Flipkart May Not Be Your First Option for Buying a Lehenga but Here are 10 Breathtaking Lehengas on Flipkart That Will Change Your Mind (2019)

Flipkart May Not Be Your First Option for Buying a Lehenga but Here are 10 Breathtaking Lehengas on Flipkart That Will Change Your Mind (2019)

No more hopping from one retail store to another for lehenga choli shopping when there are endless options to choose from online. Where sarees become difficult to handle during family/festive occasions, a lehenga choli allows you to move around with ease. More than that, the concept of a choli and lehenga is simply sensuous and if we may say, very very Bollywood! Let’s take a look at our pick of the 10 best offerings from Flipkart.

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A Style Guide to Get the Perfect Lehenga for the Occasion

Everybody wants to look good all the time. And, if it’s a special event, then don’t even ask! Be it a friend’s wedding or your own, there are plenty of options in extravagant lehengas to help you dress up for the occasion. And, for those of you who like to keep it simple, then there are alternatives for that too. Keep reading as we discuss the different type of lehengas available and tips to help you to choose the right one.

Top 10 Lehengas from Flipkart That'll Add Jazz to Your Look

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Flipkart is an amazing online store with plenty of options to choose garments from. They feature conventional and modern lehengas from small and big brands and is a great place to shop. Here, we have compiled a list with the top 10 best-selling lehengas on Flipkart. And, all of them costs below Rs.1,000!

Take a look at these models and stick around, as we give you tips to select the one that is most suitable to your body type.

Shelvinzas Embroidered and Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

So, you adore the party or festive look, yet don’t want to look all decked up in heavy stonework and embroidery? This lehenga set from Shelvinzas is just right as it isn’t too much. The lehenga material is art silk and gives a polished look for any event. The flared lehenga is the highlight of the combo and draws all the attention with the intricate detailing. The choli, also made of art silk, is kept plain and has a round neck. You can also replace this choli with a fancier one if you wish. The dupatta also carries a beautiful border and is made in a material that is easy to carry off and beautifully compliments the dress. Browse through the different colours of the lehenga set on Flipkart and be amazed, as it costs Rs.699! And, it also has 30 days return policy.

Shiv fashion Embroidered, Embellished Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

This lehenga, choli and dupatta combo is a little fancier, yet doesn’t go overboard. The dashing blue lehenga features traditional zari work, beautifully embroidered and embellished on it. This model is semi-stitched and can be altered according to personal requirements in size. The lehenga and blouse are made in silk, hence looks elegant on any occasion. The dupatta is made of net material and is light to carry off. The choli or blouse has designs that beautifully compliments the lehenga. It has a round neck and suits almost anybody. Combine this blue and gold lehenga with matching accessories and get ready to dash into any party or festival in style, and stick to a budget too! This set from Shiv fashion is now available on Flipkart for a 56%discounted price of Rs.699.

Bhakti Creation Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

So, you prefer to stand out in the crowd and attract all the attention? Then, we suggest you take a look at this lehenga, choli, and dupatta set from Bhakti creation. The heavy embroidered golden choli with mirror work is essentially the highlight of the combo. The fabric made of silk can be stitched to a choli of your size. The semi stitched lehenga is made of velvet and looks very elegant in the dark blue shade. The golden dupatta gives a sleek finish to the whole attire. This look can effortlessly adorn a function, party or event. In fact, it is also a good choice as bridal wear for a bride who wants to keep it simple. The Lehenga originally priced at Rs.2,999 is now available on an online sale of Rs. 589.

Active Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga Choli

If it’s a non-conventional and modern look that you admire, then we have your back too. This simple and elegant lehenga set from Active is perfect for a stylish casual look. The art silk fabric is fit for any party and is also semi stitched. The plain white choli with cold shoulders is quite a different sight form the traditional blouses. The Lehenga carries elaborate white thread work that beautifully pairs up with the blouse. You can customize the lehenga set as per your choice of size and fit. It is priced at Rs.499, hence is affordable and relatively cheaper than other similar lehengas.

Zinariya Fab Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

Trendy and contemporary models in dresses are always in demand. Jacket lehengas are in the trend and are one of the best-selling models these days. This dark blue and red lehenga from Zinarya fab is great for a party or wedding. The long choli or blouse is the highlight of the dress and features heavy red thread work on the border. The semi stitched art silk fabric can be customized as per your size. The dupatta is made of pure chiffon and pairs up well with the lehenga. This lehenga set is available on Flipkart for Rs.499.

Fabcartz Floral Print Semi Stitched Lehenga (Beige, Light Green)

Floral prints and pastel shades are never out of fashion. They team up to give a simple and refreshing look on any occasion. This mermaid type lehenga features beautiful floral prints on a beige and light green combination. It is made of Jacquard fabric and looks elegant with a matching blouse. This long skirt is a perfect choice for a casual look at a wedding or party. It is semi-stitched and can be altered as required. This lehenga from Fabcartz is available on Flipkart for Rs. 699.

