Still, Wondering How to  Make the Best of Your Vacation? Fret Not! Here's All You Need to Know: 10 Best Places to Visit in Lonavala That Will Leave You Awestruck (2020)

Still, Wondering How to Make the Best of Your Vacation? Fret Not! Here's All You Need to Know: 10 Best Places to Visit in Lonavala That Will Leave You Awestruck (2020)

Every Busy City in the World needs a peaceful and attractive place which can pamper the minds & souls of its residents. Lonavala is located between Mumbai and Pune, two metropolitan cities. As a tourist to Lonavala, you will realize why the slogan of Tourism of India says ‘Incredible India’. There are some places that you must visit if you are in Lonavala or if you’re wondering about a trip to Lonavala that is bound to mesmerize you.

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Why is Lonavala So Popular?

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station in the state of Maharashtra. It is famously known as the jewel of Sahyadri Mountains. This jewel of Sahyadri Mountains is also an important gateway from Mumbai to Pune. All of these aspect coupled with its exotic sites ranging from the Tiger’s leap to Valvan Dam make this the dream spot for tourists all across the world. The spot also has a Yoga centre nearby it for health-conscious travellers.

The optimal time to visit this dreamy spot is from October to May. To avoid heavy rainfalls that will restrict the exquisite spots you can visit, evade visiting Lonavala from June to September.

10 Best Places to Visit in Lonavala

Tiger’s Leap


Tiger’s Leap is the dreamiest of all-natural places that lie 600 meters above sea level. It gets its unique name due to the similarity of the spot with that of a tiger’s leap over a valley. The spot is just eight kilometres away from Lonavala. The clifftop has made its way to the top of this list due to the exotic view it offers of the Western Ghats. Glancing over a vast vista of mountains from this top will make you feel like you’re at the top of the world! A whimsical experience such as this is what poetic writers describe in their fanciful writings.

A cheery on the top is the steep waterfall nearby this spot, which streams unsurpassed during stormy seasons. It unwinds in the deep blue water with immense energy since the slope of the fall is very steep. After the inundated drop, the waterfall changes into in-stream that flows flawlessly around the base of the Tiger’s Leap. Tourists from all across the globe make their way to the Tiger’s Leap to practice for games such as canoeing and rowing when the stream’s flow is less intense. Another amazing must-visit spot of the Tiger’s Leap is the echo point.

Bhaja Caves, Lonavala

If you’re searching for an experience that’s a perfect amalgamation of history and thrill in India, Bhaja Caves should be on your bucket list. Bhaja Caves are situated at Lonavala and date as back into time as 160 BC. These twenty-two groups of caves that are rock-cut have been in existence from the first century BC! You’ll get all kinds of sensations from the stories that have been absorbed in these caves.

These caves are the biggest Hinyana Buddhist temple in India. The exquisite architecture of these caves represents a flawless combination of both the cultures and traditions of the ancient Indian period. You’ll find yourself intrigued with Stupas-caves that has been carved on both the inside and outside. You’ll discover a cluster of fourteen stupas just around the Bhaja caves. However, these aren’t merely rocky caves with just the rocks to offer. The lush greenery that surrounds the caves presents a visually pleasing sight for all. Not only has this but the caves also entailed a striking waterfall that offers its visitors a chilly yet refreshing swim. All of these aspects have made the Bhaja caves the dream destination for individuals who want to experience both history and adventure at their peak.

Furthermore, lush greenery all around the caves creates a spectacular aura that pleases many eyes. Also, there is a magnificent waterfall close to the cave that offers you a chance to take a delightful dip into it. The visitors will discover an unusual cluster of 14 stupas, nine in exterior, and five in the interior of a smaller cave. Thus, Bhaja caves are the go-to destinations for all those who are history enthusiasts. It will prove to be an amazing sightseeing trip to the past glory of mythological India.

Karla Caves

Karla Caves, also commonly referred to as Karli or Karle Caves, is located around a hundred kilometres from Mumbai or around forty kilometres from Pune. These impeccable rock-cut cave complexes, consisting of sixteen caves, are one of the oldest yet most magnificent caves that the world has to offer. An amalgamation of both Indian and Buddhist ethnicity, Karla Caves features the famous Buddhist viharas as well as a Hindu temple of Goddess Renuka. It is, like the Bhaja Caves, the perfect combination of both history and adventure.

