Hosting a Rustic Themed Party in 2019? Take a Look at These 12 Creative Rustic Favors Online and Party Planning Ideas

Hosting a Rustic Themed Party in 2019? Take a Look at These 12 Creative Rustic Favors Online and Party Planning Ideas


Rustic themed party bring us the much loved relaxation and an opportunity for bonding. We rejoice in the natural theme of the party from the decoration, to food, to dress code. So why let your guests leave without a rustic gift? Take a look at the amazing options available online.

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Rustic Parties for That Charming Rural Feel

Meaning of Rustic


Rustic means having the characteristic of living in the countryside or in rural areas. It also describes possessing qualities pertinent to country life or its people. They are known for living a simple and unsophisticated life with minimal pleasure but extremely contented.

Experience the Rustic Charm

Recreate a perfect atmosphere for a classic, rustic themed party that will make your guests fall in love. A rustic themed party focuses on natural elements and wildlife, rather than luxurious elements. Rustic themed parties are the most preferred by many due to their simplistic nature. You can make your party interactive by decorating the venue with chalkboards, and post it to make your party lively.

Secondly, rustic themed parties are great conversation starters. You can set up or designate areas where people can relax and catch up with each other. Thirdly, you can decorate the event with rustic indoor accessories rather than hiring fancy furniture. Add quirkiness to the event by using rustic items such as a ceramic vase, earthenware, or wooden items to elevate your party.

11 Creative and Charming Rustic Party Favors

Gourmet Jam Jars

When compared to jams and preserves readily available in the market, homemade ones always occupy a special place. Gift your guests homemade gourmet jam jars made from natural fruits. These homemade jam jars are less in sugar and are a perfect addition to one’s diet. These jam jars also double up as a perfect dessert that is available in a jar. The signature jam jars are widely savored and have an amazing taste.

They are perfect accompaniments for waffles, bread, tortillas, crepes, and pancakes. These gourmet jam jars are entirely handcrafted from 100% natural products that are preservative free, contain less sugar and no added chemicals. Order these perfect gourmet jam jars comprised of a preserve, jam, marmalade, mustard and a relish for Rs.400/- from The Gourmet Jar.

Seed Kits

Seed kits are perfect party favors for a rustic themed party as they complement the nature. These seed kits comprise of a variety of seeds such as spinach, coriander, basil, radish, green chili, okra, brinjal, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, onion, peas, carrot, and tomato. The seed kit comes with a plant growing guide that comprises of planting instructions, growing requirements, and harvesting instructions for the seeds that come with the kit.

These seed packets require less space and can be planted in pots that are easily maintained. The sample seed kits can be purchased for Rs.325/- from All That Grows.

Jute Bags

Ditch plastic bags and opt for jute bags that are perfect and chic for carrying. The jute bag is perfect for trendy outings and is woven from Eco-friendly material. The bag is sleek comprises of two handles that are super easy to carry. The Eco-friendly jute bag comes printed with brand name and logo.

The bag belongs comes in a small size range and comes with a short strap. These dainty natural bags are 100% authentic and are perfect for carrying heavy weight products. This Eco-friendly jute bag can be purchased for Rs.149/- from Shoppers Stop.

Organic Honey


When compared to commercially available honey that is loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar syrup, Organic honey is smooth and naturally sweet and is a perfect source of energy. The organic honey is obtained from a wild forest located in the Himalayan region. The organic honey from the mountainous region is harvested by the Himalayan honey bee, where flowering trees are available in abundance.

The 100% organic honey is rich in nutrients and minerals making it the perfect addition for desserts and beverages. The naturally harvested wild forest honey weighing 250 grams can be purchased for Rs.195/- from Organic India.

Glass Scented Candles


Brighten up your home and enlighten your senses by lighting up scented glass candles. The pack of four assorted candles possesses a unique fragrance which has a signature aroma. These assorted candles are perfect for a dining table, coffee tables, a romantic evening or for your meditation sessions. The assorted candle comprises of flavors such as the English Rose, that is perfect for romantic candlelight dinner.

The midnight jasmine is perfect for rejuvenating one’s mood that is perfect for lifting your senses. The vanilla caramel makes your home smell like a bakery that smells of freshly baked bread. Lavender flavored candle makes your home smell like a beautiful garden. The assorted set of votive glass scented candles in four breathtaking aromas can be purchased for Rs.399/- from Lighthaus Candles.

Wooden Containers


Handcrafted wooden gifts are perfect rustic party favors that can be perfect for storing items such as food and knick-knacks. This perfect handcrafted wooden box is perfect for storing spices, dry fruits and much more. The wooden box comprises of nine wooden compartments that are capable of holding 50 grams of produce

. The wooden box is replete with an unbreakable fiber lid that comes with a brass latch. The wooden box also comprises of a wooden spoon that can be used for scooping out the items from the box. This wooden box is the perfect party favor for rustic themed events and also for people who love nature. This classic wooden box can be purchased for Rs.725/- from IGP.

Bamboo Baskets


Bamboo is available in abundance and requires less time to grow when compared to hardwood trees. Storage baskets made of bamboo are sturdy and perfect for organizing your home. The basket has a sturdy frame and is made from 100% Eco-friendly material. The handcrafted basket is perfect for storing knick-knacks or for organizing your fruits, and vegetables.

These sturdy baskets can also be used for hiking, picnic, camping and much more. These multipurpose utility baskets are bio-degradable and are an essential party favor for every rustic themed event. These baskets can be purchased for Rs.200/- from Flipkart.

