Everything You Need to Know About Styling a Lehenga Saree and 10 Lehenga Saree Outfits You can Buy Online

Everything You Need to Know About Styling a Lehenga Saree and 10 Lehenga Saree Outfits You can Buy Online

What happens when the elegance of a saree and the mesmerizing element of a lehenga saree come together? You get the lehenga saree which is the modern evolution of the saree. Stunning isn't it? We from BP Guide, bring to you 10 mesmerizing lehenga sarees perfect for every occasion from a party to a wedding ceremony to a simple gettogether.

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The Beauty of Timeless Ethnic Attire

Ethnic outfits have their elegance and charm, something that can never be replaced by any other attire. It has a traditional charm to it, can be worn both during the day as well as in the night, and are extremely comfortable to be worn for long hours.

One such timeless ensemble which has been passed on from generation to another is the lehenga, something that looks gorgeous and can be worn on any occasion. A new twist given to this graceful attire is the Lehenga Saree. Get to know all about lehenga sarees, different ways you can use your lehenga to create a saree look along with some great options available online. We’ve also exclusively curated a list of 10 such lehenga saree ensembles for you, along with quick tips on how to wear your lehenga as a saree.

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How to Wear Your Lehenga as a Saree

Lehenga Saree is becoming the trend of the season and there are so many ways in which you can style your lehenga as a saree in simple ways, like these two mentioned here:

  • Classic Drape: This one is extremely easy to do and also looks very chic, without undergoing any troubles. To attain the classic drape look, take one end of your dupatta and tuck it inside the left waist of your lehenga, and then take the other end from behind and drape it like a pallu. You can either keep it flowing and open, or pin it on your right shoulder, depending on the look that you want to create. While creating the classic drape look, make sure that you pleat the dupatta of your outfit in half before you tuck it in, and it would give it a more neat look.
  • Bracelet Drape: All you need to do is pin one end of your dupatta to the right shoulder of your blouse, keeping the other end longer than the one you pinned. Then take the other side and wrap it around your wrist. This one makes your attire look elegant and is also extremely comfortable to carry around, without the hassle of handling that dupatta.

Using a lehenga to create a look, which feels like a saree is extremely easy and it is one of the many ways you can use the same outfit to create multiple looks and look different yet gorgeous each time.

10 Gorgeous Lehenga Saree Outfits to Create a Perfect Ethnic Attire!

There are so many different kinds of lehenga sarees available in the market these days, especially the online stores. Some are pre-stitched like a saree, some have created lehengas in ways that they can be worn as a saree as well, by increasing the overall flair.

Moreover, there are so many styles, shades and fabric in which the different lehenga sarees are available these days, and you can find the one for you depending upon your sense of style, the occasion and the time of the day it needs to be worn.

We understand that picking the one right outfit from such a diverse range is a tough task, which is why we’ve handpicked 10 gorgeous lehenga saree ensembles, suiting different occasions and creating a diverse list with different patterns, styles and fabrics.

Scroll below and have a look at all these outfits:

Ruffled Lehenga Saree

This blue lehenga saree by Inddus is a classic one, which not only has an elegance to it but also will make you stand out, no matter what occasion it is.

The saree is made up of a light blue chiffon/net fabric and has a self-striped design on it all over. The saree has an embellished border which adds some bling to it and is ruffled in the bottom, giving it that unique, retro look.

This saree comes with an unstitched dark blue blouse with a golden touch and look, adding that contrast to the whole attire. The blouse is made up of art silk fabric, which makes it suitable for occasions like parties and weddings.

You can wear this saree for any occasion, and even though on the simpler side when it comes to embroidery or embellishments, the unique colour and style of the saree will make you stand out. Originally priced at Rs. 8399, however right now Myntra is offering an amazing 63% discount on this lehenga saree and you can get it for Rs. 3,107.

Net Lehenga Saree with Embroidery

Next in the list is this beautiful peach coloured lehenga style saree from Utsav Fashion. The saree has intricate embroidery all over the bottom of the saree which was done with techniques of glitter work, zari and stone.

It also has a patch border work which kept the saree elegant yet glamorous. It has a perfect shape, and comes with a satin petticoat, adding that fancy shine against the net fabric of the saree.

It also comes with an embroidered blouse piece and you can choose to get this saree semi-stitched or get it ready as per your measurements. It is a perfect attire with a subtle colour but extravagant embellishments and is well suited for functions like a wedding or a reception party. You can get this for Rs. 9,232.

White and Pink Lehenga Saree

This contrast pink and white lehenga style saree showcases a very unique style and design. You usually find colour contrast in sarees, like in this one where the bottom is white and the other half is pink.

This one, however, also reflects a contrast with the use of two fabrics in the saree - white in net and pink in a beautiful lycra fabric, which makes this saree stand out. It showcases different techniques of art like work of beads, stones, zari and some resham work. It is great for any extravagant occasion, and you can style it with minimum accessories, and you would still stand out.

It comes with a beige blouse made up of art silk fabric, which balances out the colour of the saree. It usually comes without a petticoat, but you can get the same on an additional price of Rs. 300. If you want a stitched blouse, then you can also get the fitting done for a price of Rs. 750.

Originally priced at Rs. 9152, you can presently grab this one for Rs. 7,322 from Panashindia.

