10 Impactful Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Boy and Ideas to Impress Tween Boys (2018)

10 Impactful Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Boy and Ideas to Impress Tween Boys (2018)

Albeit the 12-year old boy gets influenced by his peers, he will have his own personal interests. Tap into his psyche by spending time with them and get to know what may excite him as a 12th-year old birthday present. If you are not constantly around and wish to present him a gift, outlined are 10 of the best gifts to give a 12-year old boy along with some cool gift ideas to help you through the process.

How to Come Up with Gift Ideas for Tween Boys

Tween is a Confusing Age to Be In, Choose Gifts After Careful Consideration

12 years old is a unique age group, where the kids are hanging in between being a tween and a budding teenager. Despite this a 12 year old will have many traits of a child, and display immature characteristics at times. To top it all, a 12 year old will have some firm beliefs on what’s trendy and what’s not which may be exhausting for the adults. Choosing a gift for a boy at this age is as challenging as choosing for any other kid at any other age, and he would mostly prefer to display his talents among his friends, so will always look for things that would give him an extra edge in being the cool kid!

Boy Toys vs. Educational Games

At this age, boys are transforming into young adolescents and can easily lose interest in child’s play. Their preferences for play things would most likely be bigger, a little risky and or heavier than their earlier toys. A consciousness would seem setting in where you may find them pondering a lot over what they would get for gifts! At the age of 12, toys are more than just playmates, they become a part of your boy’s personality and it can also affect how he performs socially. So, when choosing a gift for the birthday boy, please ensure that it is something that possesses the ‘cool quotient’, is challenging, helps develop his persona and encourages him to be sporty as well.

Gifts that Will Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Thanks to his speedy physical growth and developing mindset, the boy would have tons of energy as well which can be channeled by encouraging him to engage in sports and activities that would keep him on his toes constructively. However, managing balance with fun may be tedious. Boys usually prefer the thrill of excitement over the peaceful calm play. So choose a gift that can help him exercise his physical skills, but with additional safety measures and or learning kits which are hazard free, non-toxic and of good quality.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Twelve Year Old Boy

Bounce Off Board Game

Even though it is a simple game for all to play, Bounce Off from Mattel inspires healthy competition among its players. Whether it is playing against other participants or taking turns, the game attracts active participation and exciting results. It is a universal game that can be played by anyone from any age group. The birthday lad can enjoy it with his friends or family, anytime, anywhere!

It is a race to see who’s succeeds in recreating the pattern from the challenge card. The players have to bounce the balls into lines to complete the grid to win. Whoever gets 3 cards is the winner. The game set includes 9 challenge cards, 16 colored balls and a grid game board. The game can be played between 2-4 players. The game aims to develop the child’s motor skills by way of bouncing and lining up the balls, with the right speed and pressure, he’d be able to perfect his movements, and also strengthen his motor skills. The game is priced at Rs. 899 and can be purchased from flipkart.

Hookey Ring Toss

Source www.amazon.in

Similar to darts, but relatively safer the Hookey Ring Toss is just as challenging as it is addictive. It is easy to play and set up. Made from environment friendly hardwood, the 20mm hookey board comes in a beautiful finish and includes 6 red and 6 black rings with an instructions booklet. With 5 different games that can be played, the participants are given suggestions on how to create new games and stir up the basics. The level of hand eye coordination in tossing the rings is enhanced and it is a wonderful alternative to get both kids and adults away from the tech mania shrouding everyone these days! The game can be bought from amazon.in and is priced at Rs. 6,349.

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

Usually kids have been exposed to information on ancient relics or animals only in museums or through books. The Dinosaur Dig kit now makes it possible for them to appreciate these awe-inspiring creatures from the past by digging some of their bones. The kit includes three dinosaur artifacts concealed in a brick and one has to dig them out carefully with the help of the magnifying glass and tools provided in the kit. The fossils include a dinosaur bone, a mosasaur tooth and dinosaur excreta. The instructions booklet also included in the kit shares detailed information about the artifacts as well as the pre-historic era. This digging set has been a part of the STEM syllabus in teaching basic science in a practical manner. Source The Dinosaur Dig Kit from toyscentral.com and it is priced at Rs. 1,755.

Adams Cube - Thinkfun

Source www.amazon.in

A translucent play with 5 puzzle pieces that require to be arranged in the colorful polygon frame is what the Adam’s Cube is all about. Each puzzle gives way to another locked puzzle with a higher level of difficulty. This toy puzzle will strengthen your 12 year old’s problem solving skills, encourage his imaginative talents and help him think ahead. With its aesthetic design, and 6 challenges the puzzle is known to have been well-received with kids this age. The cube’s dimensions are 9.7 x 9.7 x 9.7 cm, can be got from amazon.in and it is priced at Rs. 1,666.