Custom Wooden Plaques

Show your appreciation for your guests by gifting them a customized wooden plaque engraved with memories. These personalized crafted wooden plaques are a perfect addition to one’s home and work-space. These wooden plaques are elegantly crafted from quality wood.** The wooden plaque comes replete with a stand.

The plaque is laser engraved, making the engravings deep and can be colored, based on one’s preference. The photo is engraved light on the surface of the wooden plaque, while the solid color is deeply engraved to produce a 3D effect. This beautifully crafted and customized wooden plaque can be purchased for Rs.399/- from Print Venue.

Rustic Lanterns


Brighten your home with terracotta hand-painted lanterns that impart a rustic look. The terracotta lantern is an earthen lantern, hand painted in natural colors that perfectly blend in one’s rustic surroundings. The earthen lantern comes with an electric bulb that is perfect for lighting purpose.

The hand-painted lantern can be used as a hanging lamp and a table lantern as well. The rustic lantern comes with an on/off switch and runs on 20 watts power, making it perfect for decoration purposes. The terracotta lantern can be purchased for Rs.1,011/- from Amazon.

Rustic Kitchenware

Though we have adapted ourselves to modern crockery and equipment, most of us miss the rustic old charm. These rustic kitchen tools and equipment are coming back with a bang. Gift your guest's handmade vintage kitchen items ranging from elaborately crafted teapots, nutcrackers, wine stoppers, brass cups, spice chest, water pots, kitchen boxes, mortar and pestle, spoons and lunch boxes.

These rustic items can be purchased for Rs.600/- onwards from Indian Shelf.

Rustic Designer Clock

We have come across an array of household products that are made of plastic. When compared to them, wooden products offer a rustic charm that is irreplaceable. The rustic products bring a sense of creativity and include a sense of authenticity. Gift you guests with an aesthetic wall clock that is the perfect addition to their home.

The wooden clock is made from wooden planks that adds a touch of rawness. The numbers of the clock are made of coconut shells that are arranged in abstract shapes. Each piece is custom made and is different from others. The rustic wooden clock comes with a clasp that can be used for hanging the clock. The beautiful wooden clock can be purchased for Rs.2,025/- from Panchatatva.

DIY: DIY Burlap Coffee or Tea Bags


Do you want to go an extra mile to make your rustic themed party stand out from other events? If yes, you can go ahead and make your own party favors that will be loved by all. These do-it-yourself coffee and tea bags are perfect party favors for any event. You can make perfect bags from rustic burlap bags, coffee beans, tea leaves, ribbons, and stamp kits. You can go ahead and add a personalized thank you note for your guests. These ridiculously cute and thoughtful beverage bags are sure crowd pleasers and will be extremely appreciated by guests.

Materials needed:

  • Lettering Stencil
  • Burlap bags (small sizes)
  • Twine, hemp cord or ribbon
  • 1 inch circle paper punch and paper of your choice
  • Coffee Beans
  • Stamp Kit for tags
  • Hole paper punch
  • Fabric marker


  • Using the stencil, starting painting burlap bags with wording of your choice.
  • Choose coffee and tea of your choice that needs to go into the burlap bags.
  • Fill burlap bags half way (about a cup or a cup and half) and tie with Thank you tags.

Adding that Personal Touch to Rustic Party Favors

If you are planning to host a rustic themed party, it is necessary to gift your guest’s party favors that reflect the theme of the party. You can surprise your guests with customized party favors to add a personal touch. You can gift them customized wooden plaques, customized DIY beauty scrubs, carved wooden frame, customized napkins, vintage brooches, customized mason jars, tin containers with homemade biscuits, vintage teacups, homemade scented candles, and much more.

Incorporate Fresh Produce


While hosting a rustic themed party, it is necessary to incorporate fresh produce to reflect the party theme. Rather than opting for an elegant menu, try incorporating healthy products such as whole wheat bread and biscuits, homemade cheese with nuts, grapes, figs, walnuts, almonds. You can also craft a menu involving fresh eggs, spinach, local fish, green onions, and homemade sauces. You can opt for making hummus cups with a side of fresh vegetable sticks such as carrots, capsicum and much more. Load up on fruit punches or fresh juices to keep your guest satiated.

Choose Nature Inspired Gifts

Rustic themed parties always reflect simplicity and are inspired by nature. While hosting a rustic-theme party, ensure that your party favors are eco-friendly and do not include any plastic items. You can choose unique party favors such as reusable cloth bags that are environment-friendly, you can also gift your guests with plants of their choice.

Get creative with gifting by opting to make handmade jewelry made from seashells, amber or crystal rocks. You can make succulent centerpieces that require very less maintenance or mini terrariums made from hollow tree trunk pieces. Finally, you can also gift them personalized wooden pendants or wooden key-chains.

Tips to Keep in Mind while Organising a Rustic Themed Party

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while hosting a rustic themed party and while choosing relevant party favors.

  • Select a venue that is very close to nature and that reflects the theme of your party.
  • Incorporate as much greenery as possible in your event by adding garden plants and wooden furniture.
  • Illuminate the venue with lanterns or soft lights, you can also opt for paper lanterns or vintage style lamps.
  • Give out themed party favors such as souvenirs in burlap bags, bookmarks made of wood, organic honey jars or homemade fruit jars.
  • Set up a great rustic them refreshment table that reflects the theme of the party by incorporating fresh and local produce.
  • Incorporate fresh flowers that are local to your place to add a pop of color to your venue.
  • Set up a lively playlist that comprises of soulful country music to entertain your guests.
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Add the Country-Side Charm to Your Gifts with these Rustic Party Favors for 2019

With the continuous churning of our city lives, organising a rustic party is indeed, need of the hour! If you are also planning a rustic themed party, do not forget to thank your guests with these rustic party favors!