Looking for the Best Bags for Backpackers? Our Top Picks are the Best Contenders on the Market at the Moment (2020)

Looking for the Best Bags for Backpackers? Our Top Picks are the Best Contenders on the Market at the Moment (2020)

Whether you’re planning an epic, once-in-a-lifetime hike along the length of the USA, a year on the rambunctious buses of southeast Asia, or the exhausting schlep from the parking field at Glastonbury to your tent, the right rucksack can make or break your trip. Check our 10 best rucksacks for backpackers that will see you through any type of trip

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Why a 'Bag for Backpackers' ?

A backpacker is someone who wants to travel light, yet has his entire small world stuffed in his backpack. Backpacking was a term used for someone who wants cheap and economic travelling and yet can enjoy international travel destinations and hence used to travel with all the things of necessities in his backpack. But in the last few years, it has turned more into a trend and cool thing to backpack and dive into a holiday while travelling few dream destinations. Some backpackers would like to camp in forests, love hiking and sleeping in tents, maybe on the beach. And then, some would backpack with a trolley backpack and sleep in dormitories or hostels and get around by booking private cabs. Wait! But, did we just miss someone? Yes, the biking backpackers. They would want a backpack that can simply lie on the backseat as a pillion rider on their bike or can be tied up at the back of their motorcycle so that they can vroom around to conquer the world.

The backpack bag for backpackers is their little wardrobe, shoe rack, a place for a shaving kit, tech gadgets, laptops and a lot of other small items stuffed safely in that bag on their back. A few essential items which a backpacker should carry are - a mattress pad, some dry fruits, food staples, a tablet, a camera and other electronic gadgets. Apart from this, few items which most people miss are - pack gear hanging backpack organizer, travel bag compression packing cubes, pencil bag organizers, neck pillow, sleeping mask, earplugs, sleeping bag, Kindle E-reader, tablet stand, a Bluetooth headphone, universal travel adapter, a bungee cord (will be helpful for drying clothes and can also be used to make a makeshift curtain) and a pair of slippers. Except this, do carry your daily essentials in a separate kit and always keep the shoes inside a shoe bag to keep the other items clean.

Different Types of Bags for Backpackers

As mentioned above, there are different categories of backpackers and to cater to their different needs; there are different types of bags for backpackers available. Whether you are on a short weekend trip or a weeklong trip to a getaway or going for a long international trip, you would need a bag as per the duration of the trip which can accommodate enough clothes and other items as per your needs. There are various bags to choose from, which have specific features to pack and keep your travel itinerary safe. From the daily use backpacks for the short trip travelers, laptop bag backpackers for the professional guys, climbing backpack for the mountaineers or the waterproof backpacks for wild adventurers; there are plethoras of options available for each one of them and different price ranges to suit every pocket.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Backpack

With so many different backpacks made of different material, of different sizes and different price brackets, it’s really challenging to pick the right one. A bit too big bag will force you to pack in too many things and at times making your travel difficult instead of providing you convenience. Also, you might not be allowed to take it along in the flight. On the other hand, if a bag is not big enough to pack all your required stuff then such a bag is also not very helpful while travelling or a bag which is all soaked up and wet with just few lashes of showers can spoil your travel plans.

Choosing the right backpack is as important as making your travel plans and the most important factors which you must consider while purchasing the backpack, which is most suitable for your needs are –

  • It should be made of water-resistant material if not 100% waterproof, as the weather gods are unpredictable. A backpack made of semi-water resistant material will save your stuff in case of drizzling and light showers. If your bag has tarps over it which can be rolled down in case of severe rain then all the good, else always keep a waterproof backpack cover inside your backpack which can be used for rainstorm like situations.
  • You would not like random people slipping their hands into your bag to steal the goods while you are taking a nap, hence lockable zippers are a must in the backpack. If all the compartments don’t have double chains then ensure that at least one of them has, where you can keep all your important stuff safe.
  • The bag should have multiple compartments so that you can keep your belongings in different compartments and can have easy access to them whenever required without taking out the entire stuff from the bag.
  • A big bag should have a hidden internal frame which would support the weight of the bag with the hidden rods and frame. The rods would not appear outside the body of the bag and will make the bag sturdy to handle some extra baggage.
  • If the bag has a good amount of load, then a padded hip belt is essential for the backpacker as the maximum amount of load tension transfers to the hip area. An adjustable padded hip belt would not only provide support but also distribute the weight evenly on your back, hence reducing the strain.
  • Ample amount of weight can also cause pain in your shoulders, so padded shoulder straps will help not only support your shoulders but would also put less pressure on the lower back. Ensure that the padding is thick so that it works fine even when you are climbing or trekking which puts additional load on your shoulders.
  • A padded back helps distribute the weight more evenly and provides a natural arch to remove the possibility of back pain. Also, the arch creates some space between your back and the backpack; hence reducing the impact of sweating by allowing air to move through that area.
  • If you use a top-loading backpack and want to take out any stuff lying at the bottom of the bag, chances are that you may have to dig down into your bag or probably take out the entire stuff. Therefore, a bag with front-loading is always a good choice in which you can zip open the front part and take out the required stuff.
  • Size of the bag is another very crucial point to check while making the purchase. The ideal size of the bag depends upon the duration of your trip or how much stuff you want to carry along. Will your bag be allowed in the cabin of most of the airlines, will it fit into the overhead luggage area in planes or on a bus? These are the questions that you need to research before choosing the size of your backpack bag.

