Ever Heard of Lehenga Type Sarees? Check Out 10 Mesmerising Lehenga Saree Designs for a Desi Girl Look (Updated 2020)

Ever Heard of Lehenga Type Sarees? Check Out 10 Mesmerising Lehenga Saree Designs for a Desi Girl Look (Updated 2020)

Wearing the lehenga saree style has been in vogue for a long time now, but recent trends have only added more glam and fusion to it. A lehenga styled saree avoids pleating making for hassle-free dressing. Here are some top 10 lehenga styled sarees, also called ghagra saree designs presented with images for you to explore this style, so scroll on.

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6 Easy Tips to Drape Lehenga Type Saree Quickly

Are you a big fan of wearing stylish sarees in a modern way? Then, you must be always trying new ways to style and drape your saree to create the showstopper appeal. So, in recent days, the lehenga type sarees are very trending. This is a method of draping the saree in such a manner that it looks like a lehenga. The special lehenga type sarees are these days available in the market, however, if you don’t want to buy new saree, then you can easily drape your old saree in the style of lehenga. For this, you don’t have to do much, Just follow the below-mentioned steps carefully and your lehenga type saree is good to go.

Step 1: Drape Saree Below the Waistline

For the starters, get your saree which you want to drape as lehenga. You can start by wrapping the plain end of the saree around your petticoat. Instead of petticoat, you can wear the high waisted underskirt to cover your bottom side below the waist. Make full drape of saree around your waist as you do while wearing the regular type of saree. Then, return to the starting point of the saree and securely tuck it inside your petticoat so that saree won’t fall. Here, make sure that border or embroidered part of your saree stays on the bottom.

Step 2: Make Pleats

Now, you should start working on the pleats of your lehenga type saree. The pleats should be started from the waist in small proportions. That’s because the smaller the pleats the more refined your lehenga style saree draping would look. These small pleats tucked around your waist will create the perfect lehenga like curveball look. So, make sure your saree pleats are small and evenly tucked around your waist to create the dazzling and stylish look with your lehenga type saree.

Step 3: Arrange Pleats Neatly

To make the pleats of your saree look flawless and perfect, you have to follow the simple technique. Always start pleating your saree from the right side and go to the left. Meanwhile, keeping your pleats small and safely tucking them under your underskirt or petticoat to prevent yours from the subject of wardrobe malfunctions. Make double check to check that all the pleats are tucked well to create the perfect lehenga style fall around your bottom.

Important Step 4: Tuck Pleats Inside Petticoat

Source g3fashion.com

The fourth step here is going to be the most crucial one because by far you have followed the similar steps that you follow in the regular saree draping. However, in this part, you do the different step to drape your lehenga type saree. Now, you got to continue wrapping the pleats around the waist as in regular draping you form pallu in that part. The main difference is that here you have to keep on forming the pleats and tuck it securely under your petticoat or underskirt.

Step 5: Tuck Pallu

So, now you have brought the rest of the saree to the other end after you have tucked the plain end properly inside. In this step, you don’t get to make any more pleats, just tuck in the rest of the middle part. While leaving the sufficient fabric to drape the saree around your waist for the one last time along with the pallu. In the lehenga type saree, don't keep long pallu - as extra saree is required in the making of lehenga sarees, so keep the pallu small.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Your sarees draping is complete by now, however, you can add extra finishing touches to your saree also. You can make extra pleats with the pallu to flaunt the stunning embroidery work of your blouse. For this make the pleats with the pallu fabric and wrap it around your waist in the left side. There are plenty of different pallu draping styles present with which you can play to find your perfect look. You can drape the pleated pallu like a dupatta or can form V shape with it in the saree. The pallu is a nice way to finish your unique draping, especially if your pallu is heavily embroidered or studded with the stones.

Different Styles of Lehenga Type Sarees Online

Okay, so now you are all set to drape your regular saree like a lehenga. But, if you don’t know how to properly drape a lehenga saree or don’t have proper time to learn it, then you can order the ready-made lehenga style sarees online from the different fashion stores. There are plenty of different lehenga style sarees are available in the trendy colour combinations and designs of embroidery. To get yourself a trendy lehenga type saree, you can order following lehenga sarees for yourself.

Handblock Print Ajrak Cotton Mull Saree

Source www.ajio.com

This ajrak technique hand block printed cotton saree manufactured in the Kutch region of Gujarat is the perfect cotton lehenga saree to try. The beautiful handprint and the pale blue colour of the saree, makes it truly chick lit and vibrant look for you. If you are looking for the perfect lehenga saree to wear on semi-casual occasions, then immediately order this saree for you. The hand block printed cotton mull saree can be ordered from ajio.com for Rs. 3,200.

Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga Style Saree in Mustard

If you are looking for the stylish lehenga Saras for your best friends marriage or if you looking for something totally exquisite, then this embroidered mustard art silk lehenga saree is for you. This graceful lehenga style saree is studded with the zari, stone, sequins, bullion and patchwork work. Yep, this is totally a party wear saree which is available in the semi stitched net and net jacquard blouse of elegant peach colour. The lehenga saree is crafted in the boat neck shape and short sleeves. To order this saree, you have to visit utsavfashion.in for the price of Rs. 6,180.

Embroidered Georgette Lehenga Style Saree in Pink And Beige

The delicate pink saree highlighted with the beige colour is a perfect fit for today’s modern lady. This saree has been designed from the faux georgette and net fabric in the soothing colours of pink and beige. Moreover, this perfect lehenga saree is studded with the Resham, zari, sequins, stone and dori work. This unstitched art silk saree with the net blouse can be ordered from utsavfashion.in for Rs. 9,892.

