Go Green and Swap Plastic for Jute Shopping Bags! 10 Pretty and Funky Jute Bags for Your Household and to Gift Loved Ones (2019)

Go Green and Swap Plastic for Jute Shopping Bags! 10 Pretty and Funky Jute Bags for Your Household and to Gift Loved Ones (2019)

The shout for eco-friendly options and alternatives for plastics has never been bigger. Join the brigade and change to jute bags from the other non-biodegradable alternatives. Choose from our list of jute bags from grocery bags to lunch bags and handbags. Planning to buy as gifts? We have added a few custom vendors as well. Now! you can buy customized bags too.

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Advantages of Using Jute Bags Over Plastic Bags

They're Quite Durable

Whether you buy printed jute bags or the plain ones, the durability of them is simply amazing. Being a natural fibre and that too quite sturdy one, you get the amazing advantage of using jute bags over plastic ones. With a jute bag, you can eliminate the need for using a plastic bag. Interestingly, when the fibres of jute come together in a bag, it becomes quite strong to carry your everyday personal belongings in it.

They're Biodegradable

As we talked earlier jute has natural fibres while plastic is entirely synthetic and man-made. Hence, jute bags are quite biodegradable and cause no harm to the earth and environment whatsoever. Jute bags are easily decomposed when left on their own, unlike plastic which can’t even be burned, decomposed or degraded.

Has a Low Carbon Footprint

Interestingly, the carbon footprint of jute is quite less as compared to plastic. This means the CO2 released by jute in the environment is quite less. Moreover, 1 hectare of jute can take up to 25 tons of CO2 and emit 11 tones of oxygen back in the environment which is quite beneficial for the betterment of the surroundings. The carbon footprint of plastic is quite hazardous to our environment.

They're Sturdy

Jute carry bags are quite reliable when it comes to lifting heavy objects on an everyday basis. In fact, jute is the only fibre after cotton which can be sewed together and can be turned into the desired shape and size. This gives wonderful liberty to people to transform jute into the desired shape and make sturdy and durable carry bags out of it which are even better than plastic and cotton bags.

They're Reusable

The best thing about jute bags is that they are reusable over and over again. Even if they get dirty or wet or even get torn off a bit, you can always reuse them by cleaning or mending them. The case with plastic bags is entirely different because once they are torn, you cannot use them again. This reusability also promotes their durability too.

Great Printed Jute Bags Options Chosen Specially For You

Beautiful White and Brown Printed Jute Bags (Pack of 5)

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking at gifts for your loved ones, the pack of 5 printed jute bags is perfect for the cause. This beautiful set of 5 printed jute bags is available in medium size and serves perfectly as favour bags, complimentary wedding bags etc. They are completely made out of 100% natural jute material and beige-coloured.

Moreover, they have this stunning abstract paisley print on the bags in dark brown colour which truly brings out the best in the bag. These eco-friendly bags come with a handle to carry them easily. They are quite sturdy and can be used as a grocery bag too. These jute bags are not only pretty but durable too. You can buy this pack of 5 on amazon.in for Rs. 749.

Tropical Summer Printed Jute Bag

Source lbb.in

If you are tired of buying the same old boring designs of jute bags then we have something different for you. We found this really interesting and fun tropical print jute tote bag which not only looks quite fun but also has an interesting design. This bag looks really chic and modern and the summer print makes it perfect to carry around like a handbag.

Apart from having a zip closure on top, the bag has two flaps to seal it properly which is pretty amazing. You also get a small compartment inside the bag for keeping valuables. You can definitely pair it up with casual attires to look effortlessly chic. Buy it now on lbb.in for Rs. 999.

Printed Jute Lunch Bag

Move over the old boring plastic lunch bags because we bring you something far more interesting and suitable. We found this jute lunch bag which is not only sturdy but also quite interesting too. The lunch bag has a fitting graphic print which is all about the happiness you get from a meal.

You cannot find a better and more suitable bag than this as your lunch bag. Apart from the print, the bag has a natural beige colour with black sides and a black handle. The bag is small in size but we can guarantee that it is quite sturdy and perfect enough to keep your hot lunch box in it along with the water bottle. This unique jute lunch bag is available for purchase on homecentre.in for Rs. 249.

Folk Ladies Printed Jute Bag

Source www.igp.com

The next one we have in this category of printed jute bags is this folk ladies printed jute bag. What makes it unique and attractive is that it has got a purple colour that looks quite popping. Moreover, the bag also has the print of folk ladies on it which gives it a very edgy and boho look.

The printed jute bag can be used as a handbag too as it looks quite trendy and there is no doubt in the fact that it is durable too. You also get matching handles on this bag to carry it easily. Just like the earlier bags, this one also got an inner compartment with a zip closure along with a zip closure on top of the bag. You can buy it now on igp.com for Rs. 290.

Stunning Embroidered Jute Bag

We managed to find one of the prettiest and cutest jute bags for you if you want to roam around in style while also taking care of the environment. This floral elephant embroidered jute bag is a perfect replacement for your leather handbag. Not only that it is eco-friendly and strong enough but also cute enough to grab all the attention to yourself. We liked the cute little elephant detailing by its handles.

