How to Appease a Bunch of Energetic 10 Year Olds at a Party? By Giving Them Party Favours! 12 Cool Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Olds (2019)

How to Appease a Bunch of Energetic 10 Year Olds at a Party? By Giving Them Party Favours! 12 Cool Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Olds (2019)

If conducting your kid's birthday party is a difficult task, planning and buying party favours is a whole different story. It needs endless planning and needs to cover kids of all ages. This article aims to help you with exactly that. We have put together a list of 12 party favours for 10-year-olds. Whatever your budget is, you are bound to find something that you like. Keep reading for more tips on successful party favours.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Party Favours?

Keep Things Simple

While choosing the party favours for 10-year-olds, make sure that you stick to simpler ideas than fancy ones. Kids are usually pretty happy with simple stuff provided they are exciting. If you want to make their parents happy, go for useful items like stationery kits rather than toys or dolls.

Always Keep the Budget in Mind

Budgeting is critical while planning what you want to do in regards to party favours. It of course highly dependent on the number of kids you would be inviting to the party. Make a rough estimate on the number of kids who are likely to turn up; See if you can follow up with the parents a few days before to get their confirmation. In any case, it is always better to get a small percentage of gifts extra as a buffer; you don't want to be found short-handed. Do you!

Buy from Wholesale Websites

The best tip for buying the party favours would be to choose from wholesale websites. You can find a lot of websites that have multiple options for party favours, party supplies and more such items for the kids. You can actually save a lot of money by opting for these websites rather than the mainstream ones.

Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Olds (Under Rs. 200)

Plantable Seed Pencils (set of 10)

Simpler gifts are often the best options especially when you are looking for the party favours for 10-year-old kids.

This particular idea is particularly unique. What sets this pencil apart is the fact that it can be planted after being used almost completely as these are the seed pencils. Isn't it a great initiative to teach the importance of being eco-friendly to the kids? Each of the pencils is packed separately and they are also available in various colour options. These recyclable pencils are 100% edible and kids safe colours too. You can buy the pack of 10 pencils on for Rs. 199.

Hobby Kit

The next option you can consider as a party favour for 10-year-olds in a budget is the hobby kit. This is definitely an interesting item as it provides a number of activities for the kids over the age of 4. Surely a great party favour idea for kids of age 10.

Fostering interesting ideas paired with creativity is the theme of this hobby kit. It includes so many useful items like toffee sharpener, plastic scissors, sketch pens, scale, crayons and much more that helps kids to boost their creativity and skills. This wholesome kit comes in the form of a small briefcase. You can choose from many different colours. This interesting hobby kit is available at for Rs. 145.

Creative Educational Kit

So, these were the fun items that we talked about till now and it is the time to include some educational items on the list as well. This creative educational kit here for the kids comes with sums and multiplication activities for the kids which makes for a fun learning session.

It is a great skill developing set for the kids aged more than 7 years. It comes with activities to develop colour and shape recognition, hand and eyes coordination, general knowledge, alphabet and number recognition and motor skills development. It has some learning puzzles to help the kids in their learning process in a fun way. You can buy this educational kit on for Rs. 164.

Magnetic Play Set

We wanted to add something unique for the kids as a party favour item so we found this Magnetic Play Set for them. Available in different colours, there are various magnetic items which come packed in a nice box for the kids.

This package contains 2 ring magnets, 1 bar magnet, 2 magnets, U magnet, cartoon paper and clew. This complete set is great for the kids to learn about different properties of magnets and their use and can be used as a training kit in school. You can buy this interesting magnetic play kit on for Rs. 69

Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Olds (Under Rs. 500)

Birthday Party Return Gift Combo (set of 4)

If you are looking for a combo pack or a party bag for 10-year-olds then you are totally going to love this birthday party return gift combo pack here. It is fun, adorable and most important, it is quite useful for the kids of this age.

This pack contains 4 of such kits and you also have 2 colour options of blue and pink in it for boys and girls respectively. In fact, the theme of the combos is made according to the gender itself. Talking about the contents, then the pack here contains 2 pencils, 1 sharpener, 1 ruler, 1 wallet and 1 eraser. These are the most useful stationery items for kids and they are in Disney theme too. You can buy this pack of 4 on for Rs. 399.

Kids Plastic Milk Bottle Shaped Mugs (set of 12)

Kids these days are infamous for throwing tantrums and petty things like milk mugs can also annoy them. In order to keep everything with the theme of fun, cartoonish and for kids, we have picked perfect party favour for the kids of age 10.

These are the plastic milk bottle-shaped milk mugs for the kids. They are available in multiple colours and looks really adorable. Kids won’t be saying no to milk after receiving such pretty mugs for themselves. Made out of plastic, these mugs can be easily handled by kids and the pick shown here contains 12 of such milk mugs. You can buy this set of bottle-shaped mugs on for Rs. 1299.

