Update Your Saree Collection With These 10 Stunning Sarees That are Sure to  Turn Heads Wherever You Go (2019)

Update Your Saree Collection With These 10 Stunning Sarees That are Sure to Turn Heads Wherever You Go (2019)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the most versatile ensemble of 'em all? Well, the saree of course! Whether you want to go all out glamorous, keep it simple or go full-blown traditional bling, the options are endless. As a testament, we bring you ten varying saree styles that'll floor you and be fantastic additions to your saree collection. Check them out for a visual feast!

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Adding Sarees to Your Collection

Sarees are many an Indian woman’s pride. It not only completes her wardrobe, but it also binds her to her roots. Indian women have a soft corner for these six yards and adding each new piece to their collection is more than just a fancy hobby they nourish. Thus, sarees play an important role in a lady’s life. The impact of one of these must never be undermined as they are recognised more and more by everyone as an integral part of the closet. In this article, we will give you some invaluable lists that will be your best friends while shopping for sarees!

What to Lookout for When Ordering Sarees Online?

If you are ordering sarees online, you might want to check a few things before checking out finally. No matter how alluring a saree may look to you, you will have to be careful about what you buy and when. There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind if you want to get the best sarees at the best deals. In the upcoming list, we will give you a few points that you will be required to keep in mind if you are planning to buy a saree online.

#1 Check for Discounts And Deals

Before buying sarees online, you must be careful to do a little bit of a research. Online stores and sellers give hefty discounts and this keeps changing with the availability of stocks. Thus, keep a keen eye on what is going on.

#2 Check Whether a Blouse Piece Is Included Or Not

Another important step. It can be tough to get a blouse matching the colour of your saree. Always make sure that there is a blouse piece or not because several available sarees on the internet come without a blouse piece as well. It is best to check before ordering.

#3 Read And Re-Read the Material Details

Source store.hp.com

Another very important thing to note. The material should be of one that you are comfortable with. Thus, read and re-read the material details about the saree.

The Best Pieces to Add to Your Saree Collection

If you are wondering which sarees to lay your hands on next, then we have a list for you. Each of these has been handpicked and each is a class apart. We have also kept in mind to include sarees that can easily be worn for formal as well as regular occasions. You could wear one of these at a party or a festival as well.

#1 Jesti Designer Peach Georgette Saree

Here is a peach pink saree with golden embroidery that will steal your heart and make it leap. The beauty with which it has been made is awe-awakening. It is simply gorgeous to look at. Given that this saree is in Georgette, this one is suitable for occasions where you are required to deck up, like marriages or elaborate parties. The blouse is available with the saree and is red in colour with the same red hemming the sleeves. You can pair this with golden jewellery and it will look ravishing on you. You can get your hands on this at Rs. 1,599. This is available on Snap Deal.

#2 C&H Green Net Saree

This saree is yet another one of those trendy, translucent sarees that are so ‘in’ right now! It is a bright leafy green in colour with a heavily embroidered blouse piece that is great to look at and to wear. The saree itself is a stunner and is specifically a great choice for marriage parties and receptions. The saree is embroidered with beautiful golden sequins that will focus all spotlights on you. It is a head turner and is a must-have for the sake of the wardrobe. Go and grab it from Snap Deal at Rs. 1,399 only!

#3 Indie Picks Dharmavaram Silk Saree with Zari Buta

Source www.ajio.com

Quite honestly speaking, Ajio has been our low key favourite since it's inception, especially regarding sarees. Their collection is unique and refined and tickles our fashion taste buds. To saree fanatics, it is always a plus point in favour of this online shopping site. The saree in question is no exception is the beauty is put to question. It is a green silk zari buta saree in dharmavaram silk. It is chic and sophisticated. It has an air about it that differentiates this from most other sarees. The saree itself is pretty simple and straightforward with prints adorning it here and there. It has nice embroidery done on it which is also a plus. The blouse that comes with it is gorgeous and fashionable. Altogether, it is a saree you will prize having. You can get it from the site at Rs. 4,000 only.

#4 Blue Cotton Silk Dabu Print Choukor Sari

This Saree is intimidating in all its splendour. The simplicity of this design is breathtaking and it will instantly woo you into buying it. This one is a saree in cotton silk. Blue in colour with a brown blouse that, too, has prints on it. The dabu print will draw your attention and make you crave for it. Your wardrobe will thank you for buying this! Fab India does a great work with their collections and this one is no exception. It is enough to get you the spotlight in a party. You can buy this one for Rs. 4,990 only!