JD Fashion Printed Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set (Yellow, Blue)

If you are a lover of bold prints and statement dressing, then we say you ought to try this look. The lehenga, choli, and dupatta set from JD fashion will help you upgrade your wardrobe from the boring and traditional to modern and trendy. The panelled lehenga features a bold print and is definitely an eyecatcher. The blue and yellow lehenga combination with the green dupatta is perfect for any special occasion. It is also available in two other combinations of colours. The art silk fabric is semi-stitched and is suitable for dry clean only. Check out this lehenga set on Flipkart for Rs.799.

Saree Collection Embellished Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

Half saree lehengas are a favourite among young girls and ladies. This semi stitched lehenga and choli set from saree collection is fit for any festive occasion. The choli is made of velvet fabric and can be customized as per your size and requirements. The net fabric lehenga is embellished with a beautiful pattern that teams up well with the choli and matching dupatta. There are many colour combinations to choose from. You can check out this lehenga from Flipkart for Rs.499.

JSItaliya Embroidered Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

Do you think you can’t carry off a classy and elegant look in a lehenga without compromising with the traditional heavy embroidery and mirror work? Then we say, you think again as you take a look at this beautiful lehenga set from JSItaliya. The creamy white lehenga in the net fabric is flowy and drapes well on your body. The choli comes in silk fabric and can be altered as per your size. The flared lehenga has bold threadwork that matches with the choli and is a great choice for a wedding or party. The lehenga set is available on Flipkart in different colours and is priced at Rs.849.

3Buddy Fashion Digital Print Semi Stitched Lehenga, Choli and Dupatta Set

The traditional lehenga has undergone many makeovers over time. Here is a perfect example of that. This semi stitched lehenga and choli set is a combination of the conventional and the modern. The long choli features an A-line design and has a beautiful zari work embellished on it. The flared lehenga has digital print and accompanies the choli to give an elegant and polished look. The fabric comes in silk and has a simple net dupatta. This set is available in two different shades and is on Flipkart for Rs. 699.

Bonus Tip: Be Sure of the Blouse Length and Type

Many a time, it so happens that we are more focused on the lehenga itself and totally forget about the choli that comes with it. Always make sure to check if the blouse provided is stitched or not. Also, be sure of the length of the blouse, as short blouses may not suit everybody.

Things to Note Before You Select a Lehenga

Before you dive into a purchase, we suggest you dig deeper into certain points.

Identify Your Body Shape and Choose the Type of Lehenga

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Be aware of your body type and choose the lehenga accordingly. We recommend you think twice before thinking of buying one just because you like the pattern and colour. Here are a few things you need to know about lehengas and body types.

  • A-line lehenga: A-line lehengas as the name suggests are cut in an angle that resembles the letter-A. They are best suited for the pear-shaped body types.
  • Mermaid lehenga: This type of lehengas are fitted till the knees and flares out to the bottom. It is perfect for the hourglass and rectangle body shape.
  • Jacket lehenga: The lehengas are kept simple and flared, while the blouse is long and resembles a jacket. This is perfect for Hourglass, Apple, Inverted Triangle, and Tall Body Structured types.
  • Panelled lehenga: These consists of horizontal panels of fabrics that are attached along with the flare of the lehenga. It is Perfect for the Hourglass Shape, Pear Shape, and Petite Body Types.
  • Half saree lehenga: It is inspired by the traditional south Indian half saree concept and virtually gives the look of a saree. This is ideal for Hourglass, Apple, Pear Shape, and Tall Body Structure types.
  • Flared/ circular lehenga: It is the oldest and the most traditional of styles in lehengas. They have broad flares and forms a circle at the hem. It is a perfect choice for almost all body types except women with slim waists.

Look for Colour That Suits You

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It is always recommended to check what colour suits your body before selecting any dress, let alone lehengas. Maybe the lehenga looks great in a particular colour and would simply look heavenly. But make sure to check whether it looks good on you as well! If you are of the darker skin tone, then maybe your colour options may be limited. But don’t lose hope and look around to explore for more choices. After all, there are a plethora of options in lehengas to choose from.

Check the Product Description to Know the Fabric

All details of the lehenga can be found on the product description. Make sure to give a thorough check for details like the fabric and durability. Silk fabrics are mostly on the demand for simple lehengas. But chiffons and georgettes are a big hit for bridal wear and such. Always read through the description to check for the material it is made off. This helps in determining the durability of the lehenga.

Choose the Right Embroidery Design for the Occasion

Always choose heavy embroidery work on your lehenga if, and only if it is necessary. Simple lehengas are good to wear on any occasion and can easily pass for a casual wear at a simple party. However, if you are attending an important wedding or are the bride itself, then it is highly recommended to choose the best among the extravagant lehengas. There are plenty to choose from.

Final Word

So, there goes our list of the top 10 affordable lehengas on Flipkart. There are hundreds more available so delve deeper and come up with a favorite pick. Make sure to keep our tips in mind while selecting a lehenga. Identify your body type and choose the “perfect” one accordingly.

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Altering Options

Make sure it is a perfect fit. Also, leave room for alterations. You are buying the dresses many months prior to when you will actually need them. Just in case you gain a little weight, there should be room for alteration. This won’t be possible if you are buying designer wear. You will need to fit the outfit instead of the other way around. So, if you think you are ready for that kind of commitment, go for it. Else, buy it from a store that offers flawless altering services and makes sure the fabric has room for alterations on the inside. Getting your outfit tailor-made helps the purpose.