With Mumbai at the Forefront, Can Pune Be Left Behind as a Shopping Destination(2019)? Go Through This List Pune and Find Yourself Going on a Shopping Frenzy

With Mumbai at the Forefront, Can Pune Be Left Behind as a Shopping Destination(2019)? Go Through This List Pune and Find Yourself Going on a Shopping Frenzy

Markets, crowds and a lot of bargaining are all the ingredients to a dynamic shopping experience. Street shopping has its charms. We know how content it feels when one finds just what's on their mind after an extensive hunt through the entire market. Also, is there anything one can't find on our streets? Here are the things that you can buy from Pune that must never be missed out:

Best Places in Pune for Shopping

Hong Kong Lane

If you are new to Pune and are wondering where to shop in Pune, then head straight to Hong Kong Lane for the best variety! From imported merchandise to clothing, jewelry, belts, accessories and all sorts of fashion items, you can buy it all from here. Located in the Deccan Gymkhana area, this is the most happening place in Pune where all sorts of stuff are easily available at super affordable prices.

Fergusson College Road

Fergusson College Road or F. C. Road in Pune is one of the most popular shopping areas for Puneites. It remains open from 10 am to 10 pm and you can find literally anything out here, but it is more popular for fashion accessories and other similar stuff. The prices are too good to be true on F. C. Road and most of the time you won’t even need to do any bargaining here. You can buy shoes, bags, earrings, etc. from this market in Pune.

Fashion Street

If you think Fashion Street is located only in Mumbai then you should pay a visit to Fashion Street in Pune to change your mind. This place is no less than a paradise for fashion addicts. If you are planning for a wardrobe makeover on a budget, then you should buy your items from here. It is located in the Kasba Peth area of Pune and remains open from 9 am to 9 pm.

Laxmi Road

Laxmi Road is one of the oldest and cheapest shopping areas in Pune. It is located in the Old Pune area and it is super popular for buying sarees. From modern to traditional Paithani sarees, you can buy it all here. You will mostly spot women buying silk and Paithani sarees here. Also, fashion accessories like earrings and makeup items and even matching footwear, can all be found on Laxmi Road in Pune.

Bajirao Road

Your next destination for the best shopping in Pune can be Bajirao Road. While other places in Pune are more popular for accessories and clothing, Bajirao Road is more suitable for buying home decor items on a budget. You can buy exact replicas of high-end furniture brands at a super affordable price. You can visit this place from 9.30 am to 6 pm.

Wonderful Things to Buy in Pune


Pune is quite like the underdog which never gets its share of popularity and fame because Mumbai is stealing it all from it. However, only the people living in Pune know that they have some of the best markets to buy everything they want.

One of the most prominent things to buy in Pune would be accessories. You can shop for all sorts of accessories here to match with your outfit. From bags to footwear to earrings, sunglasses, bangles and all the rest, Pune always has it all for you.

You can visit Hong Kong Lane for it and you have other options too like Laxmi Road and Fergusson College Road. Don’t worry because the prices here are super-duper affordable. We would recommend you to do shopping in the evening so that you can also enjoy some snacks and street food too.

Home Decor Items

Wondering what to buy in Pune which is not related to fashion? We have the perfect recommendation for you. Pune has such an amazing market dedicated to just home decor items. If you are living in Pune and looking for a complete home makeover, then you should better visit Bajirao Road for it.

This area has it all what it takes to give your home a makeover on a budget. In fact, people just love the vibes here as this road is always bustling with crowds. One of the best things about Bajirao Road is that you even find places which provide the facility of customized and self-designed furniture too. If you are lucky enough then you can even find the imitations of popular high-end furniture brands too.


Don’t be sad if you can’t go to Kolhapur to buy those authentic Kolhapuri Slippers because Pune has even better to offer. You can find those slippers in Pune itself along with a lot of different range of footwear of all types and for people of all ages.

You can visit Fergusson College Road and you will find thousands of trendy footwear out there to pick from. Not only footwear but you can also find matching bags and earrings too. The key to finding affordable footwear is to always opt for bargaining and shopping in bulk. You can find some amazing deals here from the street vendors and surprisingly the quality is also great. If you are looking for buying embroidered jutis then you can visit the Clove Center for it.

Exotic Dry Fruits and Vegetables

This is the perfect opportunity for the locals or people from somewhere else living in Pune to find a spot for shopping exotic dry fruits and fresh vegetables in Pune. Buying such items is perfect for giving souvenirs for your loved ones living elsewhere.

There is this place in Pune called Mahatma Phule Mandai which is a one-stop destination for shopping fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits etc. and a lot more than that. You can even find bikes, cards, pets of all types etc. being sold here. There are more than 500 stalls in this area so of course, the variety is massive. This is a loud and busy place so making a bargain might be a difficult task here. But having so many options always end up profiting you in the best way.