Portable roll-up Electronic Drum

Musical gifts are a treat for 12 year olds. This cool drum set from banggood.com may just be what he needs with its compact and portable features, making it easy for the kid to carry it around wherever he goes. The roll-up electronic drum comes with inbuilt super bass speakers and an earphone jack to prevent noise at night or during other quiet times, few demo tracks, 7 tritone drum pads and a number of varied drum sounds that can be used. It also includes a rechargeable battery with approximately 10 hours of play time when fully charged. The drum set has a pair of drumsticks, a pedal and 1 usb cable as well. It is priced at Rs.7,585.

Tabletop Foosball

Boys usually love sports and football is one of them. This table top football is apt for both kids and adults and can be an engaging play for hours on end! With its classic built the portable soccer table looks modern still with its strong grips to control the ball and a smooth surface for a seamless play time. The table-top comes with 2 footballs, 2 base stands, 6 handles, a play board, 6 players with rods, 2 score plates, 6 rod caps, 1 wooden housing set and 2 screws. The entire set is made of wood and plastic with 21x9x36cms (w*h*d) in dimensions. It is priced at Rs.1,599 on flipkart.

Digital Music Player

Tweens at this age start getting involved in music and developing their own taste, making their own favorites and following them. If your birthday boy is a music enthusiast and loves tuning in every now and then, then the Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman 4GB Digital Music Player with its great sound quality, 4GB storage space and lightweight body would be an excellent buy for him. With a built-in USB connector, he can use it as a flash drive and load the player with his favorite numbers. When he gets bored of his playlist he can turn on the inbuilt FM radio. The player comes with 1 lithium ion battery and is priced at Rs. 2,860. The Digital Music Player can be purchased from cometbuster.com.

Hearing Things Game

If the kid is a social buff and loves hanging out with his friends, this trending game set from firstcry.com will bring him and his Pals boundless joy and will be a cool add to activities during family gatherings or special occasions. The game is simple but great fun – it involves players taking turns in wearing the included speech canceling headphones while their partners read from a game card which has a random phrase and guess what is being said by reading their lips. The player with most cards wins. The set has 150 cards with 600 phrases. It makes for a crazy and rib tickling past time anyone would want to get involved in, develops the kids’ dexterity & motor skills. The game is priced at Rs. 1,529.

5 Second Rule-Card Game

All boys like card games and the 5-second rule card game will be one to buy. It involves playing in turns with taking a card out and within 5 seconds (by the timer) say three things that match the topic. The set has 576 questions and 288 cards making it a fun play for your boy and his friends. It also challenges their young minds in rising to the time difficulty and looking for right words to match the card. The set includes a red and yellow twisted marble timer set to 5 seconds. This time bound game from cart2india.com can be played with 3 or more players and is priced at Rs. 3,300.

Table Top Robot Kit

Source www.amazon.in

If your 12 year old likes robotics then let him experience the beauty and power of it all with this latest robot building kit. With its detailed instructions he will find it easy to complete the construction of the robot, and then activate it to enjoy all kinds of cool things the robot can do! The table top robot uses its sensors to change directions when it meets an obstacle and scuttles under its own power. It can also be put atop a table and one can enjoy its acrobatic tricks! The kid would love its portable size, the technology involved and it will be a worthwhile learn in the realm of robotics, electronics and engineering. Sourced from amazon.in, it is priced at Rs. 1,981.

Bonus Tip: Assist in the Transition from Tween to Teen

Tips For Choosing Gifts for Transitioning Tween Boy to Teen

  • In terms of their physical, mental, emotional well-being. With their rapid growth in every sense of the word, 12 year old boys enjoy being given the opportunity to form their own decisions and take on additional responsibilities.
  • With their enhanced problem solving skills and the reasoning skills on the rise, kids at this age are able to think of different possibilities and outcomes. Whether or not they succeed is a different story. Choosing a toy or a game or anything of interest for a 12 year old who’s a budding teen is complicated to the extent of how well he is taking the transition phase.
  • Depending upon how he looks at himself in terms of his thought process, whether he likes to be treated like a grown up kid or shrugs away from it completely, reviewing his personality traits, his interests and his dislikes would be very informative in selecting a gift.
  • Loyalties are very important for kids this age and a significant point to consider when buying something for them.
  • With just a few years away from becoming an adult, it is only fair that their toys and games help kids of this age through their growing up phase.
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Superb Birthday Gifts and Gift Ideas For a 12 Year Old Boy

A 12-year old boy is steadily growing and almost in his teen years or fully maturing. A gift that educates him, keeps him captivated and one that he will share with his friends will be well appreciated. It may be a bit tasking finding a gift for a 12 year old boy. You need not worry as the best gift ideas have been illustrated above to help you all through the process. Most of all you need to keep the gift inline with his interests and consider both his physiological and psychological state. Outlined are some tips to also help in making the right considerations before selecting the gift.