There Is No Such Thing As Going Over-board with Your Wedding Attire(2020)! Go All Out of Your Way to Adorn Your Lehenga with the Perfect Lehenga Latkan from Our List of the Latest and Most Fashionable Latkans!

There Is No Such Thing As Going Over-board with Your Wedding Attire(2020)! Go All Out of Your Way to Adorn Your Lehenga with the Perfect Lehenga Latkan from Our List of the Latest and Most Fashionable Latkans!

Do you want to be the centre of attention at the next party? Or do you seek to set a new trend at your own wedding? Go through our list of different types of latkans, to help you with that. You can find them online or we can even show you how to create your own just in a few simple steps. They are as versatile as the dress they are used on, and you can use this one simple accessory to set the tone of your entire dress.

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What Are Latkans/Tassels?

A lehenga has been a woman's favourite festive dress since ages. A lehenga is a versatile garment as it can be worn by women of all ages and on various occasions. It comes in so many different designs and variations.

Initially lehengas were designed for the women of the royal family in India, especially the Mughals, but it has evolved so much now that it has become a trend in Indian as well as the Western fashion. The best part about it is that you can customise it according to your like. You can make it look trendy, cool and exciting by embellishing it with different things.

Latakans: The Best Embellishment For A Lehenga


One of the most desirable accessories that you can use to turn a simple lehenga into a fancy one is a latkan, or more commonly known as a tassel. Latkans come in various shapes, designs and colours so you can pick out the one that matches the best with your lehenga. This tiny accessory can make your lehenga look simply out of this world and make it stand out amongst other dresses. You can wear a latkan on your lehenga or attach it with your blouse and flaunt it flirtatiously. In this list, we will introduce you to different types of latkans available in the market and also show you some sites where you can buy these pretty latkans for your next party.

Types of Fancy Latkans for Lehenga


Ghungroo Tassels

Ghungroos have been in style for decades. Though they are usually worn on the feet that’s not all you can use it for. You can use ghungroos with a lot of things. You will find fancy ghungroos on bangles, rings, anklets and even on dupattas or shawls. These ghungroos are now used in making beautiful latkans for lehengas and its dupattas. The sound of these on your wedding dress is sure to attract the attention of all present at your event. They also give your lehenga an ethnic look with its golden or silver coloured small balls, matched according to the colours of your lehenga. They can be also attached with different coloured velvet cloth balls to match it with your attire.

White Moti Tassels

These white pearl latkans are always in style, as pearls are forever in fashion. They are usually made with white small beads hung on a golden or silver thread. They enhance the beauty of your lehenga by adding an element of elegance to it. You can also use different coloured beads on your latkans for a more precise match. They give your lehenga a royal look. Also, pearls go well in all colours, so it is always good choice to use a moti latkan any day.

Mirror Work Tassles

Do you like to dazzle? If yes, then get a mirror work latkan for your lehenga the next time you plan to wear one. You can wear these mirror work latkans with all types of lehengas, but they pair up best with simple pastel coloured lehengas. They make your lehengas look traditional yet modern, along with a little Jaipuri touch to it. You can attach these latkans at the back of your choli or at the side of your lehenga and you are all set to put on a show. You will glow in the dreamy lights of a party.

Animal Motif Tassels

If you are an animal lover then you can buy an animal motif latkan and show your love for animals to the world. These beautifully decorated latkans can be found with various animals carved on them. Peacocks and elephants are known as auspicious animals and are also considered lucky. You can also buy these latkans made into animal shapes, they are made by cutting pieces of fabrics and stitched in the shape of an animal. You can tie them onto your lehenga or let them hang at the back of the blouse. The dangling pretty animals look very cute and make you look quite different.

Cut-Out Tassels

If you are one of those creative types then you can make these unique latkans at home. Just cut out different coloured pieces in various shapes, stitch them to make them stronger and decorate them with strings of your choice. You can style them in various shapes like circles, squares or triangles with smaller on the top and larger as they come down. They look great and unique and you won't find many other peoples wearing the same as you. It is sure to make you look different and cool.

Pompom Tassles

Pompoms are loved by all and they look great on any style of lehenga you want to wear. It can instantly modernise your lehenga and can also be the source of colour in an otherwise monotonous dress. You can buy beautiful, colourful latkans made of pompoms and adorn your lehenga in an instant. If you are planning your little princess to wear a lehenga, a pompom latkan will add another level of cuteness to her dress. These pom latkans make you look simple yet pretty and are also weightless. so are easy to carry.

Personalised Tassels

Having everything personalised is the latest trend these days and wearing pretty personalised latkans will make you a fashion icon within minutes. These latkans can be bought or you can even have them made as per your choice. They can be great gifts too for the ladies of the groom’s family, you can have them personalised with their names and hand them out to the guests. They would love to attach them to their blouse or cholis. They can be a great hit in the event.

Cloth Tassles

Some people might think of cloth latkans as old fashioned or boring, but they are actually very cute and you can turn them into creative pieces. You can pick and choose contrast colours and make them yourself by hanging beads, pompoms or tying them with golden or silver gota. They can easily turn a plain lehenga into a hip one. Just let your creativity run wild with it, it can never go wrong.

