Having a Grand Party to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday? These Party Favors for Adults Will Make Your Momentous Birthday Worth Remembering (2020)!

Having a Grand Party to Celebrate Your 50th Birthday? These Party Favors for Adults Will Make Your Momentous Birthday Worth Remembering (2020)!

Although you may not feel it in the beginning but reaching your 50th birthday is an extremely important milestone in your life. You would have already gone through a fair share of struggles and challenges in the journey called life and being hereafter overcoming those adversities, is no mean achievement by any standards. To make your task of organising the party easier, we have curated a list of birthday party favours which will suit this very momentous occasion.

Hitting a Half Century in Life

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Our society and culture do not have a positive view of ageing. Look around you and you will find popular culture making it look as if old age is all about joint pains and body aches, wrinkles, gradually fading beauty and so on. To tell the truth, you will experience these unpleasant events as you age but that is not the only characteristic of ageing. Age brings maturity, knowledge and wisdom, the three elements that can help you weather storms much more effectively. As for biological ailments, there are ample treatments available. Beauty is a matter of perception and it would be foolish to halt the natural process of dulling physical beauty as a result of ageing, rather it is better to age gracefully and make the most of what you have.

50, most would agree is an odd age. You are no longer in the prime of youth but you cannot be considered old either. You are in the transitional phase from young to old when you feel a bit of both – the vigour of youth and the exhaustion of old age. But 50 is also an interesting age and many people in this world have witnessed major turning points in life at this time.

What Happens When You Turn 50?

Nothing specific happens when you turn 50, but in general, life becomes less turbulent and less unpredictable. You are well into your profession, have gained considerable experience in it and hence your job has become less of a stress than it was before. Surprisingly, new opportunities open up and with it comes a chance to give your life a new direction altogether. Personally, you are wiser, more self- assured and that does wonders for your mental health. Let us look at some of the things that happen when you turn 50.

You are Older and Wiser

It is the universal truth that the older you are, the wiser you would be. As you age, you gain more and more experience in the drama called life, see a myriad of situations which in turn contribute to your wisdom. At the age of 50, you are less likely to get drawn to unhealthy and toxic situations as the thoughtlessness associated with young age is near extinction. You are wise and you would not jump into anything before giving it thorough thinking. This prevents unnecessary stress which in turn contributes to your general well-being. Being wiser also makes you more capable of negotiating tricky situations as you will, more often than not, know what needs to be done.

You Have More Time for Yourself

At the age of 50, your children (if you have any) have become adults and are settled in their own lives. You no longer have to be the active parent busy in nurturing and raising your children. This gives you some free time, as, besides your job, there is nothing that needs your constant attention. You can utilize this free time however you wish. You can travel, read more books, watch movies, join some clubs and so on. You can also use this time to pamper yourself or to catch up with your old friends.

You Can Try Something New

This free time can also be used to learn something new or try something that you have never done before. If you have always wanted to learn a skill or do something but haven’t yet got the opportunity to do so then this is the perfect time to do it. Learn to play an instrument, join acting classes, try out an exotic cuisine and the likes. Remember the sky is the limit. You are supposed to live not just exist. You have fulfilled your duties and responsibilities and now your only consideration is you.

You Can Become an Entrepreneur

For salaried individuals who do not come from a business background, age 50 is probably the best time to start a business venture. Years of working, earning and saving have left you with quite some amount of money and now it is time to invest it and increase your fortune. You can build a business on something you are passionate about, something you enjoy. Like opening a restaurant, or a music-themed cafe, building a company that makes mobile video games, or starting a movie production and distribution business, the list is endless. You have worked so far to fulfil another person’s dream, now it is time to give wings to your dreams.

10 Birthday Party Favours

When you think of party favours or any gift in general, you have to think on the lines of meaningfulness and utility. If a gift is not meaningful to the person you are giving to, or he/she cannot relate to, then the gift is not special at all. If the gift is not useful then it becomes a burden and it would also not serve the purpose of a gift which is to make the recipient remember you fondly when he/she is using it. Choosing party favour items for children or teenagers is easy as there are a variety of items that kids and teens love to possess. The problem is with the adults. You can’t just gift them a fancy toy or a quirky item. You have to think the items through thoroughly to ensure they are both meaningful and useful. But there is nothing to worry about. Follow this BP Guide to choose the best party favour for your 50th birthday party bash:

Photo Frame

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Friends are our greatest assets. Whether you are 15 years of age or 50, life is unthinkable without them. The experiences that you have with your friends are priceless and the recollection of them much later in life can erase every gloom that plagues you. Thus we invest so much of our effort in storing the good memories that we have with friends. Photos are one way of storing memories and on your 50th birthday, what better party favours can you give than a photo frame to display those precious memories? This photo frame has a beautiful outline of hearts, a symbol of the love between you and your friends. It is white in colour and can hold a photo of size 4 inch x 6 inch. Each frame costs ₹ 299.00 on Amazon. It is best to have a photo of you and that friend displayed in it to celebrate your eternal companionship.