My Bottle with Jute Bag

Kids just love their water bottles too much and to be true, they are super possessive about it. So, we have got an interesting party favour for them which is a really cute water bottle. But what you get as a bonus here is the jute bag cover which has “Don’t Touch This Bottle” written on it. Genius, isn’t it?

Even the bottle has “My Bottle” printed on it and it is completely transparent too. This is completely leak-proof and made out of BPA free plastic. This bottle is quite durable and anyone can use. This is good enough to store 500ml of water in it and even has a filter inside. You can buy this bottle and cover combo on for Rs. 147.

Wooden Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is not only a great pick as one of the party favour ideas for 10-year-olds but it is quite thoughtful too. You must teach the kids to develop savings habit from a tender age and for this, the piggy bank is a perfect idea.

This one here is a wooden hut shaped piggy bank box which is black in colour. It even got these golden designs on it which looks quite pretty. The coin slot is provided on the top and the box comes with lock and key option to make sure that your kids do not open it every now and then. This antique looking piggy bank can be bought from for Rs. 280.

Affordable Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys

Wrist Watch for Boys

This one is a very specific option of party favour ideas for 10-year-old boys only. This one here is a wristwatch for the little boys who would love to flaunt their new watch to their friends. This watch is available in various colours like pink, red, green etc.

It comes in a nice box and easy to adjust according to the wrist size. What makes it perfect for kids is that it has got special cartoon characters on its dial like angry bird, princess, Chota Bheem and more of these which are quite loved by kids. This watch operates on a button-type cell which is completely replaceable. You can buy this cartoon watch on for Rs. 120.

Cars theme puzzle set

Boys seriously love everything in the theme of bikes and cars, no matter what their age is. So, we got them what they love the most. It is a car-themed puzzle set which not only keeps up with the boyish theme but also great for developing motor skills and creativity of the kids.

This puzzle is of size 15 X 11.25 inches and comes packed in a nice box which can be used for storing the puzzle safely too. This is a 24 piece puzzle which has pictures of cars on it so the young boys are surely going to love playing with it. You can buy this car puzzle set on for Rs. 275.

Affordable Party Favour Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

Montana Smart Diary

It is the time to look for such party favour ideas for 10-year-olds which are specially made for girls only. And to suggest some, we have got our hands on this Hannah Montana Smart Diary for them. Now, growing up, almost all of us loved this Disney character especially girls and this is why girls are going to love this product.

This pretty diary has Hannah Montana on its cover and is ruled with coloured pages inside. It is simply perfect to note down important things or to make lists. It is small in size which is apparently perfect for young girls and you can buy it from for Rs. 90.

Sunglasses for Girls (set of 10)

No matter what their age is, girls just love to get all dressed up and accessories are one of the major parts of this dressing up game. So, as a party favour for young girls only, you can pick multicoloured sunglasses for them.

Known as novelty glasses, these sunglasses have beautiful colours on their rim and are square-shaped. They even come with these little flowers and cartoon character badges which looks really cute. Also, one pack contains 10 of such sunglasses so you just need to buy 1 or 2 pack for an entire party. Buy this pack of 10 sunglasses now on for Rs. 399.

Other Birthday Party Favours for Kids to Consider

Apart from the party favours for kids mentioned in the above sections, we have a few more suggestions too. Sometimes there can be a lot of restrictions over buying party favours for kids like age, gender, budget etc. In this case, you can pick something from the options provided right below.

Make a Goodie Bag on Your Own

If you are not able to zero down on anything then you can make a goodie bag on your own. The store-bought goodie bags can turn out to be quite an expensive option and hence you can make one on your own with colourful paper. Fill this goodie bag with some candies, chocolates, stationery items and you are good to go.

Give out Something Educational

You can always go for educational stuff as this makes the return gifts more than just something that's fun for a short time. There are lots and lots of educational and activity kits available in the market which are great for the learning and growth of the kids. You can buy one such kit as a party favour for the kids which will not only promote their motor skills but their parents will be quite happy to receive such gifts too.

Tickets to Theme Park

Do you want to plan a unique birthday party favours for your kid's birthday party? Then you can go a step ahead of all. You can provide the tickets to a theme park to all the kids attending the party. Well, buying one for their parents can definitely go out of budget so stick to the kids only. It will be such a great idea as a recreational activity too.

Chocolates to Save the Day

And finally, when nothing works and all your plans turn out to be totally bizarre, chocolates are always here to save your day. Even in chocolates, you have a lot of options to consider like single pieces, assorted chocolate box, homemade chocolates etc. If you want to save money furthermore then you can make the chocolates on your own too.

From our editorial team

Don't Over Think Party Favours for 10-Year-Olds!!!

Parents tend to spend time and energy in planning and executing the kid's birthday party, but what we tend to forget is that kids are always excited by the simplest of things. While they enjoy all the games, nothing sets them off like a water play or a piece of peppy music to dance to. The same goes for gifts. Instead of thinking out of the box, just think what you liked at that age. They are probably going to like the same. Instead of putting aside a big budget for the same, put aside some time and plan the simplest of gifts. Something that excites them and brings them pleasure.