A Lehenga Needs Beautiful Tassels to Breathe Life into It! Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Outfit with These 10 Beautiful Lehenga Tassels

A Lehenga Needs Beautiful Tassels to Breathe Life into It! Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Outfit with These 10 Beautiful Lehenga Tassels

We picked out the coolest latkans that are in the market from different online portals you can purchase from. If you do not know more about how to pair tassels with lehenga than this article is just for you. Go through the article and glam up your look with amazing latkan hangings.

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What Are Tassels And Why Are They Added to Lehengas?

A tassel is usually added as a piece of decoration to clothing. It is used all over the world in different types of clothing outfits.

So far, they were considered as secondary enhancements to lehengas. But, in these times, they are an important detail that makes the lehenga look better, more trendy and chicer. The tassels are usually hung from the side of the waist. Tassels are not just used in this manner - they can also be incorporated into your choli.

Different Types of Tassels

Usually, tassels which are added to lehengas are made from cloth and beads. But, now a days, there are many kinds of tassels which are usually found in lehengas. They have become an integral part of any lehenga and some of the types of tassels are --

1. Cloth Tassels

Cloth tassels are made of cloth and these are the most used type of tassels in lehengas, These are big and colourful. They make a lehenga look more and more elegant. Cloth tassels have been around for a long time and currently, lots of experimentation is being done on cloth tassels and newer types are being used. They are used in all the ethnic wear like dupattas, lehengas, blouses, kurtis etc.

2. Beaded Tassels

Beaded tassels are growing in use lately. These tassels are also available in various colors and they give a classic touch to any lehenga. Traditional lehengas look best when they are combined with beaded tassels. They are also very vibrant and trendy. Any bride would look amazing in a lehenga with beaded tassels. It is the perfect addition to almost every kind of lehengas.

3. Pom Pom Tassels

Pom Poms are being used lately in lehengas. They are also used in blouses. But, have you heard of pom-pom tassels? Well, pom-pom tassels are much like the pom-pom laces but with a twist. Their usage in lehengas has increased widely since they have been used as tassels. Matched to the lehenga look, these look super adorable on you. They are simple, beautiful and a perfect addition to your lehenga!

4. Pearl Tassels

Pearl tassels are just like any other tassels, the only difference is that they are made of pearls. If you want to add an element of elegance to your lehenga choli set, you can never go wrong with pearl tassels. They are classy and can be used in an outfit of any color. You don't need to worry about finding a matching tassel which using pearl tassels. Use them in your next lehenga and twist and twirl in joy while the pearls shine!

5. Gota Tassels

Gota patti has been the star of this season. Everything from dupattas to lehengas have been designed with gota lace. Who says you cannot have gota patti tassels in your lehenga? Well, no one does and you can start making your own today! They are super easy to make and they are affordable as well, unlike most other tassels. These look very contemporary and your eyes will be glued to them when you come across one. The best part is that you can choose to pair this tassel with a lehenga of any colour!

Top 10 Tassels You Can Buy to Add to Your Lehenga

1. PomPom Latkan Embellished with Beads

These are cute yellow pompom latkans which make sure that they enhance the look of your next lehenga or a blouse you are going to wear. These tassels are bring yellw in colour and they go well with a lehenga which is in either matching yellow or a green colour. It can also be team up perfectly with a lehenga which is in silver colour. These latkans have beads on the top which are black in colour and they come in a pair of two. The latkan is primarily is a blue colour. You can purchase this embellised latkans from thedesigncart.com for Rs 159.

2. Bright Blue Sequin Latkan

This is a glittery Latkan which is in the shape of a square. It is available inhika.com in for Rs. 889. They come as a pair of two latkans. At one end of the latkan, there are beads and other embellishments. The other end of the latkan has a few beads and a hook to tie it up with a lehenga. The latkan is an eyecatching one and will look well on a solid colour lehengas particularly. It can be paired with a golden colored lehenga as well. Traditional lehengas would go well with this latkan and this can also be used in other ethnic wear such as kurtis and dupattas.

3. ISC Multi Colour Parrots Pearl Beads & Pompom Latkan

This multi-coloured latkan is a very unique one as it has parrots, pearls and also pom-poms. These are the elements which are used in the modern and trendy latkans. All these elements make the latkan look as if it is one of a kind. The latkan has a few beads on the top with various colors and then has a layer of parrots. After the parrots, the latkans have a layer of pom poms and beads. You can add this to any ethnic wear and make it look more traditional instantly. Purchase these trendy and unique latkans from flipkart.com for Rs. 499.

4. Gold Gotta Ball Latkan Design

This is indeed a super latkan because of the way it appeals to the eyes even though it is a very simple design. This latkan is plain golden so it will pair with almost any colour of lehenga. But as they are of slightly large size you need to be sure that you can carry them off. You can purchase this Super Latkan Design from fabricaccessories.com for Rs. 239 only.

