Up Your Lehenga Game with the Most Stunning Lehenga Jewellery: 10 Splendid Jewellery to Pair with Your Lehenga Plus Jewellery Storage Tips!

Up Your Lehenga Game with the Most Stunning Lehenga Jewellery: 10 Splendid Jewellery to Pair with Your Lehenga Plus Jewellery Storage Tips!

An outfit is defined by the jewellery worn! Next time you wear a lehenga choose from our list of 10 beautiful traditional and contemporary pieces of jewellery ranging from eyecatching ear studs to mystical nose pins to the regal long necklace. Our experts also added a few important jewellery storage tips for you.

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Classy Lehenga Jewellery Guide

Lehenga is the first outfit that comes to mind when it is wedding, festivals or special occasions. Over the years, this traditional wear has gone through a dramatic transformation and credit goes to the designers. This elegant outfit continues to rule with a million variants available in the stores today. You can transform the mood and look by pairing it with some cool and beautiful jewellery.

Be it matchy-matchy or contrast, there are several cool ideas to sport the jewellery in all hues, size and shapes to go with the lehenga. Depending on your taste, you could go with minimal jewellery, traditional or doused in chunky, imitation jewellery. Unique jewellery will add the right amount of oomph factor to your outfit and make you look like a diva.

3 Styling Tips to Rock Your Lehenga Look

Contrast for Bold Fashion Statement

If you want to try something offbeat then consider jewellery that is in contrast with the lehenga. Complement the outfit with startling contrasting jewellery. A bright yellow lehenga with a heavy green necklace or a soft pink lehenga with a sparkling blue sapphire will make a bold fashion statement. You can add an interesting touch of attitude and personality with this look.

A Vintage and Contemporary Cocktail

If you want to experiment with something bold and a new style then the combination of contemporary and vintage is a way to go. Today’s fashionistas do not leave any stone unturned to get the look they desire. Pairing a traditional lehenga with contemporary jewellery or vintage jewellery with a contemporary lehenga is sure to grab the attention. This unconventional fusion of modern and desi styles is perfect for those who want to try something different this season!

Don’t Cover from Head to Toe

Lehenga is an outfit which demands a bit of show off to make a big impression – either your back or sexy midriff. Avoid wearing high neck and full-sleeved blouse or high-waist lehenga, this would be a disastrous look! At the same time, don’t go overboard and reveal too much skin. You need to balance the look. For example, if you are planning for a low waist design then make the blouse a bit longer.

10 Lehenga Jewellery for a Stunning Look

Ear Cuffs

Source www.wudbox.in

Choosing the best jewellery to suit your lehenga is indeed a tricky task. With so many designs and patterns available in the stores, you are sure to be overwhelmed with the excellent choices. Ear Cuffs are the recent jewellery trend that is quite versatile. It can be paired with both western and traditional outfits. The traditional ear cuffs with peacock pattern, kundan and stone cuffs go well with lehengas. You are will make heads turn with this unique statement jewellery piece.

Tie your hair back to flaunt these ear cuffs. The Temple Motif Ear Cuffs from wudbox.in is an elegant piece that suits any traditional attire. If you want some drama then this intricate piece of gold-toned temple motif ear cuffs is just perfect. The hand-crafted jewellery piece is embellished with green and red kemp stones. The base metal is copper and brass. The price of this premium ethnic jewellery is Rs. 1594.


Lehenga can be paired with several ethnic earrings and make you look the best. Jhumkas are evergreen and add an oomph factor to any outfit, especially lehengas. There are several jhumka styles like latkans, multi-coloured drop jhumkas and silver engraved ones. Chandelier earrings are another type of earrings that is perfect to add oodles of charm to your traditional outfit. They usually have a small stud and then broadens towards base just like a chandelier.

Chandbalis must definitely be in your collection. These crescent-shaped semi-circular rings are quite fascinating. Passa style earrings form a fan-like shape and look gorgeous when paired with a heavy necklace. If you are inspired by Deepika Padukone’s Ram-Leela look then the Broad Kundan Chandbali Earrings are just perfect. Available on romoch.com the earrings with pearl drops bring a timeless and classic charm to your look. The price of these earrings is Rs. 1,999.


