Hosting a Dussehra Party? Have a Look at These Thoughtful Dussehra Return Gifts For Your Lovely Friends/ Family

Hosting a Dussehra Party? Have a Look at These Thoughtful Dussehra Return Gifts For Your Lovely Friends/ Family

Festivals are just a reason to come together and have fun, so a Dussehra party makes perfect sense! Show you thankfulness with unique return gifts for your guests. We have loads of affortable and elegant ethnic gifts perfect for the occasion. Read on to know more.

Eco-Friendly Suggestions to Celebrate Dussehra This Year

Burn A Smaller Statue of Ravan


No matter what the occasion is, you should always try and make a difference by opting Eco-friendly decorations and celebrations. Before you start choosing Dussehra return gifts, you should ponder on the fact that picking small statues of Ravana for burning can make a big difference. In fact, go for more organic ways by choosing such items for making the statue which are easy to burn and create less pollution in the air.

Say No to Fireworks and Crackers

This is one of the top ranking culprit for higher level of air pollution on the occasion of Dussehra and Diwali. The meaning of Dussehra is to celebrate the victory of good over evil and you are bursting thousands of crackers and fireworks on such a joyous occasion. This is entirely wrong and we must avoid bursting so many hazardous fireworks on such a happy occasion. Not only that it causes humongous amount of air pollution, but noise pollution too.

Opt for Environment Friendly Decorations

There are huge pandals created for the celebration of Dussehra. You can try and minimize these expenses and opt for a more humble celebration. Also, stick to more eco-friendly decorations like bamboo for pandals, more paper products for decorative pieces, flowers and earthen diyas for beautiful decorations are some of the options you can go for.

Recycle As Many Things as Possible

Recycling the items can make a huge difference in cutting down the pollution being caused by such celebrations. So, before you head on to the section of Dussehra return gifts, make a decision that you will recycle everything being used for Dussehra decorations. For example, flowers and papers can be used for making compost while artificial immersion tanks can be created for the idols of Maa Durga.

Avoid Using Loudspeakers


Apparently, Dussehra is the common day for the immersion of Maa Durga idol and for burning Ravana statue. This leads to a big celebration resulting in playing loudspeakers on top of their volume. You can switch these loudspeakers with dhols and Nagadas as they have a low pitch and this can double up the fun too.

Thoughtful Dussehra Return Gifts Online

Multicolor Haldi Kumkum Box (Pack of 12)

Starting this list of Dussehra return gifts with this beautiful haldi kumkum box. This is one of those things which are like the inseparable part of any Indian festival and Puja. This is why giving it out as a return gift on Dussehra would be a perfect idea.

Here you get multi-colored swastika themed designer boxes. Each of them have kundan and other stone work on top of them and have four compartments inside.

All you need to do is to simply slide the upper cover and you can access the four sections inside it. You can get these boxes in various colors like yellow, green, red, pink, purple etc. These boxes are made out of plastic and covered with fancy cloth. You just need to wipe them with dry cloth for cleaning. Buy this pack of 12 kumkum boxes on for Rs. 599

White Metal Maa Face

What else can be a better option than the idol of Maa herself as the return gift on Dussehra? We managed to find this beautiful white metal Durga Maa Face to be used as a wall hanging for your living room. The face looks so mesmerizing that you will feel surreal just by looking at it.

When you are organizing the Dussehra party in your home, you have to give out this Maa face as a return gift to all your loved ones. The minimum order quantity for this gift is 25 and buying in bulk also reduces the price per piece too. The beautiful carvings and intricate details of this wall hanging would surely touch the heart of all your loved ones. You can buy this Durga face right away on for Rs.110

Minakari Glass


This gorgeous meenakari glass is one of the most amazing return gifts for Dussehra and any other festival. Utensils aren’t seen as just the part of Indian kitchen but they are actually more than that and this is why such glasses would be a perfect choice for gift.

The meenakari glass firstly has a base of golden polish on steel material. Everything is done just on the outside and the inside part has been kept as it is.

You can spot stunning red and green Meenakari work on the glass and designs of flowers and petals on it. Such designs look absolutely breathtaking and gives an antique look to the glass. Make sure to keep the glass safe in a cloth cover. You can buy this Meenakari glass on for Rs. 89

5 Section Flower Condiment Set

We found such an amazing and thoughtful product which is simply superb and very fitting to be given as a gift or return the gift. This is a trending product right now which is basically a sectional condiment set with collapsible design. Made out of plastic, it is shaped like a flower and has a very functional and practical design.

You can use it to keep candies, chocolates, snacks items in it when the guests come over and they will be more than pleased to see such a beautiful design.

There are total 5 sections which are left open when you rotate the flower on top. There is also one more section on top too. So, basically all the sections remain closed unless you want to open them up. You can buy this wonderful condiment set on for Rs. 199

Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag

You can use the auspicious occasion of Dussehra to send out a message of Eco-friendly celebrations. In order to celebrate it in an Eco-friendly way, you can give out these canvas bags as a return gift on Dussehra or any other festivals too.

