totally matte and it prevents chapping and drying of the lips. You will also get one free kajal with the 12 lip glosses.The lip gloss is in different compartments instead of different bottles. Thus, you will have to use a brush to apply it on your lips. Returns are not allowed on this particular order. It's price is Rs.199.

Lakme Lip Gloss, Strawberry

Source www.amazon.in

Lakme Lip Gloss from amazon.in is a wonderful product. It contains great shine with sheer hint of colour. The gloss comes packed in strawberry flavor. The lips feel soft and supple after applying this gloss.The tube is designed properly and is completely travel friendly. It is a transparent tube which has a slant tip. Your lips will look glamorous and juicy after applying this lip gloss. It's price is Rs.170.

Wet N Wild Fragrances Megaslicks Gloss

The other lip gloss that you can consider buying for your gift bag is the Wet N Wild Fragrances Megaslicks Gloss from Dessinn.com. It is a beautiful light pink coloured gloss. It is ultra glossy because it contains a lot of shimmer.You can add colour, moisture and shine to your lips by using this particular lip gloss. It leaves a long lasting shine on the lips. You can consider wearing this lip gloss alone or over a pink coloured lipstick to add some gloss.It also has a very nice aroma. The gloss contains vitamins A and E with aloe vera which take care of the lips. This liquid lip gloss is priced at Rs.126. There are a lot of different colour options available as well.

Maybelline Baby Lip Pink Lolita

If you want to choose a lip care item for your bag, then go for Maybelline baby lip pink lolita from Flipkart.com. This product is ideal for baby girls and adults as well. It has a fruity taste and fragrance, and is completely organic.It adds immediate moisture to your lips. The colour of the gloss is light pink. It is a completely matte and creamy lip gloss.You can also apply this before applying a lipstick. Your lips will not look dry and the lipstick will look more fuller. The package contains 4 grams of product, and is priced at Rs.99.

Huda Beauty Pink Edition Matte liquid

Huda Beauty Pink Edition Matte liquid from Flipkart.com is a great option. Four different shades of this lip gloss comes at a reasonable price of Rs.180. You can basically put one gloss in each bag. It is convenient and budget friendly.This gloss is creamy and matte. It is completely an organic product which is totally safe for the lips. The colours are vivid and dark and thus, you will not have to use a lipstick on this gloss.One pair of eyelashes is also completely free with this particular combo. This lip gloss also smells good. You can also consider gifting the combo directly with four different shades of gloss.

Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Mint

If you just want to add something in your bag for lips as a token, then opt for Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Mint from Purplle.com. The box contains 10 grams of product. It is enriched with lots of good ingredients which moisturise the lips. After using this lip balm, your dryness and chapping will be at bay. It also keeps the lips glowing and healthy. The balm also reduces the darkening of the lips. It contains mint, honey and almond oil which is a very refreshing combination. The balm is priced moderately at Rs.38. Thus, it is affordable and a nice product.

How to Organise a Great Party

Have A Dress Theme

Children, and even adults, love playing dress up. Thus, you can plan a complete theme based party. Pick up themes like fairytale characters or superheroes. Children relate to such themes easily. You can also consider picking up cartoon characters.The picture of the party will be amazing and your child will have memories that will last a lifetime. Apart from that, you can also plan the decor of the party according to the them. Get a customised birthday cake and a return gift.You can consider hiring an event planner for the same. If you do not have budget for an event planner, then take help from your friends and family. Browse different DIY ideas on Pinterest and YouTube and customise the decor.

Keep The Party Lively

It is very important to hold the guest's attention. Plan some fun activities and games. Do not make your guests play the usual, and not very fun, games. Add some twist to these games. Maybe the person who gets out has to dance or sing. You can consider planning a treasure hunt with an exciting prize at the end. Try and arrange a a magic show or get a DJ if you have a good budget. Apart from that you can plan for more fun activities for the ladies. If you have invited the kids as well, then plan something for them too. Include them in activities with the kids and it will be a unique and fun experience for both. Also, take utmost care of the food menu of the party.

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Lip Gloss Is The Best Option

A good return gift helps a lot in enhancing the beauty of any party. Lip gloss party favors can be the best option for your girly party. We highly recommend you to choose lip glosses as a return gift as they will help a lot to make your party even better. If you are choosing them, then you are on the right track.