Trekking is the Best Part to Explore the Real Nature in Woods! If You Planning Trekking Trip in Manali in (2020) This Guide Help You to Get Breathtaking View of Manali

Trekking is the Best Part to Explore the Real Nature in Woods! If You Planning Trekking Trip in Manali in (2020) This Guide Help You to Get Breathtaking View of Manali

Manali is probably the first destination that comes into the minds of amateurs and pros alike when it comes to trekking. Nestled in the state of Himachal Pradesh, treks in Manali not only provide beautiful snow-covered views but also an opportunity to explore adventurous like trekking, Paragliding, skiing and river rafting. Manali is quite famous for trekking among youngsters. There are so many good places to trek in around Manali, Some of them are listed below:

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Points to Consider before Setting out

  • Be aware of your fitness
    Before setting out on the hiking trip, you need to judge your fitness. You should not be on the journey unless you are physically fit to sustain the exhaustive travelling to be done. You should undertake some serious stress training exercises after consulting your physician. It will help you on the trek at most of the time you would be on your own and walking.

  • Novices must get initial training
    Learners must undertake the necessary training to endure the strenuous trekking exercise. At the least, you must start by walking for an hour in the morning and the evening. You also need some workout sessions to stay fit. Some leg-based cardio exercises will be helpful for you. It also helps if you train on some rough terrain rather than only in the gym or paved roads.

  • Pack all necessary items
    You should pack all your required items before you start your journey. You need a lot of snacks and a water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout the trip. You also need a backpack with a large number of compartments to store all the items that you require, and that can be brought out quickly when needed. Do carry out an online search for the things that you must carry with you.

  • Stay with the pack
    It is in your interests to stay with the pack and not to fall too far behind. Staying away from the pack can lead to trouble. The ideal case could be you may have strained your legs. Do some stretching. But before everything, do buy a pair of trekking shoes before the trip.

  • The best season to go trekking
    The best season for trekking in the Himalayas is between May – June and September – October. The monsoons in the hills are also what attracts a lot of tourists, but it is advisable not to go trekking. Summer and autumn are the ideal trekking periods in the mountains.

The Best Treks in Manali

Manali is around 2,500 metres above sea level and has good connectivity with the major cities nearby. You can easily travel from Delhi or Chandigarh. Manali also has many tourist places nearby which brings in more trekkers. As you move ahead on the trek, people are mesmerised with the sight of the greenery among the tall mountains. At places, you may also have a glimpse of the Beas river.

Beas Kund Trek

It is one of the best treks around and takes you to the source of the Beas river that flows downstream into Manali too. The reason that adventuress flock to this place is because of its sheer beauty. The greenery surrounded by the mountains of the Pir Panjal and the hidden lake from which the Beas flows. This is what brings people to this trek.

The trail brings people close to the big mountains near Manali; viz. The Ladakhi, Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar. The views of these mountains are the reward that people for coming on this trek. Most mountaineering institutes have their base camp on this trail. Visitors can also spot other Pir Panjal peaks, like the Deo Tibba and the Indrasen.

The trail through the deodar forests also takes you to Dhundhi and Bakarthach. Small streams are flowing through the greenery. On the path, you can go through strawberry trees and mushrooms. The ideal time for this trek between mid-May to July-end. Avoid the trek during the monsoons. You can also try between September to October before the winter sets.

Bhirgu Lake Trek

The high altitude lakes are difficult to reach, and this makes the trek more exciting. It brings out the best for you, but the rewards of completing the trek are fantastic. The lake in itself offers a breathtaking view in the background of the snow-capped peaks and green meadows. Those who are physically fit can enjoy the trek to the fullest.

From the greenery, you can also view the peaks of the Dhauladhar and the Pir Panjal dotting the sky. On the trail, you can also have a great view of the Deo Tibba & Hanuman Tibba as they say that you need to wait till the end to reap the benefits. The trekkers find an excellent view of the vast snowfield and chunks of ice could be seen floating on the lake. Travellers are allowed to visit the lake between mid-May till October. It is suggested that you do not visit during the monsoons. You need to pack your woollens in summer also as the night temperatures are around 5-7 degrees Celsius.

Hampta Pass Trek

A crossover trek, the trek to Hamta Pass is both awe-inspiring and magnificent. You will find the Kullu valley with its expansive lush meadows and the desert valley of Lahaul on the other side. The landscape changes very fast along with the entire duration of the trek. While returning from the trek, you can also opt to drive past the Rohtang Pass.

Shea Goru is one place where you must be camping. It is an oasis of greenery amid the Lahaul Valley. It is also very cold here. You will need your woollens and keep them handy. A major attraction is the high altitude lake of Chandratal in Spiti. The lake has remained a virgin with few people visiting the place. The colours of the lake in the mountainous background add to the grandeur.

Khar Myundari Trek

Those looking for a relaxed weekend trek in Manali can opt for this one. Travellers need to wade through knee-high shrubs with violet or white Himalayan flowers. All with the majestic Himalayas in the background. You will also find lush greeneries sloping up the mountainside. Most people start the trek at Setan. You can also look for a local guide if you do not want an added thrill to trek on your own.

You will be taken past lazy mountain streams through thick deodar and pine forests. In the lap of nature, you can also pluck some ripe fruits from the tree and have them later. You will get great views of the Kullu Valley when you move along the trail.

Chandratal Baralacha Trek

The trek takes you past the scenic beauty of nature and through beautiful valleys, serene villages and dense forests. In all, an excellent experience amid the impressive landscapes and staying amid nature. The Chandratal Lake at an altitude of 4,300 metres is the reward that you get on completing this trek. The lake is the source of the Chandra River, which is a major tributary of the Chenab. The beauty of the lake in the middle of the mountains is ideal for photography. While moving towards the lake, you can also have a magnificent panoramic view of the Lahaul range.

