Fun Activities and Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

Fun Activities and Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

8 year old girls are such fun to shop for because they delight easily and enjoy a number of activities. Find here the best of all the latest gifts you can buy, along with interesting activities that she is sure to enjoy which don't need to come out of expensive boxes. The gift of your time and effort to create an activity she will enjoy can often be better than the best toys.

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What 8-Year-Olds Like to Do for Fun

Eight year olds know how to have a good time; so many things amuse them and if they run short of things to do or play with, they will simply come up with their own silly games. They like to run around, play tag, ride their bikes or scooters, put on skits and shows for whoever cares to sit in (pets if no one else is willing), they adore anything to do with craft and making things, treasure hunts get them thrilled to the bone (provided the challenge and reward are suitably gratifying), they like to bake or try to cook, action figures, dolls and dollhouses are still loads of fun, they read, make science projects and try experiments, watch science shows, and, often watch inane television shows with such intensity that makes you wonder if this is the same child you saw running around a short while ago. All in all there are so many things they enjoy that buying things for them is also a delight.

Toys That 8-Year-Old-Girls Will Enjoy

1. Slime Making Kit

Gooey, sticky and slimy but at the same time oddly fun and compelling, playing with and making slime seems to be an inescapable part of childhood. The first cool touch of slime can be almost disgusting but children find it incredibly fun to play with and then want to graduate to making their own batch of slime.

The Yucky Science Slime Madness is an inexpensive and fun starter kit to make your own slime. It combines fun with education, teaching kids how to conduct chemistry experiments by making five types of slime. The kit shows kids how to mix Borax with simple chemicals to make coloured slime, a shimmery Galaxy Glitter slime, candy, clear, and an alien slime. The kit contains all the ingredients needed along with an instruction manual on how to mix them. This is a fun activity that she will enjoy as much as playing with the slime. The kit is priced at Rs.399.

2. Hatchimal

If your first reaction is to wonder what in the world is a Hatchimal, then your home hasn’t yet been bitten by the Hatchimal bug. The toy has been a craze in the US for well over a year and it flies off shelves so quickly that pestered parents have a hard time fulfilling their kids’ demands for it. For those still in the dark, let’s break it down for you.

The toy comes in the shape of an egg that your child has to look after and care for. The actual creature or Hatchimal inside is a surprise till the egg hatches. When it is ready to hatch, its rainbow eyes will appear from inside the egg and your girl can encouragingly touch the egg to get it to hatch. The Hatchimal waddles, it squawks, has a heartbeat you can hear if you hold it close, it can be taught to walk, talk, dance and even play games. Simply put, it’s a kind of virtual pet that needs to be taken care of, only that it behaves a little like an actual pet. If you are amazed at what a toy can do, sit tight for it doesn’t come cheap. The Hatchimal surprise Peacat that comes with a surprise twin is priced at Rs.5,755. The Hatchimals Glittering Garden on the other hand comes for a cool Rs.10,033. So if you don’t have a little one clamouring for one of these, we suggest you think twice, or thrice.

3. Pottery Wheel Set

Playing with clay has been known to be a soothing experience and getting her a potter’s wheel is a great way to let her have some fun while also learning a new skill. There are plenty of starter kits available for children that are easy to use and come equipped with clay, molds and event paint to decorate your creations.

You could try the Funskool createlier PoteRiE, priced at Rs.1,274. The box contains a motorised potters’ wheel, clay, brush, paints, cleaning sponge, tool to shape and lift your creations from the wheel and a 32 page instruction manual. It is suitable for ages 8 years and above but parental supervision will be needed till at least she gets the hang of using it.

If you want to splash out a bigger sum for a more impressive model then the pottery wheel for beginners by MindWare is the way to go. It comes with a very sturdy wheel, 2 pounds of air-dry clay, a set of five tools, paintbrush and set of 12 paints. If you buy the set with clay refill, you will get an additional 5 pounds of the clay. This pottery set retails for Rs.22,811.

4. Science Play Kit

Kids are naturally interested in science and learning what makes things work and science projects and games can be both educational and fun. Learning about nature and conducting science experiments also develops thinking and reasoning skills.