The Karla Caves have striking sculptures, highlighting the ancient woodwork, in the details and garnishing at both ends of the central gateway and on the inside. These carvings portray a wide array of ancient figures ranging from humans to elephants and lions. The elephant carvings are believed to have developed from original ivory tusks that stun a lot of the visitors. The light sources that have been carved in the Karla Caves to deliver a soothing effect to the exquisite sculptures are another whimsical aspect of these caves. You’ll enter the cave to find out a muffled ray of sunlight gently touching these surfaces!

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort, also known as Vitandgad, is an imposing hillside fortress situated on the apex of the Tikona peak. The fort is as high as 3000 feet from the ground. It is a popular one-day trekking spot for tourists from all across the globe. We’ve jotted down a couple of places that you must visit while you’re at the magnificent Tikona Fort. To begin with, you should visit the Morvi Dongar. It is a picturesque tourist attraction in the mid of dense lush forests. It houses various species of animals and birds that you won’t find elsewhere. The two activities that you can go for at Morvi Dongar are trekking and sky gazing. An experience such as this is essential to refresh your mind of the burdens every once in a while.

Another spot that is a must-go is the Scorpion’s Sting. The name itself intrigues all. The beautiful spot expands across a distance of thirty-eight kilometres and is located six hundred meters above sea level. Then, you can always go for the lion’s point. The lion’s point is one of its kinds for the trekking experiences it provides; not only tourists but also the locals from Lonavala and Khandala visit Lion’s point now and then. The apex of the lion’s point provides some mesmeric views of the spectacular valleys that stretch far and wide.

Aamby Valley

The aamby valley is an exquisite, isolated city with a plethora of socio-physical infrastructures ranging from schools, shopping malls to recreational areas. It is situated at a distance of about a 100-kilo meters from Mumbai and 90-kilo meters from Pune. The Aamby Valley is created to meet the international standards of comfort, relaxation and smoothness. If you’re worried about its distance from the major cities, fret not. You’d get access to all the captive utilities such as power, robust telecommunications and Wi-Fi at this valley. What luxury city has a robust water waste treatment system? Well, the Aamby Valley does. It surprises engineers from across the globe with its well-planned structures at every corner of the valley. The Aamby Valley also boasts well designed and premium resorts, hotels, villas and everything you need to spend a relaxing time during your vacations to clear your mind of the burdens of everyday hassles.

If you’re a golf lover, you’ll find yourself amazed with a huge eighteen holes golf resort. The famous golf course at the valley was designed by David Hemstock associates (UK). It was then upgraded and remodelled for championship tournaments. The Aamby Valley is one of the few extravagant cities that offer its tourists a PGA credited golfing academy.

Duke Nose Point

The Duke’s Nose is the perfect spot to revitalize you. It is one of the most popular spots to visit near Shivaji in Lonavala. This point is situated at a distance of eight-kilo meters from Khandala Railway Stations and ten-kilo meters from Lonavala Railway Station.

What might be catching your interest is the unique name of the point. The Duke’s Nose gets its name from the Duke of Wellington; the similarity of the point with that of the duke’s reclining nose catches the attention of tourists from across the globe. The high altitude of the picturesque point makes it a revitalizing point. The rocky terrain coupled with the ease of accessibility makes it immensely popular among the foreigners as well as the natives. It is also popular for the fun activities such as rock climbing, hiking, trekking and so much more. Even though the cliffs are very steep, the top of the Duke’s Nose point offers a flat terrain for you to wade through its sides.

Two routes will lead you to this wonderful site; the first emerges from the Khandala railway station while the second makes its way from the Kurvande. The former takes about three to four hours while the latter takes about two hours.

Bhushi Dam

Any experienced tourist guide would recommend you to visit the Bhushi Damn. As far as its history is concerned, the dam was established in the late 1800s to provide water for the steam motors of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. The water from the dam was used by the regions Lonavala, Khandala and railway stations by cast-press funnels.

The view of the Bhushi Dam, however, is stunning during a stormy season; in this season, the water streams over a series of cascade-like steps and then progresses towards the vast rocky landscape. The amalgamation of water and the vast rocky landscapes provides a fun view. People from all across the globe visit the Bhushi Dam on the weekends and amid important occasions occurring nearby. A striking waterfall nearby Bhushi Dam gains mass volumes of water as the water sprouts out of the dam during stormy months. Even though taking a dip in the dam is restricted, the lush greenery, rocky terrains, and refreshing cold water attract all types of crowds during a rainfall. The old and the young, all visitors take joy from merely splashing the water, wading around the cascades and bathing in rainwater.