The climb to the Baralacha La is where the trek culminates. It is at the height of 4890 metres and is on the Leh to Manali highway. The same road connects the regions of Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul. As you move ahead in the trek, the greenery of the Kullu valley gives way to the visibly barren mountains of Lahaul. Trekkers can have an awesome view of the snow-capped peaks and glaciers and the ice-cold small, rustic streams.

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

The trek to the base camp of Deo Tibba takes you past the dense forests of oak, pine, fir, spruce and silver birch. The trekkers are awed on seeing the mighty Jagatsukh, Norbu and Deo Tibba. To top it off, there is the Chotta Chandrataal lake at the foot of the Deo Tibba. You will also be able to gaze at the meadows and waterfalls while moving ahead on the trail.

It is a heavenly experience for the lover of photography. The mountains combining with the plains down below make for an awe-inspiring combination. People spend their time gazing at the peaks. The best time to undertake the trek is in summer and autumn from May-June and September-October. Avoid the trek during the monsoons.

Bijli Mahadev Trek

A trek to the Bijli Mahadev Temple will take you through the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary. It will also take you past the deodar forests giving impressive views of the fast-running Beas and Parvati. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is among the most sacred temples in Himachal. Trekkers usually start the trek at Naggar and take you past stunning landscapes. You can see the snow-capped peaks and mesmerising views of the Kullu Valley.

Going through the Jana village, you will also come across the orchards of pomegranate, pear and apple. It feels excellent to pluck some and have it all fresh amid nature. You can end the trip at Sharsari in the Parvati Valley and drive down to Manikaran for a dip in the hot springs. This moderately difficult trek is best undertaken in the summer.

Rani Sui Lake Trek

It is also among the treks that lead you to a Himalayan lake. Most treks to the location are started from near the Hadimba Temple. While you reach the lake, you will be mesmerised by the changing colours of the scenery in the valley below. The trail passes through Lamadugh that is covered with flowers of various hues.

The lake is at 3,790 metres and is above Manali. The area around the lake is littered in summer with flowers of different colours, making it a photographer's paradise. The lake can be reached by various, and the different trek organizers have their specific routes. Apart from the Pir Panjal range, trekkers also have a great view of the Rohtang Pass, Indrasen, Deo Tibba, Jagatsukh and Hanuman Tibba. The best time for the trek is between May and November.

Patalsu Peak Trek

The Patalsu Peak is 4,200 metres above sea level and can be reached easily. Most trekkers start from the Solang village with the trail winding its way through the forests of oak, pine and deodar trees. The woods are home to numerous exotic birds; viz. Pheasants, monals, etc. The trek takes you through the greeneries of Shagadugh. Trekkers also get a majestic view of the Dhauladhar range. The various campsites offer a panoramic view of the Kullu valley along with the Manali Peak, Hanuman Tibba and the Friendship Peak.

The trek also offers a jaw-dropping view of the Beas Kund peak. The Patalsu Peak may seem quite modest for the experienced trekkers. However, for the beginners, the thrill of being able to reach the summit of a Himalayan peak is what they would carry with them for years to come. The best time to visit is between March and October. But do avoid visiting during the monsoons.

Malana Village Trek

Malana is a serene rustic village in the Parvati valley. Tall mountains surround the mysterious village. What is unique about this village is that it has its administration. It is soothing for the people from the city due to its rustic background, and it is still not commercialised. The meandering rivers and green valleys make this trek worthwhile.

Most trekkers start from Kasol, which is an enchanting village located in the middle of the Himalayas. While reaching the village, you must trek through the Chanderkhani Pass. On the way, you can listen to the various species of birds singing in the cool breeze. The surrounding peaks are also a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the plains. On reaching the village, you can enjoy great Indian and Israeli food.

Tosh Valley Trek

The trek cuts through the majestic Himalayas and reaches a village in the Parvati Valley. The village of Tosh also leads to the Pin Parvati Pass. The Tosh river that flows nearby meets the bigger Parvati river at Pulga. Before setting out, you need to pack in a lot of woollens as the temperature is usually between 2-7 degrees Celsius.

You go through the dense but serene forest and with the cool breeze hitting your face, you feel like staying back here forever. It is advisable to undertake the trek in summer. It becomes unbearable in winter as the temperature goes down to -8 degrees Celsius. It is best to avoid the place in the monsoons. Once you reach the village, it is an excellent place for strolling around.

Do's and Don'ts of a Winter Trek

  • Before setting out for a winter trek, do keep in mind that the temperatures are a lot below zero. However, the layers of ice along the plains and the hills are sceneries that are worth remembering. The biting cold provides additional thrill and lets you enjoy the beauty of winter.

  • While packing your backpack, do include some lightweight fleece and down jackets along with some woollen buffs. Wear your clothing in layers, so that easy to remove them once the sun is out. You must not uncover your face. Cover it with a face mask or buff all the time.

  • Hand Sanitisers are best used in freezing temperatures. The water would be freezing, and it is best not to use them to wash hands or brushing. It is best to wait until the sun is up and the water is warmer. Do carry a thermos to store an adequate amount of lukewarm water.

  • Always use a trekking pole and a snow cap as you have to walk through the ice. You must also wear water-resistant shoes. And lastly, you must stay hydrated as trekkers who are devoid of water are more prone to hypothermia.
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What kind of medical arrangements will be there during Manali trekking?

One should bring all the required medications, it is very important while trekking anywhere in the world. Your first-aid should have anti-diarrhoea medicine such as lope amide but make sure that you don't take it unless getting to a toilet isn't an option. During the trekking, you may not have adequate arrangement to reach pharmacies. So it’s better to have medications ready. Yes, you can carry Diamox for nausea and travel sickness.