What to Buy and Do at Hong Kong Airport (2019): Got a Few Hours' Halt? You're in for a Treat as Hong Kong Airport is One of Most Captivating Airports You'll Ever Visit!

What to Buy and Do at Hong Kong Airport (2019): Got a Few Hours' Halt? You're in for a Treat as Hong Kong Airport is One of Most Captivating Airports You'll Ever Visit!

From arrival and departure facilities to terminal comfort and cleanliness, Hong Kong airport has earned a name for itself for being one of the best airports around the world! But did you know there's so much more you could do here? If you're leaving Hong Kong after your vacation or have a connecting flight with a few hours halt at HK airport, we've got the perfect way for you to kill your time! BP-Guide is here with the complete shopping guide for Hong Kong Airport with some useful tips and trips you don't want to overlook!

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Airports: The Hidden Shopping Gems

Shop Duty-Free!

The prime reason for shopping at the airport is that you get to shop items exempted from local and national taxes. If you are thinking about what to buy at Hong Kong airport's duty-free shops you are in for a treat. The airport has enough choice to make your shopping a whole lot of fun! There are great deals for tourists from outside the country as they can shop their hearts out without worrying about the added taxes on the products.

Great Discounts if Got Some Luck on Your Side

If you are lucky enough to be around at the time of local holidays, then you might be able to avail great discounts and deals. Airports have hundreds of shops, which means you get to buy almost everything out there. Most stores offer super offers for travellers that you can take advantage of!

Shop for Exclusive Items

The best thing about shopping at an airport is that you get hundreds of options for different kinds of items and brands to choose from. Interestingly, these items may not be available in your country or maybe the city you are living in. So, you get the benefit of buying some utterly different stuff - popular international brands, local brands, local specialties, and many more things which are exclusive to that particular country/region.

Best Things to Buy at Hong Kong Airport

Duty Free Skin Care & Makeup Items

The best way to enjoy Hong Kong airport shopping duty-free is by shopping for makeup. This is no less than a heaven for women. You can find great deals on popular brands, and you get to choose from an extensive range as well.

If you want to buy duty-free beauty and personal care products, then you head to Beauty & You by The Shilla Duty-Free. This shop has various outlets on the Hong Kong Airport, and they offer the widest range of skincare and cosmetics on their shops along with perfumes and other items too. There are more shops available for the same, but you might not be able to find duty free items there.

Leather Items

If you want to buy some of the best leather items, then you should directly head toward Babila for it. The store is located on Terminal 2, Departures Level (L5). It remains open from 9 am to 7 pm and provides some of the most premium and genuine leather goods.

Some of the must buy products are bags, shoes, and belts. You can find a wide range of products here which are not only good for looks but are durable too. From luxurious to simpler items, you can find it all at Babila, and these items would turn out to be an excellent gift for your loved ones because of their high quality. Make sure to shop at least one piece from them when you are on Hong Kong Airport.

Clothing & Accessories

If you are confused about what to buy at Hong Kong airport, then you should better move towards the department of clothing and accessories. There are over a hundred shops of reputed brands providing the best clothing and accessories to people of all age with all sizes.

However, buying clothing from brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Baleno, etc. could be an expensive affair. This is why you can head to 759 Kawaiiland for the shopping of fashion related items for men, women, and children. You can also find exciting gadgets here, and the store is located on Terminal 2 of Departures Level 5. You can find a lot of fashion items here at much affordable pricing.

Travel Size Toiletries

If you are someone who is a frequent traveller because of work or leisure, then an essential travel companion for you would be travel size toiletries. This can be quite a struggle to carry big packaging of shampoos, face wash, and other stuff on your travel.

Head to Muji To Go which is located at the end of check-in Aisle F on Departures Level 7. This shop remains open from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm and provides you various options of body washes, deodorants, perfumes and other items in travel size containers. The best thing about them is that they are available at quite affordable prices.

Food Items

If you want to buy packaged food items which can either be consumed in the plane or can be gifted to your loved ones, then you can head to Duty Zero for it. They provide packaged food items and are located at various terminals too.

From regular to premium quality food, you can find it all here. They have a fantastic collection of Chinese Liquor which is available at the best price amongst all the Asia Pacific airports. If you want more versatility and options, then you can also head to 759 Store which offers excellent choices of snacks, food groceries along with other day to day essentials.


Can you even imagine your entire travel plan without sunglasses? Forgot to pack your sunglasses? Visit Sunglass Hut at Hong Kong Airport located on Terminal 1, Departures Level 6. This shop remains open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm and offers a wide range of sunglasses for both men and women. Sunglass Hut offers some of the top brands to choose from, hence do keep in mind it may be a bit on the expensive side here.