Ryewood Park

Ryewood Park has situated nearby the Lonavala market; it was initially planned out to be a botanical garden and later remodelled to facilitate a lot more than that. The exotic park is spread over an area of twenty-five acres; with such a huge space dedicated to rare and decorative plant species, the park has made its way to the heart of many tourists. The glamorous, colourful and abundant flowers that have been planted in the park radiate freshness all across it.

It has a lot of spaces for the tourists to sit back and relax in. The lush green environment that offers nothing but peace helps you lighten your head of all worldly affairs. If you’re planning a trip you’re your kids, you should put the Ryewood Park on it. It has swung to entertain kids as well as bring out the inner kid in you. It is the favourite spot of the kids in nearby areas.

Apart from all of these wonderful aspects, the Ryewood Park houses a Shiva Temple which also makes it a perfect mediation centre. The park stays open throughout the day; however, we’d recommend you visit it in the early morning or late evening.

Valvan Dam

What perfectly describes the Valva Dam is the lavish greenery and serene environment. The Valvan Dam is an impeccable outing spot located nearby Lonavala in Maharashtra. It is a gigantic water barrage, owned by Tata Power that delivers water for the generation of electricity at the Khopoli power station. The dam is surrounded by an utterly peaceful environment. The scenic views and lakes that surround the dam make it one of a kind. If you are a nature lover, the Valvan Dam should be on your bucket list. Furthermore, if you’re into photography, the place will offer you a plethora of exotic views to capture and relish till the end of time. Foreigners from all across the globe visit this area just to seek solace.

With a height of 27 meters and a length as large as a thousand meters, the dam offers the view of nature from its very location. The dam also has a beautiful garden at its very base to accommodate the tourists. You can pack your picnic baskets and head towards the dam to spend a splendid time you’re your friends and family. Apart from all of these features, the Valvan dam has a distinct architecture that makes use of top-notch designs to distinguish it from the rest.

Rajmachi Fort

Last but not least, the traditional fort of Rajmachi is situated in the Karjat region and is the epitome of lost beauties of its time. These exotic forts were constructed by Shivaji Maharaj back in the 17th century. What distinguishes these forts from many others is the trek that allows you to take a journey through the striking hidden landscapes of the region. Avid travellers come from across the country to hike their way around the fort while absorbing both the culture and history of India.

This striking beauty can be reached through two routes, from the Kondivide village and Lonavala. Even though the former can get a bit trickier, the latter provides the easiest route to reach Rajmachi fort in no time. Merely making your way to the fort allows you to unravel the mysteries of ancient times. Understanding the architecture of the Shrivardhan fort and manoranjan fort, while trekking through the Rajmachi fort, will leave you enchanted for days to come.

The trek also allows you to unravel some dense yet unique forests. You’ll discover exotic waterfalls and lush greenery through every turn while trekking! The best time to visit the Rajmachi fort is during winters.

What's More Intriguing Than a Museum? A Wax Museum

The celebrity wax museum is saved up for the last because it’s the best. If you’ve liked all of the exotic spots mentioned above, you should rivet through this wax museum. Why make your way to London’s Madame Tussauds when you can get just the optimal experience in Rs 100? Yes! The wax museum that houses a plethora of impeccable status has an entry ticket for just Rs 100!

Celebrity Wax Museum is a greatly expansive, amiable and astounding advent of Sunil Kandalloor. The museum is surrounded by lush greenery, shady trees and blissful dew drops that leave you wanting for more. The floral blooms during spring make the museum a splendid spot for not only feeling the joy of sharing moments with your favourite celebrities but also for having a mesmerizing time with your family amid nature.

You’ll find striking statues of figures ranging from Kapil Dev and Saddam Hussein to Angelina Jolie. The museum in itself holds numerous surprises for you. If you haven’t been to the wax museum yet, we suggest you don’t think twice and get yourself a ticket!

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Lonavala is a wonderful place to spend your vacation. Consider all the listed Tourist places in Lonavala whenever you are visiting there. Lonavala is so popular for its picturesque scenery, forts and various viewpoints. If you are visiting to Lonavala with friends or family, it always guarantees a good time.