Embroidered Net Lehenga Style Saree in Green

The simple and vibrant lehenga style saree in the sweet shade of green is the perfect fit for the lady who loves little drama in their appearance. You can steal the show with the glorious green lehenga saree which is designed with the light black shades. The green net saree is studded with the embellishments such as resham, zari, stone, and patchwork. The contrasting blouse of blue viscose colour adds the designer look to this saree. This saree can be delivered to your home from utsavfashion.com for Rs. 5,309.

Peach Lycra And Net Lehenga Saree

The beautiful looking peach Lycra lehenga saree designed from the net fabric and assorted with the kundan, stone and resham work will redefine your appearance. For subtle and pastel look, you need to get this lycra saree which is accompanied by the peach art silk blouse. The lehenga saree can be further easily customised according to your body type. For this elegant net saree, visit panashindia.in and buy it for Rs. 7,356.

Red and Blue Net Lehenga Style Saree with Blouse

This Red and turquoise blue net lehenga style saree crafted with zari, resham, stone, sequins, applique, beads, lace and patch border work with a heavy border. So, if you want to look vibrant and all festival, then this is your ideal saree to try. For the wedding and festivals, you can pair this lehenga type saree with the matching accessories and complete your look. From panashindia.in, order this bright chiffon lehenga saree for Rs. 25,500.

Orange & Pink Art Silk Lehenga Style Saree

To look like a queen, you have to get this orange pink lehenga type saree laced with the art silk. The saree is further completed with the stonework and gotta Patti embroidery. The saree comes with the pink art silk embroidered blouse. For the regal look, you need to order this royal looking lehenga saree from the panashindia.in for Rs.12,495.

Green Brocade Lehenga Saree

To shine and glam in your upcoming wedding ceremony celebration party, you should try out this gold and green lehenga style saree. Brocade and Lycra fabric is used to style this gorgeous saree. To uplift the appearance of your saree, you will get beads, embroidered and thread work on the saree. So, immediately order this green brocade saree from indianweddingsaree.com for Rs. 9,500.

Beige And Tan Designer Lehenga Saree

Light shades are in trend and this beige saree is proving it very well. The net lehenga style saree of beige and tan shades is ready to give you elegant and classy vibes. To look stylish in the minimal accessories, you should get the net beige saree embossed with the patchwork. To order this lehenga saree, you have to pay Rs. 3,433 and order from yourdesignerwear.com.

Black And Mehendi Green Designer Lehenga Saree

The georgette black and mehndi green lehenga style saree with the equally stunning blouse can enhance the level of your wardrobe. The saree is designed with the heavy embroidery and patchwork. To get this black and mehndi green saree, you should visit the yourdesignwear.com and pay just Rs. 3,127.

Accessories to Wear with Lehenga Saree

To create the diva-like look with your stunning lehenga saree, you need to complete your look with the help of gorgeous accessories as well. Your saree might be studded with numerous stones and beads, but to turn some heads around your way, you have to accessorise your lehenga saree with the beautiful accessories. The perfect accessories that can amplify your look are;


The first thing that can complete your any ethnic look would be a necklace. The traditional gold necklace looks stunning on the silk sarees. However, these days multiple coloured Kundan jewellery also looks breathtaking with the sarees. You can even wear multiple lengths of Kundan necklaces to create a layered look with your jewellery. If you are dressing up for the festive occasions, then you can pair the antique necklace with your lehenga saree as well to flaunt your traditional side.


A lovely and handcrafted gold or silver jhumkas can enhance your beauty by multiple levels, especially if you are pairing it with the silk sarees. Today, you can find jhumkas in numerous designs which are a bit inspired by modern jewellery trends as well. You can check out different jhumkas designs online.


After accessorizing yourself with the necklace and jhumkis, you have to complete your look with the beautiful bangles. You should pick the right matching bangles with your lehenga saree colour or contrast it with your other jewellery. You can also elevate the appearance of your bangles by wearing gold or silver kada with your bangles to create a majestic royal look. Otherwise, you can keep the look simple by selecting multiple coloured bangles with the plain saree.


The gajra can take your lehenga saree to look to another level. With the gold jewellery and silk saree, you have to complete your look with the fragrance of gajra. Whether you are going for a braided hairstyle, open hair or bun, with every hairstyle a gajra can go well. So, don’t forget to accessorise your look with the beautiful gajra.

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The Lehenga Sari Is What You Need for the Upcoming Occasion

Emerging as the latest party wear outfit, lehenga style sarees offer the best of both worlds i.e. the elegance of the saree and the convenience of a lehenga. Both on and off the runway, lehenga style sarees are marking the latest innovations in Indian ethnic fashion. Style yourself in lehnga saree and pair your lehenga saree with heavy earpieces, leaving the neck bare so as to enhance the neckline of the blouse and the natural contours of yours. However, where neckpieces are required, heavy neckpieces in precious metals is the popular choice. The hair is usually worn in a stylish bun when sporting a lehenga style saree. However, since the attire is purely festive you can also prefer leaving your hair down and pulled back or to a side.

A lehenga saree is a delicate garment in terms of the fabric and design, it is preferable to avoid washing it, However, if the garment has to be cleaned it should be done on a light setting on the machine with delicate soaps. Dry cleaning is also another option of maintaining the garment.