Hi-Tech or All DIY, Here's How to Throw the Ultimate Robot Themed Party! And 10 Robot Party Favors to Give the Party Bots (2020)

Hi-Tech or All DIY, Here's How to Throw the Ultimate Robot Themed Party! And 10 Robot Party Favors to Give the Party Bots (2020)

Robots are fascinating for young and old alike, and a party with these bots as the theme is going to ensure a memorable time for all, what you do need is a little effort and planning. Here are some interesting ideas to include in your party, as well as some great robot themed party favours to send guests home with!

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A Robot Themed Party Can Set Your Celebration Apart

Whether it is a small toddler, an older kid or even adults, robots are thrilling for everyone. Having entertaining parties based on robot themes for birthdays or Halloween is getting popular across the world. There is so much scope to make these parties fun and exciting, whatever the age of the guests! Here are some ways to amp up your robot party.

Robot Themed Costumes

Robot-themed costumes can be cool and crazy according to your imagination. You can buy them from the market, especially around Halloween. You can also try to make a robot costume on your own. You can build a full-size power loader costume, a robot Halloween costume, a robot suit, Lego robot minifigure costume, robot costumes with LED light. Recycled giant robot costume, Star Wars or Transformer robotic costume for your birthday party or Halloween day.

Robot Themed Cakes

Robot cakes are easy and fun to make, and they are also perfect for birthdays and other fun occasions. Children are highly fond of robot toys and would love to see these mechanical creatures moving according to their wishes! Let your child be delighted by using it as a theme cake. A robot standing high on their cakes along with all the robotic parts and mechanisms will be so much fun and exciting for younger guests as well as the older ones. You will need to choose the robot parts and colour coordination appropriately. The robot can be standing with machines, seated or lying down as per the theme you want to select.

Robot Themed Decorations

The ideas for robot-themed decorations are endless. But if you are thinking about making something inexpensive, then recyclables are the best way to go about it. You can add googly eyes, heart rate printable mouth to a plastic bowl to store chips, have a robot cupcake stand, a robot spoon-fork holder with silver-painted cans, a clear serviette holder painted outside and many more of such creative decor items. Look online for inspiration, there is no dearth of ideas.

Robot Games

You can plan for many open-ended and independent activities during your robot party, where children or youngsters can come and go at the playstations as they please. You can set up a robot bowling center which can be made from recycled bottles and boxes. Robot colouring can be a great idea for a kid’s party where you can print a bunch of different robot designs and provide various colouring materials to colour them in.

Provide some recycled materials like boxes, cans or paper cups to build a DIY robot. Look up some easy instructions to assemble them and have an older host give the younger ones a hand at building their robot. Play some groovy music to match the theme and pause it so that kids can pause like a robot “statue” and let the last robot choose a robot theme gift as the winner’s prize.

Robot Party Favors to Give Your Bot Guests!

Silicon Transformers Necklaces

Source www.etsy.com

When it comes to party favours, affordable jewellery for all ages can be a good choice. This set of ten robot silicon party favour necklaces are a handy gift at a reasonable price. It comes in a pack of ten with small robot images from the Transformer series as pendants in purple, blue, red, yellow etc. This is handmade jewellery with bottle cap images and it comes with the price tag of approximately Rs.1,060 at etsy.com. Shipping charges may be extra.

Robot T-Shirt

Source www.nnnow.com

A blue robot t-shirt for both girls and boys looks elegant and funky at the same time. This robot print t-shirt comes in sizes of 12 to 18 months, and 2, 3 4 and 5 years old. The material is pure cotton and the design is a round neck, short sleeves, and printed front. You can wash it in the machine along with hand wash. It is made from the finest skin-friendly fabrics which ensure maximum comfort and it is safe for your little ones.

This quirky crew neck robot graphic t-shirt will be a unique addition to the kid’s closet. It is cotton made a versatile white t-shirt with well finished round neck and short sleeves. You can accessorize your kid with a full pant or joggers jeans and send him to a party or his date. The price for this t-shirt is Rs.300 and you can return the package unwashed and undamaged with tags within 15 days.

Robot Masks

Wearing a mask is a tradition in Venice back as far as the 12th century and the original function of the mask was both aspirational and practical. Give this old tradition a funky new makeover by distributing masks that can be made into robot faces!

Masks come in many types, ranging from simple to beautiful and fascinatedly decorated masterpieces of art pieces. Nowadays the party delight masks are used in many occasions like birthday, or fun parties. Party masks come in many forms from sober to hilarious, scary to thematic. This robot mask is a plain white mask, which you can decorate in your way if you want. It has a strong elastic which holds the mask securely and the price is Rs.263.

3D Backpack

Backpacks are one of the most constant things in a kid’s life as they serve as a status symbol and intimate companion in their daily routines. They have an emotional connecting with their backpacks. Unlike a workbook or crayon, the longevity of a backpack is quite more and a kid can use it from grade to grade depending on the quality. Thus, you can think of giving it as a party favour gift as any kid will love a personal backpack. They can personalize it according to the need and it serves as a bridge between school and home, shuttling homework, lunch boxes and their favourite toys.

