Delight Your Loved One on His/Her Special Day: 30 Awesome Birthday Gift Pack Ideas to Celebrate the Birthday in Style and Make It Memorable and Priceless (2022)

Delight Your Loved One on His/Her Special Day: 30 Awesome Birthday Gift Pack Ideas to Celebrate the Birthday in Style and Make It Memorable and Priceless (2022)

A birthday gift pack is so much better than a single gift - it has several products some of which (if not all) the recipient is bound to like, it gives a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to the recipient on receiving so many presents from you. This BP Guide has curated a list of 30 impressive birthday gift packs which have been further segregated based on the gender and relationship of the recipient. Read on and finalise the gift pack which suits your budget and is sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

Important Tips on Buying Perfect Birthday Gift Packs

1. Choose a Gift Pack According to the Recipient’s Taste

It is always important to buy a birthday gift hamper as per the recipient’s taste and personality. E.g. gifting a sweets/chocolate hamper to a diabetic doesn’t make sense, and nor does gifting a wine hamper to a teetotaller. So, it is always prudent to first consider a person’s tastes and habits and then look for a birthday gift pack which aligns with them. This will not only make your gift more memorable, but will also convey how much you value the relationship which you have with the recipient.

2. Choose a Birthday Gift Pack According to Your Budget

When you are looking to buy a gift hamper it is good to first decide the budget which you are planning to spend on it. Contrary to popular beliefs, gift packs are not always expensive and they are available at all price points. You should not go overboard in buying gift packs, as it may create a severe financial strain on you. Some of the factors which will decide your budget are – the sort of relationship which you share with the recipient, milestone birthdays like silver, golden, platinum, becoming a teen/adult, etc. may need additional investment, what sort of a gift did you receive from the recipient previously, etc.

3. Always Check the Product Quality and Customer Reviews of the Gift Pack

When you are planning to gift a birthday gift pack you should always check the brand and quality of the products in the gift hamper. It should not happen that sub-standard products of dubious or unknown brands are included in the hamper causing tremendous embarrassment for you in front of the recipient. This can be particularly awkward if the recipient is your reporting manager or a very dear loved one. Moreover, you should check the customer reviews of the particular gift pack which often give you insights about the product quality and whether the reviewer actually liked the product. You also get the chance of seeing the image and videos of the final product as received by a customer and not be fascinated by the images shared by the seller.

30 Best Birthday Gift Pack Ideas

Birthday Gift Packs for Men

1. Take Your Grooming to the Next Level with The Man Company’s Charcoal Grooming Kit


Charcoal is known to cleanse and exfoliate your skin completely and give you a refreshing feeling. This charcoal grooming kit from The Man Company includes – a charcoal face wash (100 ml), charcoal shampoo (200 ml), charcoal body wash (200 ml), charcoal face scrub (100 ml), charcoal cleansing gel (50 ml) and a charcoal soap bar (125 gm). Priced at ₹ 2,499.00 you can buy this specially curated gift pack from FNP.

2. Relive Your Fondest Memories with the Man in Your Life with this Special Customisable Hamper from Gifts by Rashi

Make your memories everlasting with this exclusive hamper for men from Gifts by Rashi. This hamper is partly customisable and allows you to choose the chocolates, perfume, a photo frame with your uploaded photo in it and a scented candle. In addition to the customisable products the hamper also includes a beard oil and sheet mask from The Man Company and a face scrub and charcoal soap from Mimaco. Everything is attractively packed in a blue suede box. Priced at ₹ 2,599.00 you can get if from Gifts by Rashi.

3. Pull Out All the Stops with HoMafy’s Ultimate Birthday Gift Hamper for Men


This gift hamper is surely going to delight the male recipient regardless of his age or the relationship you share with him. It includes a personalised travel mug, customised leather wallet for men, cotton socks, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, pocket deodorant, metal brooch, JBL earphones and a personalised mobile stand in classy black matte finish. All the products are neatly packed in an attractive box. Priced at ₹ 2,999.00 you can get it from HoMafy.

4. Gift Health with IGP’s Healthy Feast Gift Hamper


This gift hamper is full of healthy products for munching while binge-watching the web-series at home. It includes cranberry almond crisps, oats cranberry cookies, vegan caramelised sesame chocolate, double cocoa and coffee cocoa health bars, honey roasted almonds, honey lemon tea, jute bags along with 21 assorted roses and carnations. Everything is elegantly arranged on a wooden panel tray measuring 15 x 10 x 4 inches. Priced at ₹ 3,945.00 you can check it out on IGP.