#5 Yellow Cotton Saree with Check Design

This is comparatively simple but equally gorgeous. What we like the most about this saree is how bold it looks and has the capability to make one look. The yellow fabric with the checks give you the look of a woman with a brain and an intelligent one at that. It has a blouse piece that makes it look even cooler and gives it the aura it deserves. You can sport the look of a chic, sophisticated woman with an independent air. This saree is perfect for the place with a simple, yet powerful surrounding. This will make a statement on your behalf. You can buy this from Roop Kotha Web at Rs. 1,450 only!

#6 Cotton Silk Maheshwari Tonal Sari

This is another saree that is mandatory for saree fanatics. Chances are, you already have it given how these tonal sarees are rocking the saree market right now. This one, in particular, is a varied shade of blue that is soothing to look at. We can only imagine how gorgeous it will be to wear it! However, there is one disadvantage that you will like to review before getting your hands on this saree. The page of Fab India that sports this piece has no information about a blouse piece. We pretty much scanned the entire page and looked for detail but it was missing. The blouse top that the model is wearing is just for shooting purposes and that is the only thing that is mentioned regarding blouses. If you absolutely love this saree and have a way to wear it and style it somehow, go ahead and buy it! This saree costs Rs. 4,590 only.

#7 Embroidered Georgette Saree in Red

This saree is a dream in red. Something so gorgeous is hard to find and hard to make a part of the wardrobe. These are the sarees that make the heads turn and hearts leap. This red Georgette saree, heavily embroidered, is perfect for the date night. It is gorgeous and luscious. This has a romantic vibe to it that lacks in so many sarees. If you are looking for something to wear this Valentine's Day, this will prove to be a perfect pick. You can buy this one from a site called Utsav Fashion at Rs. 3,501, only.

#8 Lehenga Style Chiffon Saree in Red And Light Beige

Here is yet another stunner on our list. This half and half saree is not only convenient, but it is also gorgeous. The colour especially is bright and cheerful. It is beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to wear it. This saree is a lehenga style saree in chiffon. The pleats are light beige with flowers adorning it. The blouse piece is equally stunning and graceful. You can wear it to receptions and wedding ceremonies. Utsav Fashion boasts of its collection of sarees with such pieces. This one will cost you Rs. 3,393 only.

#9 Craftsvilla Chiffon Saree with Blouse Piece

Source www.amazon.in

Chiffon sarees are a woman's weakness and taking a look at this particular piece from Crafts villa will tell you why. A saree is easily one of the prized possessions of an Indian Lady and this one will just add to that collection. The colour of our pick is very soft and elegant. The pinkish peach of this saree will bring in colour and style in your life and in your wardrobe. This saree is perfect for any occasion. You can wear to a marriage ceremony or to a formal party. It is chic and gorgeous. The blouse piece is equally stunning with embroidery work adorning it. You can grab hold of this from Crafts Villa at Rs. 1,124 only!

#10 SP Aura Women's Ethnic Cotton Kota Blend Saree with Blouse Piece

Source www.amazon.in

This saree is again a must have for your wardrobe. This one is one of a kind and very gorgeous at that. The saree is perfect for any occasion and will suit almost anyone. The blouse is just as stunning and beautiful as the saree itself. This saree speaks volumes about the person wearing it. This saree is guaranteed to steal the limelight and will make the heads turn! Amazon sells this piece at Rs. 1,399 only!

Ways to Care for Different Sarees

As important as it is to keep stocking up, it is equally important to maintain your sarees otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of money later on. We have put down some steps you can follow to make it easier to manage your saree collection.

#1 Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are delicate and you should always dry clean them. Keep them wrapped in a muslin cloth and keep it hidden from insects in a cool, dark place. You can also find special silk saree storing pouches online (or offline as well), they can also be helpful in keeping them safe.

#2 Cotton Sarees

These are comparatively a little hard to maintain. You can wash them and dry them normally. Just avoid direct sunlight to prevent colour fading. Starch your sarees to make them look neat and crisp. Don't forget to get them ironed. Once that is done, you are ready to rock and roll!

#3 Chiffon And Georgette Sarees

With these, you have to be careful about wrapping them up with just enough pressure so as to not strangle them! They are susceptible to tearing up easily. Be delicate with these sarees. Don't stretch them too much and don't use too many pins on them. Fold them well and store them in covers to prevent them from damage like rips.

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