If You Want Your Style Statement(2019) to Be a Mystical Whisper Rather than a Rude Shout, You’ll Find This Voonik's Lehengas List Irresistible and Is Totally a Great Investment

If You Want Your Style Statement(2019) to Be a Mystical Whisper Rather than a Rude Shout, You’ll Find This Voonik's Lehengas List Irresistible and Is Totally a Great Investment

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If you’re one of those who want to up their glamour quotient in beautiful wear with elegant designs, then you’re going to love Voonik's Lehenga Collection. We checked out the entire collection to bring you the most elegant Lehenga. Check out our top 10 picks guaranteed to bring a sophisticated edge to your bridal outfit.

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Finding Best Lehenga on Voonik

About Voonik

Voonik, a leading online shopping store, has trending designs of attires that would help you meet your expectations, and help you look the best! Buying online is convenient but we need to be careful of the websites we choose. Voonik, with its exclusive women as well as men fashion, can help you boost your personality with its exciting range of options! Now let us take a look at a few tips and factors you must consider while you purchase your attire.

Identify Your Body Type

Whichever costume or attire you purchase, you ought to place importance on your body type before you go for the purchase and especially for lehengas where you would get to highlight your best features. Now we have a chart, which would help you to select the best fit for you.

  • Rectangular Shaped Body Here, hip, as well as your bust, would be of the same width, and fat is distributed uniformly in your body whereby your waist definition would be minimal. In such a case, you ought to choose a lehenga which composes of a full skirt, and a blouse that is quite low.

  • Pear-Shaped Body Here, this is the condition when your hips, thighs and your butt forms your body’s center stage. Here you have a shoulder and bust width quite narrow, which would give you a defined waist. Avoid wearing lehengas that are too heavy, and a low waist lehenga would make you look great.

  • Apple Shaped Body Your body is apple shaped if you have weight towards your midsection and your chest. Rib cages, as well as your back, would appear wide, with a less defined waist. A U cut, Choli’s longer in size would help to create balance in your attire. A point to remember - Avoid choosing fabrics that would make your body look flat.

  • Inverted Triangle Shape You are of inverted triangular in shape if your shoulders are wide, and your upper body gains notice, you possess a sporty physique and to highlight your features, wear a choli that carries a lot of work. Your lehenga must be a little worked up in the bottom.

  • Hourglass Shape Here, your waist is more defined and hip line, as well as your bust lines, are similar in width. A shorter choli, with a net dupatta or a combination of both, would help you look the best.

Consider the Fabric

The fabric you choose for your lehenga plays a huge role in determining how well you look. But nowadays, a lot of designer and heavily worked lehengas has been in trend, but this doesn't mean those embroidery and simple worked lehengas doesn't add charm to your looks! As mentioned, a lot of boutiques have evolved in providing some simple but beautiful collections. Now, let us take a look at the type of fabrics available

  • Cool Cotton - Cotton has a lot of charm, and it is not just limited to kurtas and sarees. Nowadays you would find a lot of youth preferring lightly worked cotton lehengas that would add on to give a subtle as well as classic look. Cool cotton can be worn in wedding occasions, receptions, or even as ethnic wear.

  • Rich Silk Now, this material is basically a bride’s favourite. The best part regarding this lehenga is that you don’t have to add in a lot of designs and sparkling works to look dashing. But just the handlooms and fabrics combined would help you stand out and look the best.

  • Royal Velvet Velvet is a colour we associate with richness and royalty since the olden ages. If you choose a lehenga of this fabric, it would make you look the best with minimal detailing. This material is easily available and you will find a variety of collections of these materials.

  • Cascading Chiffon Now, this is a fabric which is made out of a fusion of silk, nylon, polyester, and cotton. Our website has a lot of fashion lehengas that would help you look dazzling.

Play with Colours

Colours are an important thing you have to keep in mind before you choose your lehenga. You must choose the perfect colour combo that not just fits your skin tones, but also your body, your style and goes well with the function you ought to attend. A few combos that are perfect are - Red and powder gold lehenga, sea green, and pink lehenga, etc.

Tips for Shopping on Voonik

We know how drawn out this process of choosing the best lehenga is, but let us take a look at some easy tips to follow that would help you simplify this tedious process of online shopping.

  • Take a Look at the Size Chart : Before you order take a close check on the size chart, and never order without your sizes set right.

  • Take a Look at the Reviews: If you see the reviews, you will find a few opinions from other customers and some clients even upload the pics of these. Before you buy, check what others have to say about the clothing.

  • Take a Look at the Suggestions: Voonik would give you a list of suggestions with respect to your shopping history. These would help you make better choices based on your colour preferences.

  • Before you purchase, keep it a point to select a lehenga according to your body type.

  • Take a look at the fabric. Fabrics play a major role in defining the beauty of a lehenga. So it is very important to check out the fabric and the material type before you proceed with the purchase.

  • Check for attractive discounts. Many of the gorgeous lehengas are available for attractive discounts. Moreover, members can avail extra discounts when compared to normal customers.