5. Elevate the Alpha Male to the Top of the World with Forest Essentials’ The Gentleman’s Collection

Forest Essentials is known for its ultra-luxurious products made from the finest natural ingredients. This Gentleman’s Collection gift pack includes a sandalwood and orange peel shaving cream (60 ml), face wash (200 ml) and after shave (100 ml) along with a shaving brush. A perfect grooming kit for the alpha male. Priced at ₹ 4,295.00 you can buy this elegant gift pack from Forest Essentials.

6. Leave a Distinct Impression in the Boardroom with Park Avenue’s Accessories Gift Set

Park Avenue is known for creating some of the finest men’s clothing and fashion accessories for decades. It is the one-stop go-to brand for men’s accessories. This gift pack from Park Avenue consists of a dark blue printed tie crafted from the finest fabric. It is complemented with a matching pocket square, a tie pin and high quality cufflinks. These are sure to leave a remarkable impression in the boardroom. Get it for ₹ 2,799.00 from Shoppers Stop.

7. Gift One of the Finest Men’s Perfume in the World with Bulgari’s Man in Black Gift Set

Bulgari is a 130 year old perfumes brand which signifies excellence and luxury. This Man in Black gift set includes Bulgari’s exclusive Man in Black eau de perfume (100 ml), shaving soap (100 gm), after shave balm (100 ml) and a shaving bowl. The perfume is warm and spicy with a sensual neo-oriental fragrance signifying the arrival of a profoundly seductive man. Priced at ₹ 22,000.00 you can get this gift pack from Tata CLiQ Luxury.

8. Gift Fashion Accessories a Man Needs the Most with Van Heusen’s Gift Hamper for Men

Van Heusen has come out with a spectacular gift hamper for men which covers the things men need the most – a light blue solid colour Van Heusen full sleeve shirt, a Parker Vector ball pen, a premium quality brown leather men’s wallet and belt. You can specify the size of the shirt at the time order placement. The gift hamper is priced at ₹ 4,395.00 on Gifts Myntra.

Birthday Gift Packs for Women

9. Express Your Love to the Woman in Your Life with this Customisable Pink Box of Love from Gifts by Rashi

This gift is apt for you to express your love to the woman on her birthday. You can choose the shower gel and women’s wallet to go in the gift. Along with these it also contains a nail enamel from Nykaa, lip and cheek tint by Mimaco and a set of handcrafted Pinata chocolates. Everything is neatly packed in an elegant pink box making it the perfect birthday gift for her. Priced at ₹ 3,199.00 you can order it from Gifts by Rashi.

10. Pamper Her with this Fine Basket of Flowers and Chocolates from FNP


Women love flowers and chocolates and what better way to celebrate her birthday than giving her this basket of the best flowers and chocolates. This birthday gift hamper for women includes 6 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 8 pink revival roses, 4 white carnations and 6 dark pink carnations. The wooden basket of dimensions 10 x 6 x 6 inches comes with a drawer making it an extremely impressive birthday gift. Priced at ₹ 2,099.00 you can order this from FNP.

11. Celebrate Her Birthday in Style with The Gift Affair’s Ultimate Gift Hamper for Her

This premium box with a specially designed message card from The Gift Affair includes a printed scarf, a scented jar candle, a black-gold sequin multi-purpose pouch, a pair of stylish earrings, a pocket mirror cum keyring, heart-shaped handmade soap, herbal body wash, satin eye-mask, Hershey’s chocolates and a face massager. This birthday gift pack will surely delight her. Priced at ₹ 3,570.00 you can check it out on The Gift Affair.

12. Give Your Skin the Best with Forest Essentials’ Morning Ritual Gift Box

For the women who are very particular about their skincare routine this gift pack is the perfect birthday gift. This Forest Essentials gift pack for women includes a delicate facial cleanser (50 ml), a facial tonic mist (50 ml), a beauty elixir (15 gm) and a SPF-25 radiance cream (15 gm). From cleansing to providing a radiant and glowing skin it covers all the aspects of skincare. It is available for ₹ 3,995.00 on Forest Essentials.

13. Make Her Birthday Delightful and Memorable with HoMafy’s Ultimate Trunk Hamper for Her


To make a woman’s birthday truly memorable and delightful gift her something like this Ultimate Gift Trunk Hamper from HoMafy. This is a luxury leatherite trunk box available in 2 colours, which can be personalised with a name. It includes 4 personalised photo magnets, a chocolate and a customised mug with the name and photo. This gift will surely delight the recipient and she is not going to forget it for a long time. It is available for ₹ 1,699.00 on HoMafy.

14. Gift the Miracles of Ayurveda with Kama Ayurveda Signature Essentials for Her

Kama Ayurveda is a leading brand which produces quality Ayurveda products for health, beauty and wellness. This Signature Essentials gift hamper includes a soap-free facial cleanser, a lip balm, pure rosewater, vanilla and oatmeal soap and a hydrating face cream in a beautiful gift box with a floral design on the cover. Priced at ₹ 3,750.00 you can check it out on Kama Ayurveda.

