Want Your 13 Year Old to Look all Dolled Up and Pretty? Here are 10 Gorgeous Lehenga Choli Outfits Just for Your Little One (2020)!

Want Your 13 Year Old to Look all Dolled Up and Pretty? Here are 10 Gorgeous Lehenga Choli Outfits Just for Your Little One (2020)!

This article gives you recommendations for 10 gorgeous lehenga cholis you can purchase online for your 13 year old girl. We have also provided you with tips on how to keep your lehenga cholis in a good condition. Read on to find out more!

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Tips to Purchase Lehenga Cholis Online for Your 13 Year Old

Browse Multiple Sites

Well, now that you have decided to get your 13-year-old a lehenga choli, have a good look around before picking out something. All sites online have collection for young girls, so browse the variety of options so that you can know which one will suit your child the best. Take your time and look around because you will definitely find the one lehenga choli which will make her heart jump with joy. Until then, keep browsing!

Check Latest Trends

If your 13 year old loves fashion and is a fashionista, you definitely have to search for the latest trends. You can do that by looking at celebrity weddings and e-magazines. Go through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. You can also check out some popular blogs which talk about fashion and trends. This will ensure the outfit you choose will be something in line with the latest styles.

Read Product Details

This tip is one of the most important tips because it tells you everything about your 13-year old's lehenga choli. It tells you the details like whether the work on the lehenga is handwork or machine one, which fabric is used, how to take care of the lehenga, whether a dupatta is the part of the set? and other such details which you wouldn't want to miss. So, ensure that you diligently follow this particular step.

Top 10 Lehenga Cholis for Your 13 Year Old

1. Solid A-Line Lehenga

Are you ready to adorn an alluring lehenga this season? Well, if you are then this lehenga is the perfect choice for you. This Solid A-line Lehenga is in yellow colour and is made of net fabric. The blouse of this lehenga is made of the beautiful lace fabric and it is padded. The length of the blouse is 40 cms and the length of the ghera is 900 cms. The lehenga is made of plain net fabric and is A-line in shape. This lehenga choli combo also comes with a dupatta. It is also made of net fabric with medium-sized sequins attached to it at regular intervals. It is available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. It is priced at Rs.4,877 on Lime Road. Purchase this lehenga now and let your 13-year-old be the star of the next wedding she attends!

2. White Button New Designer Girl's White Foam Sheet Banglori Silk 'n Sea Green Indo Western Style ReadyMade Wedding Wear

Do you want your little girl to be the star of an event or a wedding? This lehenga choli which is brought to you by snapdeal.com is the perfect choice for you. The choli is white in colour and of knee-length. The choli has a peacock printed on one side at the bottom and it also has a broad strip of blue colour going around the waist. The lehenga is sea green in colour and it has a golden border all along. The sleeves of this lehenga choli set are full sleeves and the fabric material is crepe. Ensure that you dry clean this lehenga and do not iron it directly. You can purchase this Banglori silk lehenga for Rs.1,594. Get one for your 13 year old now!

3. Red Ready to Wear Lehenga & Blouse with Dupatta

Red is considered to be an auspicious colour and what better colour do you want your 13-year-old to wear to a wedding other than red? Available on Myntra, this pretty red lehenga choli with dupatta, is priced at Rs1,044. The choli of this lehenga is short and has zari thread motifs printed all over it. The choli has a round neck on the front and on the back. On the back, it has a button enclosure and the lehenga is a slip-on type with an elastic band. The choli is sleeveless. The lehenga of this lehenga choli set is also red in colour and it has small gathers at two places which are covered with a zari lace which adds to the appeal of the lehenga. There is also a dupatta which is given along with this set, which is also red. Purchase this lehenga set from Myntra.

4. Fashion Dream Girl’s Ethnic Wear Zari Satin Floral Printed Embroidered Designer Lehenga Choli Set (Readymade)

Satin is a rich fabric and having a lehenga choli set in satin fabric can truly make your 13 year old shine in any event. If your heart also beats faster when you see a lovely satin lehenga choli, then this lehenga choli set brought to you by Fashion Dream Girl's Ethnic Wears is an ideal one for you. The choli of the set is dark pink in colour with round neck and is sleeveless. It also has two flowers embroidered onto it on one side. The choli is of waist length and the lehenga of the set is made from pure satin. It is a cream coloured lehenga with a pink coloured print all over it. The lehenga is a flared one. This set also comes with a dupatta which is in dark pink with a golden border. Purchase this lehenga choli set from amazon.in for Rs.643 - Rs.919 (depending on size needed)!

5. Twisha Sleeveless Brocade Asymmetrical Neck Top With Tulle Flare Lehenga - Green

Is your 13 year old a fashionista? Does she love wearing what is trendy? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then purchase this lehenga choli set for her without another doubt. She is definitely going to love it! This lehenga choli set, which retails at Rs.1,949 is brought to you by Twisha. The choli of this lehenga choli set is the star of the outfit. It is a one shoulder top which is made with brocade fabric and it has straps on the other shoulder. This choli is a sleeveless one. From the waist, a ruffle is added till the hip length which immensely increases the appeal of the choli. The lehenga of this lehenga choli set is made of net fabric in yellow with a yellow lining inside. There is no dupatta given with this set. Purchase yours now from firstcry.com.

