Make This Halloween Extra Spooky with Awesome Halloween Party Favours. Also Read Our Guide to Throwing the Perfect Halloween Party (2019)

Make This Halloween Extra Spooky with Awesome Halloween Party Favours. Also Read Our Guide to Throwing the Perfect Halloween Party (2019)

Halloween is that part of the year where you get to get together with your relatives and friends to show off your amazing creative skills and of course, share joy and happiness! This Halloween, throw the best Halloween party for your near and dear ones with our complete guide for everything you need from some spooky decor to trick-or-treat candies!

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What Do You Need for a Perfect Halloween Party?

Planning to host a Halloween Party this year? Well, as fun as that sounds, you would not want to do it wrong. Here is your simple guide on how to start from scratch while planning a Halloween party. We’ve got you covered on everything you need to know, how to do it and overall budgeting.

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Decor and Set-up

Even though we all know that Halloween means all things spooky, but still it is great to reflect one set of concept when you’re hosting a party rather than keeping it all haywire.

So, the first thing you need to do is pick a theme for your Halloween Party. Here are some suggestions: Horror Movie Theme, Ghosts Theme, Pumpkin Theme, Witches Theme or Skull Theme.

You can also decide your theme depending on the one which you think would be easy to execute for you, from decor and set up, availability of supply and food related to that theme.

Now, once you’ve decided which theme you want to go for, it gives you a great direction while deciding all other things. What is important is that you give your guests the spookiest experience ever from the very moment they get the invitations till the very end when they leave with your spooky party favours.

The things in between would be creepy decor, signs, lighting, food set-up and plating. Here are some products you can buy for decor and set up:

  • Lighting: Lighting would be a very important aspect of your party and make sure you use this quirky and creepy skull string light. It will add an edge to your party. It is available on for a price of Rs. 650.

  • Decor: Not just lighting but the entire place should be decorated to give your guests one nice experience. Start from this ‘Happy Halloween’ on your front Door. You can buy this from for a price of Rs. 263.

  • For elevating the interiors, you should opt for the right tableware, and decor depending upon the sync that you’re opting for. For instance, if you’re going with the pumpkin theme, you can go for orange tableware, orange balloons and some extra elements like this Pumpkin Squishy Toys as a decor element, and Wall removable Stickers. Both of them are available on for Rs. 197 and Rs. 506 respectively.

Holiday Special Food

Well, you cannot do a Halloween Party without some special holiday food. After all, trick-or-treats is a very important and celebratory element of Halloween!

Make sure to have some Halloween chocolate section at your party. You can buy these pumpkin chocolates from

And what is a party without any cake, right? Well, you can buy a Halloween Special Cake from Ferns and Petals. You can choose between this spider cake and scary eye Halloween special cake. They are priced at Rs. 949 and Rs. 1,999 respectively.

If you don’t want to go for some cake, and looking at a small gathering, you can also get some Halloween special cupcakes from a bakery near you.

Props for the Party

Now that you know how to get ready for a Halloween Party in terms of the decor and food, you also need to make sure that you’ve planned certain elements in the party which will create a vibe of a Happy Halloween.

One very cool and easy way is to have some quirky Halloween props for all your guests, which can also be used to make your party picture perfect. Set up a small yet creepy photo booth in your party and use this set of 14 Halloween Props. You can buy it from at a price of Rs. 219.

You can also go an extra mile and have these face paints at your party where everyone can get into their scary set-up using these hassle-free paints from for Rs. 325.

Party Favors: A Themed Souvenir for the End

Just like the overall vibe of the party, what's also very important is to end the part on the right note. Make sure you have some little party favours for your guests as a gesture of thanking them for their presence. Moreover, make sure they have a tinge of Halloween element in them!

Do not forget to make them fun and creepy!

10 Party Favour Ideas for a Halloween

Let’s admit it, it’s confusing and sometimes difficult to pick the right party favours. But nonetheless, it is also a very important element of any party. This is why we’ve picked out 10 very cool and creepy Party Favor Gifting options for you.

1. Pumpkin Chocolates

Make your Halloween extra special with this special Pumpkin Chocolates as trick-or-treats. They are shaped in Pumpkin with coating on the outside to give it that Halloween feels.

This one is a pack of 12 chocolates in Mango, Strawberry and Orange flavour priced at Rs. 499 on

2. Halloween Toys

Don’t we all love toy? Well, what better than picking toy as a gift to your guests but with a spooky twist. Gift them these Halloween special gag toy as a party favour. You can grab these from which priced at Rs. 408.

3. Halloween Party Goodie Bags

If you can’t make your mind about what to buy as a party favour, you can easily grab any item and use Halloween Special Bags and that would be it.