15. Bring a Smile to Her Face Every Time She Uses Winni’s Amazing Women’s Hamper


This amazing gift hamper for women consists of everything they typically need during the day. This includes wipes (30 pc), cleansing milk (50 ml), roll-on (210 ml), cotton balls (125 gm), facewash (150 ml) and a moisturiser (75 ml) attractively packed in a gift box having dimensions 6 x 9 x 4 inches. All products are from Nivea. Priced at ₹ 4,049.00 it is available on Winni.

Birthday Gift Packs for Babies and Kids

16. Surprise Your Kid with FNP’s Delectable Basket of Chocolate Treats


Since their inception, chocolates have been the life of every occasion in our lives. Delectable yet rich in calories, they can be the best way to surprise your beloved kid on his birthday. This Basket of Chocolate Treats by FNP packs exactly the right goodies for your kid! Weighing a hefty 500 gm, the basket consists of silver and gold coin chocolates as well as many delicious truffle chocolates from various well-known brands. Order it for ₹ 2,049.00 from FNP.

17. Treat Your Special Kid to this Dazzling Super Treat Basket of Goodies by Gifts to India

If a delicious variety of snacks is what drives your kid, then this might be the perfect gift to surprise him with on his birthday. Artfully adorned with a large variety of premium branded products from Pringles, Kurkure, Tropicana, Maggie, Nestle, Red Bull, Cadburys, etc., this gift can be one of the best ways to show how much you care for him and make his birthday extra special. Order it for ₹ 4,815.00 from Gifts to India.

18. Indulge Your Child with this Gourmet Munchies Gift Hamper by The Gift Tree

A birthday can be a chance to introduce your child to new experiences. This Gourmet Munchies Gift Hamper by The Gift Tree comes packed with snacking delights, guaranteed to open up your child to various tastes, textures and flavours. With popular, high quality brands like Lex, Rostaa and Gery, the hamper has been specially curated to engage your kids' developing taste buds and indulge his senses. Priced at ₹ 1,319.00 you can buy it from The Gift Tree.

19. Pamper a New-Born with this 21 Pieces New-Born Baby Gift Hamper


If you have had a new arrival in your family then this New-Born Baby Gift Hamper can be your wholesome way to pamper your new-born. Created from premium cotton, the hamper has 22 pieces, which include – 1 baby pillow, 2 triangular milk bibs, 1 pair of booties, 1 pair of mittens, 1 cap, 2 feeding bibs, 1 easy diaper changeable pants, 4 napkins, 1 full sleeves night suit set, 1 swaddle with hood and belt, 1 romper and 2 full sleeves vest t-shirt. Order it for ₹ 3,999.00 from Amazon.

20. Make the New-Born’s Daily Chores a Breeze with this Complete Baby Care Set from Oye Gifts.

Being a parent can be challenging, especially during the first few years of the child's life. This baby care set can be the perfect gift for any of your loved ones who have just entered parenthood. Specially curated keeping new-born needs in mind, this baby set is complete with a complete Himalaya baby care set, blue feeding bottle, blue baby towel, nuby soothing teether and a basket. Priced at ₹ 2,749.00 you can check it out on Oye Gifts.

21. Surprise Your Kid with this Intricate Barbie Bouquet with Chocolates Gift Hamper


Toys are a highlight of everyone's childhood, and this creative hamper combines that with a love for sweets every child shares! The hamper is a spectacular arrangement of 50 Cadburys’ Dairy Milk chocolates in a Barbie form. So, not only does your child get to enjoy the delectable flavour of chocolates created by the most popular brand in India but also a Barbie doll she can cherish throughout her childhood. You can order it for ₹ 4,449.00 from Winni.

22. Delight your Child with this Cute Happy Birthday Gift Hamper from Giftoo.


Stationary is undoubtedly one of the most delightful parts of early schooling days in any child's life. This birthday gift hamper is reminiscent of just that, combining all the goodness of what stationary means to a child. The hamper includes a gift box, a stamper, a stacking pencil, a chain pen, a cap and sunglasses eraser, a rose sharpener, a whistle and 2 magnets in bright and attractive colours. Order it from Giftoo for ₹ 129.00.

23. Encourage your Child's Creativity with Cello’s ColourUP Hobby Bag for Kids


Colours, shapes and a rich imagination are just some of the words that best describe our own childhood journeys through drawings and exploring our creativities as kids. If you wish to encourage that little artist in your kid, check out this Cello ColourUP Hobby Bag which comes with complete sets of non-toxic crayons, oil pastels, sketch pens, gel pens, a mechanical pencil, an activity book and 100 gm clay, neatly packed in a bright coloured backpack. Available on Amazon for ₹ 400.00.

