End Your Halloween Party on the Perfect Note! BP-Guide's List of the Spookiest Halloween Party Favor Bags  for 2019

End Your Halloween Party on the Perfect Note! BP-Guide's List of the Spookiest Halloween Party Favor Bags for 2019

The festival of trick or treat is around the corner, and you still haven't planned your perfect Halloween party? BP-Guide has got you covered for the most important aspect of it - Halloween Party Favor Bags. Watch the little ones' face light up when you hand out candies and goodies in these party favor bags.

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Halloween: The Festival Loved By All

When we say Halloween, what pops into your head? Pumpkins and costumes, treats and spooky houses, right? Everything and anything that movies show, isn't it? Comedy thrillers from the ’90s have had a big hand in shaping our perceptions about this interesting festival. Well, Halloween is not just kids trick-or-treating and decked up houses made to look spooky. It’s a lot more than that; it is a tradition that is deeply ingrained in the urban ethos of the west.

Halloween or Hallowe'en (a contraction of Hallows' Even or Hallows' Evening) also known as All Saints' Eve is a celebration observed across the globe on the 31st of October, the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It is a three-day observance which honours the dead, particularly saints, martyrs, and the faithful who have departed the physical realm. And although Halloween is a Christian holiday with Pagan roots, over the years it has transformed into a fun occasion transcending all boundaries of religion, age, nationality, time and more.

Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, going to Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns, playing pranks, lighting bonfires, divination games, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, as well as watching horror films. The aura around this time of the year is mystical with a pinch of spooky. Gifts and treats are a significant part of the Halloween culture, and we want to ensure that your Halloween gifting is always on point. Nailing a gift is easy, especially if it is candy treats for kids, the hard bit is getting the favour bags right (we feel you). So this is our guide to solve this crucial problem of how to pick the right Halloween party favour bags.

How to Choose Best Party Favors Bags for Halloween

Go for DIY

A DIY bag is one of the best options. Making it yourself always gives you the tools to personalize your bag in the way you want and keeping control over your expenditure. You can get creative with over the top presentation or make a simple yet cute bag.

DIY is the ongoing trend that allows you to bring fresh stuff on your fashion palate. Making a DIY bag is fun, refreshing, and much cheaper. DIY activities are great for our brain because it stimulates it and helps you come up with fresh ideas faster. When you focus on an activity you highly enjoy, you forget about all your problems and this will make you less stressed. Because of this, your brain will have an easier time developing new and creative ideas.

Go for Bags Having Different Halloween Pictures

Be creative and use a lot of Halloween Pictures. As the theme is Halloween, express your thoughts in a simple yet amusing way. Be free in bringing as and work on the existing bag you have. There are so many Halloween related symbols or pictures that you can cut out or sew on the bag like the evergreen pumpkins, skeletons, a scary witch or a mummy made from paper. Engaging these symbols or images will bring life to your party bags, giving each bag a unique taste.

Keep Budget in Mind

The most important thing is to keep a specified budget which should fit in your comfort space, and you should be able to make the best use of the tools you bought. Having a budget will help you to get more creative with simple everyday things you use. You can boost up your creative skills by using everyday items and turn them around into bags. As much as you may enjoy the festival, remember Christmas is not that far off and holiday gift shopping is again going to tax your income pretty soon.

Be creative and sensible - save up decorations, so you don't have to buy them again and again, use everyday objects to create gifts and decorations, and most importantly, try not to get carried away. Sticking to the budget is more important than you think.

Our Top Picks for Halloween Party Favour Bags

Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags

A drawstring is a cord that goes through an opening, for example, at the top of a bag or a pair of trousers. When the cord is pulled tighter, the opening gets smaller. Perfect for Halloween treats bags, goodie bags, candy bags, Halloween party favours, and tons of other uses. These are super cute and adorable, and you can give everyone one of this with Halloween goodies inside they are compact and with the perfect image will live up to the Halloween spirit. They are super durable and will last very long, and they can be designed to carry large amounts of candy. A pack of 72 bags will cost you about Rs. 900 on Amazon.

Trick Treat Drawstring Goody Bags

Kids will love this, with their favourite candies inside. They last for a long time and are secured with the help of a drawstring. All kinds of people coming to your party will love this small yet exciting goody bag. It is a convenient and decorative goody bag for trick-or-treaters on the trail. This collection of treat bags can feature a variety of Halloween icons. One style per unit can be made to increase the uniqueness of the bag. It’s easy to use as it's compact. One unit consists of 36 pieces cost about Rs. 1,480 on Amazon.

