Celebrate the Mom-to-be on Dahale Jevan with These 10 Marvelous Gifts Designed to Make Her Life Easy! [Updated 2019]

Celebrate the Mom-to-be on Dahale Jevan with These 10 Marvelous Gifts Designed to Make Her Life Easy! [Updated 2019]

Indian ceremonies like Dohale Jevan celebrate the mother(and the unborn baby) and ease her into motherhood. Buying a gift for a new mom-to-be is hard in any circumstance, that's why we've scoured the internet to find out the best possible gifts for Dohale Jevan. Read below for the 10 likely gifts for a mom-to-be to ease her life

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The Gifts Mom to be Might Cherish

Spending time to select for a great gift, is surely not be a waste of time, as thoughtfulness reflects through the gift that you choose. Here are some great gift ideas for the mother-to-be:

  • Something real: When creating a life, would-be-moms need something that could touch their heart along with being useful. A gift that can help her with setting up the house for the new arrival can be much more meaningful. Or a gift card which she can use for whatever she wants to buy for herself or the new baby is worthy of thinking as a dohale jevan gift. Add in a positive handwritten note, as it will undoubtedly bring a smile to her face.

  • Spill-proof water, tea or coffee mug to travel around the house: A mother-to-be always needs water to keep herself hydrated and she also gets thirsty quite often. It will be a great idea to bring her one giant oversized sippy cup which is spill-proof and can be used not only for water but for any beverage. She can sip that anywhere around the house and wherever she goes without dropping and messing.

  • A comfortable nursing dress: Just as the baby arrives the first thing she will need is to feed the baby. A very comfortable nursing dress for the home will be an excellent gift for her. She is sure to use it for so many good reasons.

  • Some edible arrangements which moms crave: It is essential to make the mom feel absolutely loved and supported by her friends and families. Fill in a basket with the foods that the ‘would-be-mom likes and also try to gift a recipe book for healthy and quick nutritious food which can be done with minimal effort, for her up-coming busy days.

10 Super Ideas to Gift on Dohale Jevan

Home Vacuum Cleaner

It may not be the cutest dohale jevan gift for a mom, but this handy cleaner can be a blessing for the new parent in coming days. Baby will mess up the room, which is quite normal, and the least you can do is to use a quick vacuum cleaner whenever you need.

This is a perfect vacuum cleaner for home which is powerful for cleaning inside the house. It runs on 1000W and can easily clean your house, workplace or even car. It is highly effective to clean dust and dirt by picking up every bit of it from the floor or any place. It can clean those unreachable corners, and it comes in a lightweight and compact design. This is different from the traditional cleaning methods and operates on a voltage of 220 – 240 volts.

The vacuum cleaner has a six-meter cord and can clean furniture, upholstery, frames, curtains, books and many more necessary items. It consists of a crevice nozzle, small and large brush and a vacuum snout. It comes with both blower and suction function and gives a powerful and effective cleaning. This home vacuum cleaner is a must buy the product and gives faster results. The price of this useful item is Rs. 1799 after discount at Seniority.

Pregnancy Book

When it comes to gift, nothing beats the value of a book which can give an idea about pregnancy and childbirth. ‘When you are expecting’ is one of the most influential books which has much-needed information, insight, advice and brilliant tips for new parents. It has everything starting from warmth, humour, empathy and answers almost all the questions a new mother could have.

This book also talks about the safety of medication during pregnancy and has a section about postpartum birth control. This books also tells about diets, juice cars, baby bump posting, and the low-down on omega 3 fatty acids. More information on organic food fads, breastfeeding, water and home births and a lot more can be found in this book. This book is important for family and relationship, and it is a must-have for all the would-be and new parents. The price for this paperback is Rs. 511 at Flipkart.

Organiser for Baby Stuff

Babies don’t remain small forever, and you need to collect all the memories possible before they grow up. A baby stuff organiser is a convenient thing to count on to be a treasure for the coming day. It is a treasure box that looks like a briefcase where you can keep the most precious documents and keepsakes of the baby from hospital to home and more. The organiser can be useful to keep baby’s birth certificates, doctor’s visit information, daycare or babysitter information, insurance or healthcare information because it has nine durable plastic folders included.

You will get three empty folders which you can label according to your need. You can fill the emergency card info and place inside the organiser for safety. If you want to add to the décor of the baby nursery, this is one of the perfect things to add. It is secured with handle and clasp so that parents need not worry about babies ripping off the essentials. This baby’s little organiser can hold an adorable 3.2” x 3.2” photo on the front. Moms can also put pictures of a baby shower in it so that it can be fun to look. This organiser is for the baby’s birth until five years. The product dimension is 34 x 5.33 x 25.4 cm. the price for this baby journal is Rs. 1812.49 at First Cry.

Mini Diaper Bag

Mom’s life changes from the moment the baby arrives. Every hour revolves around the bundle of joy, and there is hardly any chance for the mom to get ample time to be ready while heading to the mall or grocery store. The cute mini diaper bag is the best friend at that time with all the essentials inside it. This diaper bag is handy, cute, and extremely compact yet it has enough room for all the baby essentials. This bag comes in different trendy colours which looks cool and attractive. It is a perfect outdoor diaper bag for all parents. This bag can be used as both a backpack and sling bag, as and when needed. It has multiple pockets to store enough baby essentials, yet its design is small and ergonomic. The price for this casual outing bag is Rs. 1,799 at The Mom Store.

Battery Operated Nail Trimmer

One of the toughest job for the new mom is to trim the nails of the newborn. A great option for the dohale jevan gift can be a safe baby nail trimmer kit. This nail trimming kit won’t damage the soft cuticles or nail beds of the baby. Fingernail and toenail both can be trimmed and polished even while the baby is sleeping. It has the single L/R rotation which helps to switch to the left or right hand. It can satisfy multiple needs through its high and low power speed, which means you can adjust the speed also. It is a compact design and lightweight which is perfect for home as well as travel. It has ABS plastic material and powered by 2 AA batteries. This newborn to toddler toes or fingernail trimmer kit comes at the price range of Rs. 699 at Flipkart.