24. Ignite Your Child’s Mind with Butterfly 6-in-1 STEM Art Craft Activity Kit


This is a great gift pack for children 3+ to discover their imagination and creativity. It includes 6 stencils for sketching dinosaurs, super heroes and common objects, a colourful manual, 50+ freehand drawings, finger print and sponge art and 100+ pencil shaving art designs. The kid will be delighted to receive such an engrossing birthday gift hamper from you. Priced at ₹ 649.00 you can order it from Amazon.

25. Encourage Your Child to Develop a Reading Habit with the Best of Children’s Classics Book Collection


Reading a book is an activity which is fast getting lost in the world of mobile phones and web-series. If you want your child to inculcate the habit of reading why not gift him this set of evergreen classics. The set includes The Little Prince, Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz and A Little Princess. The paperback edition is priced at ₹ 499.00 and the Kindle edition at ₹ 199.00 on Amazon.

Birthday Gift Packs for Boss

26. Your Boss Will Remember You Fondly Every Time He Binge-Watches on Netflix with this Netflix & Chill Gift Hamper

OTT platforms have taken the country by storm and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t watch their content. Remind your boss of you every time he switches on Netflix with this specially curated Netflix & Chill Gift Hamper from The Gift Affair. It includes Netflix & Chill socks, 2 unique theme printed coasters, handcrafted wooden snack bowl, chocolate caramel popcorn, “Movie Time” coffee/tea mug and caramel flavoured coffee. You can get this amazing gift pack from The Gift Affair for ₹ 2,550.00.

27. An Amazing Way to Start Your Day with Monsoon Harvest’s Gourmet Wholesome Breakfast Gift Hamper

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Gift your boss an amazing way to start his day with this gourmet breakfast gift pack from Monsoon Harvest. It includes toasted millet muesli (250 gm), oat clusters and ragi flakes with strawberry (350 gm), nut and seeds bar – cranberry and almonds (180 gm – 6 bars) and blended coffee (250 gm). This is one birthday gift pack your boss is not going to forget in a hurry. Priced at ₹ 1,180.00 you can order it from Monsoon Harvest.

28. Spread Your Fragrance on Your Boss’ Table with IGP’s Aromatic Temptation Dry Fruit and Roses Gift Box


Make your fragrance spread from your boss’ room to the entire office with this beautiful fragrant gift. It includes 3 white roses, honey roasted almonds, a malt nougat bar and a fragrant eucalyptus potpourri all neatly arranged on a flat tray measuring 20.3 x 20.3 x 3.8 cm. Your boss will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful birthday gift hamper from you. Priced at ₹ 1,545.00 you can order it from IGP.

29. Be with Your Boss Wherever He Goes with IGP’s Portable Bar Set


If your boss loves his drink then this gift is something that he will always cherish. This high quality portable bar set will enable your boss to enjoy his drink wherever he goes and he will always thank you for that. This portable bar set includes a brown leather matte finish steel case with 3 whiskey glasses, a flask, a bottle opener, a peg measure and a pair of tongs. The outer dimensions of the case are 22 x 15 x 34 cm. You can order it from IGP for ₹ 3,995.00.

30. Gift a Touch of Elegance with Gold Plated Gift Items Hamper

Your boss undoubtedly spends a lot of time on his desk. Why not make his desk look more professional and stylish? This gift hamper includes gold plated products like a crystal pen, a golden card holder, a golden keychain and an apple-shaped table clock. This is a perfect corporate gift and your boss is surely going to love it. Priced at ₹ 1,189.00 you can order this gift pack from GiftaLove.

Personalising the Gift Pack Adds a Personal Touch to Your Gift

When you personalise a birthday gift pack it adds a personal touch to your gift and leaves an even more profound impression on the recipient. Most online shopping platforms offer the option to personalise the gift hamper being ordered. You should definitely exercise this option and add a thoughtful message card to your gift pack which is sure to warm the heart of the recipient. After all, it is a very small effort to further reinforce your relationship with that person.

From our editorial team

Do Not Compromise on the Presentation of the Gift Hamper!

If you are making the birthday gift pack yourself then simply selecting an assortment of small gift items is just not enough. You have to focus on the packing of the hamper as well. Start with a stylish basket or box. You can then wrap it up with a beautiful net or a sheer wrapping sheet. You can then add the finishing touches with some decorative items like ribbons, fillers, a personal message card and some fresh flowers! You gift will surely look awesome and make a lifetime memory!