This Karwa Chauth, Shower Some Love on Your Lady: 10 Happy Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Beautiful Wife (2019)

This Karwa Chauth, Shower Some Love on Your Lady: 10 Happy Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Beautiful Wife (2019)


Your wife is right by your side for all your ups and downs. She takes care of the littlest of the things for you, and all she asks in return is your love! This Karwa Chauth, appreciate everything your wife does for you with our selected Karwa Chauth gifts along with three ways you could go out of your way to make her the happiest wife in the world!

It's Time to Show Your Love

Karwa Chauth is a festival that celebrates the bond between husband and wife. Wives fast from the sunrise to moonrise for the longevity of life of their husbands. Therefore, it is important that you show your love towards your wife.

If possible, spend the day with her. She needs to kill the whole day without eating anything! So, give her company by diverting her and eating less. You can also plan to spend some quality time watching something together like a movie marathon.

Consider a beautiful and expensive gift for her to mark the day. Add a note with the gift for her and express your love for her. She will surely be overwhelmed with joy by this gesture. You can also plan to give her a bouquet of red roses in the day to boost her morale.

3 Ways to Make Your Lady Feel Special

1. Fast with Her. She Needs to Have a Longer Life Too.

The most romantic thing that you can do for your lady is to fast with her. If she is praying for your long life, then you should too. Do not tell her in advance. You can reveal it on the Karwa Chauth day itself.

Surprise her by accompanying her in all the rituals. She will surely be delighted. Many Bollywood movies also show the heroes fasting for their heroines. If you do the same, you will surely be the hero in her eyes.

Do not make excuses that you feel hungry. Understand that your wife feels hungry too. This Karwa Chauth, understand the efforts she puts for you and the love she has for you by fasting. Reciprocating your love in this form will be the best thing to do.

2. Create a DIY Special

It is a good idea to gift your wife something on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. You can consider making a gift instead of getting a gift from the market. She would appreciate it much more! Handmade gifts work better with people because they show the efforts put behind making the gift.

If you are a creative person, then it will be very easy for you. You can choose from many items such as homemade candles for her or any other handicraft items. The best thing to do is make a scrapbook of your pictures and decorate it to give it to her. If you are good at painting, then you can consider making a portrait of her as well.

Well, if you are not a creative person, then you can opt for simpler DIYs. Collect all good pictures of both of you and go to a colour lab. They will help you create a collage digitally. You can get that collage framed and gift it to her. Apart from that, you can make a card for her and write your feelings on it.

Consider taking help from platforms like YouTube and Pinterest. They have a lot of methods for DIYs. You can opt for a simpler one. You can also check certain things on Google.

3. Cook Her Favourite Meals

Karwa Chauth requires her to fast for the entire day. Thus, make sure that she has all her favourite meals to savour after she breaks the fast. She is doing this fast for you, and so, this becomes your responsibility.

You can consider cooking for one or two dishes for her. She will be delighted to see it. Express your love in this form. Make sure to opt for simple dishes like dal fry instead of trying something like biryani.

If you are cooking for the first time, then take help from your friends and relatives. You can also practice cooking the dish before Karwa Chauth. Apart from that, if you feel you cannot prepare, then order food from her favourite restaurant. You can plan for a proper dinner at her favourite restaurant too.

10 Beautiful Gifts Your Lady Will Adore

1. Earrings


Jewellery is a wonderful gift. It does not expire and stays with you for a long time. Thus, your wife will always remember on which occasion you gifted her a particular piece. It is a great item to invoke memories of the past.

Jewellery also has a lot of options and patterns to choose from. So, make sure to ask her which item she likes the most. Besides that, you can also observe what she wears the most. This Kundan Meenakari Chandbali Earrings from is one wonderful choice.

The jhumkas are heavy and can be worn to festive gatherings and wedding parties. They are chand bali earrings with kundan work on it. The earrings are in golden colour and they can go with most of the sarees, lehengas and heavy kurtas. The dimensions of the earrings are (10 cm x 6 cm x 2 cm) which are priced at Rs. 699.

2. Timeless Fossil Watch


Watches make an ideal gift as the recipient will be reminded of you every time they wear it. It is also a convenient gift as people do wear watches to check the time. Watches do not expire too. Thus, they can be with a person till they die.

Also, watches are a part of statement piece which can be worn with casual and party outfits both. Opt for a watch which she can flaunt with everything. This Fossil Jacqueline watch from is the perfect Karwa Chauth gift.

The case shape is round, and the dial colour of the watch is blue. The band of the watch is made out of stainless steel, and the colour of the same is blue. The display of the watch is analogue, and the movement is quartz. It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years and is priced at Rs. 10,995.

3. Fashion Accessory: Combo of 4 Bags


If your wife loves accessories, then you can consider gifting her something like this. She will be able to use this in day-to-day life and thus, this would also make a practical gift. Try looking for a combo set when buying for fashion accessories.

It's one amazing set that you can consider buying on Karwa Chauth for your wife. This Tassel Detail PU Combination Bag from comes in three different colours - brown, pink and brown. Make sure to choose a colour that your wife likes.

Four different bags are included in this combo. One is a big bag which is of 168 cm while the other one is of 137 cm. One big wallet is included in the set with a small wallet which can be used for keeping coins and keys. The bag set is embellished with tassels.

The bigger bags come with a sling belt so that it is easy to carry. The bags are made out of PU fabric. The product can be returned or exchanged within 45 days of purchase. The set is priced at Rs. 592.

4. Versace Perfume


Perfume is an equally good gift to give to your wife. Make sure to gift her a fragrance based on her preferences instead of yours. Also, do not give her cheap perfume. Gift her a scent which is from a nice brand.

