Tiny Treasures That Speak Volumes: 9 Adorable and Unusual Miniature Gift Ideas for a Couple in 2019

Tiny Treasures That Speak Volumes: 9 Adorable and Unusual Miniature Gift Ideas for a Couple in 2019

We all love gifts. The aesthetics of a gift are increased to a great extent when it is in a miniaturized form. So, go unconventional and gift your favorite couple, these cute little miniature gifts, which they will cherish forever.

What are Miniatures?

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A miniature is a cute and small replica of any object or person. These range from 3D figurines, tiny plants, tiny working-replicas of gadgets, small paintings and anything and everything that is made mini in size from its bigger counterpart.

There are different types of miniature items available today.

  • There is an ongoing trend of couple miniatures which are cute doll-like replicas of their own self, which can be gifted to them on special occasions. Such gifts are not only thoughtful, but they ooze of cuteness.
  • There are miniature paintings as well. These paintings are created by master artisans and feature intricate detailing. Miniature paintings also make excellent gifts.
  • Miniature plants are tiny plants or bonsais grown in small pots. These are not just mere artificial looking replicas, but proper living plants in a tiny size and they are adorable.

Miniature gifts are often treasured by anyone who receives them because they are not only endearing, but they reflect a deeper and more loving gesture. When it comes to tiny 3D replica dolls, the gifter takes time and effort to get a miniature made of someone you value in your life. Such customized gifts become beloved artifacts for couples who can display such pieces on their side tables or showcases.

Miniature gifts come in many forms, materials and styles. There are many companies online which have raised the bar when it comes to miniature gifts. You can find unique and adorable miniatures of real people in different themes on such websites. All you need to do is to upload your photograph and expect a near-real looking miniature of yourself delivered by them.

Take your gifts to the next level this time when you have to gift a favorite duo in your life by selecting any of the below listed miniature gifts.

Some Tips for Selecting Miniature Gifts

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Before you select miniature gifts, some small pointers can help you make the right decisions.

The Devil is in The Detailing

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When you really want to gift a miniature that leaves one spellbound, the trick is to look for fine detailing. A miniature is a scaled down version of any object, and the more detailed it is, the better it will be. Good 3D replica doll miniatures with fine detailing of the person’s features, hair color and dress will reflect fine workmanship and quality. While selecting the gift, scan the product images carefully and read through customer reviews, choosing products that have reviews from actual customers.

Pass Over The Really Cheap Products

A high price doesn’t guarantee quality, but creating good quality work is seldom cheap. Since you can’t physically examine the piece when buying online, avoid buying very cheap items. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Expect to pay more for handmade items and original merchandise. Recast and 3D models tend to be a lot cheaper in comparison but then again, ensure it has good detailing, otherwise your gift will look like a cheap toy for kids, not a collectible an adult will want to hold on to.

Make and Quality Will Determine The Price

Miniatures dolls are small replicas of anything or any person. But in earlier times, these miniatures were handmade with different materials including metals, clay and even rubber. Handmade miniatures are an ancient Indian art. One can find various doll-like images of humans, animals and even devils made from clay and then hand-painted to make them look real. These miniatures are widely used in puppet shows in India today.

Today, the art form has advanced with better technology. Miniature dolls today are made from polymers using a 3D printer today. The price will be determined by materials used and how the miniature has been made.

Cute Miniature Dolls for Couples

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Replica Dolls for a Cute Couple

When it comes to miniature gifting, nothing would be more perfect than the replica of the cute couple itself. But how do you get a replica? Well, do not worry! The miniature trend has now come to India with people ready to spend on lovely and near-real replicas of their favorite people or even themselves.

Order for these 3D printed replica dolls of a couple and you can be assured that they will love your gift the most! www.kalaakart.in presents lovely options on miniature gifts. They make organic dolls out of PLA plastic. These are mostly printed in FDM printers. They have a team of 3D designers, who take help from the close up pictures you upload on their site to come up with these 70 to 80% near real models of the pictures. They first create a 3D model in a software and then create it in 3D printer, while removing the excess part. They later use acrylic paints to carefully paint the figures. A single doll would cost you Rs. 4,500.

Personalized Caricature Gift for the Just-Married Couple

A personalized caricature is also a humorous and endearing gift item for someone you love. This personalized caricature wedding frame on an easel can be ordered on www.regalocasila.com. you just need to upload your pics and write a message if you wish, else they will put their own love message for the couple.

They use cute images of a girl and boy and replace the face with the face of the picture you provide. They enlarge or resize the pics as per the requirement. This caricature would cost you Rs. 599 only. The couple can place this caricature beside their bed or on their showcases. It will always remind them of your bond.

Cute Miniatures for your Favorite Duo

www.mycutemini.in has the most stunning collections for miniature couple gifts. This couple mini gift can be the most ideal gift your favorite couple has ever received in their lives. All you need to do is upload a clear HD picture of the couple on their website and expect them to create a near-real replica. You can easily get the image of the couple from their social media profiles if you do not want to ask them personally or spoil the surprise.

