Celebrating A New Beginning: 8 Gift Ideas For Retirement That'll Honour Their Special Day

Celebrating A New Beginning: 8 Gift Ideas For Retirement That'll Honour Their Special Day

Retirement is a bittersweet moment which marks the end of significant phase of life and starts a new one. If someone you know or is close to you is retiring a gift commemorating the event is a thoughtful gesture. BP Guide India has put together a great list of ideas that can help you pick out something that the retiree will enjoy receiving.

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What Does the Phase of Retirement Bring for People?

Retirement is a whole new world for people. After being in service for years, one fine day, you just don’t have to get up at 6 am, wear formals and run to the office to get work done. While retirement feels relaxing as well as overwhelming, it can be broadly classified in 3 distinguishable phases.

  • The first phase brings a wave of ambiguity. Since they have been working for a long time, they don’t know what to do with the sudden free time anymore. They try and find ways to accomplish all left over desires including travelling and visiting friends. This is the phase where they feel active enough to find new interests and get busy achieving planned retirement dreams. Many love the hustle and bustle in this phase considering every new day will bring new challenges to make their life as per their wishes. .

  • The next phase brings a slow down , where their body falls a little behind their mental activity rates. Often happening to our friends aged 70 to 84, the excitement of retirement starts fading away. Life becomes more predictable and can even get a little boring. Going in for groceries on Mondays, banking on Tuesdays, parks on Wednesdays and so on. There is more stability in routines and less adventure. Some folks start gaining boredom at this stage as most of their friends and family are busy with their own lives. Therefore, it’s necessary for the people around retirees to make sure they stay away from loneliness.

  • The last phase has layers to it. People are much more at peace with their retirement now, with their age and time both slowing down general activities step by step. The activities may include mental ones, or physical or even financial. This stage utterly requires the family members to pay heed to what is going on with their wise friends. They may be in need of some serious physical, financial or emotional support.

Top 8 Retirement Gift Ideas to Help You Pamper Your Loved Ones

A Memento Acknowledging the Hard Work They Put Throughout Their Career

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When a person spends a huge chunk of his or her lifetime in creating a dream career, working hard to achieve targets and walk past the deadlines, the work he or she does becomes a matter of pride for him or her. Hence, nothing feels better than getting recognition for the amount of pain and sweat that you’ve invested in making sure your work speaks of perfection. Gift your retiree friend an amazing wooden plaque which boasts of his or her tireless attitude towards work and acts as a great memento to his hard work. You can purchase such a memento in different designs from printvenue.com at a reasonable price of INR 399 only.

A Hobby Related Gift That They'll Enjoy Using

When we are employed, our desires and wishes are often overshadowed by the heaps of work that we have on our shoulders. Our hobbies, be it playing tennis or learning musical instruments; has to often be set aside. But not now!

The best part about getting retirement is to have enough time at hand to enjoy all the little activities that really make you happy. If your retiree friend seems to fit in this category like a glove, gift him equipments affiliated to his or her hobby. Let that fun and spark ignite in them once again with the thoughtful hobby gifts for them on their retirement party. Hobby equipments are available on rcbazaar.com, which has a variety of technical equipments for those who love to male and break stuff as well. You can find sporty items on amazon.in as well.

For Those intending To Become Wanderers, a Travel Oriented Gift

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If your retiree friends are totally into travelling and have already started planning about what places they might be visiting once the retirement party gets over, you should definitely support them with some out of the box and cool travel items. You can gift them numerous things including travel bags, travel essentials kit, laptop skins, electronic power banks, passport covers and so on. The Americano Challenger Hard-Sided luggage trolley that is readily available on amazon.in looks chic, lightweight and extremely easy to handle. it has a warranty of two years and retails for a reasonable INR 1599 only. So, what are we waiting for?

Tickets to Event On Their Bucket List Since Forever

We all have a go-to dream list in our minds which includes all the different events we wanted to a part of, on some day or the other. With being stress by work, daily life and numerous problems, such things often get delayed and delayed continuously. People entering their retirement have the best opportunity to actually go and experience all their dreams, so, sponsoring their trips to their much-wished for experiences will be the biggest surprise for them. Ask them about who are their favourite artists or art genres to book a perfectly suited event for them. You can book theatre events, drama events, concert tickets, comedy show tickets and all other events running near you, from the website of bookmyshow.com without ever stepping out of your house. So, get ready to see your friends getting all surprised and excited!

