Whether Travelling with Loved Ones, Friends or Colleagues, Here is a List of 10 Places to Visit in June in India. These Exotic and Tropical Destinations Will Make You Forget All About Hot Summer Days!

Whether Travelling with Loved Ones, Friends or Colleagues, Here is a List of 10 Places to Visit in June in India. These Exotic and Tropical Destinations Will Make You Forget All About Hot Summer Days!

With interesting adventures such as rappeling, snorkeling and water zorbing, you are sure the fun is endless within the named destinations in India. Not only will you have fun, but also enjoy serene views and very beautiful landscapes and beaches. As mentioned, there are a lot of things to do, taking away the boredom of the everyday life in the normal world.

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What Weather to Expect When Travelling in India in June?

June normally marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of the monsoon season in India. Hence, it is a good time to travel but a lot of places still are hot because the monsoon is not at its peak. If you are planning to visit places with beach, then expect humid weather.

Avoid going to places which have desert. Places like Rajasthan and Gujarat are still hot in June. It is actually uncomfortable to travel and explore in hot and humid weather. If you want to travel in June, then hill stations are the best option.

India has a lot of hill stations to offer in almost all the parts. However, the best ones are in the northern part as they are closer to the Himalayas. So, they offer a great view and climate. You can also spot a lot of greenery and pretty waterfall in the month of June.

Places Where You Can Have Fun Splashing About in Water

Go for White Water River Rafting at Rishikesh

India has a lot of amazing things to offer in the month of June. Rishikesh is one such place. It is a hill station and it offers a lot of different adventure activities. June is a great time to visit this place as it has a good weather.

The most famous activity in Rishikesh is the white water river rafting. The location is beautiful and the current of the water is perfect to perform the activity. There are trained professionals who accompany you while rafting.

The adventure companies also provide with professional equipments. June is the perfect time to perform this activity because it closes in July and August because of the full fledged monsoon season. Plan a trip to Rishikesh with your friends and enjoy such adrenaline driven activities.

Witness the Beauty of Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa

Dudhsagar waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Goa. It is also called the sea of milk because it looks like one. The waterfall is 60 km far from the capital of Goa which is Panjim.

It is located on the Mandovi river. It is accessible by train and the nearest railway station is the Castle rock railway station. After getting down on this station, you will have to trek till you reach the falls. You will find a 20 meters dark tunnel which makes the trek a bit difficult and exciting.

The whole journey is totally adventure driven. Avoid visiting this place if you are travelling with kids. Also, carry food and water as there is nothing available nearby. This place should not be missed in June because it starts to rain at Goa in June.

The waterfall looks spectacular in the monsoon months as it has more water. It is also fun to trek and visit a waterfall while it rains. There is also a jeep trail which starts from Kulem. It is an another route to reach the falls.

Visit the Monsoon Fest at Saputara

Saputara is a hill station which is divided between two states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. June is the best time to visit this place because you will get to see the rainfall, greenery and waterfall. Saputara also hosts a monsoon festival.

The festival is hosted by Gujarat tourism of India and has a lot of different events lined up for the tourists. A lot of cultural events are hosted which include traditional dance and singing performances. You can also expect to witness a boat race.

A lot of troops from different states perform in the festival. Apart from that, Saputara is surrounded by a lot of forests. Hence, you can expect to trek in the surrounding areas with a local guide. Boating and water zorbing is also available as an activity.

Cool Places to Visit to Beat the Summer Heat


Ladakh which is also known as the land of high passes is a beautiful hill station in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. It falls in the Karakorum range with snow clad mountains. It offers barren valleys, stunning lakes and mesmerising mountain passes.

A lot of people prefer a road trip to get here. They usually start from Delhi on bikes or open jeeps. A road trip is a thrilling experience in its own. It is located on a very high altitude and thus, is a perfect place to visit in June.

If you are living in a city, then it will definately be hot in the month of June. Thus, planning a trip to Ladakh will help you beat the heat and unwind in a pleasant and beautiful environment. You will fall in love with the scenic views here and feel like stopping the time.


Manali is again a beautiful hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh. It has the gurgling Beas river which is the highlight of the place. It is said that the river has clean water and can be used for drinking directly.

Apart from that, it has temples, monasteries and even hot water streams. Manali is a place that can be explored on foot because every lane has something different to offer. You can find cute cafes and bakeries in tiny lanes.

Also, do not forget to relish fresh seasonal fruits in Manali. This hill station also gives you the opportunity to stay in tents and star gaze at night. There are a lot of adventure activities like zip line, rappelling and river rafting, available.


Auli is a town in Uttarakhand which is covered with snow all round the year. It is also called as the ski destination of India. The place is surrounded by dense forests and it offers some breathtaking views form the Himalayas.

There are a lot of different trekking routes that this place offers. You can also witness the mesmerising views of Nanda devi peak, Mana peak and Kamet peak. It is said that the sunrise in Auli is stunning and should not be missed at all.

