Fun and Exciting Party Party Favour Bags for Every Occasion: 6 Great Pre-made Favour Bags and 4 DIY Bags for the Crafty!

Fun and Exciting Party Party Favour Bags for Every Occasion: 6 Great Pre-made Favour Bags and 4 DIY Bags for the Crafty!

Parties are never complete without return gifts in party favour bags. After all the party planning you do not want to stress on the favour bags too. Our experts put together 6 party favour bags for those in a hurry. And if you are a mom who loves to get involved in every little part, we might have a few DIY bags too.

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What are Party Favor Bags?

Giving party favours has recently turned into a trend but the tradition of giving party favours dates back to olden days. A party favour is a small return gift given to the people who attend the party as a way of thanking them to come to your event.

Earlier party favours were only given at weddings especially to the groom side of the family. It started with the European aristocrats and was called bonbonniere. It was a small trinket box that was usually made of crystal, porcelain, or gemstones and was stuffed with sugar cubes mostly. People with higher economic strata used it to give expensive gifts as well. Later when sugar became a common and affordable thing the gift changed into giving dry fruits mostly almonds. These almonds were mostly coated with sugar and were called confetti. Almonds used to symbolize the bitter and sweet experiences of a marriage due to its slightly bitter taste and the sugar coating over it.

Giving out party favours is a common trend these days and they are given out after almost all the parties, be it kids' birthday parties, baby showers, housewarming, and weddings, etc. These party favours are now packed in beautiful boxes or bags to make it look special and to show the thought put behind gifting it. You can buy these beautiful party favours packaging in the market or make them yourself. Here is a list of party favour bags that you can buy online or make them at home.

Party Favor Bags - 6 Great Options for You

Sillyme Cartoon Printed Dori Bag for Kids


If you are planning a birthday party for your kid and is looking for a good party favor bag to hand it out when the kids return home then you should go with these Sillyme Cartoon printed Dori bags. See the kids smile with something to do with cartoons. Kids of all ages love cartoon characters and follow them religiously and if you want your kid's birthday party to be a blast then you should pack these beautiful cartoon dori bags with goodies and give it to them. Your child will soon be the talk of the town.

These bags are light in weight and come with a sling to close it. They are easy to carry and kids will love to carry their little notebooks or tiffin in it to school or a picnic. They are made with a thin paper-like material and have different cartoon characters printed on them which can be used by boys or girls. You can buy this party favor bags in a pack of 12 from Amazon for Rs. 399.

Enwraps Printed Party Box

The enwraps printed party box can be great for your tween daughter. They are elegant and pink in colour which makes it every girls' favourite. They are made of paper and you get them neatly folded, all you need to do is to pop it out along the folds and they are ready to be stuffed in with different types of goodies.

The delicate white lace and a pretty pink bow make it even more appealing and your daughter's friends will love to carry it with them back home and show it off to their parents. If kept properly it can be used for days, her friends can keep her pens or small stationery items in it and it will look festive sitting on her dressing table. You can order these beautifully printed party boxes for Rs. 350 for a pack of 12 from Flipkart.

Potli Bag Raw Silk with Buddha Prints

If you have been given the responsibility of managing the return gifts at your sister's wedding then you have a big task on hand. Buying return gifts take a lot of thinking and energy and packing them in a unique and special way makes it even harder. You can check out this exquisite potli bag made of raw silk and put your return gifts in it. These potli bags are beautifully made with strong fabric and have the trendy Buddha print on it. They look cool and your guests can reuse them anytime they want. You can buy this potli bag for Rs. 76 each and the minimum order to be placed is 25 bags from Wed Tree.

Enwraps Printed Party Box (White, Pack of 12)

Another cool looking party favor bag from Enwraps is the printed party box with a cute bunny face printed on it. It also has a sling with it which makes a little more stylish than the other boxes. These boxes are made of good quality soft paper and your guests will love to get their return gifts in these adorable party favor boxes. You can use these party favor boxes in different parties especially a kiddy birthday or for a baby shower. The cute bunny face will make everyone fall in love with it instantly. Go ahead and buy these boxes in a pack of 12 for Rs. 600 from Flipkart and watch your guests smile when you hand it to them as a token of thanks.

Kuber Industries Saree Cover


According to the Indian tradition, the bride's side of the family gives out various gifts to the groom's side of the family and one of the most common gifts for the ladies is a saree. Women love sarees and getting it as a gift is even better. You can give out sarees in many different ways but what's important is to find the perfect bag to hand it to your receiver. If you are planning to buy sarees in bulk you can buy the saree cover from the Kuber industries.

These saree covers or packets are beautifully made with golden satin fabric and will enhance the beauty of the saree you are planning to give away to your special guests. One saree cover can hold 2 sarees at a time. The compact size of the saree cover is great as your guests can easily fit it in their bags and take it with them. They can even reuse it by storing their most expensive saree in it which will save it from silverfish etc. You can buy this elegant saree cover in a pack of 12 for Rs. 1,245 from Amazon.

Stroller Shaped Candy Favor Bag


Planning a baby shower for your best friend? You will have to look into a lot of different things to host a perfect party and one of the most important things in a party is the return gifts. There are many simple ways of handing out gifts but if you are at a baby shower the party favour bag must have something to do with babies to remind you of the little thing coming into the world.

This stroller shaped candy favour bag can be a perfect party favour bag. These are shaped into cute little strollers with a handlebar, a cute hood over it, and tiny wheels. This is the perfect way of giving sweets and candies during a baby shower. These bags or strollers are made of high-quality paper and are hand-measured which makes them perfect. They will bring a huge smile to anyone who holds it. You can buy it for Rs. 637 from Eassy Cart.