Leave everything you are doing and find out the best answer to what to buy in Pune right here and right now! Books are probably the most offbeat item anyone would want to buy during their trip to Pune. But this is a perfect opportunity for someone who is a huge bookworm. We have the perfect recommendation for such book lovers as this market in Pune called Appa Balwant Chowk or ABC is all about books, from start to end.

You are going to find several shops selling books and stationery items here, so basically, this is no less than a heaven for book and stationery lovers. From new to old to reused books, you can find it all here at extremely affordable prices along with school bags, mats, travel bags, etc.

Imitation Jewellery

Come on, you can’t wear that gold set of yours to every other place in the world and this is why imitation jewellery has always been the need of the hour. Pune has ideal places to buy such jewellery too with options so versatile that you will probably end up buying more than you needed.

Laxmi Road is the perfect place for this where you can buy earrings, gold and diamond jewellery (imitation), etc. You can also find beautiful Paithani and silk sarees in this market too. Match your outfit with makeup and beauty products found in this market as well. So, Laxmi Road is like the wholesome area to buy everything you need to get ready for a wedding or a function.

Fashionable and Trendy Clothing

There is no particular wholesale cloth market in Pune but if you are looking for fashionable and trendy clothing options then you just can’t miss out on the Fashion Street in Pune. This is as popular and versatile as the one we have in Mumbai and you will definitely find some really amazing clothes here.

Whether it is for a party or for a Puja, you can find all sorts of garment in the Fashion Street. And obviously, the key to a good purchase here is the art of bargaining with the sellers just like those of Sarojini Nagar in New Delhi. Fashion Street is perfect to give your wardrobe a wonderful makeover on a budget. Well, the streets here are narrow and crowded but you get to choose from over 400 stalls here.


Juna Bazaar is like the heart of Pune and just like its name, you can find everything here on a price hard to imagine. If you are looking for unique antique pieces to buy for your home/office or anyplace else then Juna Bazaar is the ultimate place to be.

Also known as the Old Market, this bazaar is quite like the flea market where you can find hardware tools, exclusive antiques, junk accessories and a lot more. And of course, you can also spot some unique and ancient sort of jewellery and clothes out here too. If you are experimental with your fashion and home decor then Juna Bazaar is the perfect place for you.

Traditional Sweets and Other Food Items

Interestingly, Pune is not just about fashion items and home decor pieces only. It is as mouth-watering as it is heartwarming and for this, you've got to buy the traditional sweets and other popular local food items out there. For this, you got two options which are: M. G. Road and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. Talking about M. G. Road first, you can find numerous shops offering a wide variety of chips here along with cakes and wafers too.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar, on the other hand, is a relatively smaller marketplace where you can find various sweet shops. It is located on the other side of the river Mutha and the sweet shops here sell traditional pedas, burfis and delicious Amrakhanda too. You are going to love having these sweets in Pune.

Traditional Sarees

If you are thinking about buying Pune's special gifts for the women in your life then we have this perfect suggestion for you. You can buy traditional Paithani sarees for them which are these long 9 yards sarees worn traditionally. For this, you can pay a visit to Laxmi Road which is quite a popular area for buying not only traditional Paithani saree but silk sarees and other modern sarees too.

You can also buy matching jewellery, bangles, earrings, bags, footwear, etc. in this area itself. Everything is so affordable here in Pune that you won’t even think about buying them from somewhere else.

What Else You Can Do in Pune Apart from Shopping?

Well, that was all about the street shopping in Pune but if you want to do something else then we have perfect recommendations for you. Apparently, Pune is not just about shopping but offers some thrilling and interesting adventures too. If you have some spare time to spend in Pune then you can try your hands at these activities listed below.


Pune might be considered as an offbeat location for trekking but you are surely going to love it. This is one of the best things you can do in Pune apart from shopping. You have numerous options for the same like Lohagad Fort, Bhimashankar, Ratangad and many more. Most of these places are located a little outside Pune but you can spot beautiful greenery all around these places.

Binge Eating

Not just Mumbai but Pune too also offers you the chance to binge eat here at local restaurants and street vendors. You can spot small stalls all across the city where the food is not only delicious but super affordable too. You can also take part in the Pune Cuisine Tour that exists in the city. Starting from a house in Pune, you can explore various markets in Pune for binge eating sessions all day long.


Apart from wondering what to buy in Pune, now you will also get to know where you can fly in Pune. You get this amazing opportunity through paragliding in Pune. There is a paragliding avenue located in Kamshet where you can enjoy this thrilling activity over a vast terrain.

River Rafting

This is so hard to imagine that a calm and peaceful city like Pune has so much to offer to the tourists. You can even enjoy a session of river rafting here. You can enjoy it in Kundalika where you will get to witness the beauty and nature’s landscapes of Kolad. Of course, this is going to be quite adventurous but you will enjoy your heart out.

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