Versace Fragrances Bright Crystal for women from is a beautiful gift. The primary accord of this particular perfume is floral, secondary accords being aquatic, fresh, citrus and woody. The top notes include yuzu, pomegranate and water.

The middle notes consist of peony, lotus and magnolia. The musk notes are of mahogany, amber and musk. Versace is a trusted brand when it comes to perfumes as it is one of the top fashion houses. It is priced at Rs. 1,365.

5. Croma Coffee Maker


If your wife is a caffeine addict, then consider gifting her a coffee machine. It is a unique gift, and she will surely appreciate it. Also, do not forget to make coffee with it and serve her in the breakfast. Such gestures rekindle the romance.

Consider buying the Croma Coffee Maker from It has a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres. It contains heat resistant carafe with a fitting lid. It also comes with a water gauge indicator and a nylon filter.

The coffee maker is easy to use and is very compact. Thus, it will fit in the kitchen properly. You do not need to make any extra space for the machine. The coffee machine is black in colour and is priced at Rs. 1,669.

6. Perky Blooms Bouquet

If everything else fails, flowers come to your rescue! Gift a pretty bouquet in the day time to your wife. Add a sweet, love note or letter with it. These small gestures show that you care and love her. Besides that, it will make her happy as well.

Perky Blooms from is a wonderful option. It contains a stunning bouquet of 10 pretty roses. All the roses are mixed in colour which makes it look beautiful. The bouquet is decorated with pink bows and ribbons which looks very attractive.

Flower Aura also provides excellent services and delivers on time. Apart from that, you can pair the bouquet with a box of chocolates or a cake. In that case, make sure that you give the bouquet after she breaks her fast. It is priced at Rs. 449.

7. Georgette Embroidered Designer Saree


A woman can never get enough of clothes. So, gift her something she enjoys wearing the most. You can also gift her something that she can wear during the Karwa Chauth party. Choose something based on her fabric and colour preferences.

If you are confused, then take help from her mother or friends. This red coloured Georgette Embroidered designer saree from is a wonderful happy Karwa Chauth gift.

The sari is fully embroidered in golden colour with floral motifs. It also has a golden embroidery border on the hemline and is 5.50 meters long. The blouse of the sari is made out of heavy matty fabric which is of golden colour and looks pretty.

The blouse is unstitched and is 1 meter long. It is recommended that the first wash of the saree should be a dry clean wash. The sari is of good quality and is priced at Rs. 1,599.

8. Couples' Massage

Getting a couple’s massage with your sweetheart is an excellent way to celebrate the Karwa Chauth madness. A couple’s massage also called as a duet massage is a spa service where two people are given a massage at the same time in a room by two therapists. Getting a massage at a spa is a great way to relax and a couple’s massage can be very romantic - there is soothing music, a pleasing aroma, soft lighting, with a few candles.

Some spas offer romantic duet massages specially designed for couples that involve soaking tubs covered with rose petals, Champagne, strawberries and chocolate. Others still offer more exciting options like a soak in a tub filled with chocolate and wine and rain showers. Inquire at the spas in your city to find one offering a couple’s massage suiting your tastes.

You can also consider buying some coupons from various available options such as Apart from that, you can fix the booking of a famous spa in your city for the weekend. You and your wife can later on relax and get the massage done. It is a great way to spend some quality time with your better half.

9. Book a Parlour Appointment for Her

All the ladies love pampering themselves. We have not known of anyone who doesn't. So, it is a good idea to book her a parlour appointment. She will be surprised and overjoyed with this gesture of yours.

Since it is a very unique and different gift, we guarantee no husband is ever going to think of this. Call her mother or friend and inquire about the parlour and services she takes. You could book a spa for her as well. And yes you can thank us later!

Classic Pedicure from is a great option. This company provides professional beauticians at your doorstep. It is as simple as booking a cab. You can book an appointment of the classic pedicure service which lasts for 40 mins.

The benefits of this service are that she will have smooth and supple feet with no dead skin — also, great filed nails with pretty nail polish. The service is priced at a standard rate of Rs. 549.

10. Nykaa Makeup Set


Almost all the ladies use makeup of one sort or other. Thus, it is a good idea to gift your wife something that she will surely use. If you are confused with the brand, then take help from her friends or sisters.

You can also consider asking her what she uses. Consider buying this Bridesmaids Essential Combo from Although, it is a bridesmaid combo, it contains all the basic makeup essentials in it.

The combo comes with a Nykaa So Matte lipstick of scarlet colour. The lipstick is creamy and long lasting with a smooth texture. It also contains Nykaa matte nail enamel in a ruby blaze. It includes high pigment matte with perfection.

The items come packed in a Nykaa Bling it on pouch which is in bronze colour. It is spacious and comes with zip closure. Apart from that, Nykaa black magic liquid liner and Nykaa rock the like kajal eyeliner also come in this combo. The liquid liner and eye line are black in colour. The combo is available at Rs. 1,376.

Bonus Tip: Plan a Weekend Getaway

You can plan a weekend getaway right after the Karwa Chauth festival and relax with your wife in a resort and spend some quality time with her. It will give her a break from the routine as well. Also, all wives love vacations, and thus, she will adore this gift of yours.

Decide on a proper destination. Book a place that she likes. Go to the mountains or the beach based on her choices and not yours. Make suitable bookings in advance so that you have everything sorted.

You can also consider taking a road trip to a nearby destination. Do not inform her about this in advance. Let it be a spontaneous surprise for her. Make sure to plan a budget. Otherwise, you might overspend while on the trip.

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