Source ladyindia.com

Bangles are the most important jewellery piece for Indian women, as they signify prosperity and good fortune. Over time, bangles have become trendier to go well with the contemporary look. Bangles are more than just an accessory for Indian women. Although there are so many choices when it comes to traditional jewellery like pendants, Maang Tikka, Earrings, Chokers, etc, Bangles add a special charm to the outfit. If you prefer a traditional style then you can choose gold or diamond bangles or bracelets. These gorgeous beauties will make any woman look beautiful. They add the ‘final touch’ to the outfit.

Today, bangles as brilliantly designed. You can go for a combination of kadas and bangles for an eye-catching look. Metal and colourful bangles will complement the outfit and serve as a visual feast. If you are looking for gorgeous bangles for your lehenga then look no further than the Antique 22 K Gold Plated Set available on ladyindia.com. This beautiful set of gold-toned bangles embellished with white stones looks pretty with lehenga. The price of this charming gold plated set is Rs, 1,087.


Source stylezone.co

Chokers are jewellery piece that is adorned close to the neck. The trend has made a major comeback and is sweeping the popularity charts. The statement stylish look of chokers is favoured by women today. They are easy to wear and can be paired with any kind of outfit. The neckpiece will lend an edginess when paired with traditional outfits like lehengas. Chokers are made with varied style and material.

From Lace Chokers, Broad Chokers, Fusion choker, Golden Spiked Chokers to Wrap Chokers, this classy necklace looks trendy and glamorous. If you are looking for an inspiration to look elegant and different from the crowd then the Gold Plated Original American Diamond Embedded Choker Necklace from stylezone.co will do the trick. The refreshing design is perfect for lehengas. This complete set comes with earrings and Mangtika in a golden hue. The price of this beautiful set is Rs. 3250.


Grace and style personified, statement necklaces reflect feminine sentiments. Traditional neckpieces were voluminous and heavy, but the contemporary designs are light in weight and are perfect for today’s modern Indian women. Necklaces created in India are aesthetically designed in semi-precious and precious stones like rubies, sapphire, diamonds, pearls and emeralds.

The charming necklace set in Silver and Gold from sareesargam.com is a unique stonework necklace set featuring a maangtikka and earrings. The necklace is studded with white and red stones. The floral pattern at the centre of the necklace steals the show. This beautifully crafted necklace will enhance your charm. With a necklace as beautiful as this one in your collection, you never have to worry about getting your ethnic look right. Crafted with utmost precision and care, this flawless necklace has high polish and plating. The price of this charming necklace is Rs. 2,318.


Maang Tikka is a piece of forehead jewellery that goes well with lehenga. This is not just meant for brides, but anyone wearing traditional Indian wear can pair their outfit with a gorgeous maang tikka. There are a plethora of designs available to choose from for various occasions. Kundan Maang Tikka is best for heavy lehenga or even a lighter chaniya choli. The super chic silver tikka is perfect for light blue, mauve or lavender lehengas. Choker necklace and chandbali earrings will complete this look.

If you want some Rajput vibes then Rajasthani Style Tikka with multi-coloured stones and a large plate will shout royal from every angle. Gold Nath, heavy stone and gold Jhumka earrings will look perfect. If you want a minimalist look, then the subtle tikka without the chain will look awesome. Always choose maangtikka design to match with the lehenga. The Vibhusita Silver Kempu Maang-Tikka from thekojewelleryshop.com is an intricate piece that displays flawless craftsmanship. The jewellery is crafted in sterling silver with gold plating to give a magical touch to it. Zircon stones are used for the tikka and the price of this stunning ornate piece is Rs 8,000.

Long Necklace

Indian necklaces are one of the most sought-after jewellery pieces, especially by the bride-to-be. The exquisite designs add a timeless elegance to the traditional outfits. The long necklaces especially have an ornate aura and regal charm that cannot be replaced by any other jewellery. Although many feel that it is quite daunting to wear such heavy long necklaces, it is easier to pull off the look with the perfect lehenga and accessories.

