10 Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangalore to Satiate the Foodie and a Bonus for Visitors: the Best Places in Bangalore to Buy Souvenirs (2019)

10 Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangalore to Satiate the Foodie and a Bonus for Visitors: the Best Places in Bangalore to Buy Souvenirs (2019)

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It has always been believed that vegetarians have limited options when it comes to eating out. But, we have made an effort here, to bring respite for vegetarians, to go out and hang out with their friends at these food joints in Bangalore while having delicious food. We've also included few options where you can buy souvenirs and take something with you, a piece of memory, to remember Bangalore..

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Why is Visiting "Namma Bengaluru" Different from Going to Any Other Place?

All of us are bound to feel attached with the city or town that we grew up in. The memories linked to certain places, the food and the friends we made through the journey of life in that town or city seems to be irreplaceable. But, there are some rare gems in terms of places which embrace one and all, be it the migrants, tourists, expats, or people belonging to any course of life. Bangalore is one such city. From the Cubbon Park to Whitefield, all you’ll see is people coming from different cultures, backgrounds and regions. The inclusivity is unlike any other place. That’s why it is called Namma (our) Bengaluru.

When you reach Bangalore, the best thing you can and should do is to explore Bangalore's thriving food scene. The best place to start is the authentic MTR, Vidhyarthi Bhavan or the CTR dosa. Its heavenly taste will make you drool the next time you even think about it. When done with having the world’s best dosa, you can just hit the streets and enjoy a cup of classic filter kaapi and open up your taste buds to whole new set of flavours of coffee.

The city is full of culture. From the rich wall paintings to the age old theatre art to the intricate classical dances, you can see culture and roots wherever your eyes move. The city is the best possible concoction of rich Indian culture, authentic south Indian food and cool modernized infrastructures. Now you know, why is namma Bengaluru the best?

10 Awesome Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangalore Serving Food You Can't Get Enough of

Enjoy Sattvic Bhojan in The Higher Taste

While you may find numerous vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore, there will always be a rarity in the number of restaurants build around a certain philosophy. The Higher Taste being one such rare gem follows the ancient Sattvic philosophy which involves the non-usage of garlic and onion along with making every dish with absolutely fresh vegetables and ingredients.

The restaurant lies inside ISKCON making the concept behind its establishment even clearer. The food may lack tadka in your imagination, but, in reality it is nothing like anything you’ve ever tasted. Where else would you get a dish with coconut based gravy which is completed with tasty drumsticks and banana flowers? It is called the Vazhaipoo Mulungai Kolambu and can be tasted at The Higher Taste. While you will always be able to find unusual and different flavours in their dishes, you will never feel like you’re struggling with the newness. Probably this makes their place ever so popular. Here, meal for two will, approximately, cost you Rs.1200.

To Unwind in a Breezy Garden, Visit Green Theory

If you are a nature lover who loves to be surrounded by garden, ponds, and well groomed potted plants, then you can feel at home at the Green Theory restaurant. They serve a great range of vegetarian Asian and Continental food. The must try dishes include Greek panacopita, moussaka and the meezzeh platter. Guests here love their splendid variety of coffees and cheese cakes, which acts as a magnet for all those who believe in having great conversations over a cup of coffee. The interior is well-lit and soothing while one can always sit in their well maintained garden area, with nature’s view all around. The cost of dining here can be about Rs.1500 for two persons.

Take the Rajasthani Route with Kesariya

Source Kesariya

The last thing you expect in south India is to find an amazing vegetarian Rajasthani restaurant, that too in Bangalore. Kesariya launched in the city with the undertone of Shekhawati, Rajasthan’s flavours. They serve in the forms of thalis which comprise of dishes made in and popular in Shekhawati, Rajasthan. However, they do not have a fixed menu so you might not be able to taste the same dishes again. But the most interesting part about this restaurant is that the kitchen is run by the third generation Maharaj, who has been cooking authentic Rajasthani cuisine for the families in that region. The food served here is dominated with the use of millets, dry fruits, saffron, jaggery and ghee to make it as close as the actual Rajasthani Thali as possible. The best dishes to have a taste of are Bajre ki kheech, akhrot halwa and raabdi kadi. It will cost you about Rs.1000 for a 2 people visit.

Taste the Best South Indian Thali at MTR

What is the point in visiting Bangalore if you do not taste the regional specialities? The Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) is the best eatery in Bangalore, famous for its traditional and sumptuous south Indian meals at a very reasonable price. It feels like they serve you a slice of south Indian history in a plate with their special Kannada thali. The place is so loved and raved about that you may also need to wait in a queue to get your share of food. But the pre-fixed menu served by their diligent staff will make your entire wait worth it. The must have dishes here include the Bisibele Bhath which is a rice dish based on lentils, cashews, nutmeg and assorted vegetables. You should also catch a bite of their Chandrahara, authentic masala dosa and some fruit mixture. The food and its price will make you want more and more. In the end, don’t forget to have a cup of steaming hot and frothy filter coffee. Your visit to this place for a meal of two persons will cost you around Rs.200-300, only.

For Out of the Box Food Try Burma Burma

Source Burma Burma

Among all of the vegetarian restaurants in and around Bangalore, Burma Burma’s menu is the only one that is worth trying each and every dish that they have. Their menu is based on the cuisine prevalent in countries in South East Asia and creating a unique fusion between these authentic recipes and Indian foods. For example, they serve the delicious combination of Burmese and Indian cuisine called Samosa soup. Similarly, they have unique and ultra delicious dishes like khao suey, and lotus stem fritters. The decor in this restaurant is inspired from Burmese culture. One thing that you must have is their tea, after you’re done having other fusion items off their menu. The cost of dinner for two persons here is about Rs.1500.