This cute Halloween themed pattern gift bag will be the right choice to hold gifts, candies and snacks! You can add some Halloween treats and it can be a well-suited party favour.

The best part is that is also reusable and can be used at homes, stores, offices, hotels and restaurant, bars and any other place that you want to decorate. It is made up of Premium fabric, is durable, eco-friendly and non-fading. You can buy it from at a price of Rs. 755.

4. Halloween Candles

Well, these magical candles are a great and unique gift and perfect favour to end your Halloween Party. They are available on and priced at Rs. 150 for candles. These flame candles will make your Halloween party even spookier. Isn’t that uber cool?

Grab them before they go out of stock!

5. Magical Monster Slime

This is yet another great party favour, something that everyone enjoys, especially kids.

If you’re planning on gifting these to kids, it’s a great option as it is safe and non-toxic, environmental protection material, soft and comfortable, crystal clear with rich colours. Moreover, it can be used for blowing bubbles, grasping, hand-eye coordination etc. It is priced at Rs. 372 at

6. Halloween Party Face Stickers

This one is a fun option for a party favour. Halloween customised face stickers are available in different designs, colours and patterns and are easy to remove, without creating any hassle.

This face sticker is made up of Rhinestone Jewellery and is easy to peel and stick. It is also non-toxic, so you do not have to worry about any allergic skin reactions. You can buy this from for a price of Rs. 797.30.

7. Halloween Necklace

Well, this one is a great option as it would not only be a great addition to your party and your Halloween theme but also can be worn and used later at various occasions or regularly as an accessory. This noctilucent necklace has a funny design and completely fits Halloween. You can buy this from for Rs. 399.65. One cool thing about this necklace is that this glows in the dark.

8. Witch Broom Halloween Pens

Take all your guests on a nostalgic Harry Potter Journey with everyone’s favourite witch brooms! And what better than gifting it as a party favour in the form of these Witch Broom Halloween Pens. They are available on Amazon at a price of Rs. 2,196 for a pack of 12.

9. Monster Eye Ring

This Monster Eye Ring is an on-point projection of Halloween and is also extremely spooky. This is what makes it fun and a great option if you’re confused about what to gift as a party favour. Moreover, it comes at a price of Rs. 250 only for a pack of 2 at

10. Glow in Dark Dancing Sticks

Usually seen in concerts, these Glow in the Dark Sticks is also a great idea for a party favour. With its neon colours and glow in the dark, it is a complete fir for Halloween. It is available on for a price of Rs. 150 only.

Things to Keep in Mind while Planning a Halloween Party

Now that you know how to Ideate for a Halloween Party, what you need to keep in mind that even though ideation is great, the real struggle is when you have to Plan to get things in order and the actual execution. Planning and Execution are very important while hosting any party and it can also get really tricky sometimes. But you’ve nothing to worry about. Read below on how to plan the perfect Halloween Party without any bummers.

Plan Your Budget

While ideating for different themes, food options and other things you’d like to do for the party, list down the things you’d need along with their tentative quantities. Once you have that in place, look at the market price for each of those items.

Understand the space where you’d be hosting the party, listing down the most essential elements, and how you’d be using the space, which would help you stay within your budget.

At the end of it, you’d have an estimation of how much you would be spending for the party. In case it goes over budget, you can make alterations accordingly. It is extremely important to define a budget in the very beginning, instead of stressing upon your finances later on.

Prepare a Guest List

Preparing a guest list would actually go hand in hand while you’re planning your budget. It would help you estimate the supplies you’d be needing.

Also, make sure that once you’ve prepared a guest list, you send out the invites as soon as possible. It will help you identify the number of people who’d be actually joining you for the party depending on how many people RSVP for the same. And once you know that, the rest of it can be easy.

Buy in Bulk

Remember that buying in Bulk can help you save a lot of money, or do so much more in the same budget.

Once you’ve decided on a budget and have an idea for how many people you’d be hosting the party, the next step should be for you to list down some wholesale dealers around you, add get a quotation for your supplies.

At the end of it, go for the one which is offering you the best price and helping you stay within your budget. These days a lot of suppliers take bulk orders at great prices, so make sure you make the most of the opportunity.

Something for Everyone

It is very important that each and every guest at your party has a great experience, and you have something planned for all. This is why it is important for you to understand that your party is diverse for everyone who will be coming. To do the same, first, you should know who all will be coming to the party. For instance, if your party will be hosted for both adults and kids, you should make sure that there is something which both can enjoy, like different favours for adults and different ones for children. Similarly, have different food options or things planned for both age groups.

So, make sure you plan your Halloween party in a very detailed manner, considering the little things like hosting a party where there is something for everyone and at the end of it, you’ll see everyone having a great time!

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