10 Best Places to Buy Dresses in India, Like Literally Right Now! Online Shopping Sites for 2019 That You're Absolutely Going to Love

10 Best Places to Buy Dresses in India, Like Literally Right Now! Online Shopping Sites for 2019 That You're Absolutely Going to Love

Online shopping is the best, which is why just about everyone you know is buying clothes and what have you from the same websites you love. What's the result? That cute dress you bought last week? Turns out you saw five different women wear it before yours arrived. Talk of dampened enthusiasm. If you need new places to shop from for the absolutely trendiest new designs, swoop in on these clothing websites before the rest of the neighbourhood joins the bandwagon.

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10 Best Places Where You'll Find the Best Dresses Online in 2019


Focused on creating products that not only celebrates but also reminds women of their inner strength, then, ‘Ajio’ is the online store that you should flock to. The dresses are the reason why you should visit Ajio – their designs are fresh and sophisticated, mainly due to the reason that Ajio is a curated platform, having curated only the very best from the designers around the world, making it an all-exclusive online store.

Want to look different from the others? Go for Ajio as the dresses that you are going to find here will not be available on any other online store.


Want to know what’s trendy at the moment? Opt for Myntra. One of the renowned online stores in India, Myntra has always brought on the latest trends from around the world that no one can resist – and yes, they are absolutely worth it to be saving your bank balance for!!

Consisting of various labels – both national and international – of designers, you may have already noticed that even celebrities like to flaunt off their clothes. Not only that, Myntra, apart from dresses, also offers gifts and accessories that you can get for your family, friends and of course, for that special someone.

Be warned – you won’t realize how quickly your time will pass while browsing the site – it’s really that good.


Source www.xerve.in

Are you a fan of contemporary fashion? Then, you must pay a visit to Jabong. An online store, Jabong’s collection can easily pass off as fashion that has gotten their inspiration from the runway trends, but with a twist of street style.

No matter what it is – be it tops with interesting sleeves, skirts with ruffles, or even dresses with patterns, Jabong has everything that a girl or woman needs to make a statement style with her taste.

D' Vibgyor

Source gust.com

Ranging from classy to casual to ethnic, D' Vibgyor is an online store that has some of the amazing designs that you are not going to find in any other store.

Renowned for their ethnic styles, D' Vibgyor is a must-visit online store that every woman should have in their list. An online store, like no other, they represent exquisiteness and celebrates the Indian heritage like no other – through their use of the ethnic styles, they celebrate the woman – of what she is and what she represents.


Aza Fashions or Aza as is known to many, is a multi-designer fashion store for clothing with an ethnic touch. It is based in Mumbai but also has a tremendous presence online. It's focus is on providing the best of luxury designer clothing under one roof.

Aza is all about trendy apparel as well as accessories, but with an Indian twist. Right from sophisticated chic to the bohemian babe, Aza has everything for everyone – in fact, they even have a section dedicated to ‘Indian Weddings’ in which you are pretty much going to find anything related to Indian Weddings – be it the bride’s dresses, jewelry and accessories and that too, for each and every member, be it the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother or even the men in the bride’s family.

By the way, did you know that they even have a magazine that makes an appearance during each of the seasons? Want to know what’s currently trending in the fashion industry? Then the magazine Aza is a must for you.

Aks Clothing

Co-founded by Nidhi Yadav, Aks Clothing or Aks as is lovingly known by many, is an online store that focuses on Indian wear line- this brand is all about chic, bohemian and being indie.

Want to experiment with different forms, shapes, colors, and designs? Then the brand Aks Clothing is for you. Vibrant, delightful and free-spirited – this is what the brand stands for, and it’s a must to have at least one of their pieces in the wardrobe of an Indian woman!


For those shopaholics out there, the online store ‘Jaypore’ is like a dream come true, and it has been driving many of us crazy – but in a good way.

A curated platform – just like Ajio – Jaypore is an online store dedicated to both Indian and fusion wear. Right from pretty dresses to chic tops to sarees to earrings, they literally have everything that you could ask for, and under one roof.

Want to try something different, fashion-forward yet rooted in its heritage? Go and indulge in Jaypore and we assure that you are going to buy more than what you need!

True Browns

With an amazing collection of ethnic styles that can give other ethnic online stores a run for their money, the online store, True Browns though new, boasts of a wide range of beautiful and stunning ethnic apparels and accessories.

Though ethnic, they have quite a variety of styles, and this is what sets them apart from their competitors. If you are looking for something that can turn heads, then, this is it – include ‘True Browns’ on your shopping radar. That said, the USP of this online store is that they offer the choice of ‘customization’ on their apparel section. Pretty cool, right?

Crafts & Looms

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With the latest trends combined with ethnicity, what do you get? Crafts & Looms of course. The online store has much to offer to the Indian audience – in fact, all the Indian bloggers are kind of gaga over the online store, and it’s high time that you check it out too, if you are a big fan of ethnic styles.

If you are looking for international styles, they have those too, in the form of maxi dresses, palazzos, tunics and such, with an ethnic twist. Hah! As if you need any more reasons to buy and stock up your wardrobe.

Accessorise Your Dress!

After you've found the perfect dress, think of how you can accessorize it and put together a great look. Different combinations of jewellery, bags, shoes, perhaps a scarf, wrap or headdress, maybe even a jacket can give you completely new ensembles using the same dress. If you need a little help with accessories or want some new options to your usual suspects, head to World Art Community.

