Traditional Rakodi to Modern Tiara: 10 Stunning Bridal Hair Accessories for the Chic and Stylish Bride!

Traditional Rakodi to Modern Tiara: 10 Stunning Bridal Hair Accessories for the Chic and Stylish Bride!

Hair accessories have always been part of the bride even from the time of our ancestors. From the traditional rakodi and matha patti to the more modern tiara, brides have quite a lot of options to choose from. Our bridal experts have handpicked a few of those bridal hair accessories suitable for every style and taste. Choose one or two that suit your outfit and completes the look!

Why Bridal Hair Accessories?

So, you have the big day coming up and want to have the best of everything in the world for yourself. And besides, how much is more in an Indian wedding? Be it the wedding wear or the bridal jewelry and accessories, any Indian bride wishes to look her best on the grand day. If you think you have chosen all your bridal accessories, then better double-check if you have ticked off “hair accessories” from the checklist! Why? Here are some of the reasons why bridal hair accessories play an important role in your wedding look!

An Important Element of Bridal Accessories

Want to ace the perfect bridal look with all the quintessential pieces of jewelry? Then, bridal hair accessories are a must! Traditional Indian bridal wear often never misses to include some kind of hair accessory; be it any style of wedding.

Plenty of Traditional and Modern Choices

It is perfectly fine for you to choose your personal preferences in terms of bridal wear, Jewellery and even the location of the wedding! There are hundreds of choices when it comes to choosing bridal hair accessories online; both modern as well as traditional ethnic styles.

Adds Fanciness to the Hair


Spruce up your wedding look with unique and amazing bridal hair accessories. After all, it is one of the most noticeable pieces of jewelry that you will adorn. So, why not add more charm by choosing one that is fancy and elegant!

Fits All Brides

Apart from the fact that it is a one-size-fits-all (obviously) piece of accessory, hair accessories are also available in many different types and styles. Nonetheless, it won’t be difficult for any bride to find a bridal hair accessory that suits her the most!

Our Choice of the Best Bridal Hair Accessories

Your hairstyle may be of the latest trend. But if your hair accessory doesn’t go along with it, then mind you, it could very easily break your look. So, it is important to give a thorough check to the hair accessory you choose. Here are some of our recommendations for some of the most trending and attractive bridal hair accessories.

Zaveri Pearls Mathapatti

Mathapattis hold an important place among bridal hair accessories. They instantly elevate the bridal look and adds a regal touch. Take a look at this beautiful Mathapatti from Zaveri Pearls. This is the perfect statement accessory for the bride that will make her look gorgeous no matter what! The mathapatti is intricately designed and embellished with kundan and white pearls that will enhance the charm of any bride. This ethnic piece of jewelry is made in zinc and gold-coated. This hair accessory is perfect to be worn with either a tied up or open hairstyle. Available on for Rs. 490.

White Color Stones Rakodi

Rakodi is a typical hair accessory in the south Indian bridal look. It is basically like a giant juda pin, but with temple jewelry design and made with intricate detailing. It usually comes embellished with stones and is kept at the start of the hair braid. But it can also be used as a separate piece when the hair is styled as a bun. This white color stoned rakodi is an elegant hair accessory that is perfect for the bride who wants to nail the south Indian look, yet aren’t very fond of flowers. This single piece of bridal hair accessory is priced at Rs.330 and is available on

Vama Fashions Jada Billalu Hair Accessory Set

The Jada Billalu is a braid embellishment that is usually adorned by south Indian brides, especially Tamil brides. Traditionally, the billalu set consists of 9 separate clips of descending sizes that are placed along the length of the braided hair. This billalu set from Vama Fashions have captured our interest for two reasons. The simple yet intricate detailing in the design. And, the multicolor stones embellished on the clips giving it the well-deserved grandeur. Find this bridal hair accessory on for Rs. 1780.

Traditional Bahubali Inspired Kundan Stone Bun Chain


Anybody who has seen the Bahubali movie definitely will recall the beautiful bun chains that were worn by the actresses throughout. This amazing kundan bun chain from Sanjog is inspired from the movie and is equally enthralling in looks. The bun chain is embellished with kundan pearls and has layers of chain made from pearl. The traditional hair brooch complements both the traditional as well as the modern bride well. The innovative design is splendid enough to grab some attention, we say! You can find this bridal hair accessory on for Rs. 419.

Red Colour Gold Finish Bridal Juda Pin

Want to slay the Indian bridal look with utmost ethnicity? Then you better lay your hands-on traditional hair accessories like this one from Anuradha art jewelry. This amazing hair brooch from Anuradha Jewellery is designed with studded sparkling stone and made from golden finish metal. The pearl droplets on the brooch further enhance the elegant look and add to its attractiveness., For the bride who prefers to tie up the hair in a bun, this is one of the most sensible choices you could make in terms of the bridal hair accessory This bridal hair accessory is available on for Rs.317.

Pink Handcrafted Beaded Floral Hair Bun cover

When in doubt of bridal hair accessory, choose the floral look! This is probably one of the safest ways out, yet looks attractively good and creates quite an impression on the bride. This handcrafted beaded floral hair bun, however, will perfectly complement the contemporary bridal attire. The pink and white flowers are made from synthetic material, yet looks quite natural. The bun cover, however, is probably quite heavy and might need extra bobby pins to hold it up in place. Want to check out this bridal hair accessory? Find it on for Rs.768.