Manufactured by Shoppers Stop, these bags send out the message of Back to Earth which is all about saving the Earth from the major changes by doing little things in life.

The best thing about these bags is that they are quite large and spacious and most importantly, reusable over and over again which can eliminate the use of plastic. You can buy this canvas bag on for Rs. 59

Brass Kamal Style Diya

Brass return gifts are like the ultimate staple especially when it comes to the festival. As Dussehra is seen as the festival which brings light and prosperity into people’s lives, you must give out something symbolic as a return gift for this festival.

So, we found this brass and copper lotus-shaped diya for your loved ones. Not only that it looks absolutely stunning but the design also ensures that the diya remains protected from wind and remains enlightened for a longer time.

The lotus-shaped design is quite visible from the beautiful brass petals all around the diya. You can either use it in your Puja Ghar or as a decorative piece for your table too. This is such a fitting return gift for Dussehra and you can buy it on for Rs. 180.

German Silver Plate and Cup Set

We managed to find this amazing set of silver plate with cups for you which looks elegant and would make your loved ones more than happy too. There is no doubt in the fact that gold and silver are seen as the two most important precious metals in India and hence giving a gift made of these materials would be a great choice especially on festivals like Dussehra.

Instead of sterling silver, we found this German silver set which is a lot more affordable. You get a tray and 2 small bowls with it which are perfect to serve Mouth fresheners or dry fruits to the guests.
You are going to find some designs and carvings on these silver articles too which makes them look even more beautiful. Grab this set now on for Rs.116

Oxidized Silver Leaf Agarbatti Stand


Carrying on the spree of silver gifts, we have one more option to suggest. This stunning Agarbatti stand made out of silver is also a wonderful choice as a return gift for Dussehra. This time also we didn’t pick the pure silver item to keep the price affordable.

Oxidized silver items are quite popular these days as they give very rustic and antique vibes and hence look great for decorative purposes. This leaf shaped incense stick holder is just the same. The intricate carvings on it and oxidized look gives very edgy vibes. It also has small statue of Lord Ganesha on one of its edges. You can buy this leaf Agarbatti stand on for Rs. 49

Festive Handmade Toran

If you know about Indian traditions, then you would also know about the use of Toran on Indian festivals. These torans are hanged across the doors to decorate them and also seen as an auspicious element too.

So, we thought why not give out torans as a return gift for Dussehra? We picked this hand made toran which is minimal yet very stunning and would look great on the main door.

The colourful Toran looks quite pretty and you can use the edges of it to hang it around the main door of your home. You can also use this piece as a wall hanging too. Buy it now on for Rs. 150 only.

Minakari Puja Thali

A Puja Thali is like the inseparable part of every other festival in India and when you are thinking about options for Dussehra return gifts, you have to consider Puja Thali as one of them.

And as always, we did the work for you and found this stunning Minakari Puja Thali made out of steel. It is 9 inches in diameter and steel gives it much needed lightweight aesthetic. This might look like the regular Puja thali but the Minakari work definitely makes it look a lot more stunning and gorgeous.

You can also spot peacock carving in the middle of the thali along with Meenakari work of Shubh Labh and swastika design which is considered quite auspicious in Hindu Mythology. Apart from the thali, you also get diya, incense stick holder, Prasad bowl and kumkum holder too. You can buy this puja thali on for Rs. 160

Other Off-Beat Return Gift Options for Dussehra

There is literally no limit to the options available for buying Indian return gift items. And this is why, you can definitely go beyond these items mentioned above and create something unique on your own. You can try out your own imagination to go a step ahead or simply pick an idea from the offbeat options given below.

Home Made Sweets

Sweets are likely the ultimate staple for all sorts of Indian festivals. In fact, no joyous occasion is complete without gulping down a few or more sweets and to be true, they are just delicious. You can make sweets at home as they would be healthier and of course, you can adjust the amount of sweetness in them too. Send out the boxes of these homemade sweets as a return gift for Dussehra.

DIY Return Gift Bag

Prepare a return gift bag on your own to leave a lasting impression on all your relatives and loved ones. The idea is pretty simple and you can include items like sweets, dry fruits, scented candles and some other goodies in these bags for the Dussehra. This is such an interesting idea to try but don’t forget to use paper bags instead of plastic ones.

Handicraft Items

Handicraft items are simply perfect for Dussehra return gifts. You can find a lot of such stuff in the local fairs organized on the occasions of Dussehra and other festivals. All you need is some time for shopping out there. Pick items like handicraft bags, figurines, dolls, jute purse etc. The colourful aesthetics of such items clearly set them apart from others.

God Figurines


And finally, when you can’t think of anything else, you can simply stick to god figurines to give out for Dussehra. In order to match up with the theme, you can either go for Maa Durga figurines or Ram Figurines. Or you can simply decide it on your own to give out different figurines to different people on the basis of beliefs and personal connections.

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Add a Hint Of Thoughtfulness To Your Gifts by Buying These Return Gifts for Dussehra 2019

Dussehra marks the end of evil and the victory of the good. Celebrate it with utmost happiness and don't forget to give your loved ones these thoughtful gifts this year.