Priced at Rs. 10,750, this miniature can be made in various sizes such as 7 inches, 9.5 and 12 inches. The price increases as you increase the size. You can also order a glass enclosure box for the 3D miniature for an extra price from the site. This would be a lovely gift for someone to treasure forever.

Bobble Heads for a Bubbly Couple

Know a couple who is bubbly and cheerful? Gift them this ever-so-cute bobble head miniature to show them how much they are loved and appreciated! This cute bobble head miniature can be purchased from www.thelittle.me. It is a very sweet 3D image of a man in a wedding tuxedo carrying his bride on this back.

The bobble figurines are ready and just waiting for a head to be implanted upon them. You need to email the website a clear image of the couple with the front face in HD quality. This figurine is made from poly-resin and priced at Rs. 10,803. They take a month or so to get the image ready and hence you should plan in advance. These bobble heads are cloned from the pictures you provide but they are 80 to 85% matching. So go ahead and order this dream gift to someone you feel deserves the very best!

5 Cute Mini-Gifts for Couples That Aren't Dolls

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A miniature can be a small replica or small image of any item. Often mini gifts are best preferred as people tend to discard huge and bulky gifts because of the space constraint. We also have listed a few miniatures of other items other than just doll-like miniature gifts.

Miniature Painting for a Lovely Couple

The eternal love saga of Radha and Krishna has been captured in this miniature painting. India has a rich history of such miniatures and this is a reproduction of a traditional painting by an unknown artist. This miniature painting of Radha Krishna will also be appreciated by a couple who has religious inclinations.

The pretty painting features intricate detailing and refined artwork. Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha are seen enjoying a peaceful moment together in this lovely painting. Priced at Rs. 7,299 and the painting is done on a silk base of size 9 x 12 inches. The traditional artwork is shipped in a tube form and is not framed.

Buy it online from www.artzolo.com

Tiny Bonsai Gift for a Nature Loving Couple

One of our favorites in the tiny or mini gift section, this miniature bonsai is a replica of a big tree. This lovely gift is best suited for couples who love nature or those who have a lovely garden. This bonsai will not only add to their collection but also be one of the most cherish-able gifts they have ever received.

Bonsai plants were first grown by the Japanese and today, many scientists and nature lovers experiment with different kinds of plants, soils and decorative pebbles to create stunning bonsai's. These plants also depict longevity, perpetuity and immortality. So gift this pretty bonsai to a couple who have loved each other for eternity.

Priced at Rs. 1,095, this plant is available at www.amazon.in. It is a unique flowering bonsai tree developed in a curved shape. This plant flourishes well in the Indian tropical climate. It is considered to bring good luck and prosperity at home. It is also a great natural air purifier and makes your home air free from toxic elements. It comes with a glazed ceramic pot with an excellent finish. A detailed plant-care manual also tags along the package to inform you how to care for the plant.

Iron Throne Miniature for the GOT Crazy Couple

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Know any crazy Game of Thrones fan? The thrilling and captivating epic saga left most of us glued to our screens until the very last episode. Even if the series is over now, you can reminiscent old memories to someone you know who can talk about GOT all day long. Gift such a couple this realistic miniature of the iron throne from the series. Priced at Rs. 7,964, this will definitely make their day and make this one a gift to cherish forever. This is a highly detailed miniature replica weighing 1.27 kg.

Buy it online at www.amazon.in

Miniature Pocket Printer

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A photo printer that literally fits in your pocket? Now isn't that a handy addition to anyone's arsenal of mobile phone photography. This makes a great gift for a couple going on their honeymoon, folk who like to travel and anyone who is fond of taking pictures.

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer weighs a mere 170 gm, is the size of a standard smartphone and it creates cute prints of 2 x 3 inch. What's more, the print paper has a sticky base so the pictures can be used like stickers. There's plenty of fun options for personalisation such as adding emojis, text and borders to photos before printing. Now be aware that the print isn't of the highest quality and low battery will give you bad prints, but this printer is more for fun and spontaneous prints than sleek, glossy images!

Buy this for a super discounted rate of Rs.2,999 on Amazon.

Miniatures Musicians Figurines

If you know someone who is fond of Indian classical music, then this set of 3 musicians will definitely amuse them. Priced at Rs. 3,420, the pretty miniature figurines will always be a reminiscent of Indian classical art. Do not miss out the fine detailing and lovely color combination. These sculptures are made from iron and can be purchased from www.dollsofindia.com

Bonus Tip: Find a Passion They Share

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Finding gifts on a specific theme is easier than random miniatures. Such themes will resonate better with the couple. For example, you can pick up a couple miniature fishing for a couple who loves fishing and you can pick up a couple miniature with a dog for a couple who have a dog. Such little inputs show how observant and thoughtful you are and your gift will be appreciated better.

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Celebrate their Togetherness by Gifting these Cute Miniature Gifts to Your Favorite Couple

So go and surprise a couple on their special day, by gifting them a valuable, everlasting, precious, evergreen, cherish-able and immortal miniature couple. Don't forget to add a personal touch to it.