North Indian Comfort Food at Imli

Source Imli

A restaurant where comfort starts with the first step you take in, is exactly what Imli is about. Located in Indiranagar, inside a cozy bungalow, Imli serves the best North Indian “ghar ka khaana”. For the people who love both experimenting with food and the flavours and spices of north Indian food, Imli should be your go to place. They have a pretty elaborate menu having both a la carte options and combos. Imli manages to cover almost every nook and corner of traditional and street style north Indian food. The best dishes to try are khichuri, chaat, matar makai methi, and the classic rajma chawal. In winters, nothing can beat their Aloo parantha with raita for dinner or lunch. For the pouring rainy days, they have masala chai and samosas too. All these amazing varieties with an approximate price of Rs. 600 for two people. Unbelievable, right?

Enjoy a Lavish, Sumptuous Vegetarian Thali at Maharaja Bhog

Source Maharaja Bhog

For the days you want to treat yourself with world class delicacies, all on one platter, like a Maharaja, come to Maharaja bhog in Bangalore. The restaurant leaves no stone unturned to make you feel like the king of the world. From the hand washing plates that the staff brings in, when you enter, to the Rajwadi thali that they present, every single thing pampers you like royalty. They serve all their food in regal bronze cutlery and their menu is inspired from the authentic cuisine of Gujrat and Rajasthan. As you enter the place, the staff welcomes you with a refreshing drink made up of saffron and sandalwood (called kesari chandan) or the seasonally available aamras. The menu here keeps changing in every 30 or so days, making it a whole new experience, every time you visit. Their royal meal for two people will cost you approximately Rs.800, which isn’t a bad deal for all the royal treatment and mouth watering food that they serve!

Visit Luo Han to Experience the Oxymorons: Veg and Chinese

Source Luo Han

For vegetarians, finding a good Chinese restaurant is a far fetched dream. But, with Luo Han, the odd combination of tasty traditional Chinese food and all vegetarian food options, it is made possible. Being a rather quirky joint, the red Chinese themed interior decor reminds of old Chinese movies. Even though the restaurant is mainly highlighting the Chinese cuisine, the best dish to have here is the Thai clear soup. Along with that, Thai spring rolls and steamed Tofu in hot garlic sauce is sure to make a niche in your heart with its flavours. The best part about Luo Han is that you don’t need to worry about anything being non-vegetarian.
Furthermore, the range of sauces that they offer could easily make the normal noodles or rice taste heavenly. They also offer a variety of flat noodles and macaroni (Do try Thai red curry macaroni dish). The food will cost you Rs.500, approximately, for 2 people.

For a Playing Area Dedicated to Kids, Go to Cable Car

Source Cable Car

Even though, it might seem like the unique cable car decor with a coherent theme of interior is the reason for people to flock the Cable Car, but the actual secret lies in the delicious food that they serve. They serve some of the most amazing Italian and north Indian delicacies. The unique selling point of this place is the special play area dedicated to kids making it a fun outing experience for the whole family. The seating area is made up of cable car replicas, making it the best place to click some quirky instagram photos. The best dishes to try here are the Cheesy Quesadilla, Pahadi Aloo and Tomato Shorba. A meal at this restaurant will cost around Rs. 700 for two people.

Little Italy to Satiate the Italian Taste Buds

Source Little Italy

If you’re someone who’s in love with Italian food with all your heart and love treating yourself to some world class fine dining experience, little Italy is what you need. The restaurant, established in 1989, was based on the thought that India should have its own vegetarian fine dining restaurant serving authentic Italian food. Today, the restaurant is flourishing in 3 countries and has 35 outlets across 20 different cities. They serve huge varieties of pizzas along with delicious risotto with brown rice. The Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini is to die for. Its creamy base with the porcini mushrooms and parmesan can make anyone drool. You can also have a bite of Pasta Al Sole Di Sicilia or the cheesy and creamy Lasagna Alla Napoletana. They serve the best Italian desserts including the coveted Tiramisu cake. A visit to this restaurant will cost you about Rs. 1200 for two persons.

Bonus: 3 Best Places to Buy Gorgeous Souvenirs to Take With You When You Leave Bangalore

Souvenirs are the reminiscing elements that you bring from the places you visit, to flow in the memories of your visit in the later. But knowing exactly what the place has to offer or where should you buy those items is a huge question to be answered. So here are 3 best places to buy souvenirs from, when you visit Bangalore.

Varnam Store

Source Varnam Store

The most bought souvenirs include the objects that reflect real tradition and culture of the place of their origin. Varnam store, in central Bangalore, is one such place where you can buy the regionally crafted toys, colloquially called the ‘Gombegala Ooru’ which means toy town.

Jute Cottage

Source Jute Cottage

Jute planting in India has a long history and is still considered a huge influencing factor in the economy of the country. Being inspired from the same roots, the jute cottage is a place where you can buy unique jute crafts and items. You can find a huge variety of chic handbags, jewellery and ethnic crafts. Jute cottage is the place you would want to visit to buy trend setting souvenirs.

Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Extremely popular amongst foreign visitors, the Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium is the best place to buy sandalwood handicrafts, and ethnic antiques. The place is known to serve all kinds of budgets, offering the travelers ample of options to choose from and take home with delight.

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You're in for a treat in you are vegetarian and in Bangalore!

Well, being a vegetarian, this time you're in Bangalore, make sure that you try, if not all, some of the food available at these food joints. The metropolis is a melting pot with people from all over the country, and with them they brought their unique food cultures. And a lot of this food happens to be vegetarian. It does happen that people go miles to get good food, may be you'll find yours here. Oh, and if you do find a reason to visit these places more than once, go through our other articles, may be you'll find some other stuff you do care about.