Dine Under the Stars and Take in the Mumbai City Skyline at the 10 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai (2019)

Dine Under the Stars and Take in the Mumbai City Skyline at the 10 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai (2019)

If you think that a picturesque rooftop dinner is something only heroes (or villains) in movies can afford, we're here to prove you wrong. Here are 10 of the best rooftop restaurants in Mumbai which offer an unparalleled experience worth every penny you spend.

Mumbai - The City of Dreams

Mumbai, The City of Dreams is one of the largest metros of India and wonderful as a vacation destination. It is India's largest city and the centre hub for Bollywood. There will be innumerable things to mention about Mumbai's beauty but the most attractive thing about the city is its seashore. The long stretch of Marine Drive by the side of the sea is one of the most amazing places to experience sunsets from.

Mumbai has got a different vibe- It is imbibed with furious energy and unlimited happiness. people step into this city to fulfil their dreams and you will see this place lively throughout the day as well as at night. All these aspects of Mumbai make it one of the best places to visit and even settle in.

Enjoying the Experience of Rooftop Eateries

Among all the beautiful things to visit here, Mumbai has a series of beautiful rooftop cafes and restaurants. The city views from these cafes are mesmerizing - especially the view of the Marine Drive from such a height is a visual treat. Each restaurant here has a different vibe, different menu system and gives a different experience to you as well. The rooftop restaurants are becoming famous in Mumbai due to their innovative interior designing, cosy rooftop seating arrangements and a wide variety of food. Whether you're planning a quiet dinner with your loved one or looking to have some fun with your friends, these restaurants on the rooftop have the perfect setting to enjoy the weather together with some great food on a windy evening or a starry night.

Know Which Cuisine You Want to Eat and Select Accordingly

It is obviously not possible to decide what you should eat while you are dying with hunger- so in such cases visit a restaurant where the menu is extensive and simple as well. With Mumbai’s rooftop restaurants no one needs to worry about that. The number of dishes served by them consists of a huge variety for you to choose from.

Not in Your Budget? Think Again!

If you think rooftop diners are perfectly picturesque in movies and are reserved for the rich who have a lot of money to spend, we're here to break that myth for you. If you do not want to spend a humongous amount of money on food but would still like to spend some time on a good outdoor meal, then you'll be grateful for options tailored to fit your dining aspirations. Mumbai is full of rooftop restaurants offering spectacular city views and giving you an ample amount of varied dishes worth your money.

Also these restaurants provide their customers with an insane amount of offers, like get one meal free for purchasing another. These are extremely effective for people who are looking forward to saving money. Also most of the roof top restaurants host musical evenings, stand up comedy days and a lot of other entertaining shows for people to enjoy and spend some quality time while having their favourite dishes. Prices will vary from place to place depending upon the conditions of the restaurants. A well established and famous restaurant is bound to have hiked prices for the food and beverages they will serve compared to a newly set up restaurant. But looking at the experience they provide to the customers it is all worth the money.

Top 10 Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

From any perfect rooftop café in Mumbai you can expect every good thing you can request for. The weather is perfect. Starting from a warm and pleasant climate, skyscrapers, fantastic hotels and good prices for food, everything will be provided to you.

Now the question is, which are Mumbai's best rooftops? Scroll down and find out!

1. Long and Short

The Long & Short Intercontinental is a famous gastro - pub, known for its magnificent view of the Marine Drive, perfect for dining with your friends and special ones. You have a comprehensive European, Italian, North Indian, Mediterranean, American and Continental Menu, which make the selection of just some dishes quite difficult for you. If you are a rooftop dining kind of person, this is the perfect place to enjoy because it is one of the best of such restaurants in Mumbai. They serve delicacies that are absolutely mouth-watering and affordable throughout Chinese, North Indian and Continental cuisines.

Highlights: live music, serves alcohol
Must haves: risotto paneer, tikka wrap, mancini pizza

2. Verbena

Verbena, Lower Parel's rooftop brewpub and restaurant, is a beautiful spot to unwind after a tiring day. Verbena is famous for its nightlife, and is one of the best spots to take your special person for a romantic dinner in Mumbai. There's nothing you'll miss with great live music, private dining, and a beautiful city view. Verbena has a wide menu that offers Mughlai, Mediterranean and European cuisine.

Highlights: serves a wide range of cocktails, live music
Must haves: hed thos, bacon fried chicken sausages, drunken chicken drumsticks

3. Candy and Green

Source www.vogue.in

Quirky name, right?! This restaurant's name is quite fitting! The interiors are absolutely chic and beautiful, and a touch of nature has been given that makes it even more fascinating. Set on Bhulabhai Desai Road, Candy & Green has a spazzy atmosphere and brilliant dessert options. If you've got a massive sweet tooth, you can indulge in this place, no holds barred.

The place also offers great brews of coffee and hot chocolate beside the great dessert options. They even freshly prepare their juices. Not only is the food flavourful, but many dishes have a peculiar touch that is a delight to the eyes. This place is a paradise for dessert lovers.

Highlights: breakfast and desserts
Must haves: coconut pudding, no more espresso mousse, three pepper toastie

4. Versova Social

The perfect description of Social Versova is good food and soothing music. One of Mumbai's most popular hangout spots, this Social outlet's rooftop has a fantastic city view. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and you will feel right at home. This place is always regarded as one of Mumbai's best restaurants on the rooftop. This is because of its mouth - watering food and the city's fascinating view.