Gift Set for Would be Mom

Source themomsco.com

Indian skin is highly sensitive, and it becomes more at the time of pregnancy. Taking care of the skin becomes as much important as taking care of health. Moms and babies should use products which are safe and toxin free. This kit is all natural and safe for both mom and baby. This is a brilliant dohale jevan gift which is certified and dermatologically tested for sensitive Indian skin. This gift will make the mom feel good about herself and the baby due to its safety causes.

You can show your thoughtfulness and care by pampering her with this pregnancy gift set which contains luxurious body butter, calming wash, stretch oil, foot cream and also a no-caffeine herbal blend tea which is useful for acidity relief during pregnancy and beyond. The rejuvenating body butter and calming body wash will hydrate skin and also help with morning sickness. The all-natural stretch oil contains powerful oils and vitamin E which help to improve skin texture and elasticity. The foot cream will help to soothe the swollen and fatigued feet. The tea is a herbal blend of seeds and leaves which is designed to lift the breastfeeding experience. The price of these five products spa gift set is Rs. 2,399 at The Moms Co.

Light Jewellery

Source sharepyar.com

We all know that would be moms need to wear light and comfortable clothing. That goes for the Indian moms who wear jewellery all the time and also during pregnancy. It'd be very thoughtful if she gets a light set of jewellery that she could use during this time, as a dohale jevan gift. This beautiful handcrafted jewellery is pink in colour, and it is from Rajasthan made by talented artisans.

This fashion jewellery is perfect for party wear or even casual wear too. The material used here is lakh, stones and beads and the package includes one necklace and a pair of earrings. Pink and golden is an endless combination, and the lightness of this set is comfortable enough to wear for pregnant women. Care must be taken that the jewellery not be sprayed with any deodorant or perfumes directly and should be kept in a closed box. This jewellery is pocket-friendly which will cost around Rs. 380 at Sharepyar.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper is not a very common gift, but it is something that’s hygienic and is an environmentally friendly one along with being beneficial for the infants. New era moms will always appreciate the thoughtfulness of whoever gifts her with this diaper as this will be her go-to thing after the arrival of the baby.

This diaper is suited for the newborns to five-month babies. It does come with extra soakers for the newborn babies as the frequency of pooping can be high. The soakers can be simply changed, and the diaper can be reused. The diaper thus comes with a stay dry soaker which is lined with high-quality stay-dry fabric that keeps the baby skin dry even after urination, it washable and reusable, and the diaper’s outer shell is waterproof too. As the soakers can be changed, it keeps the skin healthy and hygienic along with the diaper itself. The diaper comes with velcro close at the waist which is convenient and fast. This super-soft, simple and easy cloth diaper is about Rs. 599 at Superbottoms.

Spa Towel Set for the Baby

When the baby arrives the moms go crazy about many things, as they get used to handling the cute little thing. One of the most stressful things is bath time. If the mom does not get all the essentials handy and together, it can be a source of worry. Make the baby bath a fun time by gifting this super combo bath towel set at dohale jevan to the would-be mommy.

This set comprises of dream catcher combo set with four pieces of baby towels and a spa pouch. The set comes in white, and you can also personalise it with your own text. You just have to select the characters, font type and the text while buying the set. It is 100% cotton terry towels in bright colours, and it also has adorable appliques on it. The product includes one hooded bath wrap (45”L x 18”H), one spa pouch (5.5”H x 9”L), one bath towel (40”L x 20”W) and one hand towel (21”L x 14’W). The towel set is priced at Rs. 2,699 inclusive of all taxes. The product is also available at The Pipal.

Space Cube Lamp

A lamp may be not a gift to think of during the ceremony of dohale jevan, but it can be a true gift needed in a baby nursery. The table lamp has a scratch free laminated printed picture of space on all four sides. The bulb it needs is LED, and it consumes 4-5 watts of power. It has a two plug connection, and the dimension is 4 x 4 x 4 inches. It is a compact and modern gift item you can surely think of during the auspicious ceremony like dohale jevan for the would-be-new parents. The price of this beautiful item is Rs. 999 at Gift Cart.

Exciting Ideas on Dohale Jevan to Make the Mom-to-be Happy

  • Down memory lane: Dohale Jevan is all about honouring the mom-to-be and there is nothing better than taking her down the memory lane with some surprise pictures of her childhood and decorate the place according to that. Collect all her favourite childhood toys and dresses and decorate with them too. All the family members and childhood stories with these memories can make her feel really special.

  • Theme dress: If the guests can dress according to a theme like her favourite colour or something she really loves, it will be a fun surprise for her.

  • Prepare her for the first three months after delivery: It’s true today moms are more aware of all the childbirth crisis but still, some tips from the pro can be a great help. Preparing her for all the confusions and needed things, starting from suggesting baby names to the stages of baby’s development after birth, can be really helpful. Everything you do to make the mom-to-be feel happy equally counts.
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Revive the Dying Traditions

Be it east or west, every region has its own way of celebrating a mom-to-be. In most cases, they are devoid of religious presence making it all about the mother, easing her way into motherhood and making her feel happy. There are quite a lot of customs that make the experience fun and eventful for the mother. It makes it a fun memory that stays with her all through her life. However, the traditions and customs are being forgotten and it is up to the current generation to revive it. In the case of dohale jevan, it literally means "The pregnant woman’s cravings". Not only that the mom-to-be is also decked out in flowers and every single event is aimed at making her happy and satisfying her cravings.