DIY Party Favor Bags

If you are one of those people who like to do every little thing by yourself to make your party memorable for all your guests than making party favor bags yourself will be a neat idea. There are tons of different kinds of favor bags you can make but we have come up with some easy ones for you.

Party Favor Bag Out of Cardboard Box

Making party favor bags can be a lot of fun and teamwork. This very easy party favor bag made with cardboard will make your guests happy. You can ask your friends to join you in the DIY project and have a blast.

Things You Need

  • Cardboard boxes – any size
  • Fabric scraps – t-shirt, tulle, lace (whatever you have on hand)
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • You will have to find old cardboard boxes in your home. They could come from old cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc.
  • Look for the side of the box which is pasted together with glue
  • Pull it open from there from top to bottom
  • Cut the top part of the box
  • Now glue the sides of the box but the other way around, the outside printed part should be in the inside
  • Create a crease along the folds by pressing with your fingers
  • Use a hole punch and make two holes in the top for handles
  • Tie the fabric or ribbon for the handles
  • You can now get as creative as you want with it color it, paste pictures on it, etc to make it look attractive
  • Stuff them with your goodies and hand them out to your guests

Paper Gift Bag

Another great and easy party favor bag can be made out of paper. It is very easy to make. You will never buy another party favor bag once you make this pretty one all by yourself. Here is how you can make it.

Things You Need:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • A single hole punch


  • Take a piece of paper, it could be from your scrapbook and the measurement should be 12x12.
  • Find a box of the same size of bag you wish to make.
  • Now, take the paper and fold it around the box just like you would do to wrap it but don't put the tape on it.
  • Now glue the edges together, you should also put some tape in the inside seam to make it stronger.
  • Fold one end of the paper like you do to wrap the edge of a gift, this will serve as the bottom of the favor bag.
  • Apply glue with glue stick on each fold of the paper
  • Take the box out carefully and create a crease in the middle, now you will have a triangle on each side.
  • Cut the top of the bag to the height you want it to be, you can add different shaped scissors for fun shapes.
  • Now punch holes and put ribbons for handles. You can cut a cardboard sheet and put it at the bottom of the bag from inside to make it stronger.

T- Shirt Tote Bag

We all have those old T-shirts sitting at home that we don't wear anymore and they are too good to give away. You can help out your friend by giving these T-shirts to her to make party favor bags out of these. She will love the idea and will save her a lot of money as well. They are very easy to make and are a unique way of giving gifts to guests.

Things You Need:

  • Get all the T-shirts at home that you don't wear
  • Ruler
  • A sharp pair of scissors


  • Choose the T-shirt according to the size of the bag you want to make. Large T-shirt will make a large bag and so on. (try to use cotton T-shirts as they make good bags)
  • Now cut the sleeves, neckline, and the bottom seam of the T.
  • You can also trim the neckline at the back so that it looks even.
  • Cut 1" wide strips from anywhere along the bottom of the T.
  • If you want longer fringes you can cut them up to 5 or 10" .
  • Hold the top of the strip and pull them until it is stretched out to the max. This will make them curl and look pretty.
  • You can tie these strips into a knot.
  • Trim the loose threads and you have a cute tote bag.
  • Stuff them with goodies and hand them out to your guests.

Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

If you have different colored wrapping papers at home then you don't need to buy party favor bags. You can make some cool bags out of these wrapping papers with ease.

Things You Need

  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Rectangle hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Wrapping paper


  • Take the wrapping paper and put the item you want to wrap in it on top of it. You should have enough paper to cover the item
  • Cut the wrapping paper to that size
  • Now take the paper and put it face down on a table
  • Fold the right and left side until they overlap a little
  • Stick them together with tape
  • Now fold the bottom of the paper which will be the bottom of the bag
  • Now carefully separate the two pieces of the paper and flatten it to make a diamond shape. You might not be able to do it in the first go but you will get a hang of it
  • Now fold the top and bottom corners together toward the middle of the diamond and put tape over it
  • Open the bag and fold the top over to the back
  • Punch holes for the ribbons or lace on top with a hole puncher and add a gift tag or a bow over it to make it look perfect

Things You Can Put in a Party Favor Bag

Now that you have a ton of different ideas for party favor bags you just need to think what to put inside it. If you are looking for things to stuff in these bags for kids then you can go with the following.

  • Colors can enhance the creative side of the kids; you can also add stickers or little note pads in it with some pencils and erasers for the kids.

  • If the theme of the party is a movie then you can put in a bag of microwave popcorn, a pair of 3D glasses or things related to the movie they are about to watch during the party.

  • Kids love animals so you can put cartoon stickers of animals or a little stuff toy in the bag.

  • Other creative things you can put in a goodie bag are coloring books, reading books, cupcakes, a Frisbee, a can of play dough, bubble blowers, or candies.

For adults, you can fill up these party favor bags with edible things

  • Fill them up with your favorite nuts and dried fruits or homemade cookies.

  • You can also put mini cocktail bottles for alcohol lovers.

  • If you are planning a party for a sports lover you can fill these bags with things related to their favorite sports like a baseball cap, a stopwatch, a can of sports drink, etc.

You can get as creative as you want but always remember your budget as you will have to give the same gift to all your guests.

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Buy Your Party Favour Bag First!

Party favor bags are often forgotten and a rushed part of the party. So inconsequential yet important! Though simple, it requires multiple things put together if you are planning on a gift bag. Purchase your bag first, so that you can buy the return gifts depending on the size of the bag. Organizing the party favor bag is even more important if you are planning to do it yourself. Your gifts should be memorable, the final touch that makes your party famous. And your bag should complement the gift and elevate it.