Best Bags for Backpackers

We have researched and selected few amazing backpacks. There are different categories and backpacks for different types of trips, so we have segregated them into few categories. Let’s check and find out that which one suits you the best.

Everyday Backpacks

Killer 38-Litre Waterproof Backpack

Though, the article is about backpacks for backpackers; but we are considering the weekend travelers also in this category and hence starting with a few options for them.

Source www.amazon.in

An ideal bag for a short two-day trip in which you can keep a laptop and clothes for a weekend trip is this derby navy coloured waterproof backpack by Killer. It has 2 large compartments and 2 easy-access vertical front side pockets with an organizer section & also has 2 mesh material side pockets. The outer fabric is made of durable PU coated polyester fabric and inner material is strong PU coated polyester fabric. The laptop compartment is well cushioned and the bag weighs only 800 gms. This laptop bag can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 1,129.

Anti Theft - Water Resistant Anti Theft Lock Travel 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack with Headphone Port, USB Charging Hole & Metal Handle

Source www.amazon.in

The unique feature of this laptop is the USB charging port 2.0 with a built-in USB charger outside and built-in charging cable inside providing a convenient way to charge your mobile phone. Another great feature is the anti-theft lock design which enhances the safety of articles inside the bag. The double zippers on the main compartment can be closed through a combination lock. The bag has more than 10 compartments to conveniently store all your articles distinctively. The bag is made of water-resistant polyester and can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 7,49 and is apt for a short trip.

Backpacks for Weekend Getaways

Duffel Backpack - Canvas Duffel Grey Luggage Bag

Source www.amazon.in

This backpack is made of high-quality Dacron material and is extremely durable, tear-resistant and has an anti-friction surface. The best part about the bag is that it can be used both as a duffel and a backpack. The bag has an anti-theft rope and the double zippers can be used to lock the bag. The Canvas Duffel Luggage Bag can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs. 1,999.

Biker Backpack - Motorcycle Hard Shell "Carbon Fiber" Air Flow Track Riding Drag 30 L Backpack

The biker backpack is a boon for the riders who want to go on long trips on their motorbikes as this is a sturdy and rugged bag to face harsh weather conditions, courtesy its hard shell with carbon fibre design. The unique airflow design reduces friction while driving and the 30-litre capacity gives you enough room to store all your clothes and the padded back panel design gives comfort to your back while driving. The Biker Backpack can be purchased from flipkart.com for Rs. 3,999.

Watertight Backpack - 20L Watertight Backpack

Now, this is truly a waterproof bag that is resistant to splashes, sprays, brief immersion and is specially designed for people involved in water sports. The bag has 20 litres capacity which is sufficient for carrying small belongings, food and clothes. The bag is ergonomically designed and has thick foam-padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. The watertight backpack can be purchased from decathlon.in for Rs. 2,999 and is quite useful if you are planning a small trip for rafting and adventure sports.

Backpacks for Climbing, Hiking and Long Trips

Big Size Backpack - Colonel 95 Litres Rucksack + Detachable Day Pack, Army Green

Source www.amazon.in

The name ‘Colonel’ is apt for this backpack as it has enormous potential to store your mini world inside it. The bag includes a detachable day pack for short trips and also includes a rain cover. The internal frame system with fibre padding and twin metal rods provide strength to the bag, has eight utility straps to wrap additional items like a sleeping bag, mat, camping equipment etc. on the side, bottom and top thin ropes on the day pack to hold additional emergency items like windcheaters and rain jackets. The base pads and double-layered fabric at the bottom provide extra durability, the flexible waist strap and chest strap helps it keep intact and the soft cushioning on the back evenly spreads the weight of the bag. The bag with a mammoth capacity of 95 litres comes with a 3-year warranty and is available on amazon.in for Rs. 3,299.

Hiking Backpack - Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Rucksack

An economic and big backpack for the camping enthusiasts, this bag is a bag meant for climbing, mountaineering and skiing etc. The rucksack adapts to your posture allowing free movement to your limbs and the padded cushioned back and the hidden metal rods ensure optimum support for your back. The shoulder straps are padded and curved with load adjuster features; hence provide comfort to your shoulders. The adjustable hip back helps to evenly distribute the weight on the lower backside. The items which you access most can be kept in the zipped space and the pockets on the hood. The rucksack has a separate space where you keep your sleeping mat. Also, the bottom compartment can be used to keep your shoes and dirty clothes. The bag is waterproof and also features adjustable waist belts for additional support while hiking and climbing. This “Nivia Ascendo Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Rucksack” comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty and can be purchased from flipkart.com for Rs. 1,282.

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Why to Use Backpack

The best backpacks for travel make life when travelling, easier. Strapped to your back, with a good hip strap you’ll barely feel the weight of your travel pack on your back. On your travels, you will often pick up your luggage and hoist it over your head to access luggage compartments, lofts, treehouses, bunk beds, etc… This is significantly easier with a backpack compared to a suitcase.

Crucially, when travelling with a backpack your hands are free to use Google Maps to find your hostel, tackling stairs is not a problem, and you can officially join the backpacker hordes! No one likes a suitcase. The best backpacks for travel are made with budget travellers in mind! If you travel with a compact backpack you can save a fortune on luggage fees and simply take your backpack on a flight as carrying on.