Top Lehengas on Voonik

1. Banglori Silk Embroidery Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

Banglori silk embroidery, by Viha, with the matching semi stitched lehenga comes up with laces bordered, and you can check up the site for the fabric, and weight. This blue lehenga is a perfect choice as wedding wear or you can wear these for festivals. Since the wear is full length, put on your high heels to give an enchanting look. Pick this Banglori blue lehenga and flaunt them by putting up some exuberant jewelry. The sizes are also mentioned alongside, the lehenga is basically of free size and you get this for Rs.1,500 from Voonik!

2. Beautiful Embroidered Lehengas

Embroidered lehengas are never out of favour, we have a few lehenga combinations of dashing colors like pastel pink, gold, cream, etc. Take a look at them! This lehenga is basically made out of crepe material, of a gray color. And there is this 15-day return policy so no worries about returns! If you are keen to put on traditional attire, these embroidered lehengas would help you flaunt your beauty. And do put on your favorite earrings, Mehendi and attractive hair bands to complete your look. This gorgeous lehenga would suit any function, and you can get this beautiful dress for Rs.1,500 from Voonik.

3. Black Lehenga With Magenta Dupatta and Stitched Blouse

The colour black is never out of fashion, and the same joined with magenta dupatta, would give a subtle and dashing look. This combination would literally make you stand out! The lehenga comprises of elegant and intricate golden floral embroidery made with a matching border. This black lehenga is paired with a sparkling Magenta dupatta with floral detailing on its border and comprises of a golden border that is a perfect eye-catching design. The lehenga blouse consists of a magenta blouse with embroidery all over the bodice and three-fourth black sleeves. This gorgeous lehenga can be paired with your golden heels to stay incomparable and can be purchased for Rs.5,880 from Voonik.

4. Velvet Bordered Wedding Wear Net Lehenga Choli

A velvet more bordered wedding wear, by the Geroo Jaipur, would help you look both trendy and ethnic at the same time! Take a look at the net designs, these would add on to your looks and would help you bring the best out of you. This lehenga is basically for a chest size of 32, and the floral prints adorn the piece! This pink and black combo lehenga would get you to puff up your looks, and the exquisite embroidery is perfect for fashionistas out there. The velvet bordered wedding wear is available for Rs.6,000 from Voonik, and would make you blend royalty with colour!

5. Pink Jacquard A-Line Semi-Stitched Women's Lehenga Choli

Deciding what to wear for a function, is, in fact, a very confusing job. Now you might want to look the best, but at the same time, your lehenga shouldn't look all overworked! A Pink Jacquard Lehenga would improve your grace and add into a peppy look. The best part regarding this lehenga is that, adorn this wear for a variety of occasions. This contrasting lehenga got to you by the Kala Laya is basically made out of ethnic prints and the pink colour would help you lift up your style quotient! This lehenga costs Rs.3,500 and you get this for sixty percent off from Voonik! Grab the offer!

6. Off White Banarsi Silk A-Line Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

There is something special in brides or women draped in banarasi silk, it makes them look ethereal. And if you get irritated wearing those net lehengas, the Banarasi Silk Lehenga by the Kala Laya would make up the best choice for you! You don’t have to worry about the humid weather, you would always be comfortable. This lehenga is basically the free size and made out of silk fabric. You get this lehenga at sixty percent discount from Voonik, it costs Rs.5,000 Now the best regarding these lehengas is that it gives you a classy and a timeless look! To complement the looks, add on to some green or red jewelry, and you would look stunning.

7. Banglori Silk A-Line Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

This Red and white semi stitched lehenga made out of Banglori silk, is an ethnic print and is semi-stitched and would help you flaunt your style as well as ethnicity! The lehenga is available on sixty percent off from Voonik for Rs.5,000. The blouse and dupatta would get you the perfect touch. You can either wear these for your wedding or for your pre-wedding ceremony. Or you can get your bridesmaids docked up in this banarasi silk.

8. Jacquard A-Line Semi-Stitched Women's Lehenga Choli

This lehenga, by the Kala Laya, is of a gray shade and is made out of ethnic prints. It is a great choice to adorn this lehenga for weddings and reception! These would get you some vintage vibes for sure, and the stones would make you look ethereal and dashing. The lehenga is available for sixty percent offer for Rs.3,500. What are you waiting for? Purchase this lehenga at the best offers from Voonik!

9. Blue Coloured Embroidered Faux Georgette Satin Lehenga Choli

Shades of deep blue would help you look elegant and this floor-length lehenga, by Triveni with intricate works would make you look striking! This fascinating lehenga (free size), made out of Satin is available for Rs.3000/- from Voonik. This lehenga would help you twirl and glow, and always keep that radiant smile of yours to adorn your looks again!

10. Silk Weaving Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

Silk woven lehengas are a legacy! They make you look royal, and the pure yellow colour Banglori silk would help you look the best for a winter wedding or reception! You get this lehenga for 50 percent off for Rs.4,000 from Voonik. You would look simple, but royal and beautiful in these lehengas, and the yellow tint would get you the perfect bride look. Silk woven lehengas are never out of fashion. Get draped in these lehengas to shine out and put on heels to look dashing!

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Throw on the Layers

A well-fitted jacket can do wonders, transforming a boring lehenga into one dazzling style statement. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, ditch the blouse all together and wear just the jacket and skirt for a fashion-forward look. Accessorize the outfit with a chunky necklace and you’re all set!