Find The Perfect Gift For Saree Function: 11 Gift Ideas That The Blossoming Young Woman Will Appreciate

Find The Perfect Gift For Saree Function: 11 Gift Ideas That The Blossoming Young Woman Will Appreciate

Looking for the right gift for a half saree function you are attending? The saree function is a landmark in the life of a young woman in South India, marking her passage to young adulthood. You have to of course get her a fabulous gift to mark the grand day. Find 11 great gifting suggestions for the young woman, plus get a better understanding of this special day in our exhaustive guide.

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What is a Saree Function?

The puberty of females has been celebrated in numerous different ways around the globe. The female puberty is a very beautiful method of celebrating the journey of a girl to the womanhood. In south India, when a girl attains maturity, a grand function is

Important Rituals of a Saree Function

Saree function is a Hindu tradition which every South Indian family celebrates when their little girl hits the puberty. In this function, plenty of religious rituals take place to spiritually ready the girl for the upcoming change in her life. All the ladies come together and perform all sort of different rituals. The main aim behind all the rituals is to purify the soul of the girl who is about to start the new journey of adulthood. Some of the rituals performed on the saree function are

Feeding Traditional Food

In the function, a girl is feeding the healthy diet to prepare her body for the menstrual cycle. The food which helps her body to strengthen for this crucial period is prepared a feed to her. The rice, ragi, and pulses are the key ingredients of the period diet. Moreover, the food is cooked in the sesame oil and ghee to enhance the supplementary value of the food. The food items which are rich in the vitamin E. It is considered as the puberty vitamin because it strengthens the uterus walls. Basically, with the healthy food girl’s body is prepared for the change.

Educating Young Girl

Traditionally, the period when a woman menstruates is filled with do’s and don'ts . This ranges from special rules for eating to how she needs to conduct herself on these days. During the ceremony, the girl is educated on these so she is aware of them. With changing times much of these practices are not being followed.

Special bath

A girl is truly treated like a princess during this function. She is given the special royal bath by her family members on the 7th, 9th or 16th day, as decided by her family. She is washed with the special herbal paste of turmeric and neem. This bath is considered relatively special because only after bathing properly from head to toe, the girl is allowed in the main house. As she has been asked to stay in the isolated room during her periods. It is a bittersweet ritual, sweet because the girl is throughout pampered in this ceremony and bad because she has to endure the pain of first in the isolation.

The 16th Day

This 16th day of the girl’s menstrual cycle is the last day when the real celebration is organized. This day girl comes out of the isolation where she is bathed by the ladies of her family with turmeric water and neem leaves. After the bath girl is gifted her first silk saree and then, she is decorated like a new bride. Then, all the family members who are attending the function give their blessings and gifts to the girl. On this occasion, the priest also comes and perform some holy rituals.


The main celebration of the saree function is the highlighted part of the girl’s puberty life. Some people, like to keep the celebration small as they don’t like to disclose this information loudly. Whereas some people, make it a mega event of the girl’s life. It is totally up to the personal preference of the family how they want to celebrate the puberty of their little girl. In the grand saree functions, you will beautiful decorum, delicious meal and lavishing south India folks. The saree function celebration is no less than the wedding ceremony.

11 Interesting Gifts You Can Consider For Saree Function

Okay, so if you are invited to a saree function to celebrate the puberty of girl in your circle. Then, you must be looking for the perfect gift for the saree function. But, it is a very unique kind of celebration so finding the perfect gift for the occasion isn’t going to an easy job. It is a very meaningful and religious function so the gift for this occasion needs to be totally awesome and meaningful. So, for the saree function celebration, you can order the following gifts for the young girl.

Small Idol Of Lord Ganesha & Godess Lakshmi

Nothing is better than giving a young girl statue of Lord Ganesh on her new life journey. This beautiful Ganesh idol is made up from the mercury which is one of the purest metals. According to Hindu Vedas, mercury is considered purest metal of the kaliyug period which protects us from negativity. The idol of Ganesh is very scared and will give the multiple blessings to the girl who is stepping her first foot in the adulthood. You order this scared mercury Ganesh idol online from the As the pure mercury is used to craft this idol that’s why it’s the market price is between ₹1300-₹2100.

Buddha on Hand


The valuable life lessons taught by Buddha can be an inspiration to follow the right direction in life. So, if you want to impart some blessings of Lord Buddha to the young lass, then this elegant black and gold Buddha statue is the perfect gift for the saree function. It is a very eye soothing statue of Buddha in which Buddha is embossed in a palm of the hand. The whole idol is painted with black acrylic color and highlighted with the golden hues. You can get this for the saree function gifting ceremony from the for the sum of ₹369.