We suggest you try the Green Science Potato Clock which will teach her to harness the power of ordinary potatoes to run a cool bedside clock. The kit comes with a digital clock, wires, prongs and an instruction manual on how to build it. You do have to use your own potatoes but there’s no need to pull out the sack of potatoes as this digital clock needs only two potatoes to run it. This one has the satisfying pleasure of DIY, science and an introduction to green science and the idea of carbon footprint all rolled into one and costs Rs.1,270.

5. VTech Kidizoom DX2 Kids Smartwatch


With 8 year olds being as smart as they are, is it a surprise there is already a smartwatch for them? Plus they come with the twin benefit of keeping your girl happy and serving as a GPS tracker, something most parents anyway want to slap onto their kids, regardless of age. The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 has two cameras that allow her to make videos and take selfies, teach her to tell the time, has a host of fun games to keep her busy, has a Micro-USB cable which can be used to recharge the battery and upload videos and photos. It comes with a mix of 55 digital and analog clock faces that can be customised and she can even use her own photos to create new faces. It even has a motion sensor and a pedometer. Depending on the model you select, prices start at Rs.6,611 and go up to Rs.8,675.

6. A Kickscooter

As fun as bicycles are, kick scooters can be all the more fun for little girls to run around and play with. For one, they are easier to learn to use than bicycles. For the uninitiated, a kick scooter or push scooter has a slim deck fitted with wheels to stand on, and a handle bar to hold on to. The user stands on the deck and uses one foot to propel it forward. There are even several motorised scooters available that can be a lot of fun, but for a little girl who likes to run around, a push version works better.

When shopping for one you need to look out for all the proper safety features, such as whether it is of a sturdy built, has an effective and easy to use break, and of course, throw in a helmet and elbow and knee pads too if she is new and unsteady on it initially. We liked the Razor A3 Scooter Clear as it fit all the parameters – made from aircraft grade aluminium, shock absorbing wheels, and a rear fender brake that allows for quick stopping. It is foldable and easy to carry and can carry up to 65 kg! It retails for Rs.8,216.

Fun Activities That Don't Have to Come in a Box

Hang out even briefly with an 8 year old girl to realise that she doesn't need fancy toys or exciting gizmos to have a good time. She knows how to have a blast even with the simplest toys; often her best toy is her own imagination and she can spend hours playing by herself in her make believe world. Put your own imagination to the test, rustle up your creative spirit and come up with fun games that can be played with everyday objects around the house.

1. Have a Dance Party

There are times when even the most compelling toys lose their lustre, or everyone around the house is in a mood and a sulky cloud hangs in the air, or there is too much pent up energy and no other option available to release it, and that is the time to have a dance party. Carefree, energetic dancing to enjoyable music is so much fun! It immediately lightens the mood, but research shows that dancing helps people bond better in addition to improving fitness levels, reducing stress and even boosts self-esteem. Did you know it’s good for the brain too? Dancing improves memory, cognitive control, improves communication of signals within the brain, and improves concentration.

Have we given you enough reasons to compile a playlist of all the songs the family enjoys? Make a playlist or burn a CD, but have your child friendly music ready for an impromptu session of frenzied dancing to quickly use up all that excess energy, or plan for a dance party and let her help you prepare for it. There will be loads of fun for everyone involved.

2. Build an Indoor Tent

Making and playing with makeshift tents, canopies or tepees gives children endless pleasure. They love what their imagination can fill these spaces with. Proper play tents are no doubt fun, but using things around the house and engaging their help to make one yourself is a lot more fun, especially on rainy days when you are stuck in the house, testing patience levels and fighting rising tempers. A fun project that involves the kids is a good way to blow off some steam and create something fun in the process.

We liked this simple tablecloth cloth by All you need is a large enough fabric that will completely cover a moderately sized table, some sewing skills, and some additional fabric to create curtains for the ‘windows’. First cut the fabric to cover the top and the sides. Make sure you actually lay the fabric on the table and measure it to make sure all sides are neatly covered. Use pins to tack it in place and use a pencil or fabric marker to mark your measurements. Sew the pieces together then cut out a flap in the side where you want the ‘door’ and sew the edges to tuck in stray threads. Lastly, cut openings in the side where you want to place the ‘windows’. Sew the fabric serving as curtains on top, leaving three sides open so it can be moved aside, much like real curtains.