Household Items

Did you know that you can even buy some household items at Hong Kong airport? Well, now you have the perfect opportunity to kill your time by purchasing these items from Best Mart 360. This store is located near Check in Aisle Q on Departures Level 5 and remains open from 9 am to 9 pm.

They source their items from various other countries and continents like Europe, Korea, Japan, etc. and bring them together for their customers. You can find household items on this shop which are used on a day to day basis. Apart from it, you can also shop snacks, beverages and personal care products from this shop as well.

Massage Devices & Health Products

It is the time to shop something unique from Hong Kong Airport, which might not be available in your own country. These are the massage devices and health products available on the shop named Breo at the HK Airport.

This store is located at Terminal 2, Departure Level 5 and remains open from 9 am to 9 pm. The shop offers a variety of portable massage devices and electronic health products, which are a result of the combination of modern technology and Chinese medicine theory. This is something you will get to buy at this airport only.

Bakery & Confectionery Items

You can find so many Hong Kong airport shops selling bakery and confectionery items out there. And if you somehow missed out on the local bakery food in Hong Kong, then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity while you are waiting at the airport.

For this, you can approach Kee Wah Bakery which remains open from 7 am to 11 pm. Find it at the Terminal 1, Departures Level 7. They serve Cantonese baked goods along with sweet and savoury items with unique Chinese twist to them. This bakery also provides gift boxes so you can carry some for your loved ones on your way back home. You can try Koi Kei Bakery and other such shops here as well.


There's no better way to kill some time on your plane journey than to read books. If you have forgotten to carry some with you, then don’t worry as you can buy a few books and comics on Hong Kong Airport too. And, for that purpose, Chung Hwa Book Co. serves you well.

This is a store located in various locations at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 so that you can easily find a book shop near you. They only keep up with the best-seller books, and you can find some of the most unusual novels and magazines here. The shop also keeps up with stationery items, souvenirs, animated collectibles, etc.

There's a Lot More Other Than Shopping Too!

Watch a Movie

If you do not want to go shopping, then there are plenty of other things to do at Hong Kong airport too. One of them is to watch a movie till the time you are waiting for your flight. You can watch a movie at Imax which is located in Terminal 2. It has the biggest cinema screen in the entire Hong Kong so you will be having an unforgettable experience watching a movie in this movie hall.

Enjoy Your Time in the Premium Lounge Area

Hong Kong Airport has this luxurious premium lounge area, which is going to take your breath away for sure. If you have a couple of hours to kill, directly head towards this lounge. It remains open 24 hours and provides some of the most amazing services like showers, resting rooms, internet workstations, massage services, and more. You can also enjoy summer mocktails and dessert delicacies here.

Spend Some Time at the Indoor Golf Club

Feeling rather bored? If not an actual one but Hong Kong Airport has an indoor golf club to entertain tourists and travellers. GreenLive Air offers some fantastic golf simulation games which allow you to practice your golf skills here. You can choose between 9-hole or 18-hole golf game among the various options provided.

Go for a Relaxing Massage

And finally, you have the perfect opportunity to get pampered at the Hong Kong Airport. Wellness is the only spa and massage center at the airport where you can get relaxed and enjoy aromatherapy massage. This is perfect for travellers who are quite tired from their journey and want to take a comfortable time off. You can also enjoy other services like manicures, foot massages, pedicures, blow dry services, among other services provided by them.

Things You Should Avoid Buying from Airports

Now you know what to buy at Hong Kong airport! However, there are some items and products which must not be purchased on the airports, and we have got a quick guide for the things you should try to avoid getting from an airport. These tips would definitely come as great knowledge for the customer in you.


There are so many reasons for not buying electronics on the airports. Firstly, it will be quite hectic for you to carry them all the way to your country. Also, the electronics shops on the airports are quite overpriced, and even chargers and headphones can be very expensive to buy at such kind of shops. You would not want to waste your money on something you can buy online at much reasonable and discounted prices!


Another thing which many tourists often buy at the airport is souvenirs. Many times we forget to buy the souvenirs from local markets and interestingly these shops are placed strategically more visible so that you can go and buy from them. It can be quite expensive to buy them at the airport rather than from the local markets.

Foreign Currency

Foreign currency should be the last thing you should be buying at the airport. Avoid exchanging foreign currency on the airport as these booths tend to charge much higher prices for it. Tourists who often travel with unplanned trip tend to change their money on the airport, and it almost always turns out to be a bad deal!

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There's always a mindset of airports being some of the most extravagant places out there. However, the scenario has changed a lot today, and while you may avoid shopping at an airport, you may be missing out some of the most amazing and cheapest items you could buy from the airport! There are a lot of duty-free things you could get from Hong Kong airport, which you shouldn't miss out on these as you may not find them at better prices in even your own country. Happy shopping!