Handcrafted Wooden Jewellery box


Girls receive their first jewelry article on the saree function, so you can gift her the classic wooden jewelry box to store her first real piece of jewel. This is an anti rubber tag base technology wooden exclusive jewelry box. It is richly handcrafted with the floral carving. It has an antique looking hinged lid, with the decorative base and top covered in red velvet fabric and other small embellishments. This will be the perfect gift for the young on her saree function which is available on the Amazonfor the mere price of ₹239.

Multicoloured Candle Holder


Well, every girl in her pre-teen days likes to decorate her bedroom with the fairy tale theme. So, to help out the young girl to decorate her bedroom like a dreamland, you can gift her some classic tea lights. This classic candle holder sparkles and glows when the tea light is added to it. It creates a cool and cozy ambiance in the bedroom which will enhance the entire decorum of the bedroom. To gift this classic solid multicolored handle holder on the occasion of saree function, you have to order it from the for ₹129.

Rangoli Sticker

If you are buying a gift for the saree function of your long distance relative or your budget is bit small, then you can gift these rangoli stickers to the girl on her important day. This is an elegant stick on rangoli stickers which can be used for quick decoration of the bedroom. These are beautifully engraved item which is a perfect decoration for the special occasions like Diwali, Durga Puja and all other religious offerings and decorations. Plus there won’t cost you much, you can order rangoli stickers online from the for ₹450.

Silver bowls

This is a classic traditional gift which is generally exchanged by people on such kind of traditional functions. The gold and silver are two both very precious and expensive metals according to Hindu culture. Moreover, it is fact that eating in the utensils made from the gold and silver is very beneficial for the health. So, to boost the immune system of the young girl who needs strong health, you can gift her the bowl set of brass which is gold and silver plated. That’s because original gold and silver utensils might get too expensive. From the, you can order the pair of brass bowls for₹1099.

Handmade Drawstring Potli Bag


This girl is about to enter into the adulthood where she will definitely appreciate having some cool designer accessories. This handcrafted beaded potli bag can be very useful for her, she can put some of her small things in it and bling her handbag. The handcrafted handbag is very beautiful and lightweight to carry. This is going to be the favorite gift of the young girl on her saree function. You can place an order for this handcrafted handbag on the and it will deliver to you for the small price of ₹416.

Dancing Dolls

If the girl for whom honor saree function is hosted is into the music than these dancing music dolls are going to be a magnificent gift for her. She can put these dolls in her bedroom to get inspiration from them and they will even enhance the look of her bedroom. These dancing dolls are available on the home furnishing website for ₹2000.

Shubhlab Chopra

The beautiful flower shaped shubh labh chopra will fill the life of the girl with all the spiritual and devotional blessings. The fascinating minakari and beads work on a first-rate marble stone, makes it deliver the rare essence of artistic brilliance for the traditional you! The many customary details infused in it make it even more desirable. This could be a very fascinating and traditional saree function gift which will fall under your budget as well. To get this beautiful gift, you have to visit the and spend ₹390.

Minakari Clock

This brilliant simple and eye catchy handcrafted wall clock will be very useful for the girl. She can put this red beaded clock on her study desk and uplift the ambiance of her dull study desk. This clock faced Paper Weight is a perfect symbol of great craftsmanship and ethnic artistry. The brilliance of the simple yet eye-catching design is further accentuated by the intelligent use of golden color on a red background. Plenty of small beads are placed diagonally and symmetrically to further enhance the exquisiteness appeal of the clock. This clock can be ordered from the for ₹405.

Sweet Box with Silver Coin


Well, if you don’t have time to search for the perfect gift for the saree function ceremony, but still, you want to give something memorable to the young girl. Then, you have the perfect option in the form of traditional India sweets box and silver Lakshmi Ganesh coin to bless the girl. You can get sweet box anywhere near your home or you can order them online from the websites like, Haldiram’s website, etc., Similarly, silver coins can be easily ordered online from websites like,, etc., This is a quick traditional gift option for the saree function which will cost you between the ₹1000-₹3000.

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Your Gift Need Not Be Traditional

For such traditional occasions, it is often thought that the gifts handed over to the girl must remain orthodox. But if you know the young girl, why not give her something that she will love? It could her first make up kit, a nice grooming kit or even a gadget. She may enjoy getting gifts that make her feel all grown up!