Your little girl and her friends can pretend it is a dollhouse, a tent, a home or whatever they can come up with. If you find yourself in a pinch for time and cannot sew a tent, simply drape the table with different pieces of fabric, fashioning an opening to serve as door on one side, and she will have just as much fun.

3. Bake Some Cookies

Cooking together with your kids is a wonderful way to keep them occupied, teach them new skills and spend quality time with them. Only, make sure you pick a recipe that is simple enough for them to follow and doesn’t involve too many sharp objects. Your 8 year old will be even more enthusiastic about joining in if there is the promise of a tasty treat at the end.

Baking is a nice way to introduce her to cooking as its fairly simple and doesn’t have to involve knives. You can make something simple like cookies, or cupcakes which she can later decorate. Give her important chores like mixing the batter, saying the instructions out loud. Before you start, measure out everything in advance; she can help or follow and you can even explain what purpose each of the ingredients serve. Choose a workstation she can reach easily, or use a footstool for her to stand on.

You can try this super yum recipe for Jello cookies and play dough by I Heart Naptime. It is tasty and she can play with the dough!

1 1/2 cups unsalted butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon cream of tarter
4 (90 gm) packages of jelly crystals
Food colour (optional)

Pre-heat oven to 175 degrees C. Using a hand blender, beat the butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla and mix till well blended. In a different bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder and soda, and cream of tartar. Bit by bit, add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Mix well. Divide into four parts and sprinkle two tablespoons of the jelly crystals over each part. Knead till evenly combined. This is also where you add the food colour (if using) for brighter coloured cookies. Roll out the dough into one inch balls and place on a baking sheet. Keep them 2 inches apart. For a sweeter, crunchier version, you can roll the balls in jello crystals before placing them on the sheet. Use the bottom of your mixing bowl to flatten the cookies before putting them in the oven. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool on a wire rack before eating.

4. Learn Magic Tricks

What does one do if it’s raining, too hot or too cold to go outside and play? You could let her sit in front of the telly and watch her shows; or you could learn to do some magic tricks instead! There are plenty of basic magic tricks that are easy to learn and will give both of you something interesting to do on days you are cooped at home. Afterwards, she can show off her new skills to friends and family as well.

Browse the internet for easy magic tricks, you will find detailed instructions and videos. Even the simplest illusions require some amount of practice to execute convincingly, so while you can leave her to practice on her own, she will need your help to find and learn a few at first. For the first one choose something she can quickly master to boost her confidence. Start out with anything too challenging that she has trouble learning and she may lose interest.

We suggest the floating and spinning a card in mid-air trick which particularly fascinates children, and you only need things you already have at home. In this illusion the magician makes a playing card spin and rise in the air and then mysteriously pulls it up without touching it till finally catching it in his hand. You can learn this trick here.

Make an Interesting Gift Wrap

As nice and thoughtful as a present is, a pretty gift wrap on it will show her how much you care. Besides, it is exciting for anyone to receive a beautifully wrapped gift, more so for a little girl. 8 year olds are very curious and they love surprises so make the wrap look exciting. If you’re not sure how to make a nice wrapping you can always watch a video to learn.

There are always professional gift wrappers at most stores who will do the job in a jiffy but doing it yourself adds a nice personal touch. There are so many ways to make a nice gift wrapping. You can always use a pretty wrap but in case you don’t have some around you can use plain brown paper and then decorate it, or even fabric. Use ribbons, washi tapes, stickers, paper cut outs and origami shapes to decorate your gift. It doesn't have to win prizes for being the most perfectly and neatly wrapped present, but anything that can stimulate the imagination of a child will make receiving a present even more special.

From our editorial team

Think Like a Child

Try getting into the mind of an eight year old who is full of wonder and excitement at discovering new things about the world everyday. They are full of vitality, imagination, wonder, and mischief. Girls this age are eager to learn, and they would like to have a lot of fun doing so. Think of all the things you want her to learn, see, read and understand; selecting a gift for her will not seem like such a challenge then.