Keepsakes Personalized To Make Them Feel Extremely Special

If your gifting style is emotional then, go for gifts that are personalized for your retiring folks. Rekindle their relationship with the beautiful memories that they’ve made with their friends, colleagues, or family by presenting to them, a beautiful rotating photo cube which has six different photos of them having an amazing time. Even though the gift is inexpensive on its cost, it can be priceless for the people receiving it. You can purchase such a photo cube from giftcard.com at a nominal price of INR 599 only!

Vintage Gift, Recalling Their Golden Times

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A lot of people around us carry a special liking towards things which are antique and timeless. Be it a feathered ink pen symbolizing the journey of writing or a beautiful pocket watch freezing the time for the onlookers, their choice is always classy and all about going back in time. If so, then a wooden box with a captivating World of Vintage Brass and Silver Pocket Watch is all you need to make them smile. You can find this ageless watch at amazon.in at a reasonable price of INR 799 only on Amazon.

When in Doubt, Go for A Gift Card

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While many of us find it extremely easy to look for thoughtful gifts for our loved ones, many struggle with even the idea of being able to find a perfect gift. If this struggle seems extremely real to you then ditch the brainstorming processes and let the recipient of the gift be his or her own boss. You ask how? Well, gift cards are the best ways to make sure your wishes and thoughts reach your loved ones without the whole ordeal of presenting them with unsuitable or not in place kind of gifts.

You have a whole lot of choices to purchase your gift cards from. If the recipient is a food lover, gift him a food related gift card, if the recipient is a shopaholic; gift them with brand affiliated gift cards! Isn't that unrealistically simple? Amazon gift cards are a great option as they give a lot of flexibility, order it at their site from Rs. 100-10000.

Elegant Flower Shaped Bowl Set in German Silver

For the retiring folks who hold traditions and values close to their hearts, the beautiful lower Shaped Bowl Set in German silver is deemed to be the perfect choice. The bowl set is embellished with intricate designs on its metal body and will serve as a classy addition to their dinner table. The two bowls come with a spoon each and a tray to complete the look. The bowls have a dimension of 4 inch each while the length of the tray is of 9 inch approximately. This set retails for INR 890, on the website of boontoon.com

Changes To make The Retirement Stage More Absolutely Blissful

Making Health a Priority

With the greatest amount of time at ones hands, our retiring friends may start overlooking their health. As they are no longer running to catch on work in the office, nor are they deemed to go for hectic business meetings; the level of their activities on a daily basis declines. Hence, during retirement taking extra care of their health becomes one of the most important priorities. Urge them to take up some kind of activity, be it joining a dance class, or going for regular brisk walks with close friends.

Not Shying Away from A Low Stress Part Time Job

Though most of us dream about a retirement life which is all about relaxing while soaking in the summery sun or reading a book near the fire place with no time limitations; we forget that all this tends to catch boredom with increasing time. For how long can one be excited to go to the beach or the movie theatre? For how long will one read a book sitting in the same place?

Therefore, to add a fun element to your life, suggest to them the idea of taking up a part time job that needs their expertise. Whatever field they were working in they can offer their services as a counsellor to firms in those areas. If they like socializing then they can join groups that organize fun activities for people in public spaces like parks or volunteer in NGOs.

Discussing Finances & Trips Openly

The retirement dream often comprises of lots of travel plans and trips. The places that they had always envisioned on visiting but, couldn’t find enough time, because of your hectic schedule are now possible.
But, make sure they are careful of their finances and bills. The reason why this is important is the lack of income source during retirement. With no more incoming pipeline of cash, it is very easy and spontaneous to run out of all that they have at hand. If their family is aware their expenses and savings, they will have support and people to advise on how they can invest it in entities that may help in keeping the cash flow going.

Bonus Tip: Brighten Their Day & Make Them Feel Loved With Surprise Gifts

Let’s face the bitter truth. The phase of retirement can become boring and lonely for a lot of our old friends. Even though as family members, we all try to catch up with them from time to time but, given that our work may not allow us to do so all the time, we can utilize great gift delivery services to make sure the retirees know that we think about them. A beautiful bouquet of flowers with some handpicked chocolate treats along with a note conveying your heartfelt wishes is a complete package, which will definitely make them feel loved and blessed. A moderately colourful rose bouquet with chocolates ordered from fnp.com will cost you about INR 799.

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