5. Pink Elaborate Fabric Latkan

Source www.amazon.in

This is truly a very beautiful latkan. It is a three layer design that is sure to make your lehenga stand out. It is a super fancy latkan and it can be added to heavy work lehengas which also require a heavy and rich looking latkan. It has thread work on it which is a element in modern latkans. It also has beadwork and stone work which make the latkan instantly get a very traditional look. You can also add this latkan to your ethnic top-wear. Purchase this latkan from Amazon for Rs. 250 now!

6. Golden Latkan with Feathers_Red

Source www.amazon.in

This latkan can take any outfit from boring to amazing in just a second. It is the perfect addition of bling to an outfit with boing plain features. This latkan comes in a pair of two. This latkan has a few red beads on the top and then it has stonework in the middle and then it has the feathers. The feathers are golden in colour and they look amazing against a red lehenga or a red ethnic blouse. This latkan adds the wow factor to a plain red lehenga or a traditional red lehenga. You can also use this latkan in your bridal attire because it compliments red colour perfectly. You can purchase this from amazon.in for Rs. 249.

7. Gold Disc Beaded Fancy Latkan

This is another simple yet fancy latkan design. It is both colourful and unique. It is metallic in colour and it is relatively short in size. This is a perfect addition to ethnic suits or lehengas or dupattas. This latkan is made of gota patti and is designed in such a manner that it does not look like a gota work latkan. It is both perfect and elegant. It also has beads on the top which add to its appeal. Add this to your lehenga to rock any wedding. You can purchase this fancy latkan for Rs. 1135 from lacecraft.in.

8. Pink Bead Work Latkan Design

This latkan is available in bright pink. This is a complete bead work latkan and it is made of only beads. This latkan also has tassels at the bottom. You can team it up with any lehengas that have pink either in the body or in the border or embroidery This latkan looks gorgeous especially on golden and black lehengas. You can purchase it from thedesigncart.com for Rs. 159 for a set of two!

9. White and Gold Ethnic Hanging Latkans

This is a sober latkan which is available at the inhika.com. It has beads on it as embellishments. This latkan also has some pearls and thread work. The thread work brings out the wow factor in this latkan. The half-moon design goes well with any outfit. These go perfectly well with traditional blouses, lehengas, dupattas and kurtis. They also look good with semi-ethnic outfits. Because of the trendy vibe, it gives off, it can also be paired elsewhere. You can purchase these latkans for Rs. 520 on the site! These come in a pack of two.

10. Mustard Yellow Color Polyester Tassels

These are plain and simple tassels, that are made of thread and very functional. They go well with all the traditional wear like sarees, blouses, lehengas, kurtis, dupattas etc. They are available in many colours. These are handmade and they come in a pack of two! Dress up any traditional outfit with these thread tassels today! You can purchase these from embroiderymaterial.com for Rs 75.

Personalise Your lehengas with These Unique Tassels!

1. Bicycle Tassels

There are many trendy and new tassels which are in use this season and bicycle tassels are one amongst them. You can never go wrong with a bicycle tassel because of the unique element it adds to a lehenga. A wooden cut out in the shape of a bicycle will go perfectly with your haldi lehenga. Wear one today!

2. Tassels with Names

This is another trendy and unique lehenga tassel. You can be assured that no one else will ever own a lehenga tassel like this one because it has names inscribed on it. The best part is that on your wedding day, apart from on your hands, you can choose to write yours and your husband's name on the same tassel of your lehenga and this will be a very romantic gesture which your hubby will never forget!

Get yours done at kraftedwithhappiness.com website which offers a customised pair of latkans for Rs. 999.

3. Animal Motif Tassels

Animal motif tassels are very creative tassels. They are made by cutting out two pieces of fabric which are in shape of any animal and them sewing these two together. This is filled with cotton and the outside of this tassel is designed with beads and other thread work. They are also very unique and uncommon choice of tassels for a lehenga. Choose one now and wear it to your next wedding!

4. Ghungroo Tassels

Ghungroos have always been known to adorn the feet. Did you ever imagine that they might ever appear as tassels? Well, until now, they were non-existent. But now, they not only exist but they also add a unique element of rarity to your lehenga. You can choose a lehenga with ghungroo tassels or add these tassels to your existing lehengas to create your very own lehenga look. Be sure to turn heads your way while wearing a lehenga with this tassels.

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Consider Matching Tassels

Lehenga accessories play a key role in making your outfit stand out. It’s always a good idea to avoid tassels in your dupatta and rather have them on your lehenga. For Latkans, make sure they are not too heavy when you tie them around the elastic band of your skirt. The Gota border should complement your Lehenga embroidery. While buying take care of the colour of your lehnega. Because the wrong chosen colour can spoil the entire look. You can add tassels to your blouse and dupatta to try something new. Never make the mistake of tying your Lehenga too tight. It’ll make you feel suffocated. Not only will you feel unable to move freely, but you also won’t be able to enjoy yourself.