6. Navy Blue Designer Jacquard Silk Party Wear Lehenga Choli For Girls Wear

Are you bored of purchasing lehenga cholis which looks almost the same every time? Well, here is one type of lehenga choli which is unique and fun to wear. It is the Navy Blue Designer Jacquard Silk Partywear Lehenga Choli for Girls Wear from mirraw.com for just Rs.1,595. The choli of this lehenga choli set is dark blue in colour and has two long slits in the front, keeping it in par with the trends of the day. It is printed with traditional motifs all along. There are no sleeves attached to the choli nor are they given to be attached later on. The neck design of the choli is around one and it has a little design in the front. The lehenga of this set is orange and is in sharara type. It has a broad golden border going all along with the lehenga which enhances the look of the lehenga. There is no dupatta given with this lehenga choli set. Purchase yours now!

7. Girls' Halter Neck Gold Woven Lehenga Choli Dupatta Set

Halter necks have become trendy again and they are being used in different kinds of dresses. So, why don't you try a halter neck lehenga choli this season and ensure that all the eyes remain on you for any event you wear this lehenga choli to? The set which we present for you is the Girls Halter Neck Gold Woven Lehenga Choli Dupatta Set brought to you by Shoppers Stop which retails at Rs 949. The choli of this set is mustard yellow, has a rich zari print all over it and is sleeveless. The lehenga is blue and has a broad silver lace going all along the bottom. It is a panelled lehenga where the panels are hidden underneath the thin lace attached beautifully. There are also some motifs printed along the bottom of the lehenga in silver colour. The dupatta of this lehenga choli set is in blue color with a silver lace all along the borders. Purchase one now!

8. Meringue Cap Sleeves Brocade Choli With Lehenga & Dupatta Set - Green & Blue

Do you want to add more color and joy to your 13 year old's every celebration? If you answered yes to this question, then this is the right lehenga choli for you to buy. This is not only ethnic, but it is also extremely trendy to wear for any occasion. It is the Meringue Cap Sleeves Brocade Choli With Lehenga & Dupatta Set - Green & Blue. It retails in firstcry.com for Rs.2,850. The choli of this lehenga choli set is a little longer than the waist length and is made of brocade fabric. The front and the back neck is round neck with a hook enclosure at the back for easy wearability. The sleeves of this choli are the highlight of this set. They are cap sleeves and they look amazing on your little one. The lehenga is a plain net lehenga in dark blue colour with green colour tassels hanging from one side. There is also a dupatta, which is in green colour with silver border, which is included in this set. Purchase this set from here now!

9. Off White Top with Pink Embroidered Net Lehenga

Are you looking for a simple, sober lehenga choli but one which will be remembered for a long period as well? Well, this lehenga choli might just be the one for you! The best part about this lehenga choli is that it is made to fit your 13-year-old. It is the Fayon Kids Off White Top with Pink Embroidery Net Lehenga. This lehenga choli will make your 13-year-old stand out from the crowd. The choli of this set has a V- neck and it has a half- mandarin collar. There is a brooch given as well. There is a knot at the waist as well, which is the unique feature of this choli. The lehenga is in baby pink colour and it is made of net fabric with off- white embroidery all over it. This elegant lehenga choli set is priced at Rs.10,250. Purchase yours now!

10. Girls' Lehenga Choli Party Wear, Ethnic Wear Embellished Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set (Yellow, Pack of 1)

Do you love dressing up your child in traditional clothing? If your answer is yes to this question, then the Girls Lehenga Choli Embellished Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set from Flipkart is the perfect one for you! The choli of this lehenga choli set is made of velvet fabric and it is in dark blue colour with laces attached to it on the top and bottom. The front and back neck design is a square one and there is a zipper enclosure at the back for a perfect fit. There are stones attached in the front to increase the appeal of the choli. The lehenga is in yellow color with dark blue lace attached at the bottom. There are three patches attached on the lehenga too which enhance the total look of the lehenga. This set comes with a yellow dupatta and is currently priced at Rs.749. Buy yours now!

Bonus Tip - How to Maintain Your Lehenga Cholis?

1. Avoid Spraying Perfumes and Chemicals

The perfumes and deodorants which one uses to smell great does not help in keeping the fabric of the lehenga choli intact. It spoils the fabric. Spraying a hair spray can also damage the fabric of your lehenga choli. Therefore, to smell great, use a body mist or a talc as they do no harm to the fabric of your lehenga and also keep you smelling great.

2. Avoid Washing Lehenga Choli Ater Every Use

If you are guilty of washing lehenga choli after every use, remember that it is not necessary unless you belong to a place where there is extreme heat. Unless it is sweltering hot, it is not necessary to wash the lehenga choli. All that is needed is to keep it out in the air for a day and store it properly the next day.

3. Protect the Lehenga Embellishments

Of course your lehenga cholis will be laden with different kinds of embellishments like zari work, stone work, etc. Therefore, to protect the jazziness of the outfit, one must ensure that safety procedures must be followed while washing it, wearing it, ironing it and storing it. By doing this, the life span of your lehengas will increase drastically.

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Lehenga cholis make for the perfect ethnic wear. They are very trendy these days and are very comfortable nowadays as compared to earlier. Browse well and make the right pick. Make sure your daughter likes the colour and style you choose and take care of the comfort factor. And then no one can stop her from looking like an ethnic princess!