Ever since the online store launched in 2014 by Shobhit Arora, it has been considered as a dream shopping destination for lovers of ethnic fashion. Right from apparels to accessories, painting to photography, pottery to sculpture to crafts, this online store is more of an ethnic marketplace from where consumers can buy handmade products and that too, directly from their creators, who have been otherwise remained in obscurity. A win-win situation for both the consumers and the creators – while the former can get their hands on unique and artistic products and the latter can showcase their designs – this online store cum marketplace is one of a kind.

Planning to Buy Dresses Online? Is it a Good Idea?

Okay, so, when was the last time that you actually went to the shopping mall and bought an outfit for any occasion. Chances are it must be months ago - well, that’s because today, the people practically live and breathe online, and hence, almost all of the time, they prefer to shop online. Of course, they have their reasons - today the lifestyle of the people has become quite fast-paced, and let’s face it, who has time to waste visiting multiple stores looking for that perfect summer dress? If you want to hit up a shopping mall, you are likely to come face to face with traffic and queues.

That’s what the concept of ‘online shopping’ is; and thankfully, today, India has wholeheartedly accepted the concept of online shopping.

Brands? Colors? Sizes? There's Quite a Variety!

Of course, it goes without saying that compared to the online stores, the virtual stores have very limited space, and hence, the limited colors, styles, and varieties. So, that’s a no-go.

But that’s not the case with online stores - in fact, they have virtually no limitation. Varieties? Check. Colors? Check. Brands? Check. With the availability of the above, there is literally nothing that you can’t find - plus you don’t have to run from one store to another - you will easily find what you are looking for - be it design, color, size or brand.

  • It's Available Round the Clock
    Don’t you feel like crying when you want to the shopping mall only to find that there's an emergency at work or at home and you can't make it?! With an online store, however, that’s not an issue - you can order anything from an online store, no matter whether it’s the weekend or the holidays from the comfort of your home.

  • What About the Low Prices and the Discounts?
    In order to attract more customers, almost all online stores offer huge discounts - since they buy the goods from the manufacturers directly, so, they can cut the expenses of the middleman and hence, can allow a margin for offering discounts on the goods. Moreover, during any special occasions or event, all online stores are known to offer huge discounts on the goods - mainly apparels.

  • Price Comparison? Cash On Delivery? EMI Options? It's All There!
    In case of online stores, - you can compare the prices of multiple stores in order to get the best deal. Speaking of deals, who says that you have to pay the full price at one go? Instead, you can opt for the ‘EMI’ option - though you need to keep in mind one thing that while online shopping sites won’t charge a processing fee from you, though your banks are going to charge an annual interest rate, based on your EMI plan. Cash on delivery is another benefit to those who prefer to handle their purchases with cash.

Don't Forget The 'Wishlist'!

The physical stores can’t compete with this. Online stores have become a darling for many - the reason being is that they can save products that they would want to buy later in the future.

When you are on a budget, the products that you want to buy won’t come in your budget, but you can put them in your wishlist so that you can buy them later. Today, all of the online stores come with this feature - the online stores sure know how to pamper the customers.

Free Shipping And Delivery? Easy Returns? They are There Too!

And of course, it helps that the online stores have the option of free shipping and delivery on orders that are above the predetermined price - and as if that is not enough, the online stores will even deliver the product on the very same day or after two or three days, though you may be charged an extra fee for delivering the same on the same day, just like Amazon does.

Before You Start Browsing, Remember These Tips for Buying Dresses Online

If you are planning to buy clothes online, you do need to take note of a few things before you go on a shopping spree.

After all, you will be buying clothes unseen, not knowing whether it will fit or not, so, you need to make sure that you don’t waste your money.

Avoid getting the wrong measurements!
The very first thing that you need to make sure is of getting the right measurements of yourself, before you decide to buy dresses. Only after getting the right measurement of yourself, it's recommended to shop for dresses online. And one more thing - never think that one size will fit all brands as one brand’s size 8 will be another brand’s 10, so, it’s always a good idea to have your own measurement.

Checking the right retailers - and of course, the size charts.
And once, you have your own size measurements, it will be a breeze for you. All you need to do is to go to any online store, and look at the size charts, and you will be able to figure it out. Of course, if you have been buying online, then, you will know this, and it’s even more important if an online store is a home to numerous labels, designers, brands and clothing manufacturers.

Take note of your previous brands and retailers
It goes without saying that not all brands or retailers will have dresses in your sizes, so, whenever you find brands that suit your tastes, you should take note of them - that’s because you know that it had worked for you, so, finding them the next time won’t be that hard.

Going the 'custom-made' way
Now, just because you didn’t find the dress of your size online, it doesn’t mean that you should just give up - you have the option of going the ‘custom-made’ way. After all, there are many online sites which will provide you the services of getting a dress custom-made. Now, while the price is usually more, but you can be sure that the dress will be of the absolute fit for you. Of course, it may sometime happen that the fit be a bit tight or loose for you - in such cases, don’t simply settle for what is sent to you, instead, you should send back the dress and let them know about your requirements. While it may take some time, but later on, it will be totally worth it.

Taking the help of a tailor, if needed
As previously mentioned, the option of going the ‘custom-made’ way is not for everyone. In such case, all hope is not lost - instead, here‘s what you can do; you can buy fabric in bulk from online stores, and get them to your local tailor and let them stitch a dress for you - and trust us, they will be very happy for your business.

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It may seem like everyone shops from the same places (which may be true!) but there's still a way to find unique pieces that few others have spotted. The best dresses do go first, and the thing with them being prominently featured on the home page or high up in the listings is many women would have already bought them. Employ the same skills you'd use at a physical store to clinch the prettiest clothes at a massive clearance sale! Dig deep, be alert and focused, and most importantly - be prepared to swoop in without a moments hesitation when you find something gorgeous!