Moreover, colourful embroidery can be spotted on the bag too. The otherwise simple jute bag looks really pretty because of the embroidery. You can take it to your college or shopping to make a big difference. Thankfully you get good enough storage space to keep your books in it. So, buy it now on chumbak.com for Rs. 1,257.

Printed Jute Tote Bag

Source amazon.in

If you are looking for such jute bags that are perfect for your mom's grocery shopping then we have found the one for you. The jute tote bag here in sky blue colour is perfect to carry heavy items. There are round handles provided to make sure that you don’t lose the grip easily. A zip closure is provided on top to keep things safe inside.

You are going to love the white print on the bag which is very striking and appealing. Made out of premium quality jute and well-knitted in terms of texture, this bag truly is perfect for the day to day shopping needs. The best part about it is that it is totally reusable like the other jute bags and you can buy it on amazon.in for Rs. 295.

Checkered Jute Bag

Source karnival.com

We checked out a lot of different designs and prints of jute bags and found this really unique, subtly printed jute bag. We would call it a jute handbag because of the small and petite design and you can even replace it for your leather handbag.

You are going to love the red and cream floral checkered design on this jute bag which is quite neat and eye-catching at the same time. You are provided with big handles to carry it easily like a handbag. The shape of this jute bag looks quite like a modern handbag. This eco-friendly bag is a perfect alternative to cruel leather and most importantly this is perfect for your everyday needs too. You can buy this one now on karnival.com for Rs. 393.

Slogan Printed Jute Bag

Did you know that now you can find printed jute bags for sending out party favours too? Well, now you have the perfect opportunity to turn everything eco-friendly and to save the environment one step at a time. Switching to jute bags from plastic is a wonderful idea for the same reason.

This Eat, Drink and Be Happy slogan themed jute bag is small in size and perfect to hand over small gifts. Moreover, you even get a nice handle and a zip closure on top of it. The design is simple but practical, all the while being quite strong and sturdy. You can buy them in bulk for your party and eliminate plastic from your life. So, buy this small jute bag now on flipkart.com for Rs. 127.

Jute Black Printed Handheld bag

Source www.ajio.com

What about replacing your old and boring sling bag with an eco-friendly jute sling bag? Well, you should know that jute sling bags are in trend and more and more people are opting for them. Well, the reason is pretty clear that everyone wants to make a difference in life and these small steps are perfect for it. Moreover, this beige-black braided sling bag looks quite glamorous and fashionable as well.

The sling bag has both, a big and a small handle and no zip closure. We would recommend this one for a chic and casual look for a day out. Moreover, the combination of black and beige truly stands out. You can buy this piece now on ajio.com for Rs. 500.

Orange Jute Shoulder Bag

If you want your jute gift bags to be bright and colourful then we have got the perfect design and pattern for you. This orange coloured printed jute bag looks quite eye-catching and it is quite big and spacious as well. Of course, there is one other colour and print available; the blue colour of the same version.

The orange coloured bag has mandala print on it in pink and white colours which looks really popping and nice. Moreover, the bag does not have a zip closure on top and can be carried by the handles provided. However, there is one small compartment inside with zip closure which can be used for keeping the money. You can buy this wonderful and big jute bag on snapdeal.com for Rs. 378.

Take a Look at These Sites Providing Customizable Jute Bags

Did you know that you can order custom jute bags for your loved ones too? The process is so easy and apart from saving the environment, you are also making things quite personalized which is a great combination. You can try out these websites to order customized jute bags for you and your loved ones.


Handcraft allows you to buy various types of customized jute bags that are not only perfect for personal use but also for promoting your business. You get various options based on quality, style and utility. All the products available on their website are on the inquiry basis and hence prices aren’t mentioned. You can also make changes as per your requirement.


Printland is a really popular customization platform that allows you to buy not only customized jute bags but a variety of other stuff too like corporate gifts, papers, stationery etc. You can also find jute bags for great prices when you are buying them in bulk. Moreover, the prices typically vary from Rs. 80 to Rs. 200 based on the size and style of the bag.


Indiamart is an amazing platform to buy various products in bulk on wholesale pricing. You can also order printed jute bags and custom jute bags through them. All you have to do is get in touch with the manufacturers regarding the changes you want to make in the bags. Also, the minimum order quantity varies depending on the manufacturer.


Our final recommendation for buying customized jute bags is Printshop. Print Shop is a very handy and reliable platform to design the printed or solid jute bags as per your requirement. They provide you with all the necessary tools and commands to design something on your own or you can upload a pre-existing design too. The price per bag depends on the quantity.

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Go Green! Use Jute Bags!!

Though jute bags have always been in circulation, it is gaining friction just now. With the world uniting against climate change and global warming, do your part and stop using single-use plastics. Jute bags being biodegradable and 1000% natural is the best alternative to plastic bags. Not only adopting jute bags in your own homes, but you can also give them out as gift bags or as return gifts. With the customization options available, you can get your own personalized jute bags to give out as gifts. Choose jute bags for your everyday needs and join the green revolution to save our planet.