The intricately designed long jade necklace set from romoch.com is a perfect combination for lehenga or any Indian traditional wear. The trendy and feminine design gives you a royal look. The jade and kundan combination are ethereal and gives a supremely cool look to your lehenga. The outfit will get a refreshing feel when you pair this traditional neckpiece with the red lehenga. The pop-of green hue will also go well with peach and all-white lehenga. The price of this graceful necklace set is Rs. 15,900.

Finger Ring

Finger rings have been used to adorn fingers for centuries in India. The finger rings have distinct symbolic significance. In Egypt, thick yard and reeds were used as finger rings. Over a period of time, ivory, bone and leather were used. Traditional rings are made of precious metals and embellished with gemstones, beads etc.

Gemstone rings are associated with astrological significance and such rings are worn on a particular finger and believed to have remedial powers. If you are looking for an ethnic ring to go with your lehenga then the Gold-Plated Kundan Finger Ring from the House of Priyassi is just perfect. This handcrafted adjustable finger ring has pink stones. Pair it with a simple or elaborate lehenga to bring a freshness to the outfit. The price of this pretty ring is Rs. 502 and is available at myntra.com.

Nose Ring

Earlier nose rings were a symbol of married women, but these days it has become a fashion statement. The nose rings are available in varied size, shapes and fascinating designs. From gorgeous pearly dangles to nose pins, they feature distinctive Indian elegance that most of us want to flaunt when we wear traditional wear. Add a bling to your graceful look with the handcrafted Copper Nose Ring from the House of AccessHer. The royal looking pearl and gold-plated nose ring looks immaculate with lehenga and traditional necklace set. The price of this nose ring is Rs. 360 and is available at Flipkart.


Bajuband or Armlet is a jewellery piece worn on the upper arm. Although, it was originally used by men, with time single armlets became a popular accessory among women too. From traditional to contemporary designs, bajuband is an exotic ornament to wear. The armlets were traditionally made in gold and silver. However, now imitation metals like oxidized silver are also used to make them. The intricate designs ranging from crocodiles and snakes are a rage among youngsters. The traditional designs are apt for weddings, and religious occasions. The dainty ornament looks beautiful with lehengas with sleeveless blouse. The multicoloured Kundan Bajuband is a piece of ethnic jewellery that goes well lehengas. Available on mirraw.com, this beautiful jewellery is Rs. 456.

How to Store Your Jewellery

If you own a beautiful collection of jewellery then it is something to be proud of. Some of the jewellery may be gifts from your parents, husband, friends or grandparents and carries a sentimental value. If you want your precious pieces to remain in good condition then it is important to store properly. A few tips to preserve your jewellery are –

  • Store Jewellery in a Clean Box – This tip is especially for precious metal jewellery. Just don’t store the corroded copper jewellery that you bought in a garage sale with the prized bracelet that your grandmother gifted you. The corroded and musty jewellery piece will tarnish other jewellery too. So, make sure to segregate your jewellery before you store them. Also, don’t store your jewellery in a dirty, dusty box. Vacuum clean the jewellery box before storing.

  • Use a box to store your rings – Next time you visit an antique store or a flea market, purchase a small intricate vintage box. Transform the box into a ring display holder.

  • Use Hooks for Necklaces – Necklaces must always be stored vertically to prevent knotting and kinking. You can purchase jewellery armoires or make your own DIY necklace holder.

  • Avoid Extreme Humidity and Temperature – Avoid storing jewellery in a stuffy and hot place or a cold closet. Jewellery must be kept away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Choose a location with low humidity to prevent discolouration and tarnishing.
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Elevate Your Lehenga with the Right Jewellery!

Jewellery can make a break a look. Well styled jewellery can elevate the simplest of lehengas and make you look like a million dollars. The same way, a poor choice in jewellery can turn even the regal of lehengas into nothing. Hence it is often suggested to make your jewellery purchase first and then shop for your lehenga. While you are sure to find a lehenga suiting any jewellery, it is quite difficult to go the other way around. Next time you shop a lehenga for yourself, have our list handy and start with the jewellery first.