Black Resham Lehenga Saree

This one is one of our favourites, a modern take on the traditional sarees, giving it a contemporary feel. This black jacquard lehenga style saree showcases intricate embroidery along with a contrast colour play of black and brown. It is an extremely modern style saree, with unique colours and designing. It would make you stand out no matter what the occasion is.

If you are looking for a simple piece, with great style quotient and less embroidery, then you should pick this one. It will be very comfortable to wear because of the minimal embroidery. You can pair it with beautiful dangling earrings to complete the look. Originally it comes with an unstitched blouse and without any petticoat, but you can opt to get both customised at an additional rate.

Buy this beautiful saree from Sareeka for Rs. 8,286.

Peach and Green Contrast Lehenga Saree

Another way to style a lehenga saree is getting a contrast lehenga and drape the dupatta to create a lehenga saree look. If that is how you want to create your lehenga saree look, then you should go for this beautiful contrast peach and sea green lehenga.

The two colours complement each other very well, and it showcases heavy embroidery on the blouse, lehenga skirt as well as the dupatta. You can wear this for a wedding, with the colours and detailed gold work glowing in the dark. It comes with a peach unstitched blouse which has embroidery all over it.

It’s a beautiful three-piece set, which looks traditional and beautiful. You can get this for Rs. 6,840 from Rajwadi.

Blue and Pink Fusion Lehenga Saree

Another contemporary piece is this blue and pink fusion lehenga saree from Chhabra 555. It is a piece like no other, with blends of bold shades playing together, and prominent embroideries on the pallu portion. The style of the saree is such that it comes with pre-stitched pleated design, with an ombre look on the bottom.

It is made up of nylon and net and the saree has a contrast border design all over it. It also comes with a blouse piece. If you’re looking for a saree like no other and shows fusion with its shades of colours, styling and overall look, we suggest you go for this one.

Originally priced at Rs. 14,400, right now Myntra is offering a 20% offer on this saree. You can grab it for Rs. 11,520 from Myntra.

Beige Raw Silk Lehenga Saree

Another unique piece from Sareeka is this beige lehenga style saree. It is a beautiful lehenga style saree with designing in pastel shades of beige and brown, with some elements of black, and a finishing touch of gold in its stitched pallu. The blouse and lehenga are made up of beige raw silk fabric as the base, and the lehenga skirt showcases beautiful work using embossed techniques, embroidery and zari work, creating a beautiful symmetrical pattern.

The skirt of the lehenga also has a finishing touch with a golden patterned border. The pallu portion of the saree also has a border design all along. It comes with a black blouse with gold embroidery, adding another element of contrast. It is perfect for any night occasion and does not require a lot of accessorising as the outfit speaks for itself. Originally it comes with an unstitched blouse and without any petticoat, but you can opt to get both customised at an additional rate.

You can get this one for Rs. 8,380 from Sareeka.

Embroidered Lehenga Saree

Source www.ajio.com

This green and orange embroidered lehenga saree by Akoya is a simpler piece as compared to the other ones in the list, making it a perfect attire for a simple dinner or get together, or even an afternoon baby shower. The chiffon saree has trinkets of flowers embroidered all over the saree, and comes with a prominent border which again showcases different kinds of embroidery. Chiffon is a very flowy fabric which makes this saree extremely comfortable go-to option.

This saree comes with a golden unstitched blouse piece and you can add some jewels if you want to elevate the overall look. You can get this one for Rs. 5,400 from Ajio.

Pink Handloom Silk Lehenga Saree

This one is a classic three-piece lehenga style saree in a solid pink colour, with gold trinkets, and embroidery all over it. The lehenga skirt and blouse is made up of silk fabric and showcases an intricate zari gold design all over it. The skirt has a border design as well. The dupatta, on the other hand, is the same pink but of net fabric, and it also has a gold border. Overall, this heavy ensemble would give a royal feel, and it is perfect for big occasions.

This product also comes with a 15 days return policy, in case you do not like the product. Originally priced at Rs. 16060, it is right now on a 51% off, you can get it for Rs. 7,789 from Voonik.

Contrast Silk Lehenga Style Saree

This pink and orange saree style lehenga by Panash is a statement piece which has a unique embroidery and styling on the skirt, and a pink art silk blouse with gota work embroidery.

It has lace, stone and gota patti embroidery on the entire ensemble and you can get it for Rs. 11,495 from Panash India. It usually comes without a petticoat, but you can get the same on an additional price of Rs. 300. If you want a stitched blouse, then you can also get the fitting done for a price of Rs. 750.

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Choose Your Lehenga Saree Depending on the Occasion!!!

A lehenga saree is the much-preferred outfit in this modern era and it stands to be the choice of brides and young women nowadays. Since it comes complete with drapes and pleats, you need to be careful about accessorizing it. Also important is choosing the lehenga saree for the party. When it is an engagement function, go for outfits in georgette and chiffons. Simple nude makeup with very delicate accessories works the best. For day functions go for bright and sunny outfits with your accessories speaking for themselves. When it comes to night function/party go all out with bling and let your lehengas be of dark warm hues. The key to choosing the right accessories is for the lehenga saree and the accessory going hand in hand with each other and not vying for supremacy. In case of heavier lehengas, go for lighter accessories and vice versa.