Flower Balls with Pompoms

If you like flowers then flaunt them through your latkans. Flowers are loved by all women as they give that special magical aura and a mysterious look. Flowers represent innocence and delicacy. You can easily make these gorgeous latkans with a sheer cloth either from your dupatta or a matching net and turn them into different sized flower balls. You can add contrast coloured pom poms or beads with it for that extra umph to your lehenga. Girls will envy your lehenga once they see you in it.

Fringe Tassels

Fringes are great, they look classy and add style to any attire of any material. When added to your lehenga, they add a bounce to it and looks very attractive. You can attach them to the back of your blouse or even on your dupatta and it will make everything look cool. You can find fringes in silk which add extra shine to your dress, but the net ones are preferred more. You are sure to look pretty with latkans made with fringes. These fringe latkans can also be added with any other latkan to give that extra texture to it.

Some Pretty Tassels You Can Buy Online

Libas Fashion Women's Handmade Ethnic Hanging Latkan Pom Pom Bell


Pompom latkans have always been in style and you can easily find them in the market or online. Latkans made of pompom are cute and comes in so many vibrant colours. You can find a beautiful pink pom pom latkan which is attached with a good quality alloy metal and pearls. They give an ethnic look when you wear them on a simple lehenga, to make it more festive. You can buy this Libas Fashion lehenga tassel in a set of two for Rs. 186 on Amazon.

First Blush, Long Latkan

These beautiful FirstBlush long latkans can add style to any lehenga or choli. They are beautifully made by attaching pearls with golden metal in three layers. Beautiful off-white pearls will look good with any colour and add a traditional touch to your lehenga. You can buy this pair of latkan on Flipkart for Rs. 1,099

Sea Blue Heavy Lehenga Latkan - Set of 2

If you are planning to wear a casual, skirt type lehenga to a party but still look festive, then try adding these Sea Blue Heavy lehenga latkan. You can buy these in a set of two for Rs. 889 on The light sea blue latkan is made with golden straws and beads, and it can easily enhance the beauty of any simple lehenga.

Golden White Triangle and Bicycle Design Beads & Threads Latkan

Dare to look different? Buy this beautiful golden white triangle & bicycle design latkan, with beads and thread only for Rs. 419 on This latkan is made with beads hanging on with threads. This unique latkan is an eye-catcher. It has a bicycle hanging in the middle and has three rows of golden beads attached to it. You can wear this latkan with your lehenga or even team them up with your salwar kurta or jeans for a hip look.

Palash Hand Made Pink Ethnic Latkan Embellished with Beads


If you want an eye-catching latkan, which can add beauty to your lehenga with its delicate shades and style, then you must buy this beautiful Palash Hand Made Pink Ethnic Latkan for Rs. 300 on Amazon. This latkan is made of bright pink colour and golden gota. It also has beads attached to which adds to the beauty of the latkan. You can wear this latkan on a golden lehenga and it will look dazzling.

Multi-Colour Polyester Tassels

Pay Rs. 75 on and buy these multicoloured fringes as an add on to your lehenga. Initially, these tassels were used in ancient times in Europe and fringes of these kinds were very common back then. You can easily buy these fringes in various colours and turn them into a beautiful pieces of art work by making latkans out of them. They easily add charm to any attire and you can also use them on your footwear, bags or even on jewellery. You can add them around your dupatta to give an added look.

Paushak Boutique Golden Triangle Pipe Latkan

Lehengas can be decorated in many ways and adding latkans to them is a great way of doing it. You can buy this gorgeous Paushak Boutique Golden Triangle Pipe Latkan for Rs. 209 on Amazon. This latkan will give you a feel of an Egyptian queen as it represents the design popularly used by them. They come in a set of two and you can easily attach them to any dress you like. You can use them as an add on to your jewellery and later give it to your child after use to use it in any crafts project. You will fall in love with these latkans because of its gothic yet ethnic design.

How to Wear Tassels/Latkans

Latkans are the easiest way of enhancing the beauty of your dress, especially a lehenga. Latkans create and enigmatic effect to your lehenga, There are a number of ways in which you can add them to your attire.

  • Use them by hanging them on the side of your lehenga. They will bounce as you walk and add style to your dress.
  • Use them at the back of your blouse or choli. Latkans look great on any Indian dress, but it looks best with a low-cut back.
  • You can hang these latkans around your neck by attaching them to your chain or even by using a simple satin ribbon to do so. This will make an interesting piece of jewellery.
  • If you are going to a winter wedding or party and thinking of wearing woollens, then you can easily attach these latkans on to your shawl and make a simple shawl evolve into a masterpiece instantly.
  • You can also put them on to your footwear and look very cute
  • Adding latkans to your saree, though a common practice, yet gives it a festive look.
  • You can even use them on to your salwar kurta, hang them by the neck line and your kurta will look complete.
  • You can put them on the dupatta too to give it a heavier look
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Choosing Latkans to Represent Your Theme

As all events these days are planned according to a theme, you can make the eye catching accessory on your bridal dress to represent the theme, colour-scheme or the arrangement of your event. Be it animals, or flowers or even the birds of paradise, your latkans can be customised according to that. It can also be used to create a colour co-ordination with the dress of your groom.