Bridal Crown Tiara

Yet another fancy bridal hair accessory for the modern Indian bride. This bridal crown tiara from OnShopDeal will make the bride feel like nothing short than a princess. The tiara embedded with white stones will perfectly compliment a white wedding dress, especially a gown for the Christian bride. Also, the tiara will keep the veil in place, in case if the bride is wearing one. The sparkling white crown tiara will leave the bride feeling more confident and beautiful. You can find out about this tiara by yourself. Head straight to to find this white tiara for Rs. 682, which is quite a deal indeed!

Traditional Ethnic Jhoomar

Jhoomars were traditionally used by Muslim brides in India. However, nowadays brides across all religions are picking up this beautiful bridal accessory and customizing them as per their tastes. Placed towards the side of the head, jhoomars are quite significantly a visually worth piece, and hence, serve more like a statement piece of jewelry. In fact, you won’t need a maang tikka of you are wearing a jhoomar! Check out this ethnic jhoomar by Trends Fashion Jewellery. The crystal floral jhoomar is inspired by Deepika Padukone’s movie and is guaranteed to make you look good, no matter what! Check out the jhoomar from for Rs.3,040. It measures 14.5 cm in length and 6.3 cms in width.

Borla Collection Antique Inspired Maang Tika

Maang tikka is usually placed in the middle of the hairline where the partition of the hair is visible. A big maang tikka is nevertheless, a perfect addition to the wardrobe of the Indian bride who swears by a minimalistic approach in dressing. This bold piece of a maang tikka from Voylla is quite an eye-catcher. Made from brass material and finished on the surface with enamel, this maang tika is durable and heavy enough to stay in place. The light yet bold red tint on the golden maang tikka makes it a strong statement piece by itself. The geometric design is indeed very attractive. Check out this beautiful bridal accessory on for Rs. 449.

Maahal Full Juda Bun Hair Flower

Which Indian bride would have enough flowers for her wedding? None we believe. Indian weddings are glorified with bright colors and floral elements so much, that this floral juda pin is sure to capture the heart of some bride somewhere. This gajra style hairpin comes in a beautiful combination of off white and green color elements with touches of gold. The super classy and elegant hairpin by Maahal, will pair up beautifully with light-colored bridal outfits, especially for cream-colored gowns, lehengas, and sarees. Available on for Rs. 219.

Tips to Choose Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal hair accessories are a crucial part of the perfect bridal hair do. They definitely add a finishing touch to the wedding wear. And most importantly, the perfect bridal hair accessory draws all attention to your radiant and glowing face on the big day. So, we say there is no excuse to not pay close attention while choosing the most suitable bridal hair accessory for you.

It is indeed overwhelming for any bride to decide on the different components of the bridal look. Bridal hair accessories can quite literally make or break the entire appearance. Hence, we suggest a you consider these following tips while choosing the bridal hair accessory.

Decide on Your Hairstyle

Firstly, a piece of advice here. Never choose your hair accessory before deciding on your hairstyle. You must be sure of what hairstyle you want to carry off on the wedding day, and then decide where you are going to need the hair accessory- whether on the back of the head, on the side, or the front. Also, don’t forget to consider the thickness of your hair. It's better to stay away from heavy bridal hair accessories if you have thin hair. Finally, always make sure to have a hair trial before the actual function to know if you are comfortable with the headpiece. Besides, your hairstylist can give some suggestions or new ideas to try out.

Pick the Color

The hue of the hair accessory must complement the color of your wedding dress and other jewelry. Golden bridal hair accessories are best when matched with traditional Indian dresses, especially south Indian. Silver-colored hair accessories go well for the modern and contemporary look, and also for white and ivory colored Christian bridal wear. Moreover, if you have colored stones embellished on the hair accessory, make sure that it matches the tone and style of your bridal wear.

Choose Your Personal Style and Experiment

If you are an adventurous person and want to venture into different realms in fashion, then this is the time. Since you have the advantage of being noticed by everyone, being the bride, you can choose to showcase your personal style with a bridal hair accessory in the best way possible. However, if you like to stick to a more conventional style, then choose one that speaks to you about your personal style.

Select the Type of Hair Accessory

Having gone through our recommendations of the different bridal hair accessories available, you might have got an idea of the wide variety of choices possible. We suggest that you don’t blindly follow fashion and pick up a hair piece just because it is trending now. Take your time and analyze if it really suits your head and style, and only then decide on the type of hair accessory that you want.

Bonus Tip: All Bridal Accessories Must Match

Right from the bridal outfit to the jewellery and the hair accessory, everything must go in harmony with each other. Always make sure that each accessory compliments the other and are a right match for the outfit that the bride is in. Hair accessories are probably the most underrated and thus, must not be forgotten while choosing all other accessories for the big day, to ensure that everything matches well.

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Don't Sacrifice Your Personal Style!

There are so many stunning hair accessories available for brides. From intricately designed gold plated accessories to those studded with stones, brides have many choices. The key is to choose something that suits her personal style. Your wedding day is when you go all out but that does not mean that you have to sacrifice your personal style. If you are someone very minimalistic with jewelry, you can adopt the same when it comes to hair accessories too. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you choose.