Kangaroo's Pumpkin Loot Bags 

These Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bags are going to be loved by kids! Don't go by their size as they will surely be able to hold a lot of candy. They are bigger than you expect it to be and sturdy enough to hold all of the toys and prizes. They are of perfect size and cute and are made from high-quality material. Buy a pack of 50 loot bags for Rs. 650 from Amazon.

DIY Pumpkin Paper Bag

This is a creative version of your normal bags they bring out the essence of Halloween. Let see how to make one:

  • First, you’ll need to fluff up the lunch bag to create a round pumpkin shape. Add candy or other treats inside if you are making a party favour.

  • If you’re making these as pumpkin decorations, crumple up newspaper and stuff it inside. When the bag is filled and looks around, close and twist the top of the bag, leaving a few inches from the top. Wrap a green fuzzy stick around the head where you twisted the bag.

  • Wrap a second fuzzy stick around the top and leave some hanging down. Twist the loose piece of fuzzy stick around a pencil.

  • Remove the pencil to see the curly pumpkin vine you have formed. Use scissors to cut the top of the bag to create (2) leaves.

  • Use acrylic paint to decorate your paper bag pumpkin.

DIY Scarecrow Halloween Treat Bags

These are perfect for getting prepared for Halloween parties! These are super cute and could be perfect for Halloween candy distribution. Fabric glue can be used for these, so there is no sewing required. Get started on this fun craft idea with your kids today. They will love helping with this project and being proud when handing out these Halloween treat bags this year to their friends and family.

How to make one?

  • First, you will need to cut your burlap to size 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide.
  • Add fabric glue to the back seam and along the bottom. Let it dry off completely.
  • Add eyes and a felt nose with the fabric glue.
  • Draw on mouths. Finish off by adding a raffia bow-tie to the bottom with glue.

Treat Pumpkin Bag

These Halloween party favour bags will make for a fantastic first-hand sewing activity for the little ones and are a creative way to keep the kids occupied. Here's how you can make it:

  • Cut out a circle with a 9” diameter from the orange felt and three leaves from the green felt. Thread one of the lengths of green wool through the holes.

  • Tie the two loose ends of the wool together in a knot. Begin to thread the remaining length of green wool starting at the holes directly opposite the knot.

  • When you’ve threaded the wool right around the circle, tie the two loose ends together in a knot. Pull on the woolen strands to close your pumpkin pouch.

  • Take each leaf, bend its stem over a strand of wool and glue the top of the stem onto the base of the sheet.

Goody Canvas Bags

This item is durable and long-lasting as it’s a canvas bags and it brings out the style in you. It features large storage capacity, and it's simple, ideal as a party bag, special gift bag, for tiny treats and treasures, and even a practical sandwich carrier. The little ones will love it very much for Trick or Treat Night. It can not only be applied for practical use at Halloween but also can be used as a decorative bag for storing daily household. Buy 12 drawstring bags on Amazon for Rs. 600.

DIY Glitter Pumpkin Treat Bags

Make your own trendy and personalized, sparkly orange and green glitter pumpkin Halloween bags! Great for all your trick or treating bag needs to collect all that loot and candy! Even if your little pumpkin is too tiny for candy, this trick or treats bag is a cute addition to any Halloween costume. Perfect for taking to school for the Halloween party or for carrying around the neighbourhood for a trick or treat bag. The best part is you can use your sparkly glitter bag year after year!

DIY Halloween Candy Corn Popcorn Hands

This will add that spooky element to your party. It is a great goody as well as an interactive table piece with candy corn to eat. Kids will love this innovative piece of art. This looks cool and spooky and let's see how you can make one:

  • Push 1 piece of candy corn, pointed side forward, into the ends of each finger and thumb of the plastic gloves to make fingernails.

  • Mix remaining candy corn pieces with popped popcorn in a bowl. Fill the remaining space in the fingers and hands of the gloves with the mixture, pushing the popcorn mix into the voids.

  • Leave a little space at the wrists. Tie each popcorn hand at the wrist with a twist tie. Serve on a platter and scatter plastic insects around the hands.

Miny Goody Zombie Bags

Ideal as party bags, special gift bags, for tiny treats and treasures, the cute little zombies on your mini bags make the bags more appealing. Not only for kids but also adults, these bags will be a party star with them filled with chocolates and treats and goodies of your choice.

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Go Healthy This Halloween

Halloween is one festival notorious for ruining all of your little one's teeth. This Halloween, rather than going for the same old candies having high sugary content, go for the healthier alternatives which may include organic candies. They are prepared in such a way these days that you almost can't differentiate them from the same sugary sweets. We wish you a Happy Halloween.