Auli has some trained ski instructors who can guide you while skiing. Even beginners can learn to ski here. You can also drive the longest Gondola cable car ride which is the longest in Asia. Do not forget to flaunt your boots in the snow.


Coorg is again a hill station but it is located in the southern part of India. It is located in Karnataka and is accessible through road from Mysore and Bangalore. Coorg has its own charm because there are a lot of different coffee plantation estates available.

You can also choose to dump the regular hotels and stay in a coffee estate. A lot of guides also offer you a tour through the coffee plantation farms and serve you some fresh coffee. Apart from that, it has some stunning views to offer.

It is a great idea to go for a long drive in the hills here. It also has an elephant camp where you can play with the elephants and feed them too. Also, there is a botanical park which will take you back to the Jungle book stories. It is a must visit place.

Coorg again offers a lot of different treks for beginners and intermediates. A lot of travel companies organise treks and star gazing activities there. You can contact them once you get there.

Places to Getaway if You Have Kids in Tow


Gangtok is located in the eastern part of India. It is again situated in the lap of Himalayas and offers some surreal views. It offers some great hilltop hotels with pretty lakes and gushing waterfalls.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do with your kids. It has a double ropeway zig back ride which can carry up to 24 passengers. Kids will enjoy this cable car ride a lot. Gangtok also offers Yak safari which will be a complete new experience for you and your kids.

It also offers thrilling activities like paragliding, mountain biking and river rafting. If your kids are grown up, they can take part in them. Gangtok is also known for its sunset at the Tashi view point. Apart from that, it also offers some history at the Hanuman tok which you can visit with your kids.


Mussoorie is surrounded by hills which are covered with trees. The weather in June is fantastic and hence, it is a great place to visit with kids. The place is perfect for unwinding the work stress and relaxing.

It has some picturesque views. You can expect to just walk hands in hand with your husband on the hilly roads. On the other hand, your kids can play some outdoor games in the fresh and pure environment.

It has some great bazaars like Landour bazaar and Char dukaan which offer some good local souvenirs. Mussoorie also offers a cable car ride which your kids will really enjoy. Plan this trip with a group of families so that you and your kids, both have company.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is located in Rajasthan. The area is filled with dense trees, thus the weather is pleasant there in June. Kids would love a getaway like this because the national park in known for tigers.

The tigers are just normally moving around in their natural habitat. Spotting them will surely give happiness and goosebumps to your kids. There are a lot of national parks in the country but spotting tigers in Ranthambore is the easiest.

Although the weather is hot, tigers can be spotted easily during summers. This is because they generally come out of their hiding places to drink water. Thus, June is an appropriate time to visit. The national park is also home to deers, nilgais, bears, langur, marsh crocodiles and 500 different species of birds.

Romantic Places to Enjoy with Your Bae


Goa is a beautiful place which is filled with different types of beaches. Some are filled with sharks and people while some are tranquil and serene. Many people say that June is not the best time to visit the place because of humidity.

However, Goa is less crowded during this time. Apart from that, you can encounter occasional showers while sitting on the beach which makes it a romantic ambience, worth enjoying. Also, quite a few places are closed in Goa but many are open as well.

Apart from that, it is off season in Goa and thus, you can get budgetary hotel rooms. You can expect to walk hand in hand with your boyfriend on the beach while sipping some beers. Goa also offers some amazing couple spa options which will help you relax and calm your mind.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

It is the most appropriate place to visit while in India in the month June. First of all, it is an exotic island which will actually make you feel as if you are abroad. It has diverse wildlife with a variety of water sports to offer.

It also has rich history and culture to offer. The light and sound show which portrays the history of Kala Paani is a must watch. Apart from that, the location offers romantic views. You can go boating or diving with your sweetheart.

It is also a good destination if you are planning to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can plan a candle light dinner right at the beach and under the stars. You can also hire a photographer and click all those cheesy romantic pictures in this location for lifelong memories.


Lakshadweep is an archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs on the coast of Kerala. June is a time for monsoon which makes this location look even more beautiful. The interesting this about these islands is that not all are inhabited. Also, only few are open to the visitors.

You can enjoy fishing in one of the islands which is known as the Minicoy island. The Agatti island has some breathtaking views of lagoons which make it look beautiful. It is an ideal place to spend some quality time with your bae.

Lakshadweep also offers an opportunity to explore corals and fishing with kite flying. Swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling is also possible here. It is also a heaven for people who enjoy seafood. Spend a romantic evening dancing and getting drunk with your husband on one of the islands.

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Though the monsoon season or weather in India is a rainy season, during June, Summer is almost over and there is still a chance to enjoy visiting some exotic locations. Though it is recommended to stick to destinations such as hill stations, one can have a go at the beaches on the off chance it isn't raining. All the same, it best to adhere to the travel guides, and here in, BP-Guide has detailed to you some of the best destinations to visit in the Monsoon weather during the month of June.