They can change the things inside it each day while the backpack will remain the same. While looking for a perfect backpack with a good strap, room for essentials, the themed backpacks are what they consider coolest. This cute backpack from Abracadabra has a stunning 3D robot toy pop out which looks both smart and attractive. The bag also has adjustable straps, hassle-free zipper which serves as some of the main important criteria among many.

It is a robot-themed backpack which is blue based and red-based colour. It is lightweight and hence easy to carry for even small kids. It comes in exciting shapes and colours with dimensions of 26 x 24 x 10 cm. any kid from 18 months to 3 years can carry it, even after that this bag can be used as a snack bag or any other purpose for carrying small items. It is made of polyester canvas and the price after the discount is Rs.816 including GST.

Robot Shaped Clock

If you think from a kid’s perspective, learning about time is a completely new segment for their life after learning about numbers. Knowing how to tell time is an important skill for them and it is easier to learn it from an analogue clock. Since mobile phones have taken place of clocks and wristwatches, it is a nice thought to gift an analogue clock in your robot-themed party as a party favour.

Children understand the passage of time by an analogue clock by observing the hands that are constantly moving. The NOROC analogue robot clock is a cute robot looking clock which has a head, two hands and legs. It has a beautiful aqua colour with white analogue numbers in the body. It has an alarm system which is helpful for kids. The material is plastic and metal, height and width of the clock are 8 mm x 2 mm respectively. This table clock will cost you only Rs.499.

Naughty Robot

Robotic technology has progressed a lot in the last couple of decades and it has taken many interesting steps right from industries to kid’s toys. From planets and restaurants, robots have entered our homes as well as the children are using them to play and learn. Some high-end robot toys like Jibo, Kuri, Cozmo, and M.A.X which gives immense opportunity to learn, the ordinary robot toys are designed to add in the collection of kids and be their friend and companion.

Starsky Musical and dancing naughty robots for kids are multicolour and smart-looking robot toy which is made of plastic material. It is operated by two batteries which are rechargeable. This robot toy is perfect as a gift for kids over five years of age and the price of this toy is Rs.310. It plays music and blinks colourful flashing LED lights. It can do one set of dancing movement and the palm will be shining and the arm will be swayed up and down. The robot can also rotate 360 degrees.

Fancy Robot Eraser

Source www.amazon.in

Small kids love small things to play and use. The trendy tap kid’s robot is a 3D puzzle fancy eraser for robot fans and it comes in assorted colours and designs. It is perfect as a return gift for the robot lovers. The pack of five colourful assorted erasers will cost Rs.189 with free delivery in Amazon.in.

It is also available in a pack of ten which will cost Rs.249 and the medium (pack of 20) will cost Rs.399. The eraser is easy to erase the writing and drafting which makes students work more easy and quick. The design is of a cute cartoon character and this smart design activates study interest making the boring learning vivid and happy. It is made from eco-friendly rubber which keeps your pages fresh after using.

If the kid is an eraser collector them the fantastic party bag fillers are ideal for school. It can be used to remove or correct pencil writing without a smudge, which is perfect for drawing, sketching, and exam or daily writing. It is great for the collection of stationery for the whole year which makes it perfect for the robot-themed return gift.

DIY Robot Party Favors to Make

Party favours not only comes from the shop only, but it can be made at home too, which is easy and unique. Anyone will be fascinated to see such combined handmade robot party favours

Robot Treats

Kids love candies and sweet things, if you love kids, make a healthy robot treat all by yourself and see those beautiful smiles instantly.

Robot Treats

What you need
  • Candies
  • Applesauce pack
  • Raisin boxes
  • Googly eyes
  • Spoon
  • Glue gun

How to make
  • Take a pack of 100% natural juice pack and put an apple sauce pack over it.
  • Put some googly eyes and make it as a robot head.
  • Attach spoon at the back with the glue gun
  • Attach raisin boxes and candies to make hands and legs

Walking Robot

Kids are always fascinated to have a walking robot at home. While they love to have it as a toy, older ones love to make it as a project.

Walking Robot

What you need:
  • Two caps
  • Googly eyes
  • Gear motors
  • Wire
  • A switch and battery

How to make it:
  • Take a box with lid and add googly eyes in the side of the box
  • Make two holes in the box an add gear motors, connect them with wire
  • Add a switch and connect the with battery
  • Close the lid and add two wheels in the side of the box
  • When you will switch on the robot will roll everywhere

DIY Wall E Robot

Who does not love Wall-E, the robot? But all of us might not afford it for all the kids as a party favour gift. But we can make a DIY Wall E robot

DIY Wall E Robot

What you need
  • Small wheels
  • Cardboards
  • Cutters
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Gear motor
  • Bicycle tube
  • High power remote control receiver

How to make
  • Cut out cardboard in shapes of triangle and square
  • Make holes and in the cardboard and the ice cream sticks
  • Fix the tires and attach wires and motors
  • Make the eyes of wall-e and attach hands
  • You can operate it with the remote control receiver
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Although this is a popular theme and there are quite a few robot theme party props available, you may find it easier to create a lot of the decor and snacks yourself, or find a caterer who can implement your food ideas. That's because there may not be a whole lot of designs and options to choose from. Thus, planning such a party as early as possible is a good way to way so you have plenty of time to scour the market and make props yourself if needed. It's all about execution here, hence buy what you need then compliment those with your own creations.