You can order interesting fusion food from their menu, whose flavours will definitely trigger your palate. It's the favorite destination for hard - working professionals, cosmopolitan residents, and young people looking for a great time. You can just Sit back, relax and eat!

Highlights: WiFi available, prompt service
Must haves: cheesy fries, chicken peri peri sizzler, gunpowder calamari

5. The Marina Upper Deck

This sea-facing restaurant turned into a cafe has an exceptional view of the Arabian Sea. You'll be transported back to the 90s when you step inside - the restaurant has a decor inspired by the 90s and you'll hear Backstreet Boys playing in the background. The restaurant has a wide menu focusing on fast bites and snacks. Their North Indian and Italian fare must be tried. Make sure you book early if you want a table facing the sea.

Obviously, when the lights set a romantic mood, perfect for a date, the ideal time to visit this restaurant is at night. It's also perfect for chilling on chilled beers with your friends, not just for a date. The affordable multi-cooking menu serves North Indian and Chinese dishes that cater to people of various backgrounds and tastes.

Highlights: friendly staff, prompt service and breathtaking view
Must haves: nawabi mushrooms, watermelon cooler, achari paneer tikka, chicken biryani, hakka noodles

6. Kuba

One of Mumbai's most occurring places that come to life after sunset. Kuba throws the city's best parties with themes such as Carnival Night. The menu offers some delicious dishes that are a real pleasure. Because the place is more likely to get you drunk, their menu includes mostly finger food. You need to try their Black Pepper Chicken, rolling over juicy chicken tenders with a hint of spice. This is one of the few Mumbai rooftop restaurants that also hosts a screening.

Highlights: clubbing, night life
Must haves: black pepper chicken, bao of the week, paneer sweet chilli sauce

7. Toast Bistro

Toast Bistro & Bar is a hotspot for the young Mumbai crowd with live sports screenings. Some mean concoctions are mixed by the bartenders. The Piggy Tail and Irish Man Banana are recommended, both of which are quite unusual. The bistro also has a wide range of Continental, Italian and North Indian cuisine on its menu other than drinks. A lively place with an atmosphere decorated with modern decor to fall in love. With their exquisite meals and amazing cocktails, this restaurant will definitely make your weekends a hundred times better to set you in the mood. The dedicated staff team ensures that you are not disappointed and feel at home.

Highlights: splendid view, prompt service
Must haves: cheese risotto, Texas chicken wings, trip to Italy pizza

8. Jamjar Diner

Picture this: sip your favorite summer cooler under a shaded gazebo on the rooftop, blowing your troubles away with a cool breeze. Jamjar Diner offers everything in Versova and much more. The resto - bar has a great atmosphere and delicious food and beverages are available. You can sign up for free Wi-Fi as well. This Mumbai rooftop restaurant has the most colorful and quirky interiors, the bright and colorful interiors really lighten the atmosphere as well as your mood. This restaurant Multi Cuisine serves the classiest Italian, Mexican, and American cuisine with a modern twist that promises to take you on a scrumptious ride.

Highlights: perfect for dinner with friends, free Wi-Fi available
Must haves: crispy mushroom tacos, spinach and cheese ravioli, pull apart pao, burrito, pesto pasta, spaghetti

9. La Patio

La Patio in Veera Desai is a lively restaurant on the rooftop, renowned for freshly mixed cocktails and a worldwide menu with food. Their menu offers cuisine from the Mediterranean, Mughlai and Italy. The croquettes of Hazelnut are a must - try, as is their sangria. This is one of Mumbai's best rooftop restaurants offering a classic lounge experience and a rocking nightlife.

Highlights: night life, prompt service
Must haves: hazelnut croquette, grilled chicken with asparagus, red wine stewed mushrooms

10. Opa Bar and Cafe

Source lbb.in

Opa Bar & Cafe is the best place to dance the night away with a massive dance floor. They have a bar that offers great cocktails and drinks. Other than that, you can enjoy some great live entertainment at Opa Bar & Cafe. You'll love their spread of Lebanese fare when you come to food. They also offer some sweet Arabic delicacies you're not going to get elsewhere.

Highlights: Lebanese food, night life
Must haves: Greek on a stick, chicken sheefas, fig and feta salad

Mumbai: Paradise for Foodies

So, if you are looking to treat your tastebuds, then Mumbai is the place you should be in. This city sports numerous restaurants and cafes which will surely satisfy your hunger pangs. Mumbai is a place where you will get food from cuisines around the world. From Italian to Afghani cuisine, Mumbai has everything covered. The city also has restaurants which provide a fantastic view of the sea and the city as well.

Whether it's your date, your marriage anniversary, a romantic dinner or just hanging out your friends, Mumbai has restaurants and cafes apt for every occasion.

Check the Weather and Make Reservations Before Heading Out

Mumbai has a long monsoon season when it pours for days at a stretch. Many rooftop restaurants either close during the monsoon, while others make alternate arrangements. They are also seldom open in the day. So, call and check to ensure you're not disappointed.

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10 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Mumbai

This article details some of the finest rooftop dining experiences the city of Mumbai has on offer. No matter the price range you're comfortable in, here you will find a place you can both afford and enjoy.