Personalised Ballpoint Pen

Personalised ballpoint pens are a classy birthday party favour. More so if the pen is from the house of iconic pen makers Pierre Cardin. The body of the pen is black in colour with a lustrous finish. The golden accents on it give it a sophisticated look. You can have the name of your friend written along with the cap of the pen. Pens are used frequently and on a daily basis. Such a pen will help you and the friendship he/she shares with you every time they use the pen. Each pen costs ₹ 399.00 on Print Venue.

Fridge Magnet

You obviously love your friends and want them to have the best of what life can offer. You want them to stay positive at all times, brimming with happiness. So on your 50th birthday, give your friends this optimistic fridge magnet as a party favour. It is a colourful fridge magnet made of PVC that shows the caricature of an astrologer and bears the message Today Will Be Awesome. Every morning, as your friend is taking out the bread, the milk and the eggs for breakfast, this fridge magnet is going to motivate him/her and fondly remind them of you. Each of these magnets come at a price of ₹ 295.00 on Chumbak.

Chocolate Potli

There is nothing that can go wrong with chocolates. Irrespective of the occasion, time and recipient, chocolates are the best gift whatsoever. So at your 50th birthday party, give this chocolate potli as a party favour to your friends. It is made of assorted, handmade chocolates and comes in an attractive packaging that resembles a potli. It is not normal store-bought chocolate but assorted and homemade so it is unique as well as special. Each potli is priced at ₹ 150.00 on Homemade Trust.

Quirky Mason Jar

Mason jars have become a valuable commodity in our kitchens. Not only are they useful but also trendy and fashionable. They also come in a variety of shapes, sometimes quite quirky ones that are best as gifts. Like this one which is shaped like a light bulb and has a bright coloured straw in it. The size is 18-inch x 6-inch x 3 inch and it can hold 250 ml of your beverage. Give this as a party favour at your 50th birthday party and let your friends remember you like the quirky friend they love to have. 6 of these fun shaped mason jars come at a price of ₹ 790.00 on Pepper Fry.

Mini Tin Cases

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Some of the objects that we own are small in size and hence the chances of these objects getting lost are quite high. There is nothing more irritating than not being able to find something which you need right now. If only there was a container where you could store all the tiny and important items. Well, the good news is there are such containers and what is more, they will make amazing party favours for your 50th birthday party. These mini tin cases are cute, exquisite and extremely useful. You can store small items like paper clips, hair clips, earrings, a small paper with important information on it, an extra SIM card, etc., things that you don’t want to lose or misplace. You can also put mints and small candies in it and carry them around with you easily. Each case is embellished fashionably with beautiful colours and exquisite designs. Each of these tiny tin cases is of the size 6 cm x 5 cm x 1.5 cm and comes at a price of ₹ 225.00 on Amazon.

Personalised Coasters

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Let your party favour be more meaningful. Give this personalised coaster to the party attendees of your 50th birthday party and let them add grace to their tables. You can have a message printed on the coaster that is related to the recipient and you or a positive message in general to lift their spirits. These coasters come in a beautiful floral design that is soothing to sight besides the message and is of the size 3.8-inch x 3.8 inches each. A set of two comes at a cost of ₹ 529.00 on fnp.com.

Customisable Key Chain

Key chains are both an object of need and embellishment. They are used to assemble keys and keep them in one place and are also used to decorate: you will find pretty key chains dangling from the zips of bags. No matter what they are used for, these personalised key chains are one of the best party favours that you can distribute among the attendees of your 50th birthday party. You can print the face of your friends individually on each of them and give them a memorable party favour. Every instance they have to use the key chain, they will be reminded of you. Each of these key chains come at a cost of ₹ 150.00 on Regalo Casila.

Bottle Opener

These bottle openers are in a league of their own. Unique and trendy, they are a perfect birthday party favour for your 50th birthday. It looks like a playing card and is made of stainless steel. The silvery, shiny finish gives a classy look to it. Each bottle opener is roughly the size of a debit/credit card and the good thing about it is that it can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet but also is not small enough to get misplaced. Each of these comes at a price of ₹ 299.00 on Flipkart.

Bollywood Shot Glasses

Everybody loves shots and everybody loves Bollywood. So why not combine both in your party favour for your 50th birthday. Your friends will be more than thrilled to get these Bollywood inspired shot glasses bearing the name of a popular Bollywood film Namak Halaal in the same font as the original logo. Each shot glass can hold 45 ml of liquor and a set of two costs ₹ 799.00 on Pepper Fry. Let your friends have their bottoms up Bollywood style with these shot glasses.

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Make a New Beginning at 50

There is no need to feel sad and dejected when you hit 50. You should reflect and rejoice your achievements and experiences in the 50 years gone by and prepare yourself for a new phase in life. What better